Volkswagen PASSAT CC - User manual

Volkswagen PASSAT CC - User manual
My Passat CC
Sport & Styling
Front and rear spoiler, side sill set, rear chrome strip...
Radio and navigation systems, iPod adapter, hands-free systems…
Towbar, bicycle carrier, safety kit…
Make the Passat CC your own
Make the Passat CC truly yours with our range of accessories, carefully selected
and grouped logically together to make choosing accessories as easy as possible.
Child Seats
Convenience & Protection
Rear parking sensors, cruise control, loadliners, carpet mats, mudflaps…
In some categories, we’ve gathered products together to give you a complete
pack. Please speak to a member of staff about the total pack price.
Our range comes in three categories: Volkswagen Genuine, Volkswagen Approved
and Volkswagen Commercial. Most of our range comprises of Genuine Accessories
developed in Germany and designed to integrate with your vehicle. Our other
products are sourced from market leading manufacturers, specifically to meet your
Car Care
Care and cleaning aids, paint protection, screenwash…
needs and offer you a wider choice.
For information on the warranty cover for all our accessories, please refer to the
back of this brochure.
Why not ask a member of staff today about how to really make your Passat CC
your own by using Volkswagen Accessories.
The accessories featured within this brochure are suitable for the most recent model year, however
some products may be suitable for previous models. Please ask a member of staff for more details.
Volkswagen Collection
Silver key ring, telescopic umbrella, aviator sunglasses...
The cars shown in this brochure are sometimes pictured with additional accessories and/or special fittings. These are not supplied in the delivery specification of the product described, which also applies to any decor elements shown.
Sport & Styling
Volkswagen Genuine Front spoiler
Our aerodynamically designed front spoiler is a sporty
addition to your Passat CC. Made of a durable, high-quality
plastic, the skirt is primed and ready to be painted in
the colour specification of your car.
Part number 3C8 071 609 GRU
Volkswagen Genuine Side sill set
The side sills give a sporty look and the impression of
lowered suspension. Made of a hard-wearing, flexible
material, it’s able to resist high stress, and is primed
ready for painting, to match the colour of your car.
Part number 3C8 071 685 GRU
Sport & Styling
Volkswagen Genuine Rear spoiler
A rear spoiler will also make your Passat CC look sportier.
Details make all the difference.
Add detail that will transform your Passat CC’s appearance from sleek
and stylish to sporty. Your Passat CC already comes with enviable design
Made of a durable, high-quality plastic, the spoiler is
primed and ready to be painted in the colour specification
of your car.
and solid build quality. But now you can enhance it further and make a
statement with our range of styling accessories.
Choose from front and rear spoilers, to side sill sets or a high-gloss chrome
look strip on the boot lid to truly make the Passat CC your own.
Part number 3C8 071 640 GRU
Sport & Styling
Volkswagen Genuine Rear chrome strip
This rear strip, in a high-gloss chrome look, is an
eye-catching and effective way to protect your boot
edges. What’s more, it requires no drilling to fit.
Part number 3C8 071 360
Volkswagen Genuine Pedal cap set
Add a sporty look and a touch of style to your Passat CC
with this high quality, brushed stainless steel pedal cap
set. A rubber coating on the surface ensures more grip.
For manual gearbox
Part number 1K2 064 200
For automatic and dual clutch gearbox (DSG)
Part number 1K2 064 205
Volkswagen Genuine Door sill trim
Volkswagen Genuine Door sill trim - steel
A film that effectively protects your vehicle’s sills against
These elegant, high-quality treadplates protect your
scratching. It’s cut precisely, and sticks firmly in place.
Passat CC against scratches when you get in and out.
This set includes four treadplates.
This set includes four treadplates.
Black/silver (pictured)
Part number 3C8 071 310
Part number 3C8 071 310 A
Part number 3C0 071 305
Volkswagen Genuine Sagitta alloy wheel
Volkswagen Genuine Thunder alloy wheel
Wheel size: 8 J x 19"
Wheel size: 8 J x 18"
Tyre size: 235/35 R19
Tyre size: 235/40 R18
18" Colour: titanium (pictured)
Part number 1K8 071 498 QQ9
19" Colour: titanium
Part number 1K8 071 499 QQ9
18" Colour: black
Part number 1K8 071 498 AX1
Hit the ground spinning.
