News 8 Specialty Chemicals

News 8 Specialty Chemicals
Industrial Weighing and Measuring
Peace of mind in Zone 1/21 & Division 1
Choose your way – safety in any combination
ZONE 1/21
The IND226x is the new compact weighing terminal approved for
installation in Zone 1/21 and Division 1 classified hazardous areas,
according to ATEX and FM guidelines. Flexible and easy to use, it is
the solution of choice for a variety of hazardous area applications.
For your simple and safe
transactional weighing operations
In your daily production there are many
simple steps which need to be carried
out in Zone 1/21 or Division 1 classified
hazardous areas. These include the drum
filling of solvents or dosing explosive
powders from bags or the formulation
of hazardous compounds. To maximize
safety without compromising productivity, the IND226x is the new intrinsically
safe solution of choice for any transactional weighing operations in Zone1/21
or Division 1 classified areas.
Compact, flexible and easy to use, the
IND226x interfaces with numerous analog bench scales, floor scales and load
cells for any kind of high accuracy
weighing operation!
Immediate weight data,
throughout your plant
Connect your scale, weigh and have your
data immediately at your desk in your office. The safe area communication module, the ACM200, allows you to connect
the IND226x with PCs and printers. You
can even tare, clear or use the zero function of the indicator safe and comfortable from your office. The IND226x can
also be connected to a Profibus network
allowing for quick and easy communication with you network.
Monitor your weighing
data from anywhere – safely
In combination with another METTLER
TOLEDO weighing indicator, e.g. the
IND780, the IND226x can act as a remote
display which provides communication
Courtesy Clariant
Hazardous area solutions
and monitoring of process data to and
from the hazardous area. Clear, Zero and
Tare operations are also possible on the
local IND226x in the classified area (see
diagram 1). The same option is available also in combination with another
IND226x with no need for a barrier in between the two weighing indicators. Also
in this case the second IND226x acts as
a remote display to monitor and communicate weighing data to or from another
point within the Zone 1/21 or Division 1
area (see diagram 2).
Flexibility and efficiency
in Hazardous area!
• Intrinsically safe design allows for installation in Division 1 and Zone 1/21
hazardous areas
• Compact in size and compatible with
a variety of accesories, the IND226x can
be placed on tables or onto a column
• Tough stainless steel construction,
robust design and IP66 protection make
it resistant to aggressive environments
• Large display: LED status indicators
provide visual information to operators monitoring weighing transactions
• With InSite™ software, configuring
the IND226x is fast and simple. Con-
Diagram 1
FlexMount ® weigh modules are ATEX,
FM and CSA approved for Zone 1
and Division 1 hazardous areas
ZONE 1/21
Power supply
OR Battery pack
Mixing tank/
Storage tank/
Reactor on
weigh modules
Junction box
IND226x acts as
a remote display
Safe area
Mettler-Toledo AG
CH-8606 Nänikon
Communication box ACM200
with RS232 output
MarCom Industrial
CH-8606 Nänikon
Subject to technical changes
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Specialty Chemicals News 8
IND780 weighing indicator
Intrinsically safe barrier
Courtesy Lanxess
nected to the weighing indicator or offline, InSite™ enables seamless changes
to set-up and configuration parameters
from a desktop PC
• The F (Function) key provides onetouch access to a user-selected operating feature
• Enhance product quality using the
integrated MinWeigh® feature, which
displays a dedicated LED icon to warn
the operator when the weight falls below
minimum threshold
• Calibration options for flexibility using
either the traditional calibration with
linearization, and the timesaving CalFREE™ electronic calibration without
test weights
• Flexible power options: the IND226x
can operate with an explosion-proof
AC power supply or with an intrinsically
safe battery pack, which allows for up to
70 hours of trouble-free operations
Diagram 2
PBA430x analog
weighing platform
ZONE 1/21
Battery pack
For more information log onto:
IND226x acts as
a remote display
Safe area
To profibus
IND226x with
battery pack
IND226x with
power supply
Communication box ACM200
with RS232 output
Specialty Chemicals News 8
Formulating in mixing tanks
Building a perfect weighing system
Faster, simpler and more precise
Facing increasingly fierce competition in the cosmetics industry,
manufacturers are required to continually meet rapidly
changing market requirements while feeling pressure to improve
manufacturing efficiency and product quality. This could be a
big challenge for you in the future.
As a result, it is imperative to select an
efficient industrial weighing and measuring system supplier to meet the challenges ahead together. The tailored products
and services from METTLER TOLEDO can
quickly pay for themselves while providing noticeable production benefits.
One of our customers, who is one of the
largest cosmetics companies in China,
uses 15 IND560 weighing terminals to
dose dilute solutions and other materials into mixing tanks according to
product type and process requirements.
The IND560, developed particularly for
process control applications, presents a
new look both internally and externally.
