Wiznet W7200-EVB Datasheet

Wiznet W7200-EVB Datasheet
Informative bulletin for current and future customers
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1/2013 | www.soselectronic.com
Do we listen
New design technology with increased efficiency and optimized thermal
management and the use of best grade components afford the design of highest
power density DC/DC-converters.
We strengthen our team
With our new Solutions...
Written about us: You saved me...
TRACOPOWER introduces three new series
of most compact isolated DC/DC-converters
for high performance applications.
• Highest efficiency across full load range • 1500 VDC I/O-isolation
• Fully regulated output voltages
• Remote On/Off control
Don´t you want to solder leads...
Small “big” connectors...
Supply your devices even...
12 new types of Myrra...
Friwo drivers not only drive...
Supply your devices even in the...
Quectel L16 - a more exact...
W7200 brings TCP/IP and ARM...
Sonitron - piezo transducers, which... /11
6 Watt in SIP-8 Package
RFID DESFire EV1 - one card for...
„„Plug´n´play“ desktop RFID modules../12
TMR-6 Series
4:1 input voltage range
TMR-6 Series
2:1 input voltage range
SSD Apacer SAFD 25 shifts the...
SKL14 - 1A Schottky diode will fit...
Right-angle LEDs enable soldering... /14
Simulate, test, develop
Add a sound to your devices – for...
A connection resistant to dust...
Small signal relay AxW-K...
Do you utilize ceramic capacitors for.../16
With the Hameg 8000 series devices.../17
30 Watt in 6-side shielded 1" x 1" metal package
Isn´t it the right time to purchase...
We became an authorized distributor.../18
Weller WX soldering stations are...
THN-30 Series
2:1 input voltage range
THN-30WI Series
4:1 input voltage range
Trouble-free RS232, RS422, RS485... /19
New e-shop launched!
Catalogue for developers is already... /20
Dear friends,
I remember that two years ago I finished my
first editorial with words „I am listening to you!“
So why do not start where I have finished and
review the two-year period?
At the beginning of the new era there was a
commitment to look at everything through the
customers‘ eyes, ask a lot of questions and listen to you. Because our inspiration is you and your real needs and problems.
During these two years we have created many new support services and we
have to admit that majority of them were either directly or indirectly your ideas.
Whether I mention popular technical Pizza workshops, own technical articles,
new tailored newsletter, SOS cinema, PREMIUM loyalty program, unique Solutions Catalogue or new OnlineShop. You took part in all of this at the beginning
and therefore we want to thank you. And with the next breath we want to say
that we will not stop... :-) We prepare for you technical webinars, new service for
the support of free promotion of your products, professionalism on higher level
but also more emotions. Because emotions are human. We all are people and
human approach will always be important in our company.
We will be glad if our effort will be successful and we will be seen as a complex
distributor who helps you not only with effective supply of components for your
production but perceives your business as a whole. That means that we want to
help you to be more effective in the area of:
1. product development = with our technical support and appropriate selection of components we can shorten the time necessary for development,
2. purchasing and production = with simple individual communication with
us and with reliable supply of production material in an appropriate quality and
3. sale of your products = support with the promotion of your products on
the market.
And how should you benefit from it? We believe that the overall profit from your
products is more important for you than the cheapest components bought. All
can be summed up in one sentence of our customer after one of Pizza workshops: „During this day you have saved me a month of development.“ Who gets
more? ;-)
And how do you look at all of that? Do we listen enough? Do you perceive our/
your SOS electronic this way, too? You can share your observations and feelings on my email [email protected], I will be glad. You know it: „I am
listening to you.“ :-)
Rastislav Talárovič
marketingový manažér
60 Watt in 6-side shielded 1" x 2" metal package
TEN-60N Series
2:1 input voltage range
1/2013 | www.soselectronic.com
TEN-60WIN Series
4:1 input voltage range
Read your SOS news with phone!
This SOS news issue can be read through technological innovations - via QR codes. Each article
contains a picture in which is encrypted web site
address to this article
• Slovak Republic: SOS electronic, s.r.o., Pri prachárni 16, 040 11 Košice, tel.: 055/786 04 15, fax: 055/786 04 45, www.soselectronic.sk.
• Czech Republic: SOS electronic, s.r.o., Hybešova 42, 602 00 Brno, tel.: 543 42 71 11, fax: 543 42 71 10, www.soselectronic.cz.
• Hungary: SOS electronic Kft., József Attila út 74. 3527 Miskolc, tel.: +36/46/501-380, fax: +36/46/501-389, www.soselectronic.hu.
• Germany: SOS electronic Deutschland GmbH, Klaus-Conrad-Str. 1, 92242 Hirschau, tel.: +49 8144 97 11, fax: +49 8151 74 48 26,
• Poland: SOS electronic, ul. Tatarkiewicza 17, 92-753 Łódź, tel.: +48 42 648 45 76, fax: +48 42 648 45 76, ww.soselectronic.pl
• Romania: SOS electronic, str. Icoanei nr. 84, bloc A, 020459 Bucureşti, tel.: + 40 311 020 475, fax:
+40 311|020
476, www.soselectronic.ro
We strengthen our team
Jozef Jarábek – purchasing manager
Rita Spindler – sales support assistant
Vendula Malá – junior sales officer
Written about us: You saved me a
month of development or a change
is in people
Server HW.cz about us: You saved me a month of development or a change is in people
The article about technical support in SOS electronic, which was issued in autumn, initiated a discussion about customers‘ experiences with services of this company. Negative and also positive comments
concurred in fact that SOS has positively changed a lot in recent years. What lies behind this change?
We asked the CEO - Ján Seszták.
I come from Prešov where I studied and
currently live. I joined SOS team on June
1, 2013 as a purchasing manager. In
the past I worked for a company dealing
with electronic devices where I was responsible for the purchasing of electronic
components over the course of the last
3 years. I am glad that I can continue in
the field of electronics and with work that
fulfills me.
I have been working for SOS since
1.1.2013. For the last 10 years I worked
for the international distributor of electronic components. Now I use my experience for SOS customers on German and
Austrian market. I am looking forward
with my new team to accept the challenge to promote SOS electronic brand on
the market since SOS electronic provides
me and customers optimal possibilities
for it.
I already came into contact with SOS
electronic during my studies at Masaryk
University in Brno. In those times I was
regular holiday reinforcement. In September I became a member of SOS team. I
am responsible for receiving of orders
and developing price lists for current and
future customers and I also keep regular
contact with them using telemarketing.
I like literature, theatre, history, travelling
and searching for the beauties of native
land and exploring foreign countries.
With our new Solutions Catalogue
you save time more than once!
10th issue of our catalogue is different! Inspiration for the development, fast searching, connection
to online content, ... It is only a couple of innovative contributions for the effective work with it.
