Clever Little Box Luminis AiO Specifications

Clever Little Box Luminis AiO Specifications
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Teaching Technology for education
- how technology helps me teach
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Win 1 of 10 copies of Repeat Signage digital signage software
Hitachi ultra short-throw projector
It’s good to get out and about and visit schools to see how teachers are using new technology to
help them in the classroom.
We were warmly welcomed to Skegness Junior School in Lincolnshire, to see how their Deputy
Head, Darren Price, and his team are using iPads to teach and inspire their children in a variety of
lessons. You can read all about this on page 24. Darren is keen to link with other schools using
the same technologies to collaborate and move teaching and learning forwards.
Teaching Technology
Linda Adams
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David Marsden, ICT Network Manager at Westholme School, Lancashire, tells us how using
Repeat Signage digital signage software has saved them hundreds in not thousands of pounds
compared to paying an outside company to install and provide content for their screens. More
information on this on page 12.
We’re off the O2 Arena in London shortly to an exhibition of new technology and will be reporting
on this in our next issue.
We would also like to hear from you if you have any questions about new technologies that
you’d like us to put forward to manufacturers, or even if you want to send in an article or have us
contact you so you can share your experiences with other colleagues.
Best wishes. Your editor, Linda Adams [email protected]
04 Interactive classroom technology
All information, models and prices are
accurate to the best of our knowledge, at
the time of writing and are intended as a
guideline only. You are advised to consult
individual manufacturers specification
sheets on interested products.
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22 AV cables and connectivity
06 Panasonic confirms commitment to
support Sanyo customers and
23 A sound solution for classroom
08 Case study: Learning made easy
24 New technology enhances learning at
Skegness Junior School
AV Limited
20 Eiki projects their range
10 Presenting practical solutions for
26 Prize winners
12 Repeat Signage delivers
information to students at
Westholme School
27 iPad mounts, arms and security
14 Video walls and content
28 NEC interactive whiteboard kit
18 Large format displays and
touchscreens for public areas
29 Sound systems
30 Prize draws
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Interactive classroom
Interactivity is a valuable classroom asset. Hitachi has an
innovative solution that gives you interactivity anywhere there
is a flat surface, an existing dry-erase whiteboard or even a
bare wall.
Bringing learning to life
Hitachi iPJ-AW250NM
Interactive learning for the classroom offers tremendous
potential for improving the learning process. The Hitachi
iPJ-AW250NM projector, part of Hitachi’s Ultimate range, makes
it simple to provide interactive teaching. Its short throw distance
and compact design enables it to be installed virtually anywhere,
and powerful enough to provide clear images even in bright
Unlike conventional projectors, this interactive projector
incorporates sensors that detect activity on the screen area.
Together with well established Hitachi StarBoard™ software,
it allows users to annotate and interact with the material
presented. Instead of simply showing students static images,
students and teachers can interact with on screen material,
engaging and involving them to bring learning to life.
Use familiar tools to create understanding
Combining the interactivity of a whiteboard with the interactive
power of a PC creates a powerful learning and teaching
platform. It compels attention and involvement and can be
used at all levels, from reception classes to postgraduate
Flash™ file: adding 1 digit numbers 1
The interactive pen lets you operate a compass, ruler, protractor,
stopwatch and other familiar classroom tools on the projected
image, making lessons easier to understand and techniques easier
for pupils to follow.
Convert ideas into clear words and images
A wealth of interactive material ready
for you use in your classroom
Hitachi StarBoard™ software builds lessons with interactive
Flash™ files and clip art from the gallery. There are also four
subject toolboxes including Geography, Languages, Arts, Maths
and Science, all ready to use. Even spelling is fun. Students can
drag and drop letters to make words.
Language Arts: Anagrams
The iPJ-AW250NM includes software to make interactivity
productive, even for young and uncertain students. The
special interactive pen lets users see their freehand shapes
automatically converted into geometric objects on the projected
image. Converting handwriting into text is simple too, building
04_Wedgwood AV Ltd - 01754 769967
The Hitachi iPJ-AW250NM projector includes software to
make interactivity productive, even for young and uncertain
students. The special interactive pen lets users see their
freehand shapes automatically convert into geometric objects
on the projected image. Converting handwriting into text is
simple too, building confidence.
Ultra short throw technology
Short throw projectors make installation simple, even in crowded and compact classrooms. But ultimate short throw does more.
Hitachi’s Ultimate short throw projectors achieve optimum image quality, with 8-point adjustment that includes all four corners and
sides, allowing distortions to be eliminated, even on imperfect walls, ensuring your projector can go to work anywhere.
Projecting large bright images onto any school wall provides opportunities to
improve the learning experience
> Drama - present large scenery images
directly onto a bare wall, stage or
> Physical education - display dance
moves or team positions onto a gym
wall and annotate them as the lesson
progresses using the interactive pen.
>Geography and mathematics - use
the pre-stored graphs, maps and
tools to ensure explanations are clear
and visual.
>Parents evening - present large
images of students’ work onto a
school wall for everyone to see.
• 01754 769967
• [email protected]
Hitachi are happy to demonstrate their range of
education projectors at your school or college.
Panasonic confirms
commitment to support
Sanyo customers and
Panasonic Corporation
announced that following the
completion of its acquisition
of Sanyo Corporation on
January 1, 2012 a new projector
business unit has been formed
Panasonic PT-TW231R
Panasonic new projector business unit
This now integrates R&D, Engineering, Manufacturing,
Product Planning, Marketing, bringing to market a stronger
product range that better meets the needs of customers.
With the establishment of this new business unit Panasonic
ceased production of Sanyo branded projectors at the end of
March 2012.
Panasonic commits that all Sanyo branded products will
continue to carry the standard manufacturer warranty even if
they were sold after the Sanyo brand was officially withdrawn
from the market on 31st March 2012. Arrangements have
been made within the Panasonic group to ensure that all
Sanyo warranties are provisioned and supported in the future.
End-users who experience any problem with their Sanyo
branded products during the warranty period should refer to
their original supplier for advice.
In the case that you need support to locate your local repair
centre, you can call Panasonic’s European Projector Call
Centre for advice. All contact details can be found at
Panasonic have introduced two new projectors and
interactive whiteboards for education and training.