Behind its user-friendly exterior appearance, the IND560 comes with a powerful
processor, various interface options and
more valuable, flexible solutions.
Weigh and control at once
On the instrument panel, an operator
can set target values and other parameters for the materials to be added. At the
time of production, the materials can be
dosed by simply pressing the start softkey
or a remote start button. When the target value has been reached, the instru-
Specialty Chemicals News 8
ment can provide direct shutoff control of
the solenoid valve. An additional process
controller is not needed, further reducing costs. The enclosure of the IND560 is
constructed of stainless steel offers good
corrosion resistance. The IP69k protection gives compliance with the standard
wash down procedure of the cosmetics industry. Additionally the compact
structure allows for easy mounting and
is less space-demanding. The IND560
offers versatile interface options, powerful data processing and data traceability.
The solutions proposed by METTLER TOLEDO allows real-time monitoring and
control over production data and other
information, supporting better production
quality and efficiency.
Increase efficiency by
simplifying operations
The IND560 also helps to improve production efficiency through its easy configuration and convenient maintenance.
Besides the basic weighing functions, the
IND560 has incorporated a variety of
proven weighing solutions. In addition to
standard keys, the IND560 reserves five
programmable softkeys for up to 15 custom function keys by applying different
definitions and icons to them, making
operations accurate and convenient. Just
select the most suitable solution, and the
IND560 will handle the rest!
Straightforward and trouble-free
calibration techniques
CalFREE™ is the smart and simple way
for electronic calibration without test
weights. Whenever a standard calibration is not possible, the IND560 allows
test weights to be simulated electronically. Step Calibration is another available
option. Step calibration is a procedure
that enables a “build-up” calibration for
tanks and hoppers. For the step calibration technique, the same amount of test
weight is added for each step of the calibration procedure. It is then possible possible to substitute test weights with other
materials (such as water, sand, etc.). In
this way a large-capacity vessel can be
calibrated accurately and straightforward
by using smaller test weights in combination with available substitute materials.
Other key benefits of the IND560:
• The TraxDSP™ digital vibrating
filtering technology and an
optional multi-stage filtering technology can provide you with
precise weighing results;
• The fast response time with the
speed of 50 times per second
weigh checking will offer more
precise system control and
improved production efficiency;
• User oriented design concepts,
such as modular options for
added functions, can allow more
flexible configuration and convenient maintenance, which enhances your system’s efficiency;
• Graphic icons and Windows-like
setup architecture architecture
allow an operator to get started
easily without too much effort in
reading manuals.
• The self-lit VFD display and the
blue filtering window provide
better visibility while reducing
visual stress.
• Versatile PLC interface options
and flexible I/O functions will
allow convenient configuration
and system expansion;
• Tracing weighing records:
up to 60 000 records can be traced.
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Mixing tank
Specialty Chemicals News 8
Tailored solutions
Keep your business up to speed
with flexible and efficient formulation
“Dosing the right amount of raw materials, ensuring accurate formulations and packing just the right
amount are essential steps“ says Mrs Paoli, the development manager at the Peypin factory.
There are several METTLER TOLEDO balances installed on the site: laboratory balances, weighing indicators and platforms for preparing a large number of products.
A manufacturing site that meets
its customers’ requirements
With more than 8000 product references,
Carlo Erba is a leading producer of laboratory reagents in France and in Europe.
The Peypin factory covers approximately
20 000 m2 and packages chemical reagents in amounts ranging from a few
litres to several tonnes. Keen to ensure
customer satisfaction, the company meets
all the requirements of its customers in
particular in terms of traceability and
in control of the risk of cross-contamination. It uses leading edge production
Left to right: Mrs Paoli, Mr Audibert and Mrs Senac
Specialty Chemicals News 8
equipment and attaches particular importance to precision of weighing. “Dosing the right amount of raw materials,
ensuring accurate formulations and
packing just the right amount are essential steps“ says Mrs Paoli, the development
manager at the Peypin factory. “This is
why we choose METTLER TOLEDO weighing equipment”, adds Mr Ruggiero, the
workshop manager.
A leader in the manufacture of solvents
for chromatography and trace analysis, Carlo Erba Reagents - SDS has been
A 35 kg balance with an IND425 indicator
facilitates filling 1 to 25 litre drums
moving its business towards industrial
subcontracting for several years. Whether
these are specific solvents, bespoke blends
or special packages, Carlo Erba Reagents
- SDS studies the technical feasibility and
benefits of each product in accordance
with specifications and makes its production tools available to its customers. If
justified by the quantities, specially designed production units can be installed
for a particular requirement. For example, a dedicated workshop has been set
up to package special chemicals. Keen
to maximise the amount of space in the
Simple drum filling applications are carried out by
using an analog scale connected to the IND425
For packaging larger volumes in casks, Carlo Erba Reagents - SDS has installed a pallet scale with
an ID3sTx indicator. The ID3sTx is approved for zone 1 or division 1 classified hazardous area.
workshop and to have flexible workstations, Carlo Erba Reagents - SDS has
invested in mobile weighing solutions.