You certainly are familiar with the following saying: Time is money! The more time you have, the richer you
are... With our new Solutions Catalogue you save your time more than once:
1. More complex overview on the half number of pages
We have prepared a modern catalogue which introduces our offer of electronic components in a complex way. In
comparison with our previous editions we have released not up-to-date information and amended new technical
parameters and recommendation. So you get more complex information on the half number of pages.
2. Fast searching
You can find the whole sortiment of our products in the transparent picture scheme on two pages (p. 12-13). This
scheme represents imaginary „doorman“ who will guide you to the correct chapter. If you are searching for concrete brand or producer, you can easily find your way through the index of brands (p. 14-17).
3. Fast comparison of technical parameters
The majority of our products are classified into transparent table with technical parameters. Just with a quick look
you can read and compare the necessary parameters and select the suitable type of component.
From the opinions of HW server readers we have noticed the favorable
response to the changes in your services. Can you tell us something about
the history?
The change of SOS electronic occurs on several levels. First in order was an economic
issue. We understood that if our company
wants to attract customers on the markets
in Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary and
other countries where we operate, we have
to ensure the competitiveness and a unified
service to a certain extent. Equally important
was the question as to how we can differ
from other distributors. We put our effort into
personal approach towards our customers,
what seems to be the easiest solution.
What is the unification of your services?
Surely it is a matter of order system and the
logistic chain. The way of order processing
and the deadlines for its fulfillment are the
basis of our business. The parameters set
give certainty to our customers, the whole
business and technical support. When a trader receives an order, s/he has to know that
the goods will actually be sent next day at 11
o‘clock to the customer because the trader
is a person who guarantees that a customer
gets what a company promises. This was
also one of the impulses which led to the fact
that we have centralized the warehouse and
shipping and we abandoned the conception
of branch stores. Customers recognized the
change immediately. We could get rid of one
unnecessary step between our purchase
and their sent parcel, which has nothing to
do in the system „until the next day“.
How can you add a personal touch at
this pace?
You know, the customer does not always
need only what we have in our stock. For
example, a production company buyer has
a classic BoM (Bill of Material), the schedule
according to which s/he starts to buy for a
new product. Due to the production cycle of
board fixing, cooperation with cooperators
and other factors, s/he has to ensure that the
right material will be in the right place at the
right time. This is the moment when the computers and order systems are not sufficient.
We do not hide behind the components and
say „it is not possible“. We are looking for a
way forward and try to be maximally customer-friendly, of course, to a reasonable extent. Thanks to our technical support we can
avoid many stressful situations when we consult the optimal component composition with
our customers already in the design stage.
This ensures them smooth material supply
throughout the product life cycle.
We do not support only buyers and their needs. We also take care of developers whom
we (during our free trainings) together with
producers show how the circuits can be designed more efficiently and faster. Sometimes it happens that a customer encounters
a problem which neither he himself, nor our
technical support can manage. In such case
we are able to arrange a visit of a technical representative of the producer directly
at customer‘s place. In our opinion, this is
how a personal and human approach, also
in such a technical sector as electronics is,
should look like. Moreover, it is a step which
is not offered by every distributor. It is logical
that partners can appreciate a shift of the relationship between customer and supplier to
the level of partnership. From our own long-term experience we can say that it is really
worth it.
And what keeps customers from
using your technical support and finally ordering somewhere else, where they find lower price?
Nothing. But let me ask you, when a problem with a purchase occurs, how will the
cheapest distributor advise and help? Will s/
he deal with your problem with the same empathy? And will s/he help you with the development of other applications? These are the
questions that you have to be able to answer
before the purchase. Last year during one
of our workshops a customer told us that
we saved him a month of development. Who
gets more? The one who saves few cents
for a component or the one who saves thousands needed for the development?
Is there anything else that you would
like to share with our readers?
I will be happy if they take one important thought from this interview. Today the winner
is not the one who produces the cheapest,
but the fastest one wins. Time is money. And
therefore, do not focus on the cheapest material only, but also on the total costs which
you would need to develop the product and
launch it on the market. We can see many
times how many unnecessary hours of development and how many blind alleys a company must go through in the name of the cheapest product design. Isn‘t it better to shorten
this time and cut the total costs with proper
selection of components and external technical support? You can try it with us and we
will try to help you!
Thank you for the interview.
Source: www.hw.cz
The article with more
information can be found
at our website. Decode the
link by QR code.
4. Simple connection to online content
In order to provide you with the fast access to the most up-to-date information, we have created several ways of
connection of paper catalogue with our web. You can use individual QR codes or key words for search engine on
our web site.
5. Inspiration for the development on one place
Every chapter has its general introduction which describes different solution possibilities in a given area. For
example, in the introduction of communication, concrete possibilities and types are described (GSM, GPRS, GPS,
Bluetooth, LAN, WiFi, RFID, ZigBee, USB, RS485, 434/868 MHz RF, ...).
1/2013 | www.soselectronic.com
1/2013 | www.soselectronic.com
Don´t you want to solder leads to PCBs
anymore? Mini PCB connectors will solve it.
Small “big” connectors - Wago picoMAX
New family of conectors picoMAX from company Wago is substantially
lower than traditional connectors and it is extremely resistant to vibrations.
Miniature PCB connectors from company Phoenix Contact bring a surprisingly simple manipulation and they occupy only a minimum of space.
picoMAX is a vast system of connectors with spring contacts for „wire-to-board“, „wire-to-wire“, „board-to-wire“ but also „panel-feed-through“ connections with very compact dimensions and universal usage, with
pinov 3.5mm, 5.0mm and 7.5mm pitch. The biggest construction novelty of the picoMAX series is a new
substantially changed design in comparison to a traditional design. New design of a pin+socket contact bridge enabled a significant decreasing of the
connector´s height and at the same time a perfect mechanical connection
of both parts to each other. It means a significant improvement of resistance
to vibrations (up to 20g) in comparison to common connectors. A sturdy
connection is further supported by integrated locking latches which avoid
disengagement caused by vibrations
Small dimensions, reliable contact, simple usage and up to 6A current are main properties of new Phoenix Contact connectors PTSM, PTPM
and PTQ series from the Combicon HD family. Especially at high-volume production batches it is very important to reach a fast and precise
cables assembly - and if possible - resistant to mistakes arising from lower attention of workers. New connectors meet these requirements
very well and for example th PTQ series requires only to push in an insulated wire and close the lever (upper portion of the connector).
Four new series, which can be found in our portfolio are:
• PTQ - IDC wire-to-board
connector for extremely simple
connection of wires to a PCB.
All that is necessary is to push
in an Ethernet cable or other
0.14/0.34 mm2 cable and
to close the lever (upper portion of the connector - without
stripping an insulation, without
cutting and without any tools.
No tools are necessary even
to release the wire - only open
the actuation lever. Maximum
current up to 4A/160V, 2.5 mm
pitch, 8mm height.
•(PTPM-x/x-P-2,5) a miniature,
only 5mm high wire-to-board
connector, consisting of 2 parts
(socket + header). PTPM connects wires without stripping
an insulation (IDC). It is ideal
for Ethernet cables and other
wires of 0.14/0.34 mm2 (AWG
22-26) diameter - depending
on a type. Maximum current
2-4A/160V, 2.5 mm pitch.
