Roland V-PAD PD-125XS User manual

Roland V-PAD PD-125XS User manual
2009 Vol. 3
V-Pro Series
Rage on the Stage
The new TD-20KX V-Pro series makes a full-impact impression onstage with its industrial brushed-metal* V-Pads, enlarged
V-Kick, silver-colored V-Cymbals, and rock-solid chrome drum rack. The TD-20X drum module is loaded with hundreds of
powerful and expressive sounds, and provides a newly integrated feature set that’s based on Roland’s famous TD-20 and
TDW-20. Eye-catching looks, incredible sounds, and reinforced hardware make the TD-20KX a star on any stage.
*Synthetic material with authentic brushed-metal appearance.
●Latest sounds and improved dynamics for a supremely
natural, powerful drumming experience
●Integrated feature set based on TD-20 and TDW-20
●New V-Pads and V-Kick with attractive brushed-metal look
●New silver-colored V-Cymbals® and V-Hi-Hat®
●Custom covering system (interchangeable
shell-wraps for V-Kick and V-Pads)
●Newly designed hardware provides enhanced
stability, style, and flexible mounting options
V-Drums® V-Pro Series
Percussion Sound Module
The TD-20X combines the features of Roland’s
TD-20 and TDW-20 in one unit, with hundreds of
expressive, dynamic sounds onboard, plus new
ambience and the latest V-Edit including Kit
Percussion Sound Modulex 1
PD-125X V-Pad
PD-125XS V-Pad (Snare)
PD-105X V-Pad
VH-12-SV V-Hi-Hat
CY-14C-SV V-Cymbal Crash
CY-15R-SV V-Cymbal Ride
Drum Stand (Option)
140 cm / 55-1/8 inches
V-Pro Series TD-20KX Kit Configuration
170 cm / 66-15/16 inches
TD-20KX Specifications
Drum Stand for TD-20KX
This chrome-finished drum rack not
only looks great, it also provides
rock-solid stability with its advanced
weight-balanced design. The newly
improved mounts for cymbals and
toms provide a highly flexible setup.
The rubber protective sleeve shields
the cables from damage, while the new
clear-cabling system complements
the overall design. This is the flagship
stand for professional stage use.
140 cm / 55-1/8 inches
■ Dimensions 1600 (W) x 1400 (D) x 1250 (H) mm / 63 (W) x 55-1/8 (D) x 49-1/4 (H) inches (including Sound
Module, Kick Pad, Cymbals and Stool) ■ Weight 56.5 kg / 124 lbs 9 oz (Excluding
Kick Pedal, Snare
and Hi-Hat Stand) ■ Options Pad Mount (MDH series), Cymbal Mount (MDY series), V-Drums Accessory
Package: DAP-3, V-Drums Mat: TDM-20, Personal Drum Monitor: PM-30, PM-10
* The specifications VH-12-SV
are subject to change
without notice.
170 cm / 66-15/16 inches
MDS-25 Specifications
■ Accessories Holder x 5, Pad Arm x 4, Cymbal Arm x 3, Owner’s Manual, Mounting Plate, Drum Key, Cable
Tie, Connection Cable (concealed in pipes) ■ Required Space for Set-up 1400 (W) x 950 (D) x 1100 (H) mm /
55-1/8 (W) x 37-7/16 (D) x 43-5/16 (H) inches (Drum Stand only), 1600 (W) x 1400 (D) x 1250 (H) mm / 63 (W)
x 55-1/8 (D) x 49-1/4 (H) inches (including Sound Module, Kick Pad, Cymbals and Stool) ■ Tube Diameter
Stand: 38.1 mm / 1-1/2 inches, Pad Arm/Cymbal Arm: 22.2mm / 7/8 inches ■ Weight 20.5 kg / 45 lbs 4 oz
(including Pad Mounts and Cymbal Mounts)
* The specifications are subject to change without notice.
