Modifying Internet Options for use with Optiflex
Prior to viewing an Optiflex image remotely from your computer, (using Optiflex Connect), it may be
necessary to modify some settings on your PC to enable installation of Optiflex Connect ActiveX
Honeywell’s Optiflex Connect ActiveX software is currently supported by the following operating
systems: Windows 98/ME, Windows 2000 Professional, Windows XP Home/Professional. The software
has not been tested on Windows 2003 Server.
Follow the steps below to install Optiflex Connect ActiveX software for Windows operating systems:
1. Make sure that you have Administrator privileges for the PC the software is being installed on.
2. Open Internet Explorer and from the top toolbar click on Tools. Select Internet Options from the
drop-down menu.
3. From the Internet Options dialog box, click on the Security tab. In the Select a Web content zone
box, click on Trusted sites.
4. To ensure that the security level for this zone has default values, click the Default Level button in
the lower right-hand corner (see Figure 1 below).
Figure 1 – Internet Options dialog box
SUPPLEMENT: Optiflex Connect (continued)
5. Click on the Sites button (the Trusted Sites dialog box is displayed) and deselect the Require server
verification check box.
6. In the Add this Web Site to the zone box, enter the web sites for this zone exactly as follows:
http://symphony.alarmnet.com and https://symphony.alarmnet.com, click on Add and click OK (see
Figure 2 below).
Figure 2- Trusted sites dialog box
7. The Internet Options dialogue box is displayed. Select the Custom Level button (the Security
Settings dialog box is displayed) and scroll down to Initialize and script ActiveX controls not marked
as safe and click on Enable (see Figure 3a below).
Figure 3a- Security Settings dialog box
SUPPLEMENT: Optiflex Connect (continued)
8. With the Security Settings dialog box still open from the previous step, scroll down to Display Mixed
content and click on Enable (see Figure 3b below).
9. Click OK to accept all of your changes and when the Warning box appears, select Yes, then Apply and OK.
Figure 3b – Security Settings dialog box
10. Proceed to the Optiflex Connect web site located at: http://symphony.alarmnet.com and log in to the
Optiflex Connect account. The first time you log in (or any time there is an ActiveX software update) you
will see the following screen while ActiveX is being downloaded (see Figure 4 below).
This message is visible while
ActiveX is loading.
Figure 4 – Optiflex Connect web site
SUPPLEMENT: Optiflex Connect (continued)
11. Once ActiveX software is loaded, you will be prompted to install it. You will see the following message
from the Windows Operating System (see Figure 5 below). Please read the certification and click YES.
This step completes the installation process.
Figure 5 – Security Warning dialog box
Congratulations! You are now ready to use Optiflex Connect services.
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