06_Wedgwood AV Ltd - 01754 769967
Panasonic PT-TW231R
Panasonic’s short-throw projector with interactive function
allows you to project an 80-inch diagonal image from 86cm
(2.8 ft) away from the projection screen or whiteboard.
The projector can be placed next to the screen, which allows
you to stand in front of the image without your shadow being
cast on the image.
This model is equipped with a feedback camera for the
interactive function, which enables text, graphics or lines to be
written onto projected images. A pen and a pointer containing
infrared sensors are included.
Multi Projector Monitoring & Control Software allows multiple
projectors to be managed together over a wired local area
network (LAN).
The PT-TW231R has convenient functions including Direct
Power Off that allows the room’s main power to be turned off
immediately after use. The startup screen can be customised
using the Logo Transfer software (compatible with Windows®
XP, Windows Vista®, and Windows® 7) from the Panasonic
website to customise the projector and/or for theft protection.
Panasonic PT-CW230 ultra short-throw, 3D
Ready projector for classrooms
Panasonic’s innovative ultra short-throw projector gives you
an 80-inch diagonal image from a short distance of 32cm.
The distance between the projector and the screen (or
whiteboard) surface can be as short as 2.4cm.
The projector can be placed next to the screen, which allows
you to stand in front of the image without your shadow being
cast on the image.
There are flexible projection settings for versatile applications,
including tabletop installation for wall projection, floor
projection, ceiling projection and wall-mounted installation for
wall projection.
The PT-CW230, with 2,500 ANSI lumens brightness has
widescreen resolution (1280x800 pixels, WXGA, 16:10 aspect
ratio), and a 10 watt speaker built-in. The filter and lamp are
easily replaced from the top of the projector even when it is
installed on the ceiling.
The PT-CW230 has long replacement cycle of up to 3,000
hours for the lamp and up to 4,000 hours for the air filter.
This model has some useful features including Direct Power
Off, which allows the room’s main power to be turned off
immediately after use. Presentation support/control tools
include Presentation Timer, Freeze Function and digital zoom.
Panasonic UB-T580 / UB-T580W
Panasonic’s Elite Panaboard interactive whiteboard helps
you grab your students’ attention. It makes it easy to create
effective, eye-catching teaching materials and promotes
active, visual-based teaching and learning that make the
classroom fun for both teacher and students.
By connecting a PC with Internet access and a projector, you
can incorporate live web content into your lesson, and even
manipulate and save PC files on the board.
Panasonic’s IR (infrared) whiteboard lets you interact on the
board with stylus or your finger. Easiteach education software
is included and this allows you to create an interactive lesson
for your students. The whiteboard is USB powered so the
only connection you need is a USB cable into your laptop or
PC, no other power is required. This makes it very
eco-friendly as a product. The UB-T580 is 4:3 format,
77-inch across and the UB-T580W is widescreen 16:9,
86-inches across. You can use any projection with the board
but the ultra short-throw projector sits nice and close to the
board and this means that there is no light shining in your
eyes, neither is there any shadow.
UB-T580 / UB-T580W
with optional stand
A key feature of Easiteach software is that when you write
on the board using the stylus it automatically changes it into
typed text and you can then move it around the board and
do anything you want with it, such as changing size or colour.
The software includes a gallery of about 5,000 images and
it supports all gesturing (zoom, pinch, etc) in a Windows® 7
The stylus pen is included although there is an optional
multi-functional electronic pen which integrates a choice of
four different colours, an eraser, and a remote control for
operating PowerPoint® slides, all in one tool.
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Learning made easy
NEC 3D DLP® projectors successfully tested in three Dutch schools. When Sjaak Hoek, teacher
at the “De Bonte Pael” school near Amsterdam, starts his 3D presentation about the heart, the
whole class becomes silent. The boys and girls of the primary education class are fascinated by
the secrets of the human blood system. The lesson forms part of a research project among three
Dutch and a number of international schools.
The goal
The goal is to explore the use of 3D learning technologies in
the education sector. Thus far, the results are very promising.
NEC Display Solutions Europe, provider of modern 2D and
3D projection technologies, is one of the project partners. The
company has gathered some interesting findings about the
teachers and pupils who are using the system.
The challenge
The Laurentius group, head of the three participating schools,
De Bonte Pael, De Piramide and De Wilgenhoek intend to give
their pupils a modern and pedagogically up-to-date learning
experience. As part of the pan-European LIFE project, which
aims to investigate academic learning supported by 2D and
3D technologies, they were equipped with the equivalent
technologies. Texas Instruments, DLP technology innovator,
supports the project with technical know-how and the latest
hardware. The project is being coordinated by Professor Anne
Bamford, an internationally renowned British education expert,
who is in charge of delivering the project and evaluating its
Modern 3D content, tailored for the needs of young students,
offers endless possibilities. Easier than ever before, it is now
possible to gain an insight into complex and difficult topics
from fields like biology, physics and chemistry. As many
children have some 3D experience from movies and video
games, they easily adapt to the new viewing experience.
08_Wedgwood AV Ltd - 01754 769967
The results
The three schools have been testing 3D DLP projection in
biology lessons where there are children aged from 8 to 12.
So far, the teachers have given very positive feedback about
the experience:
“I think that the children pay more attention now. They always
seem very focused when I teach something in 3D. In my class
there are a couple of children who suffer from concentration
issues like HDD and HDHD and whenever they put on
their 3D glasses they are totally focused,” says Vera den
Dekker, teacher in De Piramide School. She states the main
achievement is that children are able to remember a greater
amount of information and can talk much more about the
topic after the lesson is finished. “They do ask more questions
and whenever I ask something they know the appropriate
answer in greater detail.”
Sjaak Hoeg, teacher from De Boente Pael school, who has
already given three lessons in 3D on the subject ‘Human
senses’, agrees. “The children said: ‘Now I understand much
better how the heart works’. This is due to the fact that they
can turn around the model and see all the veins and the
chambers of the heart.”
Eric de Jong, teacher in the De Wilgenhoek School, has been
working with 3D technology for about three months now. He
says children do react differently in lessons where 3D is used.
NEC U-Series
“They ask more questions like ‘Can we turn around the model
to see better how the blood flows?’ That was very interesting.