●World-leading Percussion module with COSM®
●920 drum instruments and 100 drum kits onboard
●New ambience choices optimized for a wide
variety of live environments
●New compression algorithms for unprecedented
power and punch
●99 internal patches, convenient backup via
CF card
TD-20X Specifications
■ Sound Generator Variable Drum Modeling ■ Maximum Polyphony 64 Voices
■ Instruments Drum Instruments: 920, Backing Instruments: 262 ■ Drum Kits 100
■ Drum Kit Chains 16 chains (32 steps per chain) ■ Ambience Parameters Room Type
(25 types), Room Size, Wall Type, Mic Position, Room Shape ■ Mixer Parameters
Volume, Pan, Minimum Volume, Ambience Send Level, Multi-Effects Send Level,
Output Assign ■ Effect Types Pad Equalizer (each pad), Pad Compressor (each pad),
Multi-Effects: 13 types, Master Compressor, Master Equalizer, Reverb (for backing
part), Chorus (for backing part) ■ Percussion Sets 8
■ Sequencer User Patterns: 100, Preset Patterns: 150, Parts: 6, Maximum Note
Storage: approx. 20,000 Notes, Tempo: 20—260, Click Instruments: 20
■ Display 64 x 240 dots (backlit graphic LCD), 7 segments, 3 characters (LED), Trigger
Level Indicator (LED) ■ Faders 8 ■ Preview Button ■ Connectors Trigger Input Jack x
15, Hi-Hat Control Jack (VH series, FD series), Master Output Jacks (L/MONO, R),
Direct Output Jack x 8, Digital Output Jack (COAXIAL type, 44.1 kHz / 24-bit),
Headphones Jack (Stereo 1/4 inch phone type), Mix in Jack (Stereo 1/4 inch phone
type), MIDI Connectors (IN, OUT/THRU), Foot Switch Jack (1/4 inch TRS phone type),
CompactFlash Card Slot, AC Inlet ■ Output Impedance 1.0 kΩ ■ Power Supply AC 117
V, AC 230 V, AC 240 V (50/60 Hz), AC 220 V (60 Hz) ■ Power Consumption 16 W
■ Dimensions 307 (W) x 256 (D) x 105 (H) mm, 12-1/8 (W) x 10-1/8 (D) x 4-3/16 (H)
inches ■ Weight 2.7 kg / 6 lbs ■ Accessories Owner’s Manual, Power Cord ■ Options
Pads (PD series, PDX series), Cymbals (CY series), Kick Triggers (KD series), Hi-Hat (VH
series), Hi-Hat Control Pedal (FD series), Stands (MDS series), Cymbal Mount (MDY
series), Pad Mount (MDH series)
* The specifications are subject to change without notice.
V-Pro Series TD-20KX
*Synthetic material with authentic brushed-metal appearance.
V-Pad (Snare)
12-inch V-Pad (Snare) is
snare-stand mountable.
It has a brushed-metal* finish
and interchangeable
■ Pad size 12 inches ■ Trigger 2 (Head, Rim) ■ Dimensions 358 (W)
x 322 (D) x 117 (H) mm, 14-1/8 (W) x 12-11/16 (D) x 4-5/8 (H) inches
■ Weight 3.0 kg, 6 lbs 10 oz ■ Accessories Owner’s Manual,
Connection Cable, Drum Key
* The specifications are subject to change without notice.
12-inch V-Pad has a
brushed-metal* finish, an
interchangeable shell-wraps,
and dual tom-mount options.
PD-125X Specifications
■ Pad size 12 inches ■ Trigger 2 (Head, Rim) ■ Dimensions 358 (W) x 368 (D) x 117 (H) mm,
14-1/8 (W) x 14-1/2 (D) x 4-5/8 (H) inches ■ Weight 3.4 kg, 7 lbs 8 oz ■ Accessories Owner’s
Manual, Connection Cable, Drum Key ■ Options Pad Mount (MDH series), Stand (MDS series)
* The specifications are subject to change without notice.
V-Cymbal Ride
15-inch V-Cymbal (ride) features
a silver-colored finish, positional
sensing, choke-compatible edge,
and 3-way triggering for edge/
PD-105X Specifications
■ Pad size 10 inches ■ Trigger 2 (Head, Rim) ■ Dimensions 307 (W) x 317 (D) x 117 (H) mm,
12-1/8 (W) x 12-1/2 (D) x 4-5/8 (H) inches ■ Weight 3.0 kg, 6 lbs 10 oz ■ Accessories Owner’s
Manual, Connection Cable, Drum Key ■ Options Pad Mount (MDH series), Stand (MDS series)
* The specifications are subject to change without notice.
V-Cymbal Crash
14-inch V-Cymbal (crash) features
a silver-colored finish, a natural
floating mechanism, and
choke-compatible edge.
CY-14C-SV Specifications
■ Size 14 inches ■ Triggers 2 (Bow/Edge) ■ Connector BOW/EDGE Output Jack ■ Dimensions
352 (W) x 352 (D) x 48 (H) mm / 13-7/8 (W) x 13-7/8 (D) x 1-15/16 (H) inches ■ Weight 1.4 kg / 3 lbs
2 oz ■ Accessories Owner’s Manual, Wing Nut, Felt Washer, Stopper, Connection Cable, Cable Tie
■ Options Cymbal Mount (MDY Series), Cymbal Parts Set (CYM-10)
* The specifications are subject to change without notice.
