Install, Calibrate & Maintain Set up and adjust Configure instrumentation

Install, Calibrate & Maintain Set up and adjust Configure instrumentation
Vehicle Scale Services
Install, Calibrate & Maintain
Set up and adjust
Configure instrumentation
Connect to data systems
Certify accuracy
Maintain productivity
Essential Services
for Dependable Performance
Vehicle Scale Services
Accuracy Isn’t Accidental
Our Services Deliver
Expert installation and configuration
Accurate, safe, effective operation
Seamless data capture and integration
Optimized uptime and scale life
Compliance with regulations
Cost-effective maintenance
METTLER TOLEDO produces the
highest quality vehicle scales
– designed for years of dependable operation. However, to gain
maximum benefit from your scale,
it must be properly installed, calibrated, and maintained.
Our qualified and equipped specialists provide timely local and
personal service, backed by global
depth and expertise. You get professional, factory service with superior
results, tailored to your budget and
The ServiceXXL portfolio
• Needs analysis and consultation
• Installation and commissioning
• Calibration and certification
• Proactive maintenance
• Emergency on-site repair
• Modernization and upgrades
• OEM service parts
• Training programs
• Repair center exchange plans
• Guaranteed response
• Comprehensive agreements
Vehicle Scale Services
Measurable value
The value of a measurement is
proportional to its accuracy. However, vehicle scales are subjected
to forces of nature, heavy loads
and steady, pounding traffic, producing challenges for maintaining
the accuracy and uptime that you
Timely calibration and maintenance
service ensures that your scale is
both accurate and dependable.
Additionally, we work closely with
governing authorities to make sure
your scale remains legal for commercial use.
Data acquisition and integration
Vehicle scales are vital to shipping,
receiving, inventory, and production
accounting operations. METTLER
TOLEDO will recommend, supply,
install, and maintain the information technology that makes a scale
pay for itself. Our technicians are
as adept with a relational database
as they are with heavy-capacity test
Certified Accurate
In Three Steps
Installation, Configuration, and Integration
Our project managers coordinate all the tasks, equipment, and contractors for an on-time, in-specification vehicle scale installation. Our service
representatives make certain that your scale system is ready for production
in a cost-effective and timely fashion.
Your Benefits:
• Scale foundation that withstands traffic and the environment
• Properly installed and precision-tuned vehicle scale
• Information technology that dependably meets requirements
• Trained operators for effective vehicle processing
• Reliable communications to peripherals and networks
• Knowledge of user maintenance procedures
Calibration Certification
Achieving and maintaining scale accuracy requires that your vehicle
scale is periodically tested to manufacturer’s specifications and to
industry and legal standards. Our calibration certificates provide a quality
and regulatory audit trail of compliance.
Your Benefits:
• Confirmed and certified weighing performance
• Documented evidence of accuracy – for your records
• Avoidance of non-compliance in audits
• Reduced product give-away and/or over-charges
• Assurance that vehicles are within legal load limits
Proactive Scale Maintenance
A vehicle scale is a significant capital investment and its dependability
is critical to maintaining productivity. METTLER TOLEDO ensures the
operational readiness of your scale with cost-effective, factory-specified
scale maintenance.
Your Benefits:
• Prevention of weighing errors due to buildup of dirt and debris
• Proper adjustment and mechanical integrity of scale components
• Assurance of vehicle and operator safety
• Stable operation with proper grounding and lightning protection
• Higher return on investment through increased scale life and productivity
Vehicle Scale Services ­METTLER ­TOLEDO
Target Services
To Optimize Your Resources
ServiceXXL includes an extensive range of services to help you preserve
the value of your investment and meet the demands of your business.
Tailored Service Agreement
Services appropriate for the use, duty-cycle, and criticality of measurements
in your operation can be bundled into a tailored service agreement. In addition to essential periodic calibration and proactive maintenance services,
we can include:
• Scale traffic control and peripheral equipment maintenance
• Software maintenance and upgrades
• Remote monitoring and management
• Guaranteed response time for emergency repairs
• All-inclusive no-risk coverage
Repair Services
METTLER TOLEDO is your single source for vehicle scale maintenance and
repair. We use original parts and service all brands of weighing equipment
in a cost-effective manner to quickly get you up and running.
Modernization and Upgrade Services
Let us inspect your existing vehicle scale to see if we can help you increase
its life and performance. We provide a comprehensive analysis of work that
must be performed and an objective assessment of costs. Replacing or
repairing damaged components and upgrading scale electronics may be
an economical alternative to a new scale.
METTLER TOLEDO has the power of MiraCal™,
our proprietary calibration management system.
MiraCal™ automates our procedures and the
application of standards to accurately produce
and archive the highest-quality calibration
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