The following instructions will walk you through how to use WebTimeEntry@UNB. If you have any
questions or encounter problems with the software, please email WebTimeEntry@UNB.ca
As a Supervisor, you are accountable for the following:
1) Employment Contracts
Your employees will not be able to use WebTimeEntry@UNB until the required employee hire
forms have been processed by Human Resources. Please ensure you observe HR’s deadlines for
receiving and processing employee paperwork so that your employees can be paid in a timely
manner. It is imperative that the names of the Primary and Alternate Supervisors for the employee
you are hiring are indicated on the Staff Change Form.
2) Approving Employee Hours
Supervisors are responsible for verifying the earnings expensed to their budget accounts are accurate.
It is your responsibility to review and approve the hours entered by your employees prior to the
Supervisor cut‐off time (normally Monday of pay week by 11:00 a.m.). WebTimeEntry@UNB will
report to Payroll Services any hours that have been submitted by an employee but not approved by
the Supervisor or Alternate. No WebTimeEntry hours will be paid to the employee unless it has
been electronically approved by the Supervisor or Alternate prior to the cut-off. A minimum $50.00
charge may be levied for payments made outside of the regular payroll run. Please see the Payroll
Manual Cheque/Advance Policy http://es.unb.ca/apps/policy-repository . Type Manual Cheque
under Search For and use Financial Services as the Department.
3) Authorizing Scheduled Time Not Yet Worked
UNB does not authorize overtime to be entered in advance of actually working the hours.
For those employees who are paid up to date (i.e. regular full-time non-exempt employees), overtime
worked during pay run week can only be recorded in the next pay period under “Unreported
Overtime from the Last Pay Period”. The week of pay is not available for time entry; therefore,
overtime worked during this week must be recorded in the next pay period.
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WebTimeEntry@UNB Login .......................................................................................... 2
Approving Regular Work Hours .............................................................................................. 3
Changing Employee Hours After They Have Been Approved ................................................. 5
Approving Overtime Hours for the Current Pay Period.......................................................... 5
Approving Unreported Overtime Hours for the Last Pay Period ........................................... 6
Approving Shift Premium and On-Call Premium Hours.......................................................... 6
Rejecting an Employee’s Time ................................................................................................ 7
Making Changes to an Employee’s Time Card........................................................................ 8
Changing Primary and Alternate Supervisors ......................................................................... 8
WebTimeEntry@UNB Login
Step 1
Login to
timesheet approval is an
option under the
“Personal tab”
Step 2
Login to the
system using your UNB
user login and UNB PIN.
If you do not have a UNB
user login or PIN or have
never activated it, please
to activate your account.
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Step 3
Click on Time Approval
(for supervisors) to
approve your
employee’s hours.
Approving Regular Work Hours
Once an employee has entered their hours worked for the pay period and electronically signs their
timesheet as complete, the Primary Supervisor will receive an email advising you that the employee has
submitted their hours for approval. Primary Supervisors with an EFL (Employee For Life) account will
receive the notice to approve time through that account. Please note the Alternate Supervisor will not
receive an email notification from the employee when they electronically sign and submit their time.
Check the Review Box for all employees’ hours you want to review. De-select the check box for any
employee’s hours you do not want to review. Click Submit. WebTimeEntry@UNB will present your
employees’ detailed timesheet to you one at a time for your review and approval.
Step 1
Check the review box with the
appropriate pay end date to
view an employee’s detailed
If you need to review multiple
employees, click the review box
for all employees you wish to
Please note that full-time regular employees are not required to submit
hours for approval. When this group works overtime or shift hours, their
‘Total Hours’ will display on screen. If they have no additional time to
approve, the total hours show as 0.00 hours.
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Approve the employee’s
timesheet by this date and time.
Step 2
Your employee’s detailed
timesheet will display. In the
example at the left, a total of
4.00 hours were entered by the
employee for Wednesday.
Increments can be entered as
.25, .50 or .75 for 15, 30 and 45
minutes respectively.
Step 3
To approve your employee’s
time, click on the drop down
box for Supervisor Decision.
Select APP-Approve and click
An email will be sent to the
employee advising them that
their time has been approved
for payroll processing.
‘Non-Exempt and Exempt Other Position Hours’ show the total hours the employee has recorded in
other positions they may hold on campus, including additional positions they may have in your
department. This is ‘for information’ only. Details for this time cannot be viewed on this screen.
All employees entering hours should be checking the electronic signature box on their time card to
indicate their acknowledgement that the time they entered is accurate and ready for approval. Once
this box is checked, the employee is locked from making any changes to their timecard. Only the
supervisor can make changes to the timecard once the electronic signature box is selected.
View of Employee’s electronic authorization
The supervisor approval form in WebTimeEntry@UNB indicates whether the employee has signed
their card or not. Below, we can see that the employee did not sign their card as “No” is indicated in
this section.
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It is recommended that supervisors approve the unsigned timecard with appropriate hours. Please send
an email to the employee reminding them of the importance of their electronic signature. Please note:
Supervisors will not receive email notification that their employee has submitted time for their approval
unless the employee electronically signs their timecard.