14-inch V-Kick features an
enlarged bass-drum head
and solid-metal frame
for a secure, natural feel.
Drummers will feel the
difference the moment they
sink their pedal into this
top-of-the-line pad.
KD-140 Specifications
■ Pad size 14 inches ■ Dimensions 550 (W) x 320 (D) x 530 (H) mm, 21-11/16 (W) x 12-5/8 (D) x
20-7/8 (H) inches ■ Weight 11.0 kg, 24 lbs 5 oz ■ Accessories Owner’s Manual, Connection Cable,
Plastic Beater, Drum Key
* The specifications are subject to change without notice.
New silver-colored V-Hi-Hat provides
full motion capability for natural
stick/pedal work — a perfect
complement to the TD-20KX kit.
VH-12-SV Specifications
■ Size 12 inches ■ Trigger 2 (Bow/Edge) ■ Connectors TRIGGER
OUTPUT Jack, CONTROL OUTPUT Jack ■ Dimensions 314 (W) x 314
(D) x 89 (H) mm / 12-3/8 (W) x 12-3/8 (D) x 3-9/16 (H) inches ■ Weight
1.9 kg / 4 lbs 4 oz ■ Accessories Owner’s Manual, Clutch, Clamp,
Holder (3 types), Link Cable, Connection Cable x 2, Drum Key, Cable
* The specifications are subject to change without notice.
CY-15R-SV Specifications
■ Size 15 inches ■ Triggers 3 (Bow/Bell/Edge) ■ Connectors BOW/BELL Output Jack, BOW/EDGE
Output Jack ■ Dimensions 376 (W) x 376 (D) x 50 (H) mm / 14-13/16 (W) x 14-13/16 (D) x 2 (H)
inches ■ Weight 1.6 kg / 3 lbs 9 oz ■ Accessories Owner’s Manual, Wing Nut, Felt Washer,
Stopper, Connection Cable x 2, Cable Tie ■ Options Cymbal Mount (MDY Series), Cymbal Parts
Set (CYM-10)
* The specifications are subject to change without notice.
10-inch V-Pad provides the same
brushed-metal* finish and features
as its companion pads, including
interchangeable shell-wraps and
dual tom-mount options.
PD-125XS Specifications
Cymbal Mount
Pad Mount
(coming soon)
(coming soon)
New cymbal mount for the
MDS-25 with a flexible
ball-clamp and newly
designed mechanical arm.
Provides dual-mount options
for boom and straight.
New tom mount
for the MDS-25
with a flexible
ball clamp and
tilt mechanism.
(coming soon)
Shell Wrap Package for
TD-20KX (Blue/Red)
Page 15
V-Compact Series
A Bold New Look for Affordable V-Drums
Based on the popular TD-4K kit, the
new TD-4KX takes the best of the
past — outstanding feel, versatility,
and affordability — and spices it up
with newly developed 6.5-inch mesh
pads for high toms.
●New 6.5-inch mesh pads
for high toms
●PDX-8 for floor tom
●High-quality dynamic
●Easy editing with
customizable tuning and
●Coach function for building
skills and technique
●Expandable with an
optional pad or CY-12R/C
ride-cymbal replacement
●Compatible with optional
VH-11 V-Hi-Hat® to mount
on conventional hi-hat
●Cable harness and DB-25
connector provided for
fast, clean cable connection
V-Drums V-Compact Series
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------TD-4 Percussion Sound Module x 1
PDX-8 V-Pad (Snare, Tom 3)
PDX-6 V-Pad (Tom 1, Tom2)
CY-8 Dual-Trigger Cymbal Pad x 2
CY-5 Dual-Trigger Cymbal Pad x 1
KD-8 Kick Trigger Pad
FD-8 Hi-Hat Control Pedal
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------MDS-4 Drum Stand (Option)
110 cm / 43-5/16 inches
V-Compact Series TD-4KX Kit Configuration
TD-4KX Specifications
■ Dimensions 1200 (W) x 1100 (D) x 1250 (H) mm / 47-1/4 (W) x 43-5/16 (D) x 49-1/4 (H)
inches (with using MDS-4, including Sound Module, Kick Trigger, Cymbals, and Drum
Throne) ■ Weight 12.0 kg / 26 lbs 8 oz(excluding Stand) ■ Accessories Drum Key,
Setup Guide ■ Options Cymbal Mount: MDY-10U, Pad Mount: MDH-10U, Personal
Drum Monitor: PM-10, PM-30, V-Drums Accessory Package: DAP-3, V-Drums Mat:
TDM-10, Stand: MDS-4
* The specifications are subject to change without notice.