A reactor directly fills the stainless steel
packaging (cask or tank) which is placed
on a METTLER TOLEDO pallet truck
scale. As the area is potentially explosive,
an intrinsically safe weighing indicator
was required.
METTLER TOLEDO technicians”, says Mr
Audibert, director of the Peypin factory.
Carlo Erba Reagents - SDS is always looking to streamline its production processes,
and other weighing projects are under discussion, including intrinsically safe mobile weighing solutions and systems for
filling casks.
For more information log onto:
“We are very pleased with the METTLER
TOLEDO equipment and also have the servicing work (calibration and metrological control of the balances) carried out by
A METTLER TOLEDO pallet truck scale enabling the filling of 500 to 2500 litre
containers is connected to a METTLER TOLEDO hazardous area weighing terminal.
Established in 1853, the Italian company Carlo Erba started business in pharmaceuticals and quickly expanded into
the manufacture of chemical reagents.
The company spread into Europe and
set up in France at Val de Reuil in 1994.
In 2004, the company took over SDS,
also operating on the chemical reagents
market, acquiring its production site at
Peypin. With ISO 9001:2000 and ISO
14001 certification, Carlo Erba Reagents - SDS currently has a turnover
of 30 M€, 30 % of which is in export,
and employs 140 people. Its main customers are pharmaceutical laboratories,
chemical industries, research centres
and food processing sites.
IND425: the solution of choice for
simple weighing operations.
The IND425 is optimized for quick
and easy weighing applications.
Six clearly-structured large format
keys with tactile feedback are combined with the easy-to-read 7-segment
backlit LC display for clear and
fast results.
High precision balances, weighing indicators and platforms are installed in
the laboratories of Carlo Erba Reagents - SDS to prepare a large number of products.
ZONE 1/21
Specialty Chemicals News 8
Making a measurable impact
on productivity
Realizing, maintaining and improving the productivity of your specialty
chemical processes require thoughtful equipment design, proactive care
and dependable partners.
When you are accountable day-in and dayout to meet internal production targets or
make just-in-time deliveries to customers,
you can’t just leave things to chance. The
productivity of your process depends on the
application of the right weighing equipment,
proper maintenance and verification that
your process meets requirements. The right
equipment must satisfy process accuracy,
application, operational and duty-cycle requirements, as well as size and functional
specifications. The on-going productivity and
quality of your process, even with the perfect
equipment, depends on a proactive maintenance and calibration certification plan.
An effective proactive maintenance plan
begins with an evaluation of your business
risks associated with potential downtime
and inaccuracy. A weighing equipment
device in one process may only need occasional maintenance to ensure its availability, whereas in another process, the
same device may need frequent and specific periodic maintenance to guarantee
its uptime. METTLER TOLEDO is uniquely
qualified to make a correct assessment of
the maintenance requirements for your
Mettler-Toledo, Inc.
1900 Polaris Parkway
Columbus, OH, 43240
Tel. (1) 800 523 5123
Your ­­METTLER ­TOLEDO contact:
weighing equipment. We evaluate the
risks, use, operational complexity, work
environment and your maintenance budget. Based on this evaluation we design
the right proactive maintenance plan to
ensure productivity and quality.
With METTLER TOLEDO service, you get
productivity that meets or exceeds your
requirements. Whether you need to satisfy ISO9001/17025 requirements or follow GLP/GMP, BRC, IFS, SQF or ISO22000
standards, we offer the required services.
Our factory-trained service technicians
also know and care about safety. When
instructed, we adhere to your safety
policies and procedures with an unparalleled level of professionalism. And,
our service representatives will be there
at the right time, with the right parts,
the right tools and the right skills to
meet your needs.
Contact your local METTLER TOLEDO service provider to arrange an assessment of
your maintenance and calibration needs.
You can also ask us to contact you at
Mettler-Toledo, Inc.
2915 Argentia Road, Unit 6
Mississauga, Ontario, L5N 8G6
Tel. (1) 905 821 4200
Key benefits
• Properly maintained equipment
to ensure productivity and optimize
process performance
• Simplified compliance with industry
specific standards and regulations
• Clear and precise documentation that
equipment meets requirements to
reduce the risk of non-compliance
The ServiceXXL portfolio needs
• Analysis and consultation
• Installation and commissioning
• Calibration and certification
• Proactive maintenance
• Emergency on-site repair
• Modernization and upgrades
• OEM service parts
• Repair center exchange plans
• Guaranteed response
• Training programs
• Comprehensive agreements
Mettler-Toledo AG
Sales International
CH-8606 Greifensee
Tel. + 41 44 944 22 11
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