Ericsson Guest User manual

Ericsson Guest User manual
With Ericsson-LG
The hospitality landscape is evolving quickly as travellers are
increasingly demanding and every interaction is an opportunity to
build customer loyalty. The challenge for hospitality is clear and iPECS
communications from Ericsson-LG can help you meet these challenges
head on.
Guest Satisfaction
Great communication is the lifeblood of any hotel and helps your team to deliver
great service. Guests are also looking for quick and easy access to all of the
hotels facilities and a combination of phone,TV and easy wifi access to provide
your guests with all of the information they need to make the most fo your hotels
Staff Training
With high staff turnover and limited available training time there is a great
need for systems, processes and technology that is intuitive and easy to use.
Equipping your team to excel at every opportunity is key to success.
Customers’ Search for Value On-line
Searching for the best deal and researching through fellow travellers opinions
is a standard part of the booking process for many guests. Online bookings
often through aggregated booking sites all reduce available margins making it
increasingly important to convert traffic from your own website. With the power of
word of mouth and online opinion sharing your best customers are not only your
best revenue generators but can also be your best sales channels. iPECS helps
ensure the incoming calls are prioritised and handled by the best member of your
Brand Management & Customer Relationship Building
Returning guests can be one of the single biggest contributors to profitability and
are an essential part of the mix in any hotel occupancy plan. Making guests feel
at home and welcoming them back as old friends is the first stage in building
great customer relationships.
Constantly connected travellers can be better informed on aspects of your hotel
and offers than your own team are if you don't equip them with the right tools
to stay connected. In most hotels over 80% of the team is mobile and require
different access solutions than just a desk based phone.
The New Normal
With the only constant being change there is no normal and guests are
constantly challenging hotels to deliver new and different experiences, better
value pricing and greater levels of service. iPECS communications platforms
and applications can help your team to win in this new world through better
communication and collaboration.
With these pressures and challenges there is no single answer to
winning in todays competitive hospitality landscape. iPECS is part of the
answer and feeds the flow of communications between your prospective
guests, current guests, returning guests, booking teams and the whole
hotel staff. Win with iPECS.
Communication for all of your team
General Manager
“iPECS helps me run my hotel,
provide the service my guests
need and really control my costs.
Every member of the team gets
the communications tools they
need to do a great job.”
“I can easily see what everyone is
doing, locate staff on the move and
transfer calls with a single button
or mouse click. It’s never been
“Accessing services like wifi and
being able to use hotel services
straight from my smartphone
means I have everything I need as
soon as I arrive.”
IT Manager
“With a simple and intuitive
web interface I can make basic
changes myself and complete
handset moves and changes
quickly and simply.”
“I can always be in contact with
the main reception and by entering
simple codes on each guest phone
as I clean the room I can update
reception with the room status in
Night Porter
“Wherever I am in the hotel I can
be contacted on my smartphone
through the main hotel iPECS
phone system and quickly respond
to a guest issue or emergency.”
Revenues Manager
“Capturing direct bookings is
essential and iPECS helps us
secure this business and increase
our profitability.”
Events Team Manager
”I can support my guests and
delegates better as they know
what’s happening if they ever
have to queue. There’s a simple
announcement telling them where
they are in the queue and the call
is quickly delivered to the right
person in the team.”
Office Support
“Tools like call reporting and
access to unreturned missed calls
reports make my job easier and
our service delivery better every
day. Being able to back up the
reception team from my own desk
means I can remain productive
even when supporting colleagues”
Win With Ericsson-LG Hospitality Solutions
Enhance Your Guests Experience
Equipping your team with the right tools and support to deliver outstanding service will help ensure every
interaction with your guests is positive. iPECS provides the right support and knowledge at the right time to
always enhance your guests experience.
Tailored guest services
• On the guest room IP Phone, personalised greeting, multi-language voicemail and content can be delivered such as welcome messages with guest name display, language selection and one touch service keys.
• Meet-me conferencing calls ideally suited for business travelers.
• Baby listening for those traveling with children.
Mobility for better and faster
guest service
Tools for your reservation
team improves
communication and ensures
you capture more direct
Enhanced communication
• Wifi / DECT solutions enables your staff to be mobile and accessible in order to provide responsive guest service.
• Quickly and easily connect to any member of the hotel team, anywhere on their mobile phones to ensure guests get the rapid response they need.
• Minimise customer waiting times and increase hotel marketing activities using iPECS call centre applications
• Provide personalised service or customised marketing promotions for guests by integrating telephony into your hotel CRM, PMS or sales database
• Room phone service with voice mail offering guests quick access to services.