120 cm / 47-1/4 inches
FR-7x Piano type / FR-7x Button type
The V-Accordion is the first instrument of its kind to
provide powerful digital modelling technology in a
traditional, immediately familiar, accordion design,
and with performance functions and authentic
It combines the familiar sounds and nuances of a
traditional accordion with the versatility of a modern
digital musical instrument.
The FR-7x is the successor to the current FR-7.
It is enhanced with the latest V-Accordion features.
●Faster response and higher sensitivity and precision,
plus detection of bellows opening / closing with
new bellows pressure-sensor circuitry.
●New French accordion sounds, Bayan accordion
sounds, Italian classic accordion sounds, 24 new
orchestral sounds and Virtual ToneWheel organ
●USB host port on board for new sound-upload
possibilities, MP3 playback, wave recorder.
●Bellows resistance regulator knob to
specify the bellows inertia (the force
needed to push and pull it)
●New LCD display for comfortable
●Advanced musical expression: Bass to Treble
function, Percussion sounds playable by Bass &
Chord buttons, and 6 user assignable function
switches on last row of bass buttons
Piano type
Button type
Faster response and higher sensitivity
Thanks to Roland’s newly developed sound generator, which is
optimized for Accordion performance, the FR-7x will satisfy the
most demanding accordion players. You will be impressed by
the faster response of the keys/buttons, the higher sensitivity and
precision, and the detection of bellows opening/closing with new
bellows pressure sensor circuitry. Thanks to this new technology,
accordionists can feel perfectly at ease when playing their music,
especially once they have experienced the enhanced response of
this instrument.
USB host port onboard
Easy data storage, handy customization of V-Accordion sound-set
set to satisfy special accordion/orchestra demands from different
countries, and easy to upload software versions, thanks to the USB
Flash Memory. What's more, you can manage MP3 and Wav files
and even record your performances in Wav format on the optional
USB Flash Memory. Playback and record functions are perfect for
educational use, and enhance live performance too.
Battery-powered instrument
with built-in speakers
Though the FR-7x is a fully digital instrument, it’s an all-in-one
instrument, i.e. you do not need to connect it to any amplifier to
produce sounds. Its onboard amplification system is powerful
enough for small venues, restaurants, pubs… Furthermore, the
FR-7x comes with a rechargeable battery, so that you do not need
to connect it to a power outlet. It goes far beyond the control
possibilities of a MIDI keyboard with optional performance functions.
Super realistic organ simulations
Thanks to the Virtual ToneWheel sound engine, the FR-7x allows to
play amazing organ sounds, by using Treble (upper), Chord (lower)
and Bass (pedal) sections.
Harmonic Bar controls will allow
you to personalize your organ
sounds to satisfy every musical
FR-7x Specifications
[Keyboard] ■ Right hand FR-7x Piano type: 41 piano-type keys, velocity-sensitive with aftertouch,
FR-7x button type: 92 buttons, velocity-sensitive, with aftertouch controlled by Master Bar ■ Left
hand 120 bass buttons, velocity-sensitive ■ Treble Mode (only FR-7x Button type) C Griff Europe,
C Griff 2, B Griff Bajan, B Griff Fin, D Griff 1, D Griff 2 ■ Bass & Chord Mode 2Bs Rows, 3 Bs Rows
A-7th, 3 Bs Rows A-5dim, 3Bs Rows B-7th, 3Bs Rows B-5dim, 3Bs Rows Bx ■ Free Bass Mode
Minor 3rd, Bajan, Fifth, North Europe, Finnish [Accordion Engine / Memory] ■ Sound Engine
method New pressure sensor for better sensitivity and Advanced Physical Behaviour Modelling
such as detection of bellows opening/closing ■ Accordion Set 80 user-programmable accordion
sets, Each accordion set includes: 14 Treble registers, 7 Bass/Chord registers, 7 Free Bass
registers, 7 Orchestral Free Bass registers, 7 Orchestral Bass registers, 7 Orchestral Chord
registers, 49 Orchestral sounds ■ Orchestral sounds 26 Orchestral sound real time, Organ sound:
32 presets x Treble, Chord and Free Bass sections, 16 presets x Bass section. Up to 26 Harmonic
Bar combinations customizable, can be controlled and shaped by bellows, 7 Orchestra bass