Deborah van der Kuil-Jansen, ICT Coordinator of Laurentius
Stichting sums up the reasons why the school operating group
should make use of 3D as a normal element available in any
school: “We know that children learn in different ways. Some
memorize and understand topics better by reading about
them, others are best when they are provided with moving
images. As a school we need to be able to offer every single
one of these different methods. I am convinced that we have
found the right technology now.”
Using technology in lessons has proven to be an efficient
method for education. Professor Anne Bamford describes
a distinct, measurable impact in all the schools across
Europe that are involved in the LiFE 1 project. “The content
that was taught was noticeably more present in before-after
comparisons; the children were far better able to retain the
material,” according to Bamford. “Many of the children said
‘I understand much better now how hearing works’.”“We are
really grateful to have been part of this experience. From the
hardware point of view, it seems like everything is working fine.
The NEC solution
NEC offers two different product ranges which support 3D
projection with DLP link. One is the V Series, which is a very
competitive entry level standard projector range with rich featureset and low cost of ownership.
The more school oriented range however is the ultra-short throw
models of the U Series. Ultra-short throw projectors do not have
to be installed at the other end of the room or suspended from
the ceiling, but let teachers project onto a screen from only inches
away. They produce no distracting shadows, and teachers are free
to move around the room or stand right in front of the class.
• 01754 769967
• [email protected]
Presenting practical
solutions for teaching
Over recent years educational
institutions have experienced
a vast increase in the
technological teaching aids
available to them
An AV lectern for instance, can be used in a number of
different ways; to hold your AV equipment, laptop, open book,
microphone or light. You may also need the lectern to be
mobile and light enough to be moved between classrooms.
On the days you will be presenting the school with awards or
listening to key speakers then you may not require the lectern
to incorporate any AV equipment, perhaps just a microphone
and light. Turning Leaf have found that schools and colleges
like a wood veneer finish lectern with a smart school logo on
to complete the look.
Turning Leaf has been a manufacturer of AV furniture for
nearly 10 years. Over the years it has come to understand
the needs of its customers and this is most prevalent with the
education sector. They have listened to the needs of teachers
and lecturers to understand the most practical and affordable
way to produce their products. Over recent years educational
institutions have experienced a vast increase in the
technological teaching aids available to them. 20 years ago,
the sight of a blackboard was commonplace in a teaching
room alongside the analogue overhead projector. So much
has changed; and the opportunities are endless. Educators
are now faced with a wide variety of technology, designed
specifically to help them do their jobs more effectively; and to
further engage their pupils and students interactively.
10_Wedgwood AV Ltd - 01754 769967
From the classroom to the school hall to the lecture theatre
Turning Leaf has traditional and contemporary furniture. Their
product range is available in various finishes, for example, oak,
ash, maple, cherry, beech, walnut and mahogany in either
melamine or real wood veneer.
Customised solutions can
be designed to ensure more
bespoke project needs are met
particularly in environments
where standard pieces of
furniture will simple not
accommodate the equipment
Custom cut outs
Optional extras help you personalise lecterns
and cabinets by adding drop down shelves, pull
out keyboard shelf, castors, microphones, lights
covers and control housing.
Keyboard shelf
Lighting pack
Safety and security are important
and lockable AV cabinets serve two
purposes. They provide a secure
place for your AV equipment, which
is all in one place when you need
it for teaching or lectures. Being
mobile, you can share resources
such as a projector, by moving
the AV cabinet from room to room
as needed, rather than have one
projector installed in each room.
• 01754 769967 • [email protected] •
Repeat Signage delivers
information to students at
Westholme School
Rationale: The School was looking for an easy and engaging way to deliver
information to students and get them more interested in current affairs and
digital signage was the perfect solution.
“We are very happy with the
impact that the screens have
had and the simple software
and hardware setup meant we
were able to do everything in
house keeping the costs down.
12_Wedgwood AV Ltd - 01754 769967
Using Repeat Signage digital signage
software has saved us hundreds if not
thousands of pounds compared to paying
for an outside company to install and
provide content for our screens.”
David Marsden, ICT Network Manager
Westholme School, Lancashire
We purchased all the necessary hardware
from Wedgwood and with a little help from our
maintenance team we had the screens and
cabling installed in the space of one afternoon.
The school now has 3 digital signage screens
covering our main reception and our school’s
Initially we used PowerPoint but this didn’t give
us the flexibility we needed so we purchased
Repeat Signage.
Repeat Signage enabled us to design screens
that were flexible and easy to update. After
initial design work by myself I’ve managed to
pass all updates on to our receptionists. Staff
that want messages displaying on the screens
simply hand their requests into reception and
the receptionists handle all the updates. Due
to Repeat Signage’s easy user interface staff
required very little training and found that their
current Microsoft Office skills were transferable
to Repeat Signage.
Our digital signage displays incorporate school
notices, News Feeds, Weather Feeds and
advertisements for up and coming school
events. The screens are also very versatile
so we can switch the screens from primarily
focusing on School notices during the day to
focusing advertising during the evening when
the theatre is in use.
We are very happy with the impact that the
screens have had and the simple software and
hardware setup meant we were able to do
everything in house keeping the costs down.
Using Repeat Digital Signage has saved us
hundreds if not thousands of pounds compared
to paying for an outside company to install and
provide content for our screens.
You can download the evaluation
software without giving your details.
Westholme School
Westholme School in Lancashire is an
independent day school for pupils aged 2-18.
Repeat Signage lets you insert pictures, text, clocks, shapes, .PDFs, etc., into
your presentation. Then you save this and can schedule it to play over your local
network at different times. For example, you could display school information
9-12 am, then display lunchtime menu 12-1pm, followed by students’ artwork. In
the evening you can display advertisements whilst the theatre is in use, or other
school based activities.
• 01754 769967 • [email protected] •
Video walls
and content
Introducing video walls for
schools and higher education
A video wall is simply a bank of screens onto which you display content,
either on single screens or expand the content across the whole wall. Video
walls can be 2x2 (4 screen panels) up to a 10x10 video wall.
Spectacular video walls work better
when the image is large and clear
and not obstructed by big bezels
(the outer edge of the screen).
Screens with almost seamless bezels
are available, but these are more
expensive. Screens designed for
public display are ideal as these are
built to last, have better connections
and better warranties than screens
designed for consumer use (like your
TV at home).