Alloys are the biggest single style statement you can make to enhance the
appearance of your Passat CC, and our range is designed to complement your
Passat CC perfectly.
Whether you opt for sporty Thunder wheels or stylish Sagitta ones, they’re sure
to make an impact. Speak to a member of staff about our choice of wheels today.
Rear parking sensors
The tyre sizes recommended within this brochure conform to the standards required as set out in the TÜV report.
Volkswagen Genuine Bluetooth Touch Phone Kit
A user-friendly hands-free device with 2.8" colour
display and touchscreen, voice command function and
text to speech* gives you the very latest in technology.
*Functionality is dependent on phone capability.
Part number 000 051 473 A
Volkswagen Commercial Nokia HF 310
Connect this speakerphone wirelessly with Bluetooth
to your phone and enjoy managing calls from the
comfort of your driving seat. Talk for longer with up to
30 hrs of talk time with superior audio and digital signal
processing (DSP). Rechargeable via the 12v socket cable.
Designed for customer fitting.
Part number ZGB 000 051 100
Stay connected.
Technology is ever changing. And our range of the latest additions includes
navigation systems to get you from A to B quickly and easily, iPod adapters
so you can listen to your favourite music, Bluetooth phone systems to keep
Volkswagen Genuine
Radio navigation system RNS 510
An easy to operate navigation system brimming with
features, including a 6.5" touchscreen, high-resolution
display, integrated DVD drive and a 30GB hard drive
and SD card reader.
you connected, and more.
Ask a member of staff about the right product for you and your Passat CC.
Part number 1T0 057 680 B
Navigation DVD - Western Europe
Part number 1T0 051 859 H
Volkswagen Genuine
Radio navigation system RNS 310
Volkswagen Genuine iPod adapter
A 5" touchscreen with accurate navigation and brilliant
navigation system. It will give you simple control and
screen quality. It features an easily understandable
easy access to your playlists and albums. Your iPod can
2.5D (birds-eye view) map display, radio with CD drive,
be stored away in the glove compartment.
Connect your iPod to the Volkswagen radio or
SD card reader and AUX-IN socket that enables you to
connect a range of audio sources such as MP3 players
and iPods.
Part number 3C0 057 270
Navigation disc (UK & Ireland)
Part number 3C8 051 884 F
Part number 1K0 051 444 A
Volkswagen Genuine Media-In
Use Media-In to access all your favourite tracks via
your MP3 player, iPod, USB and more. You can control
your music using the radio controls. Ask us for more
information on the compatibility with your radio.
Radio shown is the RNS 510, sold separately.
Retrofit interface unit
Part number 5N0 057 342
Mini USB adapter
Part number 000 051 446 A
USB adapter
Part number 000 051 446 B
iPod adapter
Part number 000 051 446 C
3.5mm jack plug adapter
Part number 000 051 446 D
The product is fitted to the vehicle and loaded with its relevant
Volkswagen Genuine
Bicycle carrier for the towbar
weight capacity. A typical collision is simulated replicating urban
Taking up to two bicycles on your journey with you
How the City-Crash test works
traffic at approximately 30 km/h. The product must on no account
become detached; if successful the product passes the test.
couldn’t be easier. This carrier is quickly mounted
onto the towbar, the lockable fastening screws enable
it to be flexible and secure. The maximum carrying
capacity is 35 kg, and an extension kit is available for
a third bicycle.
Bicycle carrier for towbar
Part number 1T2 071 105
Extension kit for third bicycle
Part number 3C0 071 109 A
Volkswagen Genuine Towbar
Infinitely practical, the towball can be removed
quickly and easily, and expands the capabilities of your
Passat CC. Please note, this product has a maximum
vertical load of 75 kg.
Towbar - detachable
Part number 3C8 092 155
13-pin electrics
Part number 3C8 055 210
Volkswagen Genuine Roof bars
Stay equipped when you’re on the road with our
Unlock your sense of adventure.
The Passat CC will be as practical as it is stylish with our specially designed
set of high quality products to complement your lifestyle, whatever you’re
City-Crash tested roof bars. They will provide the base
for items such as a ski and snowboard holder, a bicycle
holder or a useful roof box.
into: whether it’s sports, the outdoors or just going on plenty of holidays.
There’s a large range of accessories available, from towbars and bicycle
carriers to storage bags, to help you maintain your active lifestyle whilst
enjoying all of the benefits of a stylish family car.