Changing Employee Hours After They Have Been Approved
If after approving the employee’s timecard you realize the hours need to be adjusted click both the
‘Review Entry’ and ‘Approve’ boxes and click submit. This will open the employee’s timecard and enable
you to make the necessary changes. Once completed click the drop down menu beside ‘Supervisors
Decision’ and click approve. This will take you out to a screen thanking you for approving the time. Click
the ‘OK’ button and the update is complete.
If by chance you approved the employee’s timesheet prior to their cut-off to have hours electronically
signed and submitted to you, you can reject the timesheet rather than approve it as discussed above.
You will need to enter a reason in the Supervisor Comment section as to why you are rejecting it … click
submit and the timesheet is given back to the employee. ONLY do this if the employee is aware you are
doing so as this removes their electronic signature. If the employee does not electronically re-sign the
timesheet and submit it to you, you will not receive a notice to approve the hours. This may result in
their time not being approved and as such they will not automatically be paid.
Viewing Prior Period Employee Hours Paid
Supervisors are able to view prior hours they approved through WebTimeEntry for their employees.
This link is accessed in the same manner as when approving employee timesheets. Once logged in
choose Employee History (for supervisors). Click the box beside the employee whose prior hours you
wish to review and click submit. Follow the links to view.
Approving Overtime Hours for the Current Pay Period
The WebTimeEntry@UNB system will automatically calculate the amount of overtime employees are
eligible for based on the terms of their employment contract. Employees will enter their total hours
worked per day and WebTimeEntry@UNB will calculate their overtime entitlement. For example, an
employee who has a normal 7.25 hour work day, works an additional 2 hours of overtime on Friday will
enter 9.25 as their total hours. The system will present them with a summary total of their regular and
overtime hours when they submit their hours.
When the supervisor views the employee’s timesheet, regular and overtime hours are displayed in
separate columns (as illustrated below).
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In order for overtime to calculate correctly, your employees should enter only current overtime in the
current pay period. To view overtime from the last pay period refer to the section on “Approving
Unreported Overtime for the Last Pay Period”.
Approving Unreported Overtime Hours for the Last Pay Period
Employees enter their overtime for the last pay period (pay period prior to the hours being presently
entered), by keying the date and total over time hours in the “Unreported Overtime from Last Pay
Period” section. The system will give an error message if the date is outside the specified range.
Please note this option is only applicable to overtime hours as the time entered in this section is paid
at the overtime rate
The supervisor display of overtime provides a summary of the prior pay period hours as follows:
Approving Shift Premium and On-Call Premium Hours
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Hours eligible for premium pay are entered under “Shift Hours”. Employees select the appropriate
premium pay type from the drop down menu.
In the example above, 7.25 hours of regular work are all eligible for shift premium pay, therefore 7.25
hours was entered as shift hours and the premium pay type was selected.
To remove ineligible shift hours click the ‘Shift Type’ drop down and select the top blank row (turns blue
when selected) and then delete the hours entered in the ‘Shift Hours’ box.
The supervisor’s view of the employee’s shift hours is displayed in a separate column along with the
shift type (premium pay code). If only some of the regular hours are eligible for premium pay, then only
the total hours eligible are entered and the appropriate premium pay code is selected. In the example
below, only 4 hours are eligible for shift premium pay.
Rejecting an Employee’s Time
The only time you would normally reject an employee’s time is if they check the ‘electronic signature’
box before they have finished entering their hours. Sometimes employees will enter their hours for the
first day in the pay period and click the electronic box not realizing this locks them from accessing their
If you receive an email early in the pay period advising you the employee has submitted their time for
approval, chances are they checked the box too early. To return control of the timesheet to the
employee, login to WebTimeEntry@UNB and select the employee’s time card. In the supervisor
approval section, select Reject. You will be required to enter a subject and supervisor comments. This
will return timesheet access to the employee.
Note: Do not reject an employee’s timecard if the cut-off time for the employee has passed as the
employee has no access their timecard after that point.
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Making Changes to an Employee’s Time Card
Supervisors have complete edit authorization in WebTimeEntry@UNB. You can add, delete or change
any/all employee data entry prior to approving the timecard. To edit an employee’s hours, simply click
on the appropriate box and make any changes necessary. Once you change an employee’s timecard,
select “Approve”. This locks the timecard from the employee preventing them from overriding your
changes. *** You may review employee’s hours at anytime after you have approved them however you
MUST reapprove the hours before exiting the screen ***
We recommend you send an email to your employee advising them of any changes you make to their
time entered.
Changing Primary and Alternate Supervisors
A menu screen on UNB e-services is available to change an employee’s primary or alternate supervisor
when required. Primary and/or alternate supervisor information may need to be changed for the
following reasons:
 Supervisor assigned to the employee is no longer employed by UNB;
 Supervisor is on an extended leave of absence;
 Both primary and alternate supervisors are away from the office at the same time.
Step 1
Position Supervisors”
from My UNB eServices. Option
available under
Admin –
Step 2
- Enter the current
supervisor UNB
Datatel ID.
- Enter the UNB
Datatel ID of the new
Select if all employees
require the same
supervisor change or
only a specific
The process will confirm your request. If any errors are encountered, they
will be outlined in the confirmation message.
Select the dates the
change is effective for
if this is not a
permanent change.
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If a permanent
change, only the start
date needs to be
indicated. Please click
the “Permanent
Change” box.
Click Submit
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