Accelerated Performance with Simplified Operations

Accelerated Performance with Simplified Operations
D i g ital M atri x I n tercom S y stems
V-Series Panels
V-Series Desktop Panels
System Frames
Accelerated Performance with
Simplified Operations
For Optimum Communication Experience
Product Family Overview
The Eclipse HX Difference
Eclipse HX is a new range of intercom matrix products distinguished
by faster system performance, simplified user controls, and much
higher system capacity.
Based on the market-proven Eclipse platform, the HX “HyPerformX” Series offers streamlined software
operations to perform faster, better, and easier. The HX Series initially presents a set of unique and
powerful differences including, but not limited to:
• Real-time system-wide updates
• New user interface with simplified operations
• Easily-identifiable color tallies for IFB and partyline
key assignments on V-Series Rotary panels
• Vertical-font display option on all V-Series panels
for vertical mounting in mobile production trucks
• Improved intelligent linking between
Eclipse HX-PiCo frames
2 Clear-Com Eclipse HX
• Increased port density to 460 ports per
Omega frame—highest density matrix system
on the market
• New Resource Chart facility to display system
resource utilization
• System access control based on user login
to protect against inadvertent changes
Product Family Overview
Eclipse HX Products
The Eclipse HX Digital Matrix Platform is the latest advancement in digital intercom
technology for enabling critical intercommunications among production teams who need
direct (point-to-point) and one-to-many (group and partyline or conference) connections.
The Eclipse HX family was designed and engineered to be highly flexible and extensible
for addressing the intercom needs of the global production community.
4 / System Frames
10 / Interfaces
6 / User Control Panels
12 / System Software
8 / Frame Cards
14 / SYSTEM Diagram
9 / Interface Modules
Clear-Com Eclipse HX 3
System Frames
A Boost in Performance
Building on the powerful Eclipse platform,
the new Eclipse HX range offers a step
up in performance for implementing
changes to the system faster and more
easily. Leveraging the existing core
hardware design, Eclipse HX allows a
seamless transition to the new range.
Unique Eclipse HX Platform Capabilities:
• 10x faster software processing speed for
implementing real-time system-wide updates
• Multi-frame linking to create a single
communication network
• Intelligent integration with IP-based panels
for remote access over standard IT networks
• Seamless digital wireless beltpack
integration which allows intercom users to
roam freely and still stay connected
Eclipse HX-PiCo
Eclipse HX-PiCo provides up to 36 ports for high-quality full-duplex
communications in a compact 1RU form. This system is ideal for
communication needs in small to mid-size production environments
such as OB vans, studio and sports facilities. Built-in display module
and menu system enables quick and easy changes to input/output
levels, routes and configurations. The new PiCo-Link feature connects audio between two Eclipse HX-PiCo frames with the same
capabilities as E-FIB fiber linking of the larger frames.
Eclipse HX-Median
Based on a powerful 6RU matrix frame, Eclipse HX-Median is
expandable up to 112 CAT-5 panel/four-wire ports. It can house
two CPU cards and seven frame cards with up to eight interface
modules, which makes Eclipse HX-Median ideal for outside
broadcast vehicles, mobile flight-case systems, or any production
environment where rack space is limited. Up to 15 Eclipse HX
matrices can be connected to form a single networked platform.
Eclipse HX-Omega
The 15-slot Eclipse-HX Omega can support up to 460 ports in the 6RU
frame using combinations of 64-channel MADI cards, 32 port IP/Integra
cards and 16 port MVX-A16 RJ-45 cards. In addition, other compatible
frame cards are available for use with the Eclipse-HX Omega to offer
expanded capabilities and connections with the matrix. By connecting
multiple Eclipse HX-Omega matrices, this system is perfect for large
scale communications productions with many users or destination
points located in two or more different facilities in a single cluster.
Note: Restrictions based on power supply set the allowable
quantity of IVC-32 and E-Que cards.