• Recorded information about hotel services is available to guests to learn about offers or local inmfomration
• One-touch access to all services such as room service, gym or spa
Increase Your Revenue Streams
iPECS can support your efforts to increase revenue by helping you to engage each and every customer and
each and every member of your team. Through enhanced communication services every guest can easily
access services and capture information that helps you increase guest billing. Through iPECS advanced
call handling you can also ensure you caopture every opportunity to win business from incoming calls and
opportunities generated through your website.
Rich IP Communications
• iPECS communications platforms are designed to be 100% IP and enable
hotels to build flexible, modular and powerful communications
Voice and video conference
• Ensure your team stay 100% up to date with all the latest offers and services and are motivated to communicate them to your guests using video and voice conference meetings
Hospitality contact centers for
better customer interaction
and guest services
• Value added hotel services can be easily accessed throughout the hotel.
• Prioritise calls from preferred guests or from the concierge floor.
• Offer appropriate messages or property advertising for guests on hold.
• Ensure your team is providing great service and rapid response times
by monitoring calls and queues and reviewing statistical reports..
• Enhance meeting and conference services by providing guests or event managers with mobility by paired link to their guestroom and their mobile phone with mobile extension.
• Enable delegates to answer their calls on their Wi-Fi or DECT phone, where coverage provided, or on their mobile phone if mobile extension or mobile client is used.
iPECS LIP-9070
Improve Staff Efficiency and Productivity
Efficient staff communications and collaboration are critical to maintaining high quality
guest services as well as improving team efficiency and productivity.
Seamless communications
with Unified
• Presence based communication with iPECS can improve staff responsiveness and productivity.
Provide staff mobility by
smart phone clients paired
with an office phone in one
• Improve guest experience and work efficiency through seamless communication
• Easy communication and voice/video conferences
• Let staff use their personal handset for work (BYOD: Bring Your Own Devices)
• iPECS UC mobile app
for iOS
IP Attendant Hotel for small
and boutique hotels
for Android
UCS Desktop
• Ericsson-LG iPECS Attendant is a simple and affordable PC-based tool to control room status, room charges, hospitality communication and even simple PMS functions.
• With an easy-to-use interface answers to guest questions and requests are only ever a mouse click away
• Routine tasks such as setting multiple wake-up calls, DND and check-in/
check-out can be completed efficiently so your team can devote more time to looking after your guests.
iPECS IP Attendant Hotel
Reduce Operational Costs
iPECS can help you reduce major cost areas by using a single IP network to manage your voice and data
communications as well as reduce call costs by using SIP connectivity. This combined with iPECS modular
architecture means you can deploy the physical technology as you require aavoiding expensive cabling and
network operator restrictions.
Centralised network
management and remote
• Save money and gain efficiency by having a centralised, automated, and remotely managed network.
• Receive email notifications when an alarm is triggered on the system.
• Proactively respond to system alarms and significantly reduce the cost aof downtime.
Embedded recording
features in iPECS Attendant
• Guest calls or external calls to Attendant can be recorded and replayed.
• Call Record reports including time, attendant detail and phone number.
• Caller ID, called name and recorded file are all available.
Open & standards based
• Leverage the benefits of network services like SIP trunking that can reduce call costs and deliver enhanced services.
Reducing staff training
• Ericsson-LG hospitality solutions can reduce training requirements within a busy hotel environment. With an easy and intuitive interface new staff quickly become effective.
Power saving with
Ericsson-LG IP phones
• iPECS LIP-9000E/IP88000E series handsets comply with the latest recycling directives and deliver power efficiency that helps your hotel stay green and power efficient.
• Easy integration of cloud-based services and business continuity plans.
◦ Desktop Client
◦ UCS Mobile Client
(Android & iOS)
iPECS Open Integration
Ericsson-LG iPECS Hospitality Solutions are designed to work as part of your workplace and provide
integration into all apsects of the hospitality operation. Open integration into PMS solutions such as MicrosFidelio and Tiger TMS ensure telephony is accessible and integrated into every part of your business.
In Room
Communications &
Collaboration Solutions
• Deliver consistent experiences across multiple devices
• Fully integrate telephony into your own PMS and applications environment
• Terminals ranging from analog to multimedia IP Phones
• Value-added applications including attendant, mobile solutions and contact center
• UC & Collaboration solutions
Micros Fidelio
Integrate your PMS with iPECS
Deep integration with Micros-Fiedelio embedded into the iPECS
Manage a single view of your guest across telephony and other services
Check in/out, wake up call, room status, room cut off from a single point
Open PMS Integration
Integrate easily with your PMS
• Standards based open integration ensuring you can fully integrate iPECS into your appllications
Bi-direvtional interface ensures you can easily integrates and access services like check in/out and call accounting
Integrated billing data ensuring you can accurately charge for services
( Property Management
Solutions )
iPECS UC Overview
iPECS UC delivers the tools and features to support your team
iPECS UC Features
Evolving to
your needs
Mobile Client
iPECS UC can scale
with your business
as your needs and
requirements develop
from UC standard to
Enhance your mobile
with all of the power
of your iPECS UC
solutions using a
simple to set up
Six party video
conference, sharing
document, desktop,
and application.