(Coming soon)
Part number 3C8 071 126
Volkswagen Genuine Bicycle holder
Keep your bike safe and secure using this easy to fit
bicycle carrier, made from matt chrome plated steel.
The bicycle holder is City-Crash tested and lockable for
extra peace of mind and what’s more, you can still
access the boot for added convenience.
Net weight 3.2kg.
Designed for customer fitting.
(Coming soon)
Part number 6Q0 071 128 A
Volkswagen Genuine Luggage net
Volkswagen Genuine First aid kit
Ensures that everything stays in its place and that
The first aid kit is a statutory requirement in some
lighter items don’t slide around. This tear-proof net
European countries, and an essential item for your
Volkswagen Genuine Hydraulic bicycle lift
with integrated pocket can be securely fitted as
personal safety.
Make raising your bicycles onto your roof bars simple
standard to your boot floor.
with this lightweight, easy to use bicycle lift. Made of
Designed for customer fitting.
sturdy aluminium, it’s easy to stow away after use.
Part number 3C5 065 110
Part number 000 093 114
Volkswagen Genuine Safety kit
Volkswagen Genuine Spare bulb and fuse kit
In some European countries, it’s a legal requirement
Be prepared when driving abroad - spare bulbs are
to carry the items in this safety kit, which include a
compulsory in some European countries. This high
first aid kit, a high visibility vest and a warning triangle.
quality box is impact proof to prevent the contents
In Ireland, where it isn’t yet law, it’s still a good idea to
from breaking.
(Coming soon)
Part number 4D0 071 128 D
Volkswagen Genuine Ski and snowboard holder
Transport your skis or snowboards securely and
effectively with this dedicated carrier. Choose from
two sizes depending on your requirements.
have these essential items close to hand.
Four skis or two snowboards (coming soon)
Part number 3B0 071 129 F
Six skis or four snowboards (coming soon)
Part number 1T0 071 129
H7 longlife dipped beam
Part number 000 998 204
Part number 000 093 059
H4 halogen
Part number 000 998 204 A
Child Seats
Child seat grouping
Group 0
From birth to 6-9 months
Group 0+
From birth to 12-15 months
Group 1
From 9 months - 4 years
Group 2
From 4 - 6 years
Up to 10kgs/22lbs
Up to 13kgs/29lbs
From 9-18kgs/20-40lbs
From 15-25kgs/33-55lbs
Group 3
From 6-11 years
From 22-36kgs/48-79lbs
Volkswagen Genuine Bobsy G0 ISOFIX Plus
Volkswagen Genuine Bobsy G0-G1 ISOFIX
– Secure fastening - five point harness
– Secure fastening - five point harness
– Fitment - ISOFIX or three point seatbelt
– Fitment - ISOFIX or three point seatbelt
– ISOFIX fitment - no seat base required
– ISOFIX fitment - seat base required1
Part number 00V 019 907
Part number 000 019 902 D
Volkswagen Genuine Bobsy G1 ISOFIX DUO Plus
Volkswagen Genuine Bobsy G2-G3 Pro
– Secure fastening - five point harness
– Fitment - three point seat belt
– Fitment - ISOFIX or three point seatbelt
– Adjustable seat width
– ISOFIX fitment - no seat base required
– Adjustable height sleep support
Child Seats
Keeping the most important people safe.
Keep your little ones safe and secure with our range of Bobsy child seats, created in
conjunction with Britax. Each seat is designed with safety, comfort and ease of use
in mind. All covers can be easily removed and washed at 30°C.
All seats featured comply with the current European Regulations ECE R44.03.
– Excellent side impact protection
Part number 00V 019 909 B
Part number 000 019 906
Forward and rear facing ISOFIX bases are available. Please note: when fitted facing backwards the seat is suitable from birth
up to a weight of 18kg. When fitted facing forwards the seat is suitable from 9kg to 18kg. All child seats are for customer fitting.
Convenience & Protection
Volkswagen Genuine Rear parking sensors
Volkswagen Genuine Mudflaps
Make parking safer, easier and more convenient
Our mudflaps protect the underbody, the bumper
with these parking sensors. Automatically activated
and the rear of your Passat CC from heavy soiling.
when reverse gear is engaged. Where applicable, the
intelligent setup function recognises your towbar as
not being an obstacle.