For simplicity, let’s start our examples
by looking at displaying content on two
screens. Some computers have two
outputs (VGA) so you can show the same
content on two screens. On Windows
XP, in the control panel - displays, you
can select a second monitor or screen
and do one of two things. You can
extend the desktop so that the image
is spread across both your computer
screen and the second screen, or you
can duplicate the image you see on your
computer screen, so that it appears on
the second screen.
Obviously, this only allows you to show
the same content on both screens. When
you want to display content on four
screens you need a 4-port graphics card,
or two 2-port graphics cards or you can
use a splitter box, which splits the signal.
CYP Complete 2x2 Video Wall System
A 2x2 video wall,comprising 4 screens, in
a reception area is an ideal starting point
for education.
I’m considering a 2x2 video wall in my
reception area to display PowerPoint
or images. What do I need?
Manufacturers such as CYP, LG,
Mitsubishi, NEC, Panasonic, Samsung,
Sharp and Sony have large format display
screens suitable for video walls. These
range from 2x2 video wall up to a 10x10
video wall.
As an example, let’s assume you want a
2x2 video wall in your reception area, to
display a PowerPoint presentation.
Depending on make and model, the
size of the bezels vary. Some screens
have option slots to slide in a built-in
PC. Some allow you to daisy chain the
screens together so you can easily add
more screens to your video wall at a
future date. Screens range from WXGA
to 1920x1080 Full HD (high definition)
Some screen manufacturers offer a
complete video wall solution which
includes all you need in the way of
screens, wall mounts and splitters.
CYP’s complete 2x2 video wall system,
for example, has four 42-inch diagonal
LED screens, four wall mounts, one
HDMI 4-way splitter box and one IR
(infrared) remote control.
Examples of video walls - left to right: Sharp thin bezel screens, Mitsubishi LCD large format displays, NEC X463UN thin bezel large format displays
14_Wedgwood AV Ltd - 01754 769967
CYP Complete 2x2 Video Wall System
42” 4 x screens, 4 x wall mounts
1 x CHDMI-4, 1 x IR Remote
CHDMI-4 4-way splitter box
1 in and 4 out - front and back views
Your PC connects from the HDMI output
into the 4-way splitter box and then out
from each of the splitter box’s 4 HDMI
ports into the HDMI port in each of the
four screens.
You can then display your PowerPoint
presentation or image on each of the four
single screens or expand it across all four
As these screens are daisy chained, when
other screens are added to the wall, they
‘talk’ to each other and send images
to where they are supposed to go.
Obviously, if you added other screens, for
example, making it a 3x3 video wall, then
you’d need a 10-way splitter box.
So what happens when I want to
show different content on my video
To show different content you need
separate outputs. You could use a
graphics card, for example, 2 VGA
and 1 HDMI card would let you show
content on three screens. Some
graphics cards have a break-out cable
to input into eight screens.
A matrix switcher lets you show
different content on screens. One with
4 inputs and 4 outputs, for example,
lets you input 4 different devices, a
computer, Sky box, digital signage
player, etc., and then each outputs to
a separate screen, to display its own
Matrix switcher
What the matrix does is switch any four
inputs into any four outputs. The advantage
is you can switch contents from screen to
screen, for example, have a Sky box on one
input to show Sky TV on one screen, input
a signage player or computer into the other
three screens to show different content on all
screens. Screens can also go in a horizontal
line, they do not need to be in two banks of
pages. Manager allows you to decide
where and when your presentation you
have designed is shown. PADS Viewer
ensures that your scheduled content is
played at the right moment on the display
PADS Professional has options to choose
the software and/or media player(s) for
any number of screens.
Luminis AiO hardware / software
digital signage solution
Digital signage software can also be
displayed from the computer or signage
player through a projector onto a
large projection screen. It can also be
displayed onto desktop screens, for
example, in a reception area to display
information for students and visitors
about current or forthcoming events.
I’d like to have digital signage on
my video wall, what else do I need
and can you give me ideas of what’s
You will need digital signage software
and either a signage player (also called a
media player) or a spare PC in order to
play the presentation onto the screens.
Clever Little Box Luminis AiO (all-in-one)
digital signage system is a media player
(also called a signage player), preloaded
with their digital signage software. It is
plug-in and play and can be used standalone or on a network and controlled
locally or via a web browser. Landscape
or portrait display options.
Luminis AiO, has only one output so
you can only send the content to one
screen. The splitter box will allow this
content to be displayed on each of the
four screens (using our 2x2 video wall
example), or you can display it across all
four screens. You can change content
and schedule content to play at different
times of the day, and using the splitter
box you can display this content on one
or more screens. However, if you want
to be able to show different signage
presentations on all four screens, you will
need four Luminis signage players with
preloaded software, each showing its
own presentation, and a matrix switcher.
Repeat Signage is truly flexible digital
signage software for Windows. It allows
pixel-by-pixel control of displays including
plasma screens, LCD monitors and
projectors. Now with touch screen
Repeat Signage is digital download only.
The Standard Edition is designed to
be used over local area network (LAN)
and can display scheduled content
onto one or two screens. You can play
your presentation on a spare computer
or media player (mini PC). With the
Standard Edition you can use it with two
screens for a single licence.
Repeat Signage lets you display a variety
of media including pictures, animated
gifs, video, RSS feeds, Flash clocks,
PowerPoint, webcam, web browser, etc.
Repeat Signage Professional is designed
to be used over a wide area network
(WAN), updating any new content onto
screens wherever they may be located.
A+K PADS Professional digital signage
software lets you design, schedule
and distribute content across multiple
locations and/or networked environments.
PADS Professional is a bundle of
applications for Windows: Designer
allows you to compose presentations
with any possible content including
PowerPoint, YouTube videos,
Macromedia Flash content, live TV, ticker
tapes linked to RSS feeds and Internet
Repeat Signage digital signage software
16_Wedgwood AV Ltd - 01754 769967
Digital signage software, such as
Repeat Signage, which has touchscreen
support, can be displayed on an LCD
touchscreen, for example, on a reception
desk. This allows visitors to check-in,
request brochures, etc.
The reason a digital signage player or
dedicated PC is needed to display each
of your signage presentations is because
it is not practical to have your normal
computer you use daily, playing out
signage. In most environments, there
are usually some spare old computers
lying around, so one can be used to play
signage software. However, do check
it has a suitable VGA or HDMI port to
use with your screen or video wall. You
can buy an inexpensive graphics card
with an HDMI output, to replace the old
computer’s existing graphics card, if
need be.