4 Clear-Com Eclipse HX
System Features Chart
Frame Size
Maximum No. of Ports
On-board Relays and GPI Inputs
Frequency Response of
30Hz to 22kHz,+/-3dB
Eclipse HX-PiCo
Eclipse HX-Median
Eclipse HX-Omega
36 (32 RJ-45 and four 4-wire ports)
112 (7 x 16-port cards)
460 (using higher density cards)
(24-bit resolution)
(24-bit resolution)
(24-bit resolution)
Redundant Processing
Dual Redundant Power Supplies
Intelligent Trunk Linking
of Matrices
(Over CAT5 or POTS)
(Over CAT5, POTS, IP, Fiber or MADI)
(Over CAT5, POTS, IP, Fiber or MADI)
Intuitive Programming Software
EHX (Eclipse HX
Configuration Software)
Real-time Assignment of
Partyline Conferences
Production Maestro Pro
Production Maestro Pro
Production Maestro Pro
Multiple Choices for Panel
Connection such as AES3,
Direct CAT5 and IP
(IP requires VoICE 2.0 interface)
Port Level Control Adjustment
Seamless Interfacing with
Clear-Com IMF Modules
DTMF Inward Access Control
DTMF Outward Dialing
User Menu for I/O Levels,
Routing and Status
Configurable VOX
VOX Detection Controlled
from Software
Individual Crosspoint Level
Adjustment on User Panels
Seamless Integration
with CellCom/FreeSpeak
Digital Wireless
Intelligent Integration with
Concert Software Users and
V-Series IP Panels
Connectivity over
Non-blocking Fiber
Redundant Ethernet and a Serial
Link for Programming
System Remotely Programmed
and Maintained via Ethernet
(Single LAN)
Clear-Com Eclipse HX 5
User Control Panels
The most advanced user control panels on the market deliver
unmatched features, functionality, audio quality and performance.
All Clear-Com V-Series panels are compatible with the Eclipse HX
systems and are available in pushbutton, lever or rotary key form.
V-Series 12-Key Rotary Panel
V-Series 12-Key Rotary
Desktop Panel
V-Series 24-Key Rotary Panel
V-Series Control Panels
V-Series Control Panels combine cutting-edge Digital
Signal Processing and native IP technology in an
acoustically-controlled contemporary design.
The broadest variations in form and size: The V-Series
Panels are available in rotary-, pushbutton-, or lever-key in
12-key/1RU panel, 24-key/2RU panel and 12-key Desktop
panel forms. Up to eight Expansion panels for additional
keys can be added to the 12-key and 24-key panels in
rotary-, pushbutton- and lever-key forms.
Distinctive and extensive graphic display: The bright
yellow OLED color provides superior contrast for accentuating the panel labels for greater legibility in dim locations
and for enhancing visibility in bright conditions. Source
and destination labels are more distinct and easily identified through 10-character high resolution graphic displays
with international character support. Improved Roman
English & European character fonts and new font style
makes vertical panel mounting possible.
6 Clear-Com Eclipse HX
The V-Series panels are capable of simultaneously
running both eight shift pages, up to eight extension
panels, and many extra physical keys on extension
panels for source or IFB routing.
User-configured signaling LEDs and Listen Again
digital memory: User-configured signaling LEDs make
incoming calls easy to follow at busy times. When there
are multiple calls or operators miss the last call, the
Listen Again digital memory can replay up to the last
30 seconds of any incoming call at his/her fingertips.
Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and Audio Level
Controls: Leading DSP makes local and centralized
real-time changes to audio routing and effects possible.
Individual up and down level controls let users adjust
personal audio mix for all calls or to send call alerts
to partylines. The Supervisor functionality centralizes
control of any V-Series panel, enabling efficient workflow.
Connection options: Analog CAT5/CAT6, digital CAT5/
CAT6 with AES-3, Co-Ax video cable and IP direct to the
panel (enabled by I.V.Core Technology).