For the front
Part number 3C8 075 111
Part number 3C0 054 630
For the rear
Part number 3C8 075 101
Volkswagen Genuine Cruise control
Volkswagen Genuine Clothes hanger
Cruise control is an electronic aid for controlling your
This clothes hanger is ideal if you want to transport
Convenience & Protection
Making your life easier on the road.
If you like the idea of protecting your Passat CC, our range of practical convenience
accessories is for you. These products both protect and maintain the value of your
Passat CC, but most importantly, they make it a more comfortable drive for you, too.
vehicle’s speed. It helps you keep to speed limits,
your coat during your car journey. The hanger is simply
From rear parking sensors to cruise control, clothes hangers to loadliners,
especially on long journeys. The reset function allows
fixed to the seat headrest bars and is easily removable.
there’s something for everyone.
automatic acceleration after braking or changing gear.
Part number 3C5 054 690 A
Part number 00V 061 127
Convenience & Protection
Volkswagen Genuine Cargonizer
A practical insert for the spare wheel well, with different
sized compartments for additional storage possibilities.
Designed for customer fitting.
Part number 3C0 061 200
Volkswagen Genuine Luxury carpet mats
Volkswagen Genuine Rubber floor mats
Protect your interior with a more luxurious feel, with
Dirt and moisture can be removed by simply washing
a deeper pile carpet and Passat branding. They have a
them away. These mats are made-to-measure and are
rubber underside and stud fixings to secure and prevent
connected to the vehicle floor using the integrated
Volkswagen Genuine Semi rigid loadliner
slipping for your safety.
fixing system to prevent slipping.
Practical tailored loadliner specifically for the Passat CC.
Washable, anti-slip and acid-resistant, it’s an easy way
For the front - black
Part number 3C2 061 275 PBW GK
For the front - black
Part number 3C2 061 501 A04 1
For the rear - black
Part number 3C0 061 276 PAW GK
For the rear - black
Part number 3C0 061 511 041
to keep your luggage compartment clean and your load
from slipping around.
Designed for customer fitting.
Part number 3C5 061 180
Volkswagen Genuine Flexible loadliner
This light and flexible inlay is made to perfectly fit
the Passat CC boot contours. The diamond pattern
integrated in the material is anti-slip. If the luggage
compartment liner is not required, it can be simply
Volkswagen Genuine Carpet mats
Volkswagen Genuine Carpet mat set
rolled up for saving space.
The ideal product to protect the interior. These mats are
The ideal product to protect the interior. These mats are
Designed for customer fitting.
made from high quality polyamide. They have a rubber
made from high quality polyamide. They have a rubber
underside and stud fixings to secure and prevent
underside and stud fixings to secure and prevent
slipping for your safety. Also available in beige.
slipping for your safety.
For the front - black
Part number 3C2 061 225 ECW GK
For the rear - black
Part number 3C0 061 226 EWG K
For the front and rear - anthracite
Part number 3C2 061 420 HAM TN
Part number 3C5 061 160
Convenience & Protection
Volkswagen Genuine Reversible loadliner
This precision-fit, practical reversible mat made
from velour protects the boot of your Passat CC.
The easy-care, dimpled plastic on the reverse ensures
that your load won’t slide around. For vehicles with
normal load space floor.
Designed for customer fitting.
Part number 3C8 061 210
Volkswagen Genuine Rear bumper protection
This plastic loading lip guard comes in a transparent
film. It continually protects your paintwork against
scratches and scrapes when loading and unloading
your car.
Part number 3C8 061 197
Volkswagen Genuine
Premium protection
Front luxury carpet mats
3C2 061 275 PBR YJ
Rear luxury carpet mats
3C0 061 276 PAR YJ
Flexible loadliner
3C5 061 160
Front mudflaps
3C8 075 111
Rear mudflaps
3C8 075 101
Door sill trim
3C0 071 305
Please speak to a member of staff about the total pack price.
Look after your car.