The market for touchscreens is growing
and currently there is very little digital
signage software for touchscreens. To
display your signage presentation on a
desktop touchscreen in the reception
area, for instance, you could place
the computer or signage player box
beneath the reception counter. However,
if you wanted to wall mount a larger
touchscreen, for example, a 42-inch
diagonal touchscreen, for your signage,
but you want to have the computer
A+K PADS digital signage for multi-screen solutions
Large format display screens with
slot-in PC options
Another option to using a computer or
signage player to display content across
your screens, is to opt for a large format
display or high-end projector that has the
option of a slot-in PC.
There are various types of slot-in PC’s
such as NEC Slot-in PC Atom or NEC
Slot-in PC Celeron. It is important of
course, to ensure that the correct slot-in
PC is chosen for your special needs.
On the back of NEC’s P-series or V-series
large format public display screens, you
remove the small cover to reveal the slotin area, place the PC into the slot and
place a ventilated cover over the PC. You
then start up the PC using the screen’s
remote control and install your software.
NEC slot-in PC
We tested Repeat Signage digital signage
software using an NEC Slot-In PC
Celeron, downloaded the software from and designed
a presentation directly onto the NEC
P-series 42-inch display screen. You can
download a free trial of Repeat Signage at
Large format display screens
Samsung have a range of public
displays for video walls, with slide-in PC
options. Samsung have their own digital
signage software, MagicInfo, which is
downloadable free from their website.
The Samsung UE46A 46-inch LED slim
video wall display screen has built-in
MagicInfo Lite digital signage software.
Mitsubishi MDT series of slim LCD
public displays are available in 42-inch,
55-inch and 65-inch diagonal sizes.
The aluminium bezel has no logo so
that they can be used landscape or
portrait. The 55-inch model can be
used in-floor or as a face-up tabletop.
Sony Professional has software and
hardware digital signage solutions.
Its award-winning Digital Video Wall
System, Ziris Canvas, makes for a focal
piece for reception areas or school
halls. With Ziris Canvas, you can
have a mix of different screen sizes, in
portrait, landscape or arbitrary angled
rotations. Sony’s range of BRAVIA
Professional Displays includes nine full
HD models with screen sizes ranging
from 32” to 65” with a built in RS232CHDMI converter box for remote monitor
control and ease of use within education
or player elsewhere, there are little
box solutions that allow you to send
the signage up to 100m, to enable
your computer to update the signage
presentation away from the screen.
Samsung UE46A
Mitsubishi MDT series showing
portrait mode
LG professional displays have tile-mode,
this enables you to set up stunning
video walls easily and efficiently. LG also
have dedicated 47” and 55” LED video
wall displays which have super narrow
The LG 47WV30 is a super slim 6.9mm
bezel video wall – a breakthrough in
slim design. The 47” LED screens can
be built to a maximum of 15 x 15 to
give your video content the attention it
Sony Ziris Canvas
Digital Video Wall System
LG 47WV30 in 3x3 video wall
NEC slot-in PC slots into the back of selected screen models
Comparisons, manufacturers’ brochures, current sizes
and street prices are available at
Wedgwood publishes a Touchscreen
guide and a Digital Signage guide, free
LCD monitors
Large format displays
and touchscreens for
public areas
Full HD LCD large format displays with or without multi-touch
iiyama are probably best known
for their desktop LCD screens and
touch screens. They have now
brought out full HD large format displays and touch screens
for public areas such as receptions, restaurants and training/
conference rooms.
We all know what an important part touch
screen technology can play in learning
and can be an invaluable aid in keeping
students’ attention for longer.
Traditionally single-point touch screens have
been the favourite choice, however, more
and more complex, yet more interactive,
technologies have emerged, including the
new range of large format touchscreen
displays from iiyama.
In sizes 42-inch, 55-inch and 65-inch
diagonal, these use optical touch
technology. This touch technology
does not require an overlay or substrate
to register a touch, so it’s impossible to
physically ‘wear out’ the touchscreen. In
fact you don’t have to physically touch the
screen, you just put your finger (gloved or
not) or any kind of stylus very close to it.
The multi-touch functionality is supported
under Windows® 7 only.
The 42-inch touch screens have IPS
panel technology which means they have
higher contrast, darker blacks and much
better viewing angles than standard TN
technology, so the screen will look good
whichever angle you view from.
18_Wedgwood AV Ltd - 01754 769967
The 55-inch and 65-inch touchscreens
use MVA technology which also give
higher contrast, darker blacks and
better view angles than standard TN
Security is always an issue in education
environments and the key lock feature
enables you to lock and unlock controls
thereby preventing unauthorised
changes to any settings you have made.
IPC Space
Where you want to display digital
signage presentations and need a
computer to play out your signage,
these touch screens have a neat little
feature called an IPC Space. This IPC
Space at the back of the panel allows
you to mount a small PC or a media
player to the large format display screen.
All three screen sizes have picture in
picture (PIP) function which allows you to
watch images coming from two different
sources at the same time. However,
the 55-inch and 65-inch sizes also have
picture by picture (PBP) function. When
this is activated the screen is divided
in half while displaying images from
multiple sources.
Picture in Picture
Picture by Picture
lcd monitors
Full HD LCD large format
displays with space to
mount small PCs
Large format displays (LFD) are ideal in
education and training establishments
especially in public areas such as reception,
restaurants, libraries, museums, theatres
and other areas frequented by staff,
students and visitors.
iiyama displays without touch suit most
applications including production facilities,
exhibiting artwork and artefacts and also
digital signage.
For instance, you could use digital signage
as a means to give information about your
school, college, university, library or museum
to students and visitors about forthcoming
events as well as displaying students’ work
or menus for the restaurant.
Most environments have an IT department
and it is possible to have screens installed,
set-up and a basic digital signage
presentation up and running within a day.
You can always start by displaying
PowerPoint presentations and then move
onto digital signage software when you
want to start scheduling various content at
different times of the day.
iiyama large format displays are all full
HD professional screens which mean
they are better built than the consumer
TV screens you have at home, are more
robust, have features including IPC Space,
and depending on the size chosen, have
picture in picture and/or picture by picture.
The IPS or MVA technology ensures
good viewing from all angles, high
brightness and good colour clarity.
