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we’ve spent
more time in the
kitchen, so your
customers don’t
have to.
At Chef, we make cooking appliances
designed to free up the time your
customers spend in the kitchen.
They come with all the useful features
they need, are efficient without being
fussy and add style.
The range has been updated and
refreshed and as such, the new
appliances in the Chef range are
simple to use, easy to maintain and
above all, will help make time spent
in the kitchen be more enjoyable.
built-in ovens
product specifications
built-in ovens
The new Chef 80L* built-in ovens are large enough to meet
all cooking needs, whether it’s the Sunday roast, a large
lasagne or baking for friends and family. Chef’s latest ovens
also have an innovative air-cooled door to reduce the
surface temperature of the glass.
The new range of Chef cooking appliances with ergonomic
knobs have all the features your customers need in a design
that they’ll love.
A new oven door design also means that it is easier to
dismantle and clean.
*Gross capacity
separate grill
This Australian cooking essential allows grilling and baking at
the same time, whilst also keeping different cooking smells and
flavours separate.
easy to clean
The new Chef ovens are easy to maintain with features such
as moulded shelf supports, acid resistant enamel and a full
glass door, which can be easily dismantled for cleaning.
choice of ovens
Available in stainless steel or white:
Conventional– cooks by using heat from the bottom element.
Fan Forced – c ooks by using a fan element to circulate
heat evenly.
Multi-function – p
rovides various cooking functions including
fan forced, bake and fan grill.
solid electric
For straightforward solutions, choose from the range of Chef
gas, ceramic or electric hobs. All surfaces are easy to clean
and can be installed into a bench top above the oven or
almost anywhere in the kitchen.
Now with a better fit, feel and finish than ever before,
Chef built-in cooktops are the key to great food.
side controls
Stepped controls on the side of the cooktop make it easy to
determine the heat needed for great cooking results.
easily installed gas cooktops
Models with battery ignition to the hob means that no electrical
connection is required making installation easy and fuss-free.
ceramic electric
easy clean ceramic
Not only does it look great, the durable glass surface on Chef
ceramic cooktops are easy to clean, ensuring your customer’s
kitchen is always looking its best.
easy to use
The flat pot support design on the gas hobs means it is easy to
move pots and pans around the cooktop.
built - in ovens
EOC617 (W/S)
EOC627 (W/S)
EOC647 (W/S)
EGC627 (W/S)
EXC617 (W/S)
EXC627 (W/S)
Product (h x w x d) mm
595 x 595 x 573
595 x 595 x 573
595 x 595 x 573
725 x 595 x 573
888 x 595 x 573
888 x 595 x 573
Cut-out flush (h x w x d) mm
600 x 600 x 581
600 x 600 x 581
600 x 600 x 581
731 x 600 x 581
893 x 600 x 581
893 x 600 x 581
Cut-out proud (h x w x d) mm
590 x 565 x 561
590 x 565 x 561
590 x 565 x 561
732 x 565 x 561
885 x 565 x 560
885 x 565 x 560
gas cooktops
Product (w x d) mm
600 x 535
600 x 535
600 x 535
860 x 510
860 x 510
Cut-out (w x d) mm
570 x 490
570 x 490
570 x 490
830 x 470
830 x 470
electric cooktops
EHC617 (W/S)
Product (w x d) mm
600 x 535
870 x 406
610 x 515
930 x 520
Cut-out (w x d ) mm
570 x 490
825 x 362
560 x 490*
880 x 490
Product (w x d x h) mm
599 x 500 x 230
899 x 500 x 230
RRE635 (W/S)
Product (w x d x h) mm
599 x 300 x 175
599 x 300 x 175
RFD602 (W/S)
RFD902 (W/S)
Product (w x d x h) mm
599 x 500 x 160
899 x 500 x 160
RRE934 (W/S)
RRE634 (W/S)
Product (w x d x h) mm
899 x 300 x 175
599 x 300 x 175
Electrolux Home Products Australia
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1800 812 590
customer care (product queries)
1300 363 640
1800 350 067
top service
Top Service encompasses the after sales service provided by The Electrolux Group to consumers
including delivery, home service and spare parts.
Electrolux Home Products warrants that for domestic application, the Chef Ovens, Freestanding Cookers, Cooktops
and Rangehoods featured in this brochure are free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 2 years
(3 months for commercial applications) from the date of first purchase, subject to the conditions set out in the warranty
card accompanying the product when purchased.
product description
The descriptors and illustrations in this publication apply to the specific products and models described as at the date of issue.
Under our policy of continuous product development, product specifications may change without notice. Prospective purchasers
should therefore check with their retailer to ensure this publication correctly describes the products that are being offered for sale.
All information supplied is to be used for general reference purposes only and is on the understanding that Electrolux Home
Products Pty Ltd will not be liable for any loss, liability or damage of whatever kind arising as a result of reliance on such
information. Colours of products illustrated are as close as printing limitations allow.
Printed on Monza Satin Recycled Art stock containing 50% recycled material & 50% from sustainable forests.
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