January 2016
The Faculty has the right to automatically withdraw a student from a course, or delete the course
from their degree program if the student violates these undergraduate policies.
Please read this carefully - it could influence your registration in courses and your graduation.
1. Student Record Sheet
You are strongly encouraged to drop by the undergraduate office (C201, LB Gymnasium) to pick
up an updated (January 2016) copy of your personal student record sheet if you have not already
done so. You may also request a copy by emailing kin@unb.ca. Each student’s degree plan will
vary so it’s important you follow your own student record sheet.
2. Courses with fewer than 15 pre-registration enrolments may be cancelled.
If you change your mind and want to add a course later, the course you want/need may be cancelled
or full. Select your courses wisely and register early.
3. Prerequisites
It is the student's responsibility to ensure that all course prerequisites are met. For prerequisites,
check course descriptions in the undergraduate calendar. Failure to do so may result in losing credit
for a course. The Faculty has the right to automatically withdraw a student from a course for which
the student does not meet the prerequisite requirements.
4. Time Limitation
The maximum time permitted between the first registration in the Faculty of Kinesiology program
and completion of the degree shall normally be eight (8) years. In the 9th year, you will be required
to withdraw.
5. Summer Term Courses
A list of these courses can be found on the web at http://www.unb.ca/schedules/timetable/ and you
will be eligible to register on March 1st.
6. 3000 and 4000 Level Courses in First or Second Year
Normally, students shall be required to have 50 credit hours toward their degree, including
successful completion of all first year required courses before being permitted to register in 3000
or 4000 level KIN/RSS courses.
7. 3000 and 4000 Level Courses Requirement
The BRSS and BScKin degrees have a requirement that students must have a specific number of
credit hours of 3000/4000 level KIN or RSS courses. Check your student record sheet for this policy
and review your record to ensure that you are on track to meet this requirement. Students who fail
to meet this requirement will not graduate.
8. Normal Workload
Permission from the Coordinator of Student Support Services, or the Assistant Dean,
Undergraduate Program, is required to exceed the maximum credit hours per term: BRSS 20ch,
BScKin 22ch.
9. Keeping your seat in a course after you register
Normally, students who are registered in a KIN or RSS course that is full with a waiting list, must
claim their place in the course by their actual attendance. If they are unable to attend due to medical
or compassionate grounds, during the first week of classes in that term, they must notify the
instructor. Failure to attend classes in the first week may result in relinquishing their seat to a
student on the waiting list.
10. Criteria for “Physical Activity/Movement” Practica
Special and leadership activities (KIN 2831, 2832, 2861, 2862, 3831, 3832, 3861, 3862) will no
longer be offered as of May 2016. Instead, BRSS Education Preparation, BRSS Wellness, and
BScKin students interested in pursuing an Education degree with a teachable in physical education
may enroll in a physical activity/movement practicum: RSS 3911 (1ch), or RSS 3912 (2ch). The
practicum must represent an opportunity for significant physical or recreational skill attainment
and/or improvement by the student. Practica must be approved by the course coordinator, Robin
Ferdinand, 453-5041 or rferdina@unb.ca. You cannot register for these courses on-line.
There are also new 3 credit hour physical literacy/sport skill activity courses offered in 2016/2017
which will count as activity labs for students interested in pursuing Education:
a) RSS 3042 Physical Literacy and Education (Fall)
b) RSS 3043 Coaching Pedagogy and Teaching (Winter)
c) RSS 4096 Mindfulness I (Fall)
d) RSS 4097 Mindfulness II (Winter)
11. Practica and Directed Studies
a) Normally, students may elect a maximum of six (6) ch from practica courses, i.e., KIN
3911 (1), KIN 3912 (2), KIN 3913 (3), KIN 3914 (3), KIN 4910 (6ch), RSS 3911
(1), RSS 3912 (2), RSS 3913 (3), RSS 3914 (3), RSS 4910 (6).
b) Normally, students may elect a maximum of six (6) ch from directed study courses, i.e.,
KIN 4903 (3), KIN 4904 (3), KIN 4800 (6), RSS 4093 (3), RSS 4094 (3), RSS 4800
12. Policy on "C" Grades
Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology and Bachelor of Recreation and Sport Studies students must
obtain a grade of "C" or better in all mandatory courses including:
 all first year required courses
 all required core courses
(Consult your personal student record sheet for details.)
Note: KIN 1001 is considered to be a pre-requisite or co-requisite to all other KIN and RSS
13. Successful Completion of KIN 1001
Students in the Faculty must successfully pass KIN 1001 (“C” grade or better) before being allowed
to take subsequent KIN or RSS courses. However, students are permitted to take winter term
courses in their first year without passing KIN 1001, but must complete KIN 1001 in their second
year. If they fail to pass KIN 1001 in their second year, they are not permitted to take KIN or RSS
courses until KIN 1001 is successfully completed. KIN 1001 is offered in fall term only.
14. Academic Probation: limit of 15ch per term
Any student who is placed on Academic Probation (AP), will be limited to 15ch per term in their
subsequent year. Once the AP student achieves an AGPA above 2.0, he/she will not be limited by
this policy.
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