User Control Panels
Panel Features
• 12 or 24 rotary, lever, or pushbutton keys
combination for user preference
• Horizontal or vertical text display option
• Crystal clear, high contrast yellow OLEDs
• Keypad for telephone dialing and quick menu
access (Available on 2RU and Desktop models)
• Front-mounted loudspeakers for high impact audio
V-Series 12-Key Pushbutton Desktop Panel
• Assignable Main and Auxiliary Rotary level
controls with LED level indication
• Gooseneck microphone and headset with
a choice of XLR-4 or XLR-5 connectors
• 10-character displays with contemporary,
easy-to-read font, including international
character fonts
V-Series 12-Key Pushbutton Panel
• Rear connections for Audio I/O and GPI control
• Native IP connectivity built-in
• XLR type RJ-45 for robust matrix connection
• Soft menus for local assignment
V-Series 24-Key Pushbutton Panel
• “Listen Again” digital audio memory replay
• Supervisor capability
• Easily-identifiable color tallies for IFB and partyline
assigned keys on V-Series Rotary panels
I-Series Panels
Rugged and reliable 1RU panels. Available with
five-character display selector modules or non-display
selector modules and a microphone headset module.
The 32 key i-Series panels also include keypads.
Four standard variants available:
I-1200E 2x8-key non-display, gooseneck and headset
connections and loudspeaker with level control
V-Series 12-Key Lever
Desktop Panel
I-1400E 4x8-key non-display, gooseneck and headset
connections and loudspeaker with level control
I-1430E 4x8-key display gooseneck and headset
connections and loudspeaker with level control with
keypad (dial and assignment menus)
V-Series 12-Key Lever Panel
I-1470E as per I-1430E, but with AUX-101 option
(local audio and GPIs plus the e-1410E 4 x 8 display
key extension panel)
Note: Clear-Com reserves the right to withdraw
legacy control panels from sale at any time following
sufficient notice.
V-Series 24-Key Lever Panel
Clear-Com Eclipse HX 7
Frame Cards
High Density. High Performance. High Reliability.
6RU frame cards for the Eclipse HX-Median and Eclipse HX-Omega
system frames to establish intelligent connections.
E-Que Card
A wireless cell controller card (with rear)
that can seamlessly connect CellCom/
FreeSpeak digital wireless beltpacks to the
Eclipse HX matrix system for untethered
communications. Alternately, the card
can provide E1 and T1 intelligent linking
to interconnect matrix frames or signaling
free channelized E1/T1 to achieve both
capabilities from one card using its split
mode operation.
IVC-32 Card
The IVC-32 card provides up to 32 IP
channel connections of high performance
and low latency audio connections in and
out of the Eclipse HX-Median or Eclipse
HX-Omega frames. The IVC-32 card has
two main purposes: to integrate Concert
and to enable IP connections with all
V-Series IP-enabled panels. This card
makes extending intercom access to
new users in remote locations highly
flexible and cost-effective.
E-MADI64 Card
The E-MADI64 (Multiple Audio Digital
Interface) card provides connection with
standard MADI devices, with up to 64
AES3 format digital audio “four-wires”.
The card can be configured for 24, 32,
48, 56 or the full 64 channels with sample
rates up to 96kHz.
LMC-64 Card
The IP-based audio level monitor card,
installed in the Eclipse HX system frame,
enables the Production Maestro Pro application to use the Clear-Vu Audio Metering
for up to 64 channels per card. Using two
standard scaling options, Nordic and VU, the
LMC-64 Card enables easy and rapid audio
adjustments for any critical application.
MVX-A16 Card
A 16-port audio and data card set for
use with panels, interface modules and
direct ports using balanced four-wire
audio and RS422 data interfacing. The
card set consists of a front router card
and a 16-way RJ-45 port rear card.
E-FIB Card
A Fiber-Net card and rear interface
enables dual redundant audio fiber
network connections to 14 other frames.
Note: Restrictions based on power supply set the
allowable quantity of IVC-32 and E-Que cards.
8 Clear-Com Eclipse HX
Interface Modules
Connections with third-party devices or panels are enabled
in the Eclipse HX using a variety of interface modules.
CCI-22 (Dual Partyline Ring Interface
Module) connects two 2-wire full-duplex
partyline circuits with the matrix. The interface
supports Clear-Com signaling to and from
the matrix system, deriving its power from the
external partyline circuit. Levels and cable
nulling are completely adjustable. The CCI-22
functions with Clear-Com and other two-wire
intercom systems.
RLY-6 (6-way Relay Control Module)
provides six fully programmable SPDT
(Single Pole, Double Throw) relay outputs
to support dedicated switching functions
external to the matrix system. This provides
for external DC signal light activation or
door control, for example.