The screens have built-in stereo
speakers for a rich sound and a wide
range of video and audio inputs ensures
compatibility with multiple platforms.
The screens also feature an ambient
light sensor (picture below) that delivers
exceptional performance with the
added benefit of saving power. What
the light sensor does is detect changes
in environmental lighting conditions
and automatically adjusts the screens
backlight brightness to compensate for
increase and decrease in light.
You could make your initial purchase of
display screens, digital signage software
and small PC pay for itself by running digital
signage advertisements for local companies
for products or services of benefit to your
students, staff and visitors. For example,
you could advertise the services of local
piano and guitar teachers, aerobics and
dance fitness classes, local amateur
dramatic society plays or arts and culture
events taking place in your local area.
You have probably seen the small screens
above post office counters which display
advertisements. These are normally run by
companies who provide the screens and
advertisements and charge companies for
their services.
By budgeting for the initial expenditure
yourselves you are in charge of the content
and can make revenue that can be used to
purchase other items for your educational
Ambient light sensor
• 01754 769967 • [email protected] •
Eiki projects their
range from schools
to universities
With the recent
announcement about
the demise of the Sanyo
brand, you may find it
becomes increasingly
difficult to source
the models you have
specified. Help is at hand.
Fortunately, for most Sanyo projectors
there is an Eiki equivalent. In fact, as
OEM projectors, they are exactly the
same products but with a different
badge. Eiki projectors come with
extended warranties – up to five years.
To find a Sanyo replacement, please
click here to view the comparison
chart which tells you which models are
the Sanyo equivalent. Comparison
chart kindly provided by Audio Visual
Materials Ltd., Eiki’s distribution
representative in the UK.
20_Wedgwood AV Ltd - 01754 769967
Eiki LC-XSP2600/XIP2610
The LC-XSP2600 ultra short-throw projector
is ideal for classrooms that are equipped
with interactive whiteboards. It has XGA
resolution, 2,600 ANSI lumens brightness
and can achieve an 80-inch diagonal image
from 1m away from the board. The projector
has manufacturer 3 year deinstall/reinstall
warranty for peace of mind as well as a 3 year
lamp warranty.
Where you have widescreen interactive
whiteboards in your classroom, then the Eiki
LC-WSP3000 widescreen ultra-short throw
with 3,000 ANSI lumens projector is ideal.
Where you have classrooms that are
equipped with dry-erase whiteboards and
you do not want to have the expense of
replacing these with interactive boards,
then Eiki has a solution for you.
The LC-XIP2610 XGA ultra-short throw
projector and its widescreen equivalent
the LC-WIP3000, are both fully interactive.
This means you can project an 80-inch
diagaonal image onto the dry-erase board
from 1m away, and then annotate on the
board over the projected image.
Where your teaching area doesn’t warrant
an ultra short-throw projector, Eiki has the
LC-XBM21, XBM26 and XBM31models
have built-in microphone connection with
10 Watt speaker.
These models with 2,200, 2,600 or 3,100
ANSI lumens brightness also have the 3
year deinstall/reinstall warranty for peace
of mind and 3 year lamp warranty. Long
life lamp of 6,000 hour in eco mode and
long life filter of 5,000 hours are also good
features for education.
An ideal unit for higher education is
the Eiki LC-WUL100 which is WUXGA
resolution with many useful features such
as interchangeable lenses, corner keystone
correction and 5000 ANSI.
Higher education projectors
Eiki LC-WUL100
Higher up the brightness scale with Eiki
LC-HDT700 is a full 1080P projector
featuring 7000 ANSI.
All Eiki projectors as standard receive
3 year or 6000 hour body only warranty
with years 4 and 5 covered if under 3,000
Some models feature deinstall/reinstall
warranty or loan exchange, which gives
additional peace of mind to teachers.
Some also feature 3 year lamp warranty,
again giving peace of mind that additional
expenditure is not incurred replacing lamps
for three years.
Audio Visual Materials Ltd.,
in conjunction with
Wedgwood AV Ltd are happy
to demonstrate Eiki to your
University or College.
Please telephone 01754
769967 to arrange this.
Eiki LC-XBM21 XBM26 XBM31
Eiki LC-HDT700
Classroom projectors
Eiki LC-WB200
• 01754 769967 • [email protected] •
Eiki projectors are increasingly being
specified in large higher education
installations, including Angela Ruskin
University and the University of the West
of Scotland.
AV cables and
that take the hassle out of installing AV
Teachers now increasingly make use of technology in the
classroom and it’s common to have an interactive whiteboard,
ceiling or wall mounted projector and perhaps an audio system
which typically consists of a microphone, amplifier and either
ceiling or wall mounted speakers.
Although you can purchase interactive whiteboards that do
not use cables, or wireless projectors, the majority of the AV
equipment within the classroom uses cables.
As teachers acquire other equipment such as a DVD player,
printer or a visualiser, it is easy to end up with a multitude of
trailing cables.
When installing AV equipment, cables may be routed by your
installer to a faceplate near the teacher’s desk. The faceplate
has connectors so you can control the various technologies from
one point, for example, turning up the speaker volume.
AV faceplates
The Clever Little Box single-gang AV faceplate (1GEIAVPLT)
has VGA input for your computer, along with two phono
sockets for computer audio (stereo). For your DVD etc.,
it has one composite phono video input with two phono
sockets for stereo audio.
This means you can connect your PC monitor, audio source
and PC network without the use of loads of trailing cables.
Easy to install and convenient on either a single or double
gang plate.
The Clever Little Box double-gang AV input plate (2GEIAVPLT)
has two VGA sockets to connect two computers, one 3.5mm
stereo jack for audio input (PC, MP3 player, etc). It has a USB
connector and an RJ-45 network socket. For a DVD, etc., it has
one composite phono video input with two phono sockets for
stereo audio.
You can connect a printer via the USB. You can also connect
anything that has left and right audio connectors, or can convert
to them, so for example, a CD player might be able to go from a
3.5mm jack to phono connector in the faceplate. You could also
connect a DVD player, provided it had phono connectors on the
back (not all DVD players have these connectors).
Both plates are made from steel with solderless VGA sockets,
for easy installation.
Pre-terminated wall box kits come with all installation cables already internally
connected, for high speed ‘plug and play’ classroom installation. In 10m or 15m
lengths, these wall box connections will give tidy, secure cable connectivity, from
which teachers can control their AV equipment from one place.