Presence & IM
Easily connect with
colleagues over
phone, video, instant
messaging or web
Integrate Microsoft
Outlook into your
iPECS with simple
integrations of
schedule, contacts
and click to call.
UCS features depend on standard and premium version.
iPECS UCS server types
►Type 1
UCS Standard (Built-in)
◦ Built in UC Server for iPECS UCP
◦ Cost effective and easy to deploy
►Type 2
UCS Premium (External)
◦ External Windows UC server*
◦ Advanced features, collaboration tools and capacity
*For PC spec see datasheet
iPECS UCS main features
• Call control: Control all of your calls and telephony from your desktop or mobile client
• ClickCall: A simple mouse click to dial numbers from your screen
• Chat Instant Messaging: Chat to colleagues and collaborate on
simple questions and information exchange
• Call Through/Call Back: Call through your main office system
and secure reliable and cost effective call rates
• Outlook integration: Outlook contact and schedule synchronisation
• Audio Conference Manager: Voice conference (Ad-hoc, Room,
and Group), easily invite attendees using drag & drop
• Video Conference & Collaboration:
Video conference up to six colleagues on UCS Premium
including screen sharing, white board & web push functions
Video Call & Conference
• Visual Voicemail: Manage all of your voicemail on your PC,
smartphone or tablet
iPECS Enhanced Applications
Every business has different communications needs and iPECS is designed to be tailored to your specific market
sector and organisation. Ericsson-LG Enterprise offers various applications to help you build a unified communications strategy that meets the needs of every part of your business.
iPECS Attendant
An operator console which helps your receptionist or front desk staff
handle high call volume.
• Operating without an external phone
• Call recording / Call statistics / Call history
• Presence, short cuts and on screen call control
iPECS Attendant (Office & Hotel)
A call recording and monitoring solution tightly integrated with
iPECS Call platforms and contact centres.
• Centralised or distributed call recording
• Encryption enabled call recording
• Multi party conference call recording up to 13 party access
• Trunk-based recording
• Announcement file play during call
A powerful web based Network Management tool designed to
permit rapid response to system alarms, remote access, analyse
system statistics and provide issue alarm notification.
• Fault management and real time system monitoring
• Web based client access
• Traffic statistics
Integrated Applications
The iPECS open architecture means that integrated third
party applications are able to leverage the full power of
the iPECS platform and ensure you can build a complete
solution around the platform.
icall suite
Productivity Through Intelligence
icall is designed to integrate into the iPECS platform and use
the data and system functionality to deliver you greater insight
and control of your communications platform. icall modules
cover call reporting, recording and desktop call control.
Log and analyse your communications
• Customised and scheduled call reports and analysis
• Real time dashboard and wallboard displays
record your calls for training, compliance and assurance
• Simple retrieval, play back and call evaluation
• Easily record ISDN2, ISDN 30, Analogue or SIP trunks
icall report dashboard
Bring your telephony to your desktop
• Screen pop and click to call from your favourite applications
• See colleagues presence and share a company wide address book
icall record
Integrated telephony from your desktop delivering call control and
full integration into Hospitality specific applications such as property management systems
• Screen popping of key applications
• Integration into Microsoft Outlook and other applications
• Share presence busy status and internal messaging
• Click to dial from websites or applications
PHONE-LINK Desktop Call Control
iPECS UCP supports an extensive range of terminals such as digital and IP phones, SIP phones, DECT,
Mobile Client, and IP Conference Phone. These terminals are designed for business users who require
a range of feature-rich telephony devices to match your constantly changing business needs.