FOR-22 (Dual 4-wire Transformer Balance
and Radio Relay Control Module) connects
two external four-wire circuits to the matrix. The
module provides proper impedance matching,
transformer isolation and level adjustments
between systems. It also supports external
relay activation and call-sense circuitry.
AES-6-CX and AES-6-RJ
The six-channel AES-6-CX module connects
V-Series panels to Eclipse HX matrices over
AES3 digital audio pairs (RJ) or Co-Ax (CX),
providing two audio paths to the intercom
panel. Alternately, these modules can be used
to connect Eclipse to third party equipment,
with AES interface ports.
TEL-14 (Dual Telephone Interface Module)
The two-line, auto-nulling digital hybrid
telephone interface module is designed for
establishing IFB connections between the
main intercom and remote production trucks,
and enabling telephone calls directly from any
intercom panel in an Eclipse HX matrix.
GPI-6 (6-way General Purpose Input Control
Module) provides six general purpose Opto
logic inputs into the matrix, allowing external
sources to trigger routing changes and other
events through the matrix system.
Clear-Com Eclipse HX 9
Clear-Com VoICE 2.0 frame (Voice over IP Communications
Equipment) can be used to link remote audio circuits to Eclipse HX
matrices over IP infrastructure.
Each four-way VoICE 2.0 interface frame, when
operating back to back with other frames,
can provide:
• Up to 4 remote user panels intelligently linked
backed to the Eclipse HX
• Up to 4 intelligent trunk lines between
remote matrix systems
• Up to 4 four-wire Audio pairs and 4 Asynchronous
RS-422 data links between remote sites
10 Clear-Com Eclipse HX
Rack-mountable interface frames offer a scalable way to hold
interface modules and directly connect external audio sources
to the Eclipse HX systems.
IMF-3 interface frame holds up to 11 interface modules
in a 3RU chassis. Modular rear-mounted connector units
feature two RJ-45 connectors to the matrix ports and two
DB-9s attaching the connected devices. The frame is used
in conjunction with the PSU-101 rack-mountable dual
power supply, providing power to the enclosed interfaces.
PSU-101 is the power supply for the IMF-3 interface frame.
It has both an audible failure alarm and failure relay contacts
to activate a remote signal. A single PSU-101 will power
a minimum of two interface frames depending on the type
of interfaces and their individual power requirements.
IMF-102 interface frame combines an internal power supply,
connection for a second redundant supply, a rear input/
output connector panel and slots for two modular interfaces – all in a 1RU chassis. The compact frame offers a
practical way to add two interfaces to an Eclipse HXOmega, Median or PiCo Matrix frame. A PSU-101 can be
added for power supply redundancy.
TW-60 interface supports “Radio Interoperability” and interfaces with up to four Land Mobile Radios. The interface
can connect to earphone, microphone and push-to-talk
radio controls. An audio output delay, to allow key-up
time of a radio system on the outbound side of each
connection, is also included with delay between 0 and
5000ms. Receive level, Transmit level and Delay time are
three separate controls for each radio.
BAL-8 (8-way Transformer Balance unit) is a 1RU
interface containing eight transformer isolated ports.
The unit isolates the connection between matrix ports
and peripheral devices such as two-way radios and
four-wires. (All Eclipse HX matrix direct outputs are
low andimpedance electronically balanced.)
IFB-104 (IFB line Interface) is a 1RU panel that directly
connects up to four IFB feeds to the ports of a digital
matrix system. Individual or multiple IFB ear buds or
headphones may be used directly from each connected
matrix port.
The IFB-104 does not require external power to drive its
circuitry. Each channel has a rear-mounted wet/dry switch,
allowing either direct connection or powering via a partyline
intercom power supply. The signal from the matrix port is
transformer-coupled to the XLR connector output.
Clear-Com Eclipse HX 11
Eclipse HX Configuration Software (EHX)
EHX gives system administrators and operators an
intuitive graphical view of the system, panels and
control logic such as Logic Maestro for ease of configuration
and management of the entire Eclipse HX network.
EHX Version 7.0 software significantly improves
user experience. Built-in automation, pre-set factory
configuration, and intuitive hardware discovery drastically enhance the out-of-box start-up experience. Now,
with the new EHX 7.0, many software improvements
have been added to empower users to make more
dynamic system changes.