22_Wedgwood AV Ltd - 01754 769967
NuVo in-wall amplifier
system complements
interactive whiteboards
such as SMART
Boards, ensuring that
all pupils hear lessons
Maths and science might be complicated, but
educational tools shouldn’t be...
There are a variety of solutions for providing audio into your
classrooms. Some schools opt for speakers down the side of the
interactive whiteboard, with a separate amplifier and microphone.
Others use a portable PA system, which allows them to easily
transport the unit from room to room as required.
NuVo equips classrooms and other environments with a simpleto-use amplification option, which is designed for ample power
and crisp audio reproduction.
40 watt amplifier, perfect
for delivering audio to any
enclosed listening setting
The flexible 40 watt amplifier installs discreetly into the wall, and
features two hard-wired rear source inputs, as well as two
convenient front-access inputs for quick additions to the system.
You can operate the amplifier from where it is installed in the wall,
or enjoy equally easy, portable control with the system’s optional
IR remote controller. Small mountable speakers round out the
install, for an all-inclusive, answer to a classroom’s amplification
The disadvantage of this type of system is that you cannot remove
it from room to room. However, in-wall systems are low-cost and
beneficial where space is at a premium.
Easy four-button control
from both amplifier
and optional IR remote
Both hard-wired rear
source inputs and frontend source inputs for
flexibility in using multiple
devices with the system
Speakers included for
a simple, all-inclusive
approach to classroom
NuVo WA-40 in-wall amplifier system
• 01754 769967 • [email protected] •
in-wall audio
A sound solution for
classroom installation
New technology
enhances learning at
Skegness Junior School
Darren Price, Deputy Head of Skegness
Junior School in Lincolnshire, tells us about
his learning with iPads project.
“We are keen to link with other schools
using the same technologies to collaborate
and move teaching and learning forwards”
Darren Price
24_Wedgwood AV Ltd - 01754 769967
Skegness Junior School
At Skegness Junior School we are creating an exciting
learning environment which encourages all to achieve
personal success. One of the school aims is promote high
standards of literacy and numeracy with a heavy focus on
Using iPads in the classroom
Parents were invited to the school classroom to ‘play’ with
iPads and see how their child was learning, using new
touch technology. This was great fun and parents were
reluctant to hand the iPads back afterwards. One of the
applications being used for maths, had brightly coloured
bubbles floating across the screen. Three of these bubbles
had sums, such as 6+4, with three bubbles containing
their answers. Children and parents had to match the right
answer to the question and ‘pop’ both the bubbles with
their finger. If the answer was correct, the bubbles popped
and disappeared. Once all the bubbles had been popped,
the application (App) moved onto the next level.
“My background was school improvement using gamebased projects, such as the Wii and DS consoles, and this
had a huge impact on learning,” revealed Darren Price, the
Deputy Head of Skegness Junior School.
“Last year we introduced iPads and iPods into our school
and applications and saw the potential”, said Darren, “It
was a big outlay initially to purchase four classroom sets of
iPads, but the applications are cheap and they link well into
the curriculum.”
Darren Price says that iPads are not a gimmick, although
they are a novelty amongst the children, but it’s what you
do with them and how they are integrated into different
subjects, that matters. The school has a heavy focus on
maths as well as improving literacy.
They are developing writing skills using various applications.
One of their favourites is Epic Citadel, which allows pupils
to ‘walk’ round cities. Demonstrating this application for us,
it was easy to focus on a point of interest and then zoom
in. Dennis said the children then wrote about what they
saw. This then paved the way for a group discussion as to
why one chilld had focused on one aspect of the city, whilst
another chose a different view.
The school use photo applications a lot for video production,
filming the children doing lots of bits and pieces, especially
science experiments. In a film the children can only relate to
pictures, and can write about it, thus enabling each child to
create an individual piece of writing. Unlike text, where each
child then needs to visualise what the meaning of the text
looks like.
The school purchased four sets of iPads for classroom use,
either as a whole class or for smaller groups to work on.
This gives them flexible working, using them for the right
child at the right time.
Darren Price is encouraging other schools in the area to visit
Skegness Junior School and look at how they are working
with the children to encourage and develop learning using
iPads and other interactive technology.
Skegness Junior School
• 01754 769967 • [email protected] •
Prize winners
Prize winners
Lanta Orion Arc
Thank you to everyone who entered the prize draw from Issue 4 of
Teaching Technology to win a Lanta LED lighting fixture.
Congratulations to Gail Murray from Cathays High School in Cardiff.
Gail’s entry was the first correct drawn at random by the computer from
all entries into our prize draw in Issue 4 of Teaching Technology. The
correct answer was 4.
Lanta Lighting has a range of LED lighting fixtures for stage and theatre,
architectural lighting for indoor and outdoor, strobes, indoor floods and
moving heads. They also manufacturer lasers and atmospheric effects
such as bubbles, haze, smoke and snow machines.
Please do enter our latest prize
draws, featured on the back
cover of this issue of Teaching
Technology, for a chance to win an
Hitachi CP-X2021WN projector or
one of 10 copies of Repeat Signage
digital signage software.
Entry is free and open to all
UK educational and training
Repeat Signage 2011 Standard
Edition digital signage software
Congratulations to the 10 winners, all drawn at random from entries
from Issue 4 of Teaching Technology, who have all now received their
software licences.
A FREE Repeat Signage software licence worth £225+VAT with
every projector, LCD monitor or interactive whiteboard over £500+VAT purchased from
Wedgwood AV Ltd. Please quote: TT06-RS
26_Wedgwood AV Ltd - 01754 769967
As schools invest in iPads for the classroom, bracket manufacturers look
to security solutions for recharging and storage. Here we look at what’s
available from two leading manufacturers - ErgoMounts and Top-Tec...
ErgoMounts range for iPads incorporate Quick release and secure iPad brackets,
stands and articulated arms. The iPad can be secured to the desk with a
tamper free enclosure or can be quick released when more mobility is required.
Combination iPad / iPad2 and LCD / LED monitor stands are also available, as
well as fixed secure workstations.
