Information on Year 1 Course Registration Faculty of Computer Science

Information on Year 1 Course Registration Faculty of Computer Science
Information on Year 1 Course Registration
Faculty of Computer Science
Bachelor of Information Systems (BISys) Program
Make sure that you have completed the following steps before you arrive in September:
1. Find and record your Student ID Number and Log-in ID (from your Letter of Admission).
2. Activate your eServices : Follow to myUNB Portal (see links at bottom right). Then select
Activate your IT Services and follow the instructions.
3. Send an email to or call 506 453 4566 to indicate that you have activated your UNB eServices.
Once you do this, check your UNB e-mail account regularly for ongoing important correspondence.
4. Sign up for an on-campus registration session by filling out the form at or by
phoning 506 453 4566.
5. If you do not plan to attend an on-campus registration session, send an e-mail to or call 506 453
4566 making a request for academic advising so that you can register for courses. Wait for a response, which
may take up to 10 days. You must receive advice from an academic advisor before you can register for
6. Register for your Fall and Winter Courses via , select “On-line Registration Quick
Tour”. We recommend you use the “Search and Select” method to register for courses. Again, you must
receive help from an advisor before registering, but the following is a typical list of first-year courses:
BISys Fall Term Course Numbers
CS 1073
INFO 1003
MATH 1833
ECON 1013
ADM 1113
BISys Winter Term Course Numbers
CS 1083
INFO 1103
MATH 1823
ECON 1023
Arts electives*
* to be selected with the help of an academic advisor by e-mail or by phone
 use the online course timetables available at and the blank
timetables available at to make
sure course sections you choose schedule without conflict.
 use the online Calendar at for information about your
program and courses.
 if you are unsure about Advanced Credits or Transfer Credits you may have or how they may affect your
first year, contact an academic advisor at or 506 453 4566.
NOTE: After registering, you should confirm your course schedule. You can view your timetable
while logged into eServices. Click on Academic -> View My -> Class Timetable
Start a file folder to keep copies of all memos, letters, receipts etc. that you send to and receive from UNB.
For more information about Co-op, Program Options, University Regulations, Grading, Financial Information, Scholarships,
Prizes and Awards consult the undergraduate calendar, which is available on-line at
created: 2007-05-29
updated: 2011-12-23
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* Your assessment is very important for improving the work of artificial intelligence, which forms the content of this project

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