Touchtalk 2-Way RF Touchpad ITI Part # 60-788 Overview

Touchtalk 2-Way RF Touchpad ITI Part # 60-788 Overview
Interactive Technologies, Inc.
Touchtalk 2-Way RF
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ITI Part # 60-788
The wall-mounted wireless Touchtalk 2-Way RF Touchpad combines a
conventional ITI Learn Mode™ touchpad with an RF receiver, speech
chip with 212 word vocabulary, and voice amplification circuit.
The Touchtalk 2-Way RF Touchpad enables the user to arm or disarm
the SIMON® (Version 2 and later) security system, turn lights controlled
by the system on and off (all or individual lights), or turn on a system
siren. The Touchpad also enables the security system to call the central
monitoring station if there is a non-medical emergency. It enables the
user to hear the same voice feedback as would be heard at the Simon
Control Panel. The voice feedback is heard only at the touchpad that is
in use. If the touchpad is talking, the panel is silent; when the panel is
talking, the touchpad is silent. The touchpad is not a siren and will not
make any alarm sounds or status beeps. This feature extends battery
life to the touchpad and gives feedback only to the user who needs it.
The Touchtalk 2-Way RF Touchpad is not supervised and has no
tamper detection. A low battery condition is automatically detected by
the touchpad and communicated to the control panel.
Touchtalk 2-Way RF Touchpad features include the following:
Attractive, small touchpad with buttons arranged in familiar phone
The buttons are marked for clear, understandable operation
Control of the system-controlled lights (all-at-once or individual
Control of the system siren
Easily wall-mounted
Hinged door covers the touchpad buttons when not in use
The touchpad operates on user-changeable alkaline batteries with
a typical life of 3 years
Since the Touchtalk 2-Way RF Touchpad is wireless it can be
quickly and easily installed and mounted where it will be the most
convenient to the user
TouchTalk 2-Way RF Touchpad
Power Supply
Power Requirements
3 AAA Alkaline Batteries
Operating Temperature
Maximum Humidity
0°F to 120°F
70% relative humidity, noncondensing
FCC Part 15
Physical Description
Chassis Material
10 Belgian Gray
3.5 in wide x 5.25 in high x 1 in deep
5 oz (.14 kg)
Injection-molded ABS plastic
Interactive Technologies, Inc.
2266 Second Street North
North Saint Paul, MN 55109
Fax: 1-651-779-4890
Specifications are subject to change without notice.
Ordering Information
ITI Part # 60-788
ITI Document # 466-1599 (Rev. B) Dated March 1999
ITI and Simon are registered trademarks of Interactive Technologies, Inc.
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