l al Performance And Profits Are Just Over The Bridge

l al Performance And Profits Are Just Over The Bridge
Performance And Profits
Are Just Over The Bridge
Easy Install
“ITI Technology Simplifies Your Life”
Now there’s a quick, low-cost way to get the most out of any conventional
security panel. With the Quik Bridge Two-Channel Receiver, a hardwire panel
can use up to four ITI wireless devices on two zones.
That gives you a variety of ways to give your customers greater security and
much more convenience. Add wireless sensors to increase protection. Use a
Keychain Touchpad for maximum ease in operating the security system and
other household devices. Complete the installation in minutes.
The receiver’s programming button and ITI’s patented Learn Mode™ technology
make it all possible.
Use the Two-Channel Receiver to add performance to your customer’s hardwire
panel and take the Quik Bridge to a better bottom line.
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Fire Protection
Access Control
Two Channels, Multiple Options
The Quik Bridge Two-Channel Receiver lets you customize
the panel specifically to customer needs. You can combine up to four wireless
sensors or keychain touchpads with the hardwire system. You have all the versatility
you need to make improvements your customers will really appreciate.
Make Wireless Sense
Customers can have all kinds of security.
The receiver is compatible with a wide selection of ITI wireless sensors, including
door/window sensors, PIR motion sensors, 2001 RF smoke detectors and waterresistant panic sensors.
ITI’s wireless sensors provide fast, easy, economical installation. They’re powered
by long-life batteries. They eliminate difficult wire runs. Wireless sensors are effective because you can place them where they provide the highest security – not just
where it’s easy to run a wire. That makes it simple to tailor a system that best
meets your customers’ security needs.
The Key To Convenience
The Quik Bridge Two-Channel Receiver
gives you a variety of options for controlling devices with a Keychain Touchpad,
so all the convenience your customers need is right at their fingertips.
Customers can arm or disarm the system and turn home lights on and off with
remote pushbutton ease so there’s no need to rush to the control panel.
The Quik Bridge Receiver can be tailored to your customers’ unique lifestyles.
Use a Keychain Touchpad to open one garage door, or use it to operate two
different garage doors separately.
Easy Installation
ITI technology makes life easier for installers too.
Mount the Quik Bridge Receiver on a wall and connect the receiver to the panel’s 11-15
VDC power outputs or to a separate power supply, such as a 12-volt DC adapter.
Then use the receiver’s programming button to learn wireless devices into their
respective zones. The LED indicator lets you know the complete status of the
programming operation.
A Wire-To-Wireless Triumph
Everybody wins when you add
wireless devices the ITI way. Your customers get more security and convenience
from their hardwire panel. And you get increased sales. All you have to do is take
the bridge – the Quik Bridge Two-Channel Receiver. You’ll cross over to greater
performance – and greater profits.
Fire Protection
Access Control
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