sounds, 7 Orchestra chord sounds, 7 Orchestra Free Bass sounds Note: The whole orchestra
sections can be replaced with other sounds selected by MENU coming from dedicated
V-Accordion Roland library [Control / Hardware] ■ Display 128 x 64 OLED type ■ MP3 player
MP3 player from USB memory ■ Wave Recorder On USB memory ■ Additional switches 6 on
the last row of bass buttons ■ Percussion sound Bass buttons (two rows) control 3 selectable
percussion sounds, Chord buttons (four rows) control 3 selectable percussion sound ■ Bellows
resistance regulator Wheel with fine adjustment ■ Onboard connectors Headphone jack (stereo),
Output jack: L/Mono (Treble), R/ Mono (Bass), Multi connector (to FBC-7), USB host ■ External
FBC-7 5 Programmable Foot switches (set Up /Down Register Up/Down, Sustain), Multi connector
(towards Accordion), Expression Pedal jack, MIDI connectors (In, Out, Thru), Output jacks (L/
Mono, R), AC Inlet ■ Options V-Accordion Gigbag, FBC-7 Gigbag, Headphones RH-300, RH-200,
AMC-4 (Audio/midi cable), AAP-1 (Music Rest and Throne) [Size and Weight] ■ Dimensions Piano
type 423 (H) x 528 (W) x 275 (D) mm 16-11/16 (H) x 20-13/16 (W) x 10-7/8(D) inches ■ Dimensions
Button type 405 (H) x 506 (W) x 270 (D) mm, 16 (H) x 19-15/16 (W) x 10-11/16 (D) inches ■ Weight
11,7kg; 25 lbs. 6oz without straps, with battery
* The specifications are subject to change without notice.
Mobile Synthesizer
with Song Player
Travel Light, Play Heavy
Mobile Synthesizer
with Song Player
Forged in the JUNO® tradition of friendly features at
a great price, the new JUNO-Di is so much fun to
play and so easy to use, you’ll fall in love with it at
first touch. Perfect for first-timers, the JUNO-Di is
packed with a wide variety of top-quality sounds, and
has an easy-to-use “direct access” control panel and
a Song Player for larger-than-life performances. It’s
small, lightweight, and can even run on batteries, so
you can take it anywhere!
●Professional synthesizer with over 1,000 instruments
●Easy-to-use, intuitive user interface
●Battery operation for mobile use (supports Ni-MH
AA size rechargeable batteries)
●MP3, WAV, AIFF and SMF playback capability via
optional USB-Memory for backing tracks when
performing live
●Microphone input with dedicated Reverb and
Vocoder for sing-along
●PC/Mac Editor software included
Mobile Synthesizer with Audio Player
JUNO-Di Specifications
■ Keyboard 61 keys (with velocity) ■ Maximum Polyphony 128 voices
■ Parts 16 parts ■ Wave Memory 64 MB (16-bit linear equivalent)
■ Preset Memory Patches: 1082 + 256 (GM2), Rhythm Sets: 20 + 9
(GM2), Performances: 64 ■ User Memory Patches: 128, Rhythm Sets: 8,
Performances: 64, Favorites: 100 ■ Effects Multi-Effects: 3 systems / 79
types, Chorus: 3 types, Reverb: 5 types, Mic Input Reverb: 8 types
■ File Format (SMF/Audio File Player) Standard MIDI File: format-0/1,
Audio File: WAV, AIFF, MP3 ■ Rhythm Pattern Preset: 24 groups x 6
■ Arpeggiator Preset: 128 ■ Chord Memory Preset: 17 ■ Controllers
D Beam Controller, Pitch Bend/Modulation Lever, Sound Modify Knob
x 5 ■ Display 18 characters 1 line + 20 characters 2 lines, custom LCD
(with backlit) ■ External Storage Device USB Memory (supports USB
2.0 Hi-Speed Flash Memory) ■ Connectors Output Jacks (L/MONO, R):
1/4 inch phone type, Headphone Jack: Stereo 1/4 inch phone type, Mic
Input Jack: 1/4 inch phone type, EXT INPUT Jack: Stereo miniature
phone type, Hold Pedal Jack, MIDI Connectors (IN, OUT), USB
COMPUTER Connector (supports USB MIDI) ■ Power Supply DC 9 V:
AC Adaptor or Ni-MH AA SIZE, Rechargeable Battery (optional) x 8
■ Current Draw 600 mA * Battery life for continuous use (differs
depending on the conditions of use), Rechargeable nickel metal
hydride batteries: approximately 5 hours (approximately 4 hours if
USB memory is connected) * Carbon-zinc or alkaline batteries cannot
be used ■ Dimensions 1,008 (W) x 300 (D) x 104 (H) mm, 39-11/16 (W)
x 11-13/16 (D) x 4-1/8 (H) inches ■ Weight 5.2 kg / 11 lbs 8 oz
(excluding AC Adaptor) ■ Accessories Owner’s Manual, CD-ROM
(Sound Editor, Librarian, Playlist Editor, USB Driver), USB Memory
Protector, AC Adaptor (PSB-1U)
* The specifications are subject to change without notice.