ErgoMounts EMIPS75FSS
EM820 Secure
TOP-TEC range of mounts for iPads includes, iMac security shoe, iMac security
slipper, iPad security bracket and iPad secure display. The latter is availble in a
variety of colours and securely fixes to wall, desk, monitor mount or in a control
housing for the Voyager2 lectern range or other desk product.
secure display
rotating wall
mount and on an
ENDO 82 arm
security bracket
• 01754 769967 • [email protected] •
TOP-TEC iMac security shoe
iPad Mounts
iPad mounts, arms
and security solutions
Interactive technology
NEC NP01Wi2 interactive whiteboard kit
with mouse driver and software
A solution for schools when you want an
interactive whiteboard without having
to buy the board
NEC have brought out an innovative device that works
with any NEC short-throw or ultra short-throw projector
to transform an existing flat surface into an interactive
Many schools are already familiar with eBeam® technology, using their
eBeam® devices to turn dry-wipe whiteboards into interactive whiteboards,
thus making good use of existing boards.
The NEC NP01Wi2 interactive whiteboard kit uses eBeam® application
software and stylus in combination with NEC’s short-throw or ultra short-throw
projectors, from the NEC U or M series, to transform any existing flat surface
into an interactive area.
NEC U series ultra short throw projectors
This device is quick and easy to install and is an easy upgrade of already
installed NEC projectors.
The smallest supported capture area of an existing flat surface is 63-inch
diagonal for the U-series (XGA); 77-inch diagonal for the WXGA model;
60-inch diagonal for the M short throw series (XGA) and 56-inch diagonal
for the WXGA.
The largest supported capture area is 85-inch diagonal for the U series (XGA);
100-inch diagonal for the WXGA model; 85-inch diagonal for the M series
(XGA) and 100-inch diagonal for the WXGA model.
The interactive
whiteboard kit is
installed on top of the
projector and gives 50
hours of continuous
use of battery life.
It supports both
Windows and Mac.
NEC M series short throw projector with the NP01Wi2 interactive whiteboard kit
28_Wedgwood AV Ltd - 01754 769967
Example Installation of the NP01Wi2 interactive
whiteboard kit with an NEC U Series projector
NEC M series of short throw projectors
• 01754 769967
• [email protected]
SoundPlus CHAmp PC30D portable
wireless amplifier with DVD player with Pitch
Control and choice of microphone
SoundPlus CHAmp MP3DVD portable
wireless amplifier with MP3 recorder and DVD
player and wireless handheld microphone
Sound systems
SoundPlus CHAmp DVDCA portable
wireless amplifier which has a DVD player and
cassette recorder
Portable PA systems have many uses in schools and colleges
Portable PA systems have many uses in schools and being
portable are easily transported from classroom to assembly hall
to school grounds for outdoor events such as sports day.
The SoundPlus CHA-mp range is an all-in-one wireless PA
system with a built-in amplifier and speaker and choice of media
player. For example, the PC30D model has a built-in DVD player
with adjustable pitch control whilst the MP3DVD model has an
MP3 recorder and DVD player. They each come with a choice
of wireless microphone, either handheld or beltpack with tieclip
For colleges and universities where you need to address larger
groups of students such as in a lecture theatre, then an all-in-one
lectern with built-in audio is an option. The lectern includes a
loud speaker which is mounted in a detachable cabinet. It can be
used either within the lectern furniture or brought out to mount
on a speaker stand and there is an output to the detachable loud
speaker cabinet.
Whichever system you choose you can either connect it to the
mains whilst in a classroom for example, or power it from its
internal battery. It has RMS 100 Watt output of power, which
is ample for most applications, but where you do require more
volume, such as in a school field (in dry weather as the units
aren’t waterproof), you can connect an extension speaker to
boost the output power by approximately 30%.
In a dance lesson for instance, you can have music playing, but
when you want to give instructions over the microphone the
voice-priority function allows the microphone to automatically
override any internal or external sound sources during speech,
but returning back to normal operation immediately after speech.
Other areas in the school day where a portable PA system is
useful is in music lessons, at the school assembly, for parents’
events to make announcements, in sports lessons or at the
school fete.
• 01754 769967
• [email protected]
Chance for you to
win prizes in our
free prize draws
Win an Hitachi
For a chance to win an Hitachi projector, simply
answer the following question.
What is the name of Hitachi’s software that is
included with the iPJ-AW250NM interactive
To enter the prize draw, simply go to www. and create a free online account.
Login and click on the ‘Competitions’ link and enter your
answer. Closing date is midnight on 30 June 2012.
Free prize draw rules: Teaching Technology competitions are only available to the staff
of UK educational establishments. Winners will be selected at random by the editor
from all correct entries received by midnight on 30 June 2012.. The winning educational
establishment will be notified as soon as reasonably practicable after the competition
draw. One entry per person. Multiple entries will be discarded. The editor’s decision is
final and no correspondence will be entered into. There are no cash alternatives.
Hitachi CP-X2021WN projector is designed for
teaching environments. It delivers a superb
high contrast image. With wireless network
capabilities and simple user functionality,
teachers and students can set up their
presentations in seconds.
•XGA Resolution
•2200 ANSI Lumens Normal Mode
•1400 ANSI Lumens Eco Mode
•2000:1 Contrast Ratio (Intelligent Eco)
•Long Lamp life – up to 5000 hours (Eco Mode)
•Hybrid Filter – up to 5000 hours (Eco Mode)
•Virtually maintenance free
•Optional Wireless Networking
•Full connectivity including 1 x RJ-45 & 1 x HDMI
•Crestron Room View
•Less than 0.4W power consumption in standby.
10 copies of Repeat Signage
2011 Standard Edition digital
signage software to be won
Repeat Signage 2011 is truly flexible digital signage software for Windows.
It allows pixel-by-pixel control of displays including plasma screens, LCD
monitors and projectors. It is one of the easiest to use digital signage
packages on the market. You simply design the presentation for the
resolution of your screen. Includes touch screen capability.
Free prize draw
For your chance to win one of ten prizes of a downloadable copy of this flexible
digital signage software, all you have to do is download a free trial copy at Then open the software and look at the bottom of the
main screen. You will see a 4 digit code in the format TT 0000.
AV Limited
Digital download only
To enter the prize draw, simply go to and
create a free online account. Login and
click on the ‘Competitions’ link to enter the
4 digit number. Closing date is midnight on
30 June 2012.
Wedgwood AV Ltd. Part of Wedgwood IT Group.
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