Number of poles is always even
• a connector similar to PTPM
series, but the cable termination is screwless (push-in) via a
spring contact. That enables to
use up to 0,75 mm2 conductors - solid but also stranded
• - (PTSM -x/x-2,5-H, resp PTSM-x/x-2,5-V) terminals for a
direct connection of wire conductors to a PCB (THT and SMT
Plug-in connectors of PTPM and PTSM series use the same headers (PTSM-x/x-HH-2,5, resp PTSM-x/x-HV-2,5), what further increases their
variability. Headers are available in THT as well as SMT versions (horizontal and also vertical). These new miniature connectors are universally
usable for power supply, data and analog signals, connection of LED panels and other. All 4 series are being supplied in tapes (TR) enabling
a machine insertion to a PCB.
Advantages / Features:
1. universal PCB connectors
2. miniature dimensions
3. extremely simple usage
4. the way of usage significantly
decreases error rate at
connecting of cables
5. 2-8 poles (PTPM up to 10 poles)
6. suitable for Ethernet (CAT5e),
mixed-signal, power supply and
7. usage up to 2-6A/160V
(depending on a type)
8. SMD and also HT versions
9. horizontal and vertical versions
Describe to us, in which application you´d like to use these
new connectors. We have PTSM-0,5/3-2,5-V-THR-R44 and
PTQ0,3/2-2,5THR samples ready for you.
Let us know at [email protected]
A big plus of the picoMAX series is a diversity.
With the picoMAX series we can be sure, that in
this family we´ll find mutually compatible types
for all connections. Simple and at the same time
sophisticated system of coding enables to ensure a correct installation, for example in applications with several connections on one place.
Despite of a vast amount of combinations of various connectors, the picoMAX system features
a simple and an intuitive application.
picoMAX is also available in the „picoMAX
eCOM“ version - a PCB terminal block, which
can also be used as a removable connection
(plug-in). It is even more compact and economical version with pins without a plastic housing,
suitable for applications in which you don´t
need all advantages of the picoMAX system.
3,5mm pitch version (2091-xx) is for wire conductors 0,2-1,5 mm2/10A, 5.0mm pitch version (2092-xx) is for wire conductors 0,2-2,5
mm2/16A/250-630V. 7,5mm pitch version
(2092-xx) has similar properties as the previous
one, but it has a higher nominal voltage (4001000V).
Gain a free sample of picoMAX connectors! Describe to us, in which application you´d like
to use these new connectors. We have samples ready for you.
Let us know at [email protected]
1. entire system of connectors with CAGE CLAMP ®
S spring contacts
2. brand new design with a radically decreased
3. highly vibration-proof - up to 20g
4. simple and intuitive installation
5. available in 3.5mm, 5.0mm and 7.5mm pitch
6. for solid and stranded wires 0,2-2,5 mm2 (to 1,5
mm2 for 3.5mm pitch versions)
7. available in many versions
8. extra wide operating range -60 to +100°C
9. connector housing from glass fiber reinforced
10. also usable on a DIN rail by an adapter
11. test port for a 1mm testing pin
The article with more information
can be found at our website. Decode the link by QR code. The article
contains also related video.
The article with more information
can be found at our website. Decode the link by QR code. The article
contains also related video.
Guide price
Order no.
Guide price
Connector picoMAX 3.5 F 2P, cable 1,5mm2
0,80 €
Connector F for cable,IDC 2P 0,34mm2 RM2,5
1,10 €
Terminal block PCB/cable 2P 4A 0,34mm2 RM2,5
0,80 €
Connector picoMAX 3.5 M 2P, PCB vertical
0,31 €
Connector M SMD,horiz.2P RM2,5
0,70 €
WAGO2091 -1155
Connector picoMAX eCOM 3.5 5P cable+PCB vertical, grip
2,40 €
0,95 €
Connector picoMAX eCOM 3.5 4P cable+PCB horizontal
1,50 €
A new construction resulted in a very short path for an electric signal, what means a lower contact resistance (contact bridge and pins are from a tin-plated electrolytic copper) and a higher
reliability. An absolute reliability of the contact is ensured even at high temperatures, thanks to an
innovative clamp technology and an insulation material based on glass fiber reinforced PPA (polyphtalamide). As we might expect at Wago mark - connecting of wire conductors is simple, without
specialty tools (only a usual screwdriver is necessary to release a wire) and in praxis there´s no
limitation regarding the type or termination of a wire conductor (solid, stranded, fine-stranded,
with ferrules, …).
Advantages / Features:
Gain a free sample of PTSM and PTQ connectors!
Order no.
1/2013 | www.soselectronic.com
Connector F for cable,PUSH-IN 2P 0,5mm2 RM2,5
1/2013 | www.soselectronic.com
Our latest news...
Elektro Automatik power supplies will manage even
12 new types of Myrra 47000 on stock
Because of a growing interest in switch-mode AC/DC modules Myrra 47000
series, you can find another types in our stock immediately available.
Switch-mode power supplies (AC/DC converters) replace classic transformers in many segments, mainly because of an excellent efficiency,
low standby losses and last but not least - significantly lower weight. Moreover, Myrra 47000 series is very easily applicable thanks to a package
with leads for soldering into a PCB. This solution saves place, because
it replaces a transformer, rectifying bridge, filtering capacitors and a voltage regulator.
Because of a big interest, we included to standard stock types another
12 types: 47114, 47123, 47124, 47125, 47132, 47133, 47136, 47163,
47164, 47166, 47247 and 47255. As you can see from the datasheet,
these are the types with single but also dual output voltages. At the same
time, there are also types marked as „NR“ - non-regulated. However,
even these types provide a partially regulated voltage (+-5% at full load).
A main difference in comparison to regulated types is a higher output voltage at a low load ( 0 ... +30%). An advantage is that they offer somewhat
higher power than regulated versions (3.2 / 5.4W vs. 2.5 / 5W).
Programmable DC, AC, current and high-voltage power supplies, electronic loads, UPS, inverters and chargers of low
and high power - it is Elektro Automatik.
Wago TOPJOB ® S - nowadays standard in installations?
DIN rail terminal blocks using the CAGE CLAMP®S spring
clamp bring a simpler installation even without tools and up to
30% saving of space.
Trumeter will count it to you!
Ready-made counters, panel meters and time relays from
company Trumeter significantly simplify development of applications where we need such modules.
NAC3 power supply connectors - an ideal solution
for mobile applications
Series NAC3 from company Neutrik represents robust 3-pole
connectors providing fast and secure connections up to
20A/250V AC.
The article with more information can be found
at our website. Decode the link by QR code.
Order no.