New Features in EHX 7.0:
• Faster software algorithms to enable
real-time system-wide updates.
Simplified Eclipse HX Configuration Software
(EHX) for configuring and managing the entire
Eclipse HX network
• Simplified user interface for the setup
of matrix cards and ports
• User Rights added for identifying user
types and control levels in software
• Resource Chart to display the users
configuration limits as a tabular list
• Easily-identifiable color tallies for IFB and
partyline assigned keys (V-Series only)
• Highlighted off-normal crosspoint levels
Easy drag-and-drop operation on
Panel Programming for panel setup
• New Online Help
More intuitive and simplified Cards and Ports
configuration screen
New Online Help to provide quick assistance
on key features and functions
New Resource Utilization screen for providing
at-a-glance status on resource usage
12 Clear-Com Eclipse HX
Additional EHX Features
• Automatic setup of initial configuration by hardware
discovery and default factory configuration
• Configuration upload from frames
• Real-time key assignment routes,
IFB and partyline routing
• Centrally set global and local IFB operations
• Programmable and real-time V-Series Panel
audio routing-mixing
• DTMF dial tone inward access
• Activation of relays, routes, and DTMF
sequences via controls
• Global label based key latch disable
• Configuration of frame and panel relay controls
• Port I/O audio level control
• Centrally set local and global ISO routes
• 8 programmable pages on a V-Series panel
Production Maestro Pro for fast conference and line routing setup
Production Maestro Pro
Production Maestro Pro is an add-on software module
of the Eclipse HX Configuration Software for flexible and
fast conference and lines routing setup. It manages live
external lines in and out of any small or large intercom
central system to remote users’ panels and their keys,
very useful for technical operators handling large sports
venue lines upstream of studio users. Users can simply
route four-wire lines to groups of panel users instantly
with the graphical assignment system.
Production Maestro Pro’s Clear-Vu Audio Metering enables
visual audio levels on a PC screen using real-time graphical
meters. Clear-Vu provides both activity and level monitoring
of feeds with a glance while reducing the need for multiple
monitoring speakers.
• 4 configuration maps per frame
• Intelligent linking (analog and digital trunks
over 4-wires, E1 or T1 and Fiber)
• Hardware graphical diagnostics and reporting
Production Maestro Pro Features
• A real-time production tool
• Event and status logging
• Intuitive drag-and-drop conference,
crosspoint and IFB assignment
• Logic Maestro for graphical logic
control programming
• Multi-user synchronized operations
• CellCom/FreeSpeak Integra Digital
Wireless beltpack configuration
• Resilient fault tolerant design
• Multiple levels of undo/redo
• Audio input level adjustment
• Real-time conference renaming
• 4-wire route monitoring
• Key Groups for assigning keys located
on multiple panels as one entity
• Save time by assembling preset conferences
in advance of their activation
• Visually monitors and adjust multiple audio levels using
Clear-Vu Audio Metering (requires LMC-64 card)
Clear-Com Eclipse HX 13
System Diagram
14 Clear-Com Eclipse HX
Clear-Com Eclipse HX 15
About Clear-Com
Clear-Com, an HME company, is a global provider in professional voice communications systems since
1968. We develop and market proven intercom technologies such as Analog & Digital Partyline, Digital
Matrix, Wireless and Intercom-over-IP systems for critical communication applications in broadcast,
performance venues, military, government and enterprise markets. Recognized for our legacy of intercom
innovations, production teams around the world have come to depend on Clear-Com for clear, reliable
and scalable communications solutions.
About HM Electronics, Inc. (HME)
HM Electronics, Inc. is a diverse group of companies providing solutions that enhance productivity
and customer service in markets including restaurants, sports and professional audio. Founded in
1971, we sell, service and support products in 89 countries worldwide, via company-owned offices
in the U.S., Canada, Europe, and China, and an extensive network of HME-authorized distributors,
dealers and service agents. Every day quick service restaurants take over 24 million orders using
HME systems. With the recent acquisition of Clear-Com, HME is the world’s leading provider of
professional intercom systems.
Americas and Asia-Pacific Headquarters
California, United States
Tel: +1.510.337.6600
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