Carrying Case for JUNO-G / JUNO-Di
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Stereo Portable Amplifier
Portable Stereo Digital PA System
Whether battery powered or plugged in, the BA-330 delivers
high-performance sound that defies its size. Its digital stereo amplifier
drives four 6.5” stereo speakers and two tweeters, positioned for wide
stereo projection. It’s the ideal, all-in-one portable PA solution for
small music venues, worship events, conferences, seminars, business
meetings, and much more.
Stereo Portable Amplifier
●All-in-one portable digital PA system suitable for use anywhere
●Powerful high-quality stereo sound for audiences of up to 100 people
●No setup required, just plug in and go!
●Powered by AC power or eight AA batteries
●Four custom-designed 6.5” speakers and two tweeters for wide
stereo projection
●Built-in effects: EQ, reverb, delay, and wide (on/off per channel)
●Four-channel configuration: two channels for mic/instruments plus two
channels for stereo inputs
●Stereo Aux input with dedicated volume-control knob
●Advanced Intelligent Anti-Feedback function
●Built-in tilt-back stand enables optimal monitoring angle
●Speaker-stand adaptor for mounting on a standard speaker stand
■ Easy Operation
2 Band Equalizer
Battery Power Indicator
Switchable Output Power
High quality stereo effects
LINE OUT jacks to connect to
external audio systems, recorders, etc.
Foot switch jacks: MUTE on/off,
EFFECT on/off
AC Adaptor input
Speaker Stand
Page 15
Replaceable battery pack
for quick battery reload
slot holds
MP3 players,
CD players, etc.
STEREO LINK connects
two units to support additional
power or more inputs
Carrying Case for BA-330
Page 15
Stereo AUX IN to connect MP3 player,
CD player, etc.
BA-330 Specifications
■ Nominal Input Level (1 kHz) CH 1, CH 2 MIC: -50 dBu, CH 1,CH 2 INST: -20 dBu, CH 3/CH 4, CH
5/CH 6: -20 dBu, AUX IN: -10 dBu, STEREO LINK IN: -10 dBu ■ Nominal Output Level (1 kHz) LINE
OUT: -10 dBu, STEREO LINK OUT: -10 dBu ■ Speakers 16 cm (6.5 inches) x 4, Tweeter x 2
■ Controls:
Stand Switch, Channel Controls: CH1,CH2 (MIC/INSTRUMENT Switch, EFFECT
Switch, TONE Knob, VOLUME Knob) CH3/CH4,CH5/CH6 (EFFECT Switch, TONE Knob, VOLUME
Knob) Master Controls: Equalizer
Page (LOW
LEVEL Knob ■ Indicator BATTERY, BATTERY CHECK/MUTE, POWER ■ Connectors CH 1, CH 2:
Input Jacks (XLR type, 1/4” TRS phone type)Carrying
CH 3/CHCase
4, CHfor
6: Input Jack L/MONO (1/4”
phone type), Input Jack R (1/4” phone type) AUX IN: Input Jacks (Stereo miniature phone type,
RCA phono type) Output: LINE OUT Jack L/MONO (1/4” phone type),
OUT Jack R (1/4” phone
type) STEREO LINK: STEREO LINK OUT Jacks L/MONO, R (1/4” phone type), STEREO LINK IN Jack
(1/4” phone type) FOOT SWITCH: FOOT SWITCH Jack (1/4” phone type) DC IN: DC IN Jack
■ Power Supply DC 12 V: Dry Battery (LR6 (AA) type) x 8 or AC Adaptor ■ Current Draw 410 mA
Expected battery life under continuous use: +Alkaline: MAX about 8 hours, ECO about 12 hours
+Nickel-metal hydride: MAX about 10 hours, ECO about 15 hours These figures will vary
depending on the actual conditions of use ■ Dimensions 414.6 (W) x 322.5 (D) x 508.6 (H) mm /
16-3/8 (W) x 12-3/4 (D) x 20-1/16 (H) inches ■ Weight 13.8 Kg / 30 lbs 7 oz (Excluding Battery)
■ Accessories AC Cord, AC Adaptor, Owner’s Manual ■ Options Carrying Bag (CB-BA330),
Speaker Stand (ST-A95), Foot Switch: BOSS FS-5L (MUTE), BOSS FS-5U (EFFECT), BOSS FS-6,
Connection Cable: PCS-31, PCS-33
* 0 dBu= 0.775 Vrms
* The specifications are subject to change without notice.