Guide price
Miniature SMT antennas 2J are able to cover several bands
AC/DC module PCB 85-264VAC/3,3VDC/750mA
6,65 €
AC/DC module PCB 85-264VAC/5,0VDC/900mA
6,83 €
GSM, DCS, PCS, UMTS, 434/868 MHz, GPS, TETRA and
many other signals are no problem for small ceramic antennas from company 2J.
AC/DC module PCB 85-264VAC/12,0VDC/420mA
6,95 €
EA DIP displays - a free hand at a choice of a character or graphic display
EA DIP series displays from company Electronic Assembly
provide an uncommon possibility to choose a graphic or a character display without a change of your device´s hardware.
Blow the dust away safely with the Dust off spray
Heat and arcing won´t represent a threat to your health. Dust-off sprays will displace dust simply and efficiently even in
harsh environment and from hard-to-reach places.
HAMMOND 1553T enclosures - keyboard and display in your hand
In the Hammond 1553 enclosures series now can be found
also types with a sufficient space for a keyboard and display.
Enhance your device with ethernet while you wait
For ten of you, we prepared samples of the Lantronix xDirect
module. It is a complete solution of Ethernet connectivity of a
serial device to LAN - directly, without intervention to a device.
Sunon LA003 cooling module - the right choice for
high-power LEDs
10, 20, 30W LED modules are no rarity anymore and the question how to cool them and to maintain an aesthetic aspect
is still more actual.
1/2013 | www.soselectronic.com
Friwo drivers not only drive your LEDs
LED drivers with 10but even control them ... LT100Wseriespower
represent a complete solution with wide possibilities of control. Exceptionally narrow and slim design, remained
even at high-power versions, provides a high flexibility of use.
Power supplies for LED lighting (so called drivers) are available from many producers, in a various qualitative level. Why to decide just for the
LT series from German company Friwo? Here are few reasons:
Wide control possibilities of LT series modules are perhaps the most inte• precise design, safe operation and a long lifetime
resting. Modules contain a galvanically isolated CTRL input, by which it is
• high efficiency and a possibility of dimming in a range of
possible to switch on/ off the module without disconnecting from 230V
0-100% directly via a CTRL pin
mains. CTRL pin also serves for regulation of an output current. Further
• modules are available in 10-100W power, with a possibipossibilities of control are provided by a standalone additional module
lity of customization by laser directly at production
DIMMbox. DIMMbox operates as an (almost) lossless PWM regulator
• also available a module for dimming - so called DIMMwith a MOSFET switched at f=600Hz. DIMM-BOX connected to any sebox, further expanding possibilities of control (switch,
ries LT driver enables to regulate an output current in a range of 10-100%
1-10V, DALI) and with a possibility of synchronization with
or 0% (OFF) via a usual switch („switch-dimm“ mode), via a linear voltage
up to 1000 slave units
1-10V and also a DALI interface.
• very small cross section of modules (21x30mm, resp.
24x30mm at LT100) - applicable even in very tiny conditions
The article with more information
can be found at our website. Decode the link by QR code.
Order no.
Guide price
LED Driver IP20/cc 16V/700mA
12,60 €
LED Driver IP20/cv/cc 5-28V/700mA
16,08 €
LED Driver IP20/cv 24V/4168mA
51,60 €
1/2013 | www.soselectronic.com
Supply your devices even in the desert
Small photovoltaic modules of the SMH series will reliably solve the power sourcing of low-power devices.
With modern components, it´s no problem to design devices with power consumption in units of mA and less. That´s why already one small
solar module combined with a backup battery or a supercapacitor often solves power sourcing of devices intended for usage in places without electric energy.
SMH series belongs to a segment of small solar modules primarily
intended to be built-in to target devices - measuring systems, sensors, communication devices, … High quality construction and a
high reliability predestine for various industrial devices. Power in a
range of 407-1023 mW is sufficient for many applications including
various control units.
SMH3, SMH4 and SMH8 are made of monocrystalline silicon with
a UV resistant encapsulation of the IP65 class, optimized for outdoor use (polyurethane, 1.8mm overall thickness of module). As
already their name says, they consist of 3,4 or 8 cells, what results
in an output voltage of 1.65V, 2.2V or 4.4V. Leads are constructed
as soldering pads on a rear side of modules. All modules are 100%
electrically and optically tested. Color of modules is dark blue (almost black).
The article with more information can be found at our website.
Decode the link by QR code.
1. small solar modules from monocrystaline silicium
2. high quality, UV-resistant encapsulation
3. 407-1023mw power, depending on a type
4. suitable for various target devices
Guide price
PV panel 1,65V/620mA 60x100mm 1023mW
18,00 €
PV panel 2,2V/185mA 41x67,5mm 407mW
11,46 €
PV panel 4,4V/95mA 41x67,5mm 418mW
12,36 €
Quectel L16 - a more exact
localization with a double amount of satellites
L16 module supports system GPS, but also the Russian GLONASS, thus enabling to use almost a
double amount of satellites for a better accuracy and higher accuracy even in urban conditions.
Quectel L16 based on Teseo II engine from STMicroelectronics, belongs to first modules supporting both navigation systems. What does it
bring? - above all a substantially higher probability of a fast fixing (first fix) even in a dense build-up area or in other conditions inconvenient for
reception of satellite signals. A possibility to use signal of both systems enables to increase localization accuracy up to approx. 1.5m. With 32
tracking channels and 2 fast acquisition channels, L16 can acquire and track any mix of GPS and GLONASS signals.
Thanks to the fact, that both systems operate at near frequencies, only one antenna is sufficient for reception. L16 supports passive and active
antennas and the power supply voltage for an active antenna can be fed directly through the RF_IN pin. Quectel L16 features all properties for
successful utilization in praxis, and also small dimensions and an easily applicable SMT package.
Advantages / Features:
1. GPS / GLONASS L1 module
2. almost double amount of visible satellites
improves acquisition speed, accuracy and
3. 32 tracking channels, 2 fast acquisition channels
4. supports passive and active antennas
5. <1.5m position accuracy
6. UART port for easier application development
We introduce to you a novelty from company WIZnet - chip iMCU W7200, which is a combination
of a well-proven „hardwired“ TCP/IP solution W5200 and the ARM Cortex M3 chip. The result is a
powerful chip providing a fast and stable TCP/IP connection with a minimum loading of an ARM
-the-fly“ architecture and quick algorithms. W7200
supports all common protocols like TCP, UDP, ICMP,
IPv4 ARP, IGMP, PPPoE, Ethernet and also an ADSL
The article with more information can be found at our website.
Decode the link by QR code.
Order no.
ARM32bit Cortex M3 with hardwired TCP/IP, MAC & PHY
11,45 €
Evaluation Board for W7200 (Cortex-M3 + W5200 core)
116,90 €
35 year experience in development and production of piezo components reflect in a quality of products of this Belgian company.
If you´re searching for a piezo transducers, buzzer, siren or a loudspeaker with a high efficiency and a high
reliability, you´re on the right address. Narrow specialization, long-term know how, many patents and an own
“in-house” production make the company Sonitron a
European leader in a segment of piezo components.
