Polaris SOL/EOS Conversion to Jandy
 Installation Instructions
Polaris® SOL/EOS® Conversion to
Jandy® PDA or AquaLink® RS Installation Kit
FOR YOUR SAFETY: This product must be installed and serviced by a professional pool/spa service technician.
The procedures in this instruction sheet must be followed exactly. Ensure that all electrical power to the system
is turned off before approaching, inspecting or troubleshooting any leaking valves that may have caused other
electrical devices in the surrounding area to get wet. Failure to do so could result in an electrical hazard which
could result in death or serious injury due to electrical shock, and may also cause damage to property. Improper
installation and/or operation will void the warranty.
These instructions are to be used with the following Jandy Installation Kits:
PDACONVPP8 -- EOS/SOL to PDA Pool or Spa 8, Conversion Kit
PDACONVPPS8 -- EOS/SOL to PDA Pool and Spa 8, Conversion Kit
RSCONVP26 -- EOS/SOL to RS Dual Equipment 2/6, Conversion Kit
RSCONVPPS16 -- EOS/SOL to RS Pool and Spa 16, Conversion Kit
RSCONVPP16 -- EOS/SOL to RS Pool or Spa 16, Conversion Kit
If the information in these instructions is not followed exactly, an electrical fire or shock hazard may result
causing property damage, personal injury or death.
1. Introduction
This document gives instructions for converting
a Polaris SOL/EOS to Jandy AquaLink RS or PDA
wireless systems.
The installation kit contains all parts required
to modify an EOS power center and a small or large
SOL power center. Before starting this procedure, refer
to Figure 1 to identify which parts go with the Polaris
model being modified.
For technical assistance, please contact our
Technical Service Department at (800) 822-7933.
These instructions must be followed exactly.
Read through the instructions completely before starting
the procedure. Please save these instructions.
2. Modification of the existing Power
Risk of Electric Shock which can result In
Serious Injury or Death. Before attempting
installation or service, ensure that all power to the
circuit supplying power to the system is disconnected
or turned off at the circuit breaker. All wiring must be
done in accordance with the National Electrical Code
(NEC), NFPA-70.
In Canada, the Canadian Electrical Code (CEC),
CSA C22.1, must be followed. All applicable local
installation codes and regulations must be followed.
Turn off all power to the power center.
Remove the screws that secure the front panel.
Remove the front panel.
Unplug all relay connections from the Polaris
control board. Note all the relay connections for
future reference.
Remove the Polaris control board panel and
disconnect the power connection from the back of
the control board.
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3. Installation of the new Jandy PCB
Remove all components from the conversion box.
Place the door decal (wiring diagram), included in
the box, over the existing door decal. See Figure 1.
Secure the Jandy PCB to the small control panel
provided with the kit.
Connect the power adapter wires, included in the
kit, to the Polaris® power center transformer, then
plug the adapter into the Jandy PCB. See Figure 1.
Ground the power adapter green ground wire to the
power center can as shown in Figure 1.
Secure the small control panel with the Jandy PCB
to the Polaris power center.
Connect the wires from the relays to the Jandy
PCB per your notes.
If applicable, rewire the red 4-pin terminal bar to
the same four (4) wires that were used to wire the
wireless indoor controller. See Figure 1.
If applicable, follow the wiring diagram to wire the
wireless indoor controller, spa side remote, heater,
water temperature, air and solar sensors.
NOTE The EOS® spa side switch is not compatible
with the AquaLink® RS or PDA and should not
be connected.
10. Turn on the power and press the override switch
to "SERVICE" mode. Test each circuit, correct
any errors, then press the override switch twice to
move to "AUTO" mode.
11. At the PDA handheld remote or at the AquaLink
RS wireless indoor controller, set time, date, and
program equipment (Refer to AquaLink RS or
PDA Installation Manual for Programming).
Wiring Diagram
Power Adapter
Wire Assy
Small Control Panel
Jandy Bezel PCB
Power Adapter
Ground Wire
1 Red
2 Black
3 Yellow
4 Green
EOS® Power Center
Front Panel
Red 4-Pin
Terminal Bar
Large SOL Power Center
Small SOL Power Center
Figure 1. Jandy Bezel PCB Installation
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