The BradCommunications SST communications module connects your Rockwell Automation ControlLogix

The BradCommunications SST communications module connects your Rockwell Automation ControlLogix
The BradCommunications™ SST communications module
connects your Rockwell Automation ControlLogix®
controller with up to 1 Ethernet Modbus TCP and 2 Serial
Modbus networks.
03 Apr. 08
y Save money!
1 Ethernet + 2 Serial Channels
For the Allen-Bradley® ControlLogix® Controller
1 Ethernet and 2 RS232/RS485
Serial Modbus channels on a
single slot - 1756 backplane
Save time!
No ladder logic to write for
configuration and data transfer
between module and
ControlLogix processor
Boot user configuration and
update firmware module through
integrated USB port
Data format: Bit, Byte, Word,
Dword, Float
RLL feature : configure and
diagnose Modbus network
remotely via A-B RSLinx®
Advanced Windows configuration
and diagnostics tools
Up to 8 SST™ modules can be
used in one ControlLogix rack
Support local and remote
y Modbus TCP Client /Server
y Modbus Serial Master or Slave
Typical Applications
y SCADA / supervisory
Integration of legacy Modbus
Bridge Rockwell networks to
Modbus compatible devices
The BradCommunications™ SST™ Ethernet / Serial module connects Rockwell
Automation® ControlLogix® controllers to Modbus networks. Each module has 1
Ethernet and 2 Serial communication channels that act as independent Modbus
TCP Client/Server and Modbus Master or Slave protocols to exchange data with
other Modbus compatible devices.
The SST module acts as a 1756 input/output module between the Modbus network
and the ControlLogix backplane. The data transfer from the SST™ module to the
ControlLogix processor supports 2 modes; a direct mode allowing mapping of
Modbus data in I/O processor image (496 inputs bytes / 496 output bytes) and a
messaging mode (based on CIP transaction) allowing access to Modbus data
images stored in 32K registers of the SST™ module’s memory.
The SST module has a USB port on the front panel which can be used for the
startup of the module when the user configuration is stored to a USB key. This can
also be beneficial if a breakdown occurs, allowing a very quick startup to occur with
a new SST module.
Configuration and Diagnostics
Save your time, the SST module doesn’t require any ladder logic programming to
be used. The configuration is created using a PC-based Windows console software
connected via RLL (Remote Link Library) functionality allowing a remote access to
the SST module for the configuration and the diagnostics through Rockwell network
architectures (Ethernet/ControlNet/DeviceNet™).
The SST console allows the user to define the network parameters, Modbus
devices and the cyclic data exchanges. The console includes a user configuration
manager offering services for download, upload, copy, and rename of user
configurations. With this, a user can very easily and quickly create a new
configuration to initialize and start a SST module.
The SST console includes diagnostic tools to help with the commissioning and
monitoring of the Modbus connection. These tools allow access in read and write
modes to the Modbus slaves or to monitor and modify the module’s internal data
shared bound for a Modbus Master. Thus, the user-friendly tools are available for
controlling the communication in commissioning phase (PROG mode). This same
information is also available in production (RUN mode) through status words
making it possible for the user to manage the execution of the control application in
its ladder logic.
1 Ethernet + 2 Serial Channels
Diagnostic & Software Tools
Hardware Specifications
Bus Interface
USB Port (pending)
Current Consumption
Operating Temperature
Storage Temperature
Regulatory Approvals
I/O Mapping
(for ControlLogix)
- User Configuration Manager -
Shared Memory
(for ControlLogix)
Allen-Bradley 1756 ControlLogix
Support multiple modules in a chassis
Local and remote rack
128 MB of onboard shared memory
8 MB of flash memory (user configuration and firmware)
4 characters display
3 LEDs indicator:
1 - health of the network (COMM)
2 - communication status (SYS)
3 - initialization complete and module is ok (OK)
• Type A, USB 2 and 1.1 compatible
• User configuration boot
• Module firmware upgrade
850 mA @ 5V or 1.75 mA @ 24V
0ºC (32ºF) up to +60ºC (140ºF)
-40ºC (-40°F) up to +85ºC (185°F)
Class 1 Div 2 (pending)
• Maximum 496 bytes input data
• Maximum 496 bytes output data
• Maximum 250 words status data
• Maximum 41 bytes configuration data
• 32K words and 32K bits
• Read/Write access
• Ladder logic based on CIP messaging
Windows-based software tools through A-B RSLinx™ and
Remote TCP
Network Specifications
Serial Communication Port
- Configuration Console -
Ethernet Communication Port
Port: 2 distinct Serial ports
Speed: 110 to 115200 bps
Parity: none, even, and odd
Data bits: 5, 6, 7, or 8
Stop bits: 1 or 2
Connector: RJ45 (DB9 male supplied cable)
Electrical interface: RS232, RS422 and
RS485, 500V galvanic insulation
Maximum slave: 127 slaves devices
Function code: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 15, 16
Data format: Intel / Motorola
32K words / 32K bits shared memory
Function Code: 0, 1, 3, 5, 6, 15, 16
Port: 1 distinct Ethernet port
Speed: 10/100 Mbps, auto-negotiation
Connector: BaseT (RJ45)
Support client/server modes
Support TCP and UDP connection
Client mode
Up to 128 Modbus server devices
Support up to 4 simultaneous requests
Function code: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 15,16
Data format: Intel / Motorola
Server mode
32K words / 32K bits shared memory
Function Code: 0, 1, 3, 15, 16
Ordering Information
Part Number
BradCommunications™ SST™ 1 Ethernet and 2 Serial ports PLC
communications module for Allen-Bradley ControlLogix, includes
Remote Link Library feature
Also available:
BradCommunications™ SST™ 4 Serial ports PLC communications
module for Allen-Bradley ControlLogix, includes Remote Link
Library feature
- Modbus Read/Write Data Diagnostic Tool -
More Serial and Ethernet protocols available for Altus (AL2000 series), Alstom (Alspa C80-35 & C80-75), GE
Fanuc (GE90-30 & 90-70), Mitsubishi (AnA, AnU, AnS, QnA, QnAS), Omron (Sysmac C, CV and CS1), Schneider
(Premium, Micro, TSX/PMX), Siemens (S7-200/300/400, S5, TI-505). Please contact us for more information.
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