Autoglym LifeShine
Car Care
Volkswagen Genuine and Approved Car care and cleaning aids
Maintenance spray
Valet pack
Part number ZGB 00Q 096 220
Part number 00V 096 166
De-Icer 300ml
Cockpit care cleaning gloves
Part number 00V 096 322 A02 0
Part number 000 096 151 B
Screenwash 1 litre
Smooth leather treatment set
Part number 00V 096 320 A02 0
Part number 000 096 323 D
New car balm & wax 250ml
Leather treatment 250ml
Part number 00V 096 317 A02 0
Part number 00V 096 306 A02 0
Wash & wax shampoo 500ml
Upholstery/soft top cleaner 300ml
Part number 00V 096 315 A02 0
Part number 00V 096 301 A02 0
Interior trim cleaner 300ml
Insect remover & glass cleaner 300ml
Part number 00V 096 307 A02 0
Part number 00V 096 300 A02 0
Aniline leather treatment set
Spring car care kit
Part number 000 096 323 C
Part number 000 096 355 AA
Touchscreen cleaning cloths
Summer car care kit
Part number 000 096 151 C
Part number 000 096 355 020
Windscreen ice scraper
Winter car care kit
Part number ZGB 000 096 000 A
Part number 000 096 352 C
Volkswagen Approved Autoglym LifeShine
Car Care
Look after your car and it will look after you.
A series of treatments designed to protect and enhance
Upholstery and carpets are treated with a durable
both the interior and exterior of your car, and if used
waterproof coating to seal out moisture and resist
properly will last for the lifetime of your ownership.
staining. All external side and rear windows are treated
All exterior paintwork is treated with a unique protective
with a clear, easy to clean coating meaning that water
coating to enhance its shine and ensure maximum
runs straight off. A complimentary care kit of Autoglym
resistance to the elements.
products is included to maintain the treatment.*
For price and application of Autoglym to your car, speak to a member of staff today.
From care and cleaning aids to paint protection products, this section contains
everything you need to keep your Passat CC sparkling, well equipped, and ready
for any driving situation you find yourself in.
*LifeShine comes with a comprehensive lifetime warranty subject to reasonable ongoing care. The way your car is cared
for will have a significant influence on maintaining its long term condition and ultimately maximize the resale value.
Volkswagen Collection
Volkswagen Genuine
Travel luggage set
The iconic Volkswagen logo is
Volkswagen Genuine
Black boxed
telescopic umbrella
reproduced here in this high
The Passat CC is a car for all
range. Two piece luggage set
quality, metal key ring. The only
weathers, and the Irish climate
comprising of a laptop case
key ring you’ll ever need.
demands that a sturdy umbrella
and overnight trolley suitcase.
Volkswagen Approved
Silver logo key ring
Travel in style with this
on tap is always a good idea!
Comes stored in its own box.
Part number
ZGB 418 149 906 0
Part number
000 087 602 B04 1
Volkswagen Genuine
Aviator sunglasses
Volkswagen Genuine
Passat CC model car
The most fitting of accessories
A perfect representation
for driving, these Volkswagen
of your full size Passat CC.
aviators come with high quality
1:43 scale. Available in black,
grey, silver and white.
Part number
3C8 087 900 6W7
Part number
3C8 099 300 041
Part number
3C0 084 017 041
Volkswagen Collection
Merchandise for life.
Your Passat CC fits into your life seamlessly, and so too will this quality range of
lifestyle merchandise. From luggage to key rings to model cars, there’s something to
suit everyone; and of course, each is designed to the highest Volkswagen standards.
Find the perfect item of merchandise that says the most about you!
Ask a member of staff about the full range of Volkswagen merchandise today,
or visit
Our quotations regarding product information, appearance, performance, dimensions
and weights in addition to illustrations and all information regarding fittings and
technical data are based on the characteristics of the Irish market and correspond to
the knowledge available at the time of printing. We reserve the right to make changes
to the product specification, design and colour without advance notification within
the context of further development to our accessories.
Financing of accessories.
The inexpensive way to obtain Volkswagen Accessories.
You can include accessories in your Volkswagen finance deal, and benefit from
spreading the cost across a timescale to suit you. If Genuine Accessories are fitted
at the pre-delivery inspection, you’ll get a full two year Volkswagen warranty.
Volkswagen warranty covers parts and labour for replacement when there is a
manufacturing defect found.
Volkswagen Genuine Accessories are protected by a two year Volkswagen warranty
if they’re fitted at the pre-delivery inspection. If fitted after this time they are covered
by a two year warranty.
Volkswagen Approved Accessories are covered by a two year Volkswagen warranty.
Volkswagen Commercial Accessories are covered by the manufacturers warranty only;
this can range from 12 to 24 months depending on the manufacturer.
Volkswagen Ireland.
Customer Assistance Hotline 1850 812 761
Brochure content is correct at the time of
print but may be subject to changes.
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