An absolute majority of Sonitron components is resistant to harsh environment, dust and gases. In the of-
Advantages / Features:
The article
with more
can be found
at our website. Decode
the link by
QR code.
Guide price
Sonitron - piezo transducers,
which you can rely on
1. top specification and a high
2. resistant to harsh environment,
dust, water and gases
3. also suitable for explosive
fer we can find many types usable in
critical applications (medical, military
and other). Thanks to this fact, Sonitron
also supplies such customers like for
example NATO, Volvo and AirBus.
Directly from our stock, we´re able to
provide you with many piezo components - piezo elements (transducers,
without a driver) but also with drivers
(sirens, buzzers) usually working in a
very wide voltage range (for example
The article with more information can
be found at our website. Decode the
link by QR code. The article contains
also related video.
Order no.
Guide price
Buzzer 14x6,5mm RM7,5 1,5-24V 75dB 3,0kHz
2,54 €
Guide price
Piezo Element SMD 14x6,5mm 0-30VAC 0,8-5,0kHz
2,75 €
Siren "SWEEP" 6-15VDC, 105dB, IP67, cable
16,56 €
SC 235 AF
Buzzer 36,5x26mm 2-35V 73dB 2,5kHz IP67 fast.4,8
14,16 €
GPS/GLONASS module 22.4x17x3.0mm, 2xUART, 28-pin SMD
21,24 €
EVB KIT for L16 including module
49,90 €
1/2013 | www.soselectronic.com
Company WIZnet specializes on TCP/IP
solutions which offload the main processor
of an application. In applications requiring a
high computing power, it is naturally convenient to have available a maximum computing power of the processor and not to load
it with tasks, which can be done via additional circuits. However, how to make it with
minimum development effort and even to save a PCB space? The solution is the
iMCUTM chip. iMCU series - Internet MCU, provide a fast Internet through an „on-
1. ARM Cortex M3 (ST) integrated with
the Hardwired TCP/IP chip
PPPoE, Ethernet
3. ADSL connection with the PPPoE
Order no.
Order no.
W7200 brings TCP/IP and ARM
Cortex M3 in one chip
Advantages / Features:
Advantages / Features:
1/2013 | www.soselectronic.com
RFID DESFire EV1 - one card for more applications
RFID system DESFire EV1 enables substantially more than only an identification. Access systems, public transportation, loyalty programs, those are only few
examples of usage of this system.
Advantages / Features:
1. DES,2KDES, 3K3DES a AES kryptovacie algoritmy
2. karty umožňujú použiť až 28 aplikácií
3. antikolíznosť
4. vysoká rýchlosť prenosu až do 848 kBit/s
5. unikátne 7 bytové sériové číslo
6. flexibilná štruktúra súborov (voľba 5 typov súborov)
7. 2/4/8-Kbyte EEPROM s rýchlym programovaním
Similarly like every system has its hierarchy, even in the
RFID can be found simpler but also more sophisticated
technologies. DESFire EV1 working at the 13,56 MHz
frequency belongs to a top in an RFID, that´s why it can
be found mainly in payment systems, public transportation and other areas, where fast read/write on the card,
various applications on the card and mainly highly secure communication are beneficial. An advantage of
the system is also its anti-collision design - important
in the case, when several cards are in the range of a
reader. Relatively big memory (2, 4 or 8 kB) enables
to store a considerable amount of data in various files.
DES/2K3DES and mainly 3K3DES and AES encrypting
algorithms takes care for a secure communication. New
DESFire cards in our portfolio DESFIREEV14KISO and
DESFIREEV18KISO are suitable for all Mifare/DESFire
readers like for example SL040A
The article with more information can be found at our
website. Decode the link by QR code.
Order no.
Guide price
Mifare DESfire EV1 8kb ISO Card 13.56MHz
5,40 €
Mifare DESfire EV1 4kb ISO Card 13.56MHz
4,00 €
SSD Apacer SAFD 25 shifts the
borders of speed
New SSD is designed to considerably boost data processing capability of enterprise servers.
Advantages / Features:
1. Perfect replacement of 2.5»
2. available in capacities from 32
to 256 GB
3. Global Wear-leveling and Block
4. Built-in ATA Secure Erase and
S.M.A.R.T. Functions
5. Intelligent Power Failure
6. Trim Command Support
7. industry-level extendedtemperature range
(-40°C to +85°C)
The article with more information can be found at our
website. Decode the link by
QR code.
Apacer has launched out an SSD solution featuring the high-capacity, ultra-speed performance,
high IOPs (Input/Output Operations Per Second)
- SAFD 25P.
The standardized SAFD (Serial ATA Flash Drive)
SSD consists of highly stable SLC (Single-Level-Cell) chip. The SAFD 25P with 2.5-inch 7+15 pin
male connectors comes in capacities of 32GB,
64GB, 128GB and 256GB. With sequential read
and write speeds of up to 265 and 230 MB/sec,
respectively, it can enhance system performance
and meet user needs for highly stable and reliable
storage solutions.
In consideration of cost and capacity for customers, Apacer has introduced a MLC (Multi-Level
Cell) Solution offering a cost structure advantage,
SAFD 25P-M. The SAFD 25P-M has maximum
capacities of 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 256GB and
512GB, with sequential read/write speeds reaching up to 260 and 220 MB/sec, respectively.
To work normally in harsh operating environments, Apacer SAFD 25P and SAFD 25P-M
ded-temperature (-40°C ~ 85°C) enviemploy the guaranteed wide-temp chip, which
means it can run stably under industry-level exten- ronments for the highest reliability and
longest lifespan.
„Plug´n´play“ desktop RFID
modules with a USB interface
RFID modules SL102 and SL500A are readily usable and provide many useful functions.
Similarly like in other segments of electronics, even at RFID you have a possibility to assemble a target device from components themselves,
from modules, or to use a complete ready-made module, which is pluggable to a PC, often already with a SW included. SL102 and SL500A
modules represent the „3-rd group“ from this point of view and provide a ready-to-use RFID solution
• SL102, 125 kHz RFID reader - USB
keyboard emulator. That means, that
after SL102 appears as a keyboard
after connecting to a PC (PC automatically recognizes it). SL102 operates in
the way, that after reading an RFID tag,
it sends its ID in the same form as if we
typed it via a keyboard (and finished it
be pushing „Enter“), i.e. every ID is in
a new line. This system is very convenient for example for tracking of goods
in production, in stock (stock in, stock
out) but also for admission systems and
many other.
• SL500A,Mifare 13,56 MHz reader/
writer with the USB interface (virtual COM device). SL500A is able to
read and write Mifare_1k, Mifare_4k,
UltraLight and Mifare_ProX cards (ISO14443A, ISO1443B and ISO15693
protocols). SL500A is supplied with the
software, including a DLL library and
examples. SL500A can be used by a
supplied SW, but you can also create
your own application best suited to your
Advantages / Features:
1. ready-to-use RFID solution
with the USB interface
2. for 125kHz (SL102) and
13,56 MHz Mifare (SL500A)
3. SW included (for SL500A)
4. easy application
5. very affordable price
The article with more
information can be found
at our website. Decode the
link by QR code. The article
contains also related video.