Turbocharging the World’s Most Popular
Portable Sampler
Roland’s acclaimed SP-404 performance
sampler takes an exciting leap forward with
the new SP-404SX. In addition to the fun,
fast, hands-on features of the original, the
new model offers enhanced sound quality
with pure 16-bit linear sampling, improved
DSP effects, smooth FX switching, a more
versatile pattern sequencer (with a new
shuffle feature), and easier data
management with SD-card compatibility. It’s
a creatively stimulating, powerful tool for
DJs, musicians, producers, and live-sound
engineers who trigger jingles.
●Sample anytime, anywhere with the built-in
mic and battery power
●29 DSP effects, including filter, delay, unique voice
effects, subsonic, and looper
●3 control knobs, 12 trigger pads, and Sub Pad for
rapid repeat triggering
●Seamless effects switching for smooth, perfect
●Pattern sequencer with quantize mode and new
shuffle feels
●1GB SD card included; expand sample storage up
to 32GB with SDHC
●Import audio files from computer, assign samples
to pads with bundled software (Mac/PC)
Sampling Time
Unit: minutes
Size of Memory card
1 GB
2 GB
4 GB
8 GB
16 GB
32 GB
* Total time for all samples.
* The maximum sampling time (size) for a single sample is approximately 180 minutes in stereo (2 GB).
* Each sampling time is approximate. The times may change depending on the card specifications.
* Since the 1 GB SD card included with the SP-404SX contains preload data, the available sampling time
will be less than the time above.
SP-404SX Specifications
■ Maximum Polyphony 12 voices ■ Recordable Data Samples: 120 (12 samples x 10 banks)
(stored on SD card), Patterns: 120 (12 patterns x 10 banks)(stored on SD card) ■ Sampling Time
(Total time for all samples) The maximum sampling time (size) for a single sample is approximately
180 minutes in stereo (2 GB). The following shows the approximate total sampling time of the
samples that can be stored on one SD card. Card capacity / Stereo(Mono) 1GB / Approx. 90 min.
(180 min.), 2GB / Approx. 180 min.(360 min.), 4GB / Approx. 360 min.(720 min.), 8GB / Approx. 720
min.(24 hours), 16GB / Approx. 24 hours(48 hours), 32GB / Approx.48 hours (96 hours), Since the
1 GB SD card included with the SP-404SX contains preload data, the available sampling time will
be less than the time above. ■ Data Format 16-bit linear(.wav / aif) ■ Sampling Frequency 44.1
kHz ■ Pattern Sequencer Maximum recordable notes: Approx. 16,000 notes, Resolution: 96 ticks
per quarter note, Pattern Length: 1–99 measures, Recording method: Realtime Loop Recording (with
shuffle quantize function) ■ Effects 29 types ■ Pads 12 + Sub Pad x 1 ■ Controllers Control Knob
x 3 ■ Display 7 segments, 3 characters (LED) ■ Onboard Mic Mono x 1 ■ Connectors LINE INPUT
jacks (L, R)(RCA phono type), LINE OUTPUT jacks (L, R)(RCA phono type), Headphones (PHONES)
jack (Stereo 1/4 inch phone type), MIC jack (1/4 inch phone type), MIDI IN connector, DC IN jack,
SD card slot ■ Power Supply DC 9 V (Ni-MH AA SIZE Rechargeable Battery x 6, Alkaline AA SIZE
Dry Battery x 6 or AC Adaptor) * Batteries sold separately ■ Battery life for continuous use Ni-MH
Rechargeable batteries: approximately 5 hours, Alkaline dry batteries :approximately 4 hours *
These figures will vary depending on the actual conditions of use. ■ Current Draw 450 mA
■ DimensionsSampling
177.6 (W) x 256.7
(D) x 72.1 (H) mm, 7 (W) x 10-1/8
(D) x minutes
2-7/8 (H) inches ■ Weight
1.2 kg, 2 lbs 11 oz (excluding batteries) ■ Accessories SD card (1GB), SP-404SX UTILITY CD-ROM,
of Manual
AC Adaptor PSB-1U,
* TheStereo
specifications are subject
to change without notice.
Memory card
1 GB
Vocal Processor
The Essential Stompbox for Vocalists
Why says stompboxes are just for guitarists? The new, easy-to-use VE-20 has been designed
from the ground up for singers, featuring some of the finest vocal-effects technology on the
market. With the click of a footswitch, you can instantly add lush vocal layers and harmonies
to your singing, add realtime pitch-correction, and you can show your creative side with
special effects such as Distortion, Radio, and Strobe. You can even create loops and layers
in real time with the onboard Phrase Looper. Perform anywhere with the VE-20 since it runs
on AC or battery power.