IP Phones
LIP- 9002
LIP- 9010
LIP- 9020
• Designed for users across the business
to access the full power and functionality
of the iPECS platform
• HD Voice
• Mid-range phone designed for users
across your business requiring access
to the full range of iPECS features and
• HD Voice
• Mid-range phone designed for users
across your business requiring access
to the full range of iPECS features and
• HD Voice
• 10 Programmable feature keys with
3 colour LED
LIP- 9030
• High call volume or management phone
with 30 LCD programmable buttons
to quickly access features and see
colleagues presence across three pages
• Integrated presence indication helping
users see colleagues availability
• Gigabit support
• HD Voice
• Reception attendant handset with 40
LCD programmable flexible keys
viewable over four pages
• Integrated presence indication helping
users see colleagues availability
• Gigabit support
• HD Voice
• Executive handset designed to deliver
an immersive telephony and video
• Full touchscreen interface with full
Bluetooth integration to smartphone and
Bluetooth enabled devices
• Gigabit support
• HD Voice
DECT Phones
WiFi Phone
• TDM DECT handset for roaming access
to iPECS in your office or warehouse
• Bluetooth connectivity for headset use
• Speakerphone function
• Robust DECT handset for roaming
access to iPECS in your office or
• WiFi handset for roaming access to
iPECS in your office
• Seamless handover between cells
during talk
• IP based DECT solution designed to leverage the
power of your network
• Configure cost effective coverage across your building
or campus with IP base stations and repeaters
• Simple to use and intuitive handset designed to support
users across your business
Cloud and Connectivity
iPECS helps you leverage all the power of the network and unlock the enhanced capability of cloud services.
With its inherent IP capability and available IP channels you can connect SIP trunks directly into your iPECS or
utilise inbound services to access the power of the cloud. With SIP, ISDN30, ISDN2 or analogue connectivity
options iPECS can be tailored to your communications environment.
Network Connectivity
Cloud Services
Cloud call queue
Business continuity
Fax to email
Toll fraud bars & alerts
iPECS Optimised Connectivity
What is SIP?
SIP extends the IP capability of your iPECS beyond your own network and into the main telephony network enabling you
to access improved call rates, significantly reduced monthly line rental and a range of cloud services to enhance the power
of your iPECS. SIP trunks rely on good data connectivity and can utilise dedicated data connectivity such as broadband or
your own established data links to connect your iPECS to the telephony network.
Cloud services can complement your iPECS with tools that integrate into your website and business process such as Fax
to Email. Fax to email is a simple service that delivers all of your incoming faxes as emails helping you to keep track and
easily save important fax communications..
Internet or
Hotel Premises
Hotel Network
SIP Trunk
iNET & BT Network
iPECS Communication Platform
Mobile Working
Guest and Team Devices
Wireless & Mobile
UCS Mobile
Guest Room
Digital Phone
IP Phone
Misc. Device
SIP Trunk
• IP Phone
• iPECS Communicator
• Phontage
Loud Bell
3rd Party
Web Admin
UC & Applications
Web Admin
Spa and Gym
• IP Phone
• iPECS Communicator
• Phontage
On the Road
• iPECS UCS Desktop
• iPECS UCS Mobile
• Phontage
Why iPECS in UK Hospitality?
Ericsson-LG iPECS is used by hotels across the globe to deliver critical communications to teams based all
over rthe world. The iPECS platform ensures teams stay connected to each other and to customers at all
times. Key iPECS features include:
• Ease of use
• Integrated voicemail and auto attendant
• Property management system integration
• Mobile working for Smartphone, DECT and Wifi
• Voice and video conference
• Ericsson-LG and integrated applications
• Contact centre and call centre working
• SIP ready
• Wide range of handsets, smartphone app and specialist phones
• Voicemail to email
• On-demand or specialist call recording
All of this delivered at a cost you can afford and working with a local specialist iPECS authorised
reseller who can help you implement a truly tailored communication solution. Start winning with iPECS
About Ericsson-LG Enterprise
Ericsson-LG is a joint venture company
between Ericsson and LG Electronics,
founded in November 2005. The
combination of two of the world’s largest
technology companies delivers market
leading communications solutions to
enterprises of all sizes.
Ericsson-LG empowers enterprise
customers and telecommunications
operators around the world, with a full
range of cutting-edge wired, wireless
and optical telecommunications and
networking technologies.
Ericsson-LG has 1,200 employees
including 700 R&D manpower and is
head-quartered in Seoul, Korea, with its
R&D centre in Anyang, Korea.
Ericsson-LG Enterprise Solutions has
250 employees including R&D resources
with a prime strength in designing,
developing, manufacturing and marketing
voice solutions.
The content of this document is subject to revision without notice due to continued progress in methodology, design and
manufacturing. Ericsson-LG shall have no liability for any error or damage of any kind resulting from the use of this document
© Ericsson-LG Co., Ltd. 2013 Ver. 1.0 |
Ericsson-LG Enterprise operates in over
60 countries around the globe and has
been in the communications market for
over 40 years. This heritage and market
presence mean they truly understand
enterprise communications and what it
takes to provide reliable, resilient and
highly featured communication platforms
that help you win.
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