Order no.
Guide price
RFID desktop reader Mifare/Desfire, USB, 72x57x15mm
32,88 €
RFID desktop reader for 125kHz EM4xxx Unique tags, USB
31,56 €
RFID desktop reader/writer for Mifare/Desfire 13,56MHz
49,56 €
1/2013 | www.soselectronic.com
SKL14 - 1A Schottky diode
will fit everywhere
SKL14 can be used in switch-mode power supplies or as protection diodes and thanks their really
miniature dimensions, they are also suitable at the lack of PCB space.
SMT Technologies enable a substantial increase of current density thanks to a very good heat transfer from a component to a PCB. Almost a
zero length of „leads“ of SMT components also features another positive aspects like a significant suppression of a parasitic inductancy and
a possibility to construct circuits with a high components density and a minimal PCB tracks length, what significantly decreases an undesired
radiation (EMI) for example in switch-mode power
Advantages / Features:
A very small forward voltage drop <0.55V/1A and
1. universal Schottky diodes
the speed of Schottky diodes make the SKL14 a
universal diode suitable for example for rectifying,
2. 1A / 40V
for SMPS or as a reverse polarity protection di3. miniature Power SOD-123
ode. A relatively high current is mainly enabled by
a Power SOD-123 package with enhanced thermal
dimensions only 1.7 x 3.7 mm
We offer you Schottky diodes from our stock.
Order number is 128014 and guide price is
0,06 EUR without VAT.
The article with more information
can be found at our website. Decode the link by QR code.
1/2013 | www.soselectronic.com
Right-angle LEDs enable soldering
and assembly in one step
Add a sound to your devices
- for an outstanding price
Reliable loudspeakers needn´t be expensive. K50/8 from company Visaton is a good
Right-angle LED indicators Kingbright L-1384 series provide a significantly more simple usage in comparison to standard wire-leaded LEDs.
If you have an application, where you need to solder LEDs with wire leads bent into a right angle or
even to create a row of such LEDs, then the L-1384 series is the right choice for you.
L-1384 consists of a LED assembled into a plastic housing in the way that the wire leads are in the
right angle. The fact that the wire leads are shaped from production, eliminates possible damage
of the LED at shaping by a customer (malfunction caused by an inner tension can occur after some
time). Moreover, LED leads are trimmed to a length suitable for soldering to a PCB. Plastic housing
from the non-flammable nylon (UL94-V0) contains a knop and a groove enabling to interlock LEDs
to each other. It also ensures a simple assembly and a trouble-free creation of a
uniform row. Black color also increases contrast of the LED.
A relatively low forward voltage in a range of 1.85-2.2V (@20mA) enables a trouble-free usage even in the low voltage applications.
The article with more information can be found at our
website. Decode the link by QR code.
example of a universal louspeaker suitable even to less favor conditions for a very
affordable price.
Advantages / Features:
1. universal right angle
LED indicators
2. possibility to interlock
to rows
3. trimmed wire leads for
a direct PCB mounting
4. contrast increasing
black housing
Order no.
Guide price
LED 3mm 20mcd 625nm 60° red Right Angle
0,14 €
LED 3mm 15mcd 568nm 60° green Right Angle
0,13 €
LED 3mm 20mcd 60° yellow Righ
0,12 €
K50/8 belongs to 5 cm (2“) industrial loudspeakers with an increased resistance. IP65 (from the side of membrane after
building into an appropriate housing) says it all. Plastic membrane from mylar is UV-resistant and a metal basket ensure a
long-term stable properties in a wide range of temperatures. K50 also meets another requirement important for the most
of applications - small profile - 17mm only.
Thanks to its small dimensions, low profile, resistance and last but not least also an affordable price is the K50 a suitable
component for a sound output of various devices like audio door-keeper, lifts, machines and control panels.
Advantages / Features:
1. universal loudspeakers for industrial devices
2. UV-resistant mylar membrane and a metal basket
3. operating temperature range -25 to +70°C
4. suitable for outdoor usage, IP65
5. excellent price / performance ratio
The article with more information
can be found at our website.
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Simulate, test, develop
In a wide portfolio of development tools for displays from company Electronic Assembly can be
found evaluation boards for development of applications with eDIP displays family, including a connectivity via all common industrial interfaces.
Everyone who already ever designed his own development board knows, that it takes a lot of time to design, construct and assemble such a
board. That´s why a ready-made development board at an affordable price is always a big simplification. EA EVALeDIP320-TFT70 development kit is a beautiful example of such a set, as it provides an immediate access to a full display functionality and it comes rich-equipped. At
the same time it meets a criterion of an acceptable price, because the difference in price of the development board and the display itself is
approx. 50 Eur only.
EA EVALeDIP320-TFT70 enables to develop applications in an elegant way and to use all possibilities of 5.7“ and 7“ Electronic Assembly
displays. The development kit contains an evaluation board (USB), 7“ display with a touch panel, CD with SW and drivers, 5 small PCBs
enabling a communication through industrial interfaces (RS232, RS485, I2C, SPI and RS232-CMOS level), USB cable and a line adapter.
The development kit enables to also develop applications, which use input/output pins of the display - 8 push-buttons and 2 trimmers enable
to control I/O pins and simulate analog signals, while 8 LEDs indicate logic levels at the corresponding outputs. An advantage of Electronic
Assembly displays is, that black-anodized aluminium frames (bezels) are available for many types.
Advantages / Features:
1. rich-equipped development kit
2. supplied with a touch display
3. supports 5 interfaces (RS232,RS485, I2C,
SPI and CMOS RS232) + USB
The article with
more information
can be found at our
website. Decode
the link by QR
Order no.
Guide price
Miniature speaker 2/3W 250-10000 D50H17 IP65
1,68 €
Miniature speaker 1/2W 300-20000Hz 40x20x8
3,60 €
A connection resistant to dust
and water - Hirschmann CA series
If you want to have a certainty, that you´ve done a maximum for security of your connections, use the CA series
connectors Hirschmann. Also this way can the features of
these connectors be summarized.
CA series of round industrial connectors from company Hirschmann (a member of
Belden group), meets all requirements asked from industrial connectors. Plastic body
is from a durable polyamide reinforced by glass fibres. This material is in many cases
more advantageous than a metal and also eliminates problems with a possible corrosion in a harsh environment (chemical industry, moisty environment, agriculture,
renewable-energy sources, ...). CA connectors are produced in versions CA3 (3 poples + 1PE) and CA6 (6 poles + 1PE). Similarly, like every decent connector, even the
CA3/CA6 is designed in the way, that PE pins are the first to connect, what ensures
a reliable protection already at connecting and the equalization of gnd potentials at
the same time (increased ESD protection). Reliable electrical contact is ensured by
silver-plated contacts. The main difference between CA3 and CA6 is the maximum
current and voltage. It can be said, that it is worth to put your hands on the CA series.
