UNB’s VoIP Phone Training

UNB’s VoIP Phone Training
UNB’s VoIP Phone Training
VoIP Phone Overview
• Uses UNB’s network to connect calls
instead of traditional phone lines
• Calls are extremely clear
• Does not require power cords
• Your computer plugs directly into your
VoIP phone to connect to UNB’s network
Two different models at UNB
Cisco 7945G
Cisco 7965G
Parts of a VoIP Phone
Setting Up Your VoIP Phone
• How-to instructions will be
included with each phone
• Email helpdesk@unb.ca or call 453-5199 if
the phone does not power on
• Flip the clip for receiver when the phone is
upright or wall mounted
Placing a Call
• Lift the handset OR for speakerphone
either press ‘New Call’ or ‘Speaker’
• Dial the number
• You can also switch to Speakerphone
during the call by pressing the ‘Speaker’
• Padlock = Secure, encrypted call
Call Transfer
Place or receive a call
Press ‘Transfer’ button
Dial the transfer number
Press ‘Transfer’ button again
Transfer complete
Press ‘EndCall’ to cancel the transfer
You can use the University Directory & Call
Logs to select a 3rd party or Target
Ad-Hoc Conference Call
Place or receive a call
Press ‘More’ button
Press ‘Confrn’ button
Place second call
Press ‘Confrn’ button again
Press ‘More’ button then ‘ConfList’ button
to view and remove participants
Conference Call (Join)
Place or receive 1st call
Place or receive 2nd call
Press ‘More’ button
Press ‘Select’ button
Use Navigation button to hi-lite 2nd session
Press ‘More’ button then ‘Select’ button
Press ‘Join’ button
Call Forward All
• Press the ‘CFwdALL’ button
• Dial number to which all incoming calls will
be forwarded
• All incoming calls will now be forwarded to
the chosen number
• To cancel call forwarding press ‘CFwdALL’
button again
Call History
Press ‘Directories’ button
Select ‘Missed/Received/Placed Calls’
Use Navigation button to select name
Press ‘Dial’ button
To view call info press the ‘Details’ button
UNB Directory
• Press ‘Directories’ button
• Use Navigation buttons to select
‘University Directory’
• Enter first or last name
• Press ‘Search’ button
• Use Navigation button to select name
• Press ‘Dial’ button to place the call
• Let’s change your PIN
• To change to touchtone, say ‘Personal
Options’, then choose option ‘4’.
• To temporarily change to touchtone, press
• To change your greeting or set your away
message, go to personal options (#6).
• To access from off-campus, dial your
number and press the ‘ * ’ key.
Outlook Integration
• Access your voicemail through
Outlook under Search Folders.
• Listen to voicemail from your PC by
clicking on the .wav attachment
• Play back the voicemail on your phone, in
case your PC doesn’t have speakers.
• Reply to the voicemail by email instead of
calling them back or forward .wav file
Email: helpdesk@unb.ca
Website: www.unb.ca/its/facultystaff/telephones/
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