Order no.
Advantages / Features:
1. well-proven sturdy industrial
2. 400VAC / 16A - CA3
3. 250VAC / 10A - CA6
4. IP67 protection
5. connector housing from an
impact resistant PA reinforced by
glass fibres
The article with more information
can be found at our website.
Decode the link by QR code.
Guide price
Circular Industry Connector M, Panel 3P+PE, IP67
4,00 €
Circular Industry Connector F, Panel 6P+PE, IP67
5,90 €
450,00 €
Circular Industry Connector F 3P+PE, IP67
6,70 €
63,70 €
Circular Industry Connector M 6P+PE, IP67
6,20 €
Order no.
Guide price
LCM 800x480 7"TFT, LED BL +TP, RS232,I2C,SPI
388,80 €
Evaluation kit for 7,0" TFT including display
Mounting bezel for eDIPTFT70 black anodized alumin
1/2013 | www.soselectronic.com
1/2013 | www.soselectronic.com
Small signal relay AxW-K won´t
refuse any signal
0.01mA, 10mV but even 2A are no problem for the AxW-K series Fujitsu relay. That´s why they´re a
reliable component for a linear-undistorted transfer of diverse signals. Advantages / Features:
AxW-K relay series are well-proven 2-pole relays (DPDT) reliable switching even very small
signals, already from 0,01mA/10mV DC, but
they won´t be scared of 1A/30VDC (0,5A/
125VAC). As, circuits for signal processing
usually consist of SMD components, neither
a relay intended for such applications shoudn´t be too high. With the height of only 5 mm,
AxW-K relay series meet this requirement very
well and a standard DIL pitch makes their usage and PCB design easier at the same time.
In the AxW-K series can be found several types - with 1.5V - 48V coils, and also bistable
(latching) types (with 1 or 2 coils). Types
A3W,A5W,AL-D5W-K,A12W and A24W are
kept in stock, other types we´re able to provide you upon order. Besides telecommunication circuits, AxW-K series relays are ideal
for switching of signals from a wide range of
industrial detectors and sensors, audio devices and other.
1. 2A signal relay DPDT (2CO)
2. able to switch even
very small signals, from
3. very low profile - 5 mm
4. bifurcated contacts for a
higher reliability
5. latching versions also
6. low losses (cca <0.1dB/20
The article with more information can be found at our
website. Decode the link
by QR code.
Guide price
Signal relay 12V 2A 2c 1028R
1,63 €
Signal relay 24V 2A 2c 2880R
1,52 €
Signal relay latching type 5V 2A 2c 125R
4,34 €
Do you utilize ceramic capacitors
for power supply filtering?
Thanks to their very low equivalent serial resistance (ESR), they provide a very worth function in
power supply parts of various devices. In many cases, there´s no need to add any other types of
filtering capacitors anymore.
SMD ceramic capacitors are nowadays commonly available in relatively very high capacities of units to tens of uF, while keeping small
dimensions (0603 - 1210).
The article with
more information
can be found
at our website.
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A modular system of laboratory devices Hameg 8000 series is an ideal system for testing workplaces
and school laboratories. At the same time it enables a very effective usage of space.
To have all we need on a table and to maintain enough
space for a work - it is a stable challenge at a work with
electronics. All this is solved by a Hameg 8000 series
modular system.
The system consists of a HM8001-2, main unit, serving as a power supply and at the same time it is a
holder - frame for any 2 instruments from the 8000
series (instruments don´t have their own power supply - for their operation they need to be inserted into
the HM8001-2 basic module). Up to 5 such mainframes can be stocked at each other, what means
up to 10 instruments. At the same time, it enables a
big variability - for example usually a one mainframe
+ 2 instruments are usually sufficient for students in
Available modules:
HM8012 - 4¾-Digit Programmable Multimeter (max value 49999) with 0.05% basic accuracy,
HM8018 - 25kHz LCR-Meter, measures L, C, R, Θ, Q/D, |Z|, 0.2% basic accuracy,
HM8021-4 - 1.6 GHz Universal Counter, measurement range 0Hz…1.6GHz,
HM8030-6 - 10 MHz Function Generator, frequency range 50mHz…10MHz, output voltage up to
HM8040-3 - Tripple Power Supply Unit 2x 0–20V/0.5A - 1x 5V/1A, 3-digit switchable displays,
HM800 - Blank Module intended for customized instrument construction.
Advantages / Features:
1. very low ESR
2. outstanding filtering
3. high capacity at small
4. long lifetime
With the Hameg 8000 series devices
you always have on a table all you need
Excellent properties are mainly proven in praxis, in a form of several 100 000 units sold all over the world.
Order no.
Advantages / Features:
Why to use a ceramic capacitor? First,
it has a substantially lower value of ESR
than electrolytic capacitors and also
lower than tantalum ones. This is reflected in low losses and outstanding filtering
properties even at high frequencies and
high currents, what is especially beneficial at power supply of fast semiconductors and in switch-mode power supplies.
Low power consumption of modern components enables to decrease an overall
capacity of capacitors in a power supply
part, that´s why in many cases a few uFarads are sufficient. A big advantage is a long lifetime too, because they don´t contain any liquid electrolyte. Naturally, in devices, where high current peaks occur,
it would be economically inefficient to use ceramic capacitors only. In such cases a combination of
ceramic and tantalum or electrolytic capacitors is ideal.
1. high quality of instruments (accuracy, ranges, usage)
2. possibility of up to 10 instruments at one place
3. 5 various instruments (multimeter, LCR meter, counter,
The article
with more information can
be found at
our website.
Decode the
link by QR
Order no.
Guide price
Base unit for 2 modules series 8000
238,00 €
Module - LCR meter L, C, R, Q, D
420,00 €
Module - 10MHz Function Generator
345,00 €
Module - Power Supply Unit 2x0-20V/0,5A + 5V/1A
282,00 €
Isn´t it the right time to purchase
a high-performance oscilloscope?
Digital storage oscilloscopes HAMEG HMO win many awards because of many reasons, which can
be summarized into one sentence - an excellent price / performance ratio.
Inspite of advanced functions Hameg HMO series oscilloscopes maintain a simple intuitive control, thus a user can focus more on the
measurement itself, than on a setting of the instrument. 6,5“ LCD screen (640x480) is able to display many details. In case, that even this
resolution is not sufficient, it is only necessary to use the „Virtual Screen“ function, when the HMO offers a virtual resolution of 1200x640
and 20 divisions in the Y axis. All HMO series instruments feature a metal chassis and housings, that´s why they´re mechanically robust and
well protected against disturbances (EMI). Hameg HMO oscilloscopes can be also equipped with options and accessories
and they can be upgraded for decoding of UART, SPI, I2C and
other buses. Selected types are on stock. As an authorized distributor of Rohde&Schwarz we´re also able to provide you with
any instrument from the production portfolio of this world-class
The article with more information can be found
at our website. Decode
the link by QR code.
Order no.
Guide price
Order no.
Guide price
Multilayer Ceramic Chip Capacitor 1206
0,11 €
Digital storage oscilloscope 2ch. 70MHz 2GSa/s 2MPts
1377,60 €
Multilayer Ceramic Chip Capacitor 0805
0,02 €
Digital storage oscilloscope 2ch. 100MHz 2GSa/s 2MPts
1557,60 €
Multilayer Ceramic Chip Capacitor 1206
0,05 €
Digital storage oscilloscope 4ch. 200MHz 2GSa/s 2MPts
2616,00 €
1/2013 | www.soselectronic.com
1/2013 | www.soselectronic.com
We became an authorized
distributor of Rohde&Schwarz
Products of German company Rohde&Schwarz are already for almost 80 years the synonym of a
top quality, precision and reliability.
We´re glad to announce you, that we became an authorized distributor of instruments of
Rohde&Schwarz company - one of the most
renowned world producer of instruments for
Testing and measurement, Broadcasting,
Secure Communications and Radiomonitoring. In these segments Rohde&Schwarz
provides a huge spectrum of instruments for
professional usage.
By the look to into the R&S products catalogue, you would probably quickly find out,
that almost surely it also contains an instrument which is created for your purposes. In
respect to a high accuracy and stability of
parameters, many R&S instruments are able
to serve not only for measurement, but also
for calibration of other instruments.
Top quality mechanical construction, wide
control possibilities and the precision of
details are another common features of
R&S instruments. Also from this reason
Rohde&Schwarz provides up to 5-year
warranty for oscilloscopes (after registering
at R&S website you can prolong the warranty from 3 to 5 years, the offer is valid
till 30.6.2013). Rohde&Schwarz provides
many services like for example an on-site calibration - at customer.
Advantages / Features:
1. one the most renowned world producers
2. instruments for testing and measurement, broadcasting, secure
communications and radiomonitoring
3. huge spectrum of highly specialized instruments up to 500 GHz
Customer solution: Trouble-free
RS232, RS422, RS485 – USB conversion
Integrated circuit FT232R is becoming legendary and we bring you another
example of FTDI USB chips usage.
In praxis we often face a requirement to communicate with devices, which have serial ports
RS232, RS422 and RS485. As many devices - mainly notebooks, already usually don´t have
these ports, it is necessary to use a converter to convert serial port to USB.
Company ComErgon, s.r.o. is long-term dedicated to development and production of such
converters. ComErgon has in its offer models for RS232, RS422 and RS485 interfaces. USB
to RS422 and RS485 converters are produced with a 1kV galvanic isolation, as lines on the
RS422 and RS485 side can be lead even on long distances and an eventual overvoltage could
be able to damage end devices. Version RS232-USB is available with galvanic isolation but also
without isolation.
More detailed information and technical specification of these converters can be found at website www.comergon.sk
Company ComErgon focuses on development and production of converters for RS232, RS422, RS485, RS422/RS485 repeaters, serial
to Ethernet interface modules, GPRS, Fiber Optic, 433MHz, current loop and other.
The article with more information can be
found at our website. Decode the link by QR
Weller WX soldering stations
are a masterpiece
Advantages / Features:
1. supported OS: Windows, Linux, Mac OS X
2. USB chip: FTDI – FT232R
3. compatibility USB 1.1, USB 2.0
4. regularly updated drivers
5. up to 920kb/s communication speed
6. versions with galvanic isolation
7. prompt support
8. free-of-charge lend for testing
9. 3-year warranty
Are you looking for an inspiration? Get familiar with
solutions of our customers
Intelligent soldering stations WX series meet all what we might expect
from an ultimate instrument.
The base of universal soldering and desoldering stations are WX1 a WX2 stations, with the possibility
to connect 1 or 2 tools. WX1 enables to connect 1 tool with a maximum power of 120W and the WX2
station enables to connect two tools with a maximum power of 120W or one 200 W. An ultimate choice for rework workplaces are new WXD series stations, supporting the WXDP120 desoldering tool.
A great advantage of the WX platform is a wide choice of tools and tips suitable for extra fine work
with SMT components (WXMP tool, 40W), common work with the most of components (WXP65,
WXP120) as well as for soldering of big joints and other components requiring a high heating power
(WXP200). An invaluable helper at a work with components are the WXMT-MS (2x40W) SMT tweezers. Control interface of WX stations is done via a touch panel display. WX2 enables communication
with other devices like control of WFE fume extracting staThe article with more
tion and a WHP preheating device.
information can be
The digital control electronics together with superior temfound at our website.
perature sensor and heat-transfer technology guarantee
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precise temperature control at the soldering tip.
We want to introduce to you in this article modern serial to USB converters.
USB connectivity is realized via a well-proven FTDI chip FT232R. This chip
is intended for all applications, where it is necessary to add a reliable USB
connectivity with minimum development costs.
Orders and detailed information:
Order no.
Guide price
Spájkovacia stanica digitálna 240W rúčka WXMP+WXMT
930,00 €
Spájkovacia stanica digitálna 200W 1x rúčka WXMP 55W
637,00 €
Spájkovacia stanica digitálna 200W rúčka WXP 12
587,00 €
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1/2013 | www.soselectronic.com
Web news
New e-shop launched!
Unification of the two systems into one
Work in the new e-shop gives you the advantage of working and orientate in one environment. No more
switching between two windows! Home page is always only one, the top menu is still the same,product tree
is only one. There are differences before and after logging only in addition of personalized items (archive of
purchase orders, invoices, account settings etc.). They are also placed at the usual place - right top. Menu
after you place your mouse expands and includes everything you need, which is linked to your account.
Fast searching using parameters
Our offer is still expanding and it is more and more difficult to orientate in the lists. Therefore, filtering of lists
according to technical parameters comes to help. After selecting all of the wanted available filtering options
the list is refreshed automatically and you can easily select the right product for you. Then putting it into
shopping cart is just one more click.
Images in product tree
If you can better orientate in images rather than
texts, you will surely appreciate this option while
browsing our product range. Every group of products is displayed with its name and with image.
We believe that you will get to like the new environment and functions and that your work will become
faster and more pleasant at the same time. If you
have any suggestions or comments, do not hesitate
to contact us at our email address:
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Catalogue for developers is already online at http://solutions.soselectronic.com
Our new catalogue released in autumn 2012 is designed mainly for developers. We now also offer
its online version.
When can you use such catalogue?
When you are at the beginning of development and you are searching for solutions concerning particular part of application. The
catalogue is divided into 9 chapters. When you click on a chapter
you can choose more precise specification (via menu) and then
read the basic information about given solution. Offer of brands
which we deliver in the particular area and the possibility to click
on specific products we offer are important parts of our website.
Advantage of the online version is its translation into 7 languages,
including Slovak and Czech language. Printed version is only in
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