●Specialized effects for vocalists, including Harmony,
Double-Track, Dynamics, Reverb, Delay, and more
●Create the total of 3-part harmonies and layers
●Realtime pitch-correction tools
●Special FX, including Distortion, Radio and Strobe
●Phrase Looper with 38 seconds (mono) of recording
●Phantom power for condenser microphones
●Runs on six AA-batteries or AC adaptor (PSA)
●Easy operation, road-tough BOSS construction
VE-20 Specifications
■ Maximum Input Level INPUT: 0 dBu (MicSens=1), INPUT: -44 dBu (MicSens=100) ■ Input
Impedance INPUT: 4 kΩ ■ Maximum Output Level OUTPUT: -7 dBu PHONES/LINE: +8 dBu
■ Output Impedance OUTPUT: 600 Ω PHONES/LINE: 66 Ω ■ Memory Sound: 30 (Preset) + 50
(User) ■ Phrase Loop Mono 38 sec ■ Display 16 characters, 2 lines (backlit LCD), POWER
indicator (serves also as the battery check indicator), ON/OFF (PLAY) indicator, (REC) indicator,
HARMONY indicator, PHRASE LOOP indicator ■ Connectors INPUT jack (XLR type/1/4 inch TRS
phone type), OUTPUT L/MONO jack (XLR type), OUTPUT R jack (XLR type), PHONES/LINE jack
(Stereo 1/4 inch phone type), DC IN jack (DC 9 V) ■ Power Supply DC 9 V: Dry battery LR6/R6 (AA)
type x 6, AC Adaptor (PSA series) ■ Current Draw 200 mA (9 V max.) * Expected battery life
under continuous use: Carbon: 2 hours, Alkaline: 7 hours, these figures will vary depending on
the actual conditions of use. ■ Dimensions 173 (W) x 158 (D) x 57 (H) mm / 6-13/16 (W) x 6-1/4 (D)
x 2-1/4 (H) inches ■ Weight 1.1 kg / 2 lbs 7 oz (including batteries) ■ Accessories Owner’s Manual,
Leaflet (USING THE UNIT SAFELY, IMPORTANT NOTES, and Information), Dry battery LR6 (AA)
type (alkaline) x 6 ■ Options AC Adaptor (PSA series)
* 0 dBu = 0.775 Vrms
* The specifications are subject to change without notice.
eBand JS-8
Audio Player with
Guitar Effects
The Ultimate Jam-Along Companion for Guitarists
For “bedroom guitarists” who love jamming along with their
favorite songs, the ultimate musical companion has arrived.
eBand is a portable all-in-one audio player that’s packed with
big features. WAV and MP3 files can be loaded and played by
eBand, and the tempo and pitch can be changed.
Plug in your guitar and jam along using the
powerful onboard COSM® preamp and BOSS
effects. You can minimize the pre-recorded
vocals or guitar parts with the Center Cancel
feature for minus-one play, and record and save
your jams. There’s even a library of backing
tracks and rhythms onboard, plus a built-in tuner
and metronome.
●Imports and plays audio files (WAV and MP3)
●Pitch and tempo control of imported songs
●Guitar/Mic input with dedicated input control;
headphone output
●Custom-tuned speakers for powerful playback
●COSM Preamp and 100+ effects derived from
●EZ Tone function provides the ultimate easy-to-use,
intuitive approach to sound creation based on
graphic icons
●300 audio-loop phrases onboard for backing tracks
and rhythms (some include companion guitar
effects pre-programmed to match the loops)
●Tuner and metronome built in
●Records and saves your guitar performances
●USB audio interface for direct link to and from PCs
●Play songs from USB memory stick
●Import your favorite songs from audio CD to eBand
with included utility software (PC/Mac)
EZ Tone editing screen
eBand JS-8 Specifications
■ Capacity SD/SDHC Card (128 Mbytes — 32 Gbytes) ■ Data Type JS-8 Songs (Recording/Playback),
MP3 (Bit rate: 64 kbps — 320 kbps, Playback only), WAV (Quantization Bit Rate: 8/16/24-bit,
Playback only) ■ External Memory USB Memory ■ AD Conversion 24-bit + AF method (GUITAR/
MIC IN), 24-bit (LINE IN) *AF (Adaptive Focus) method: Adaptive Focus is a unique Roland/BOSS
technology that allows the signal noise (S/N) ratios of AD converter to be vastly improved. ■ DA
Conversion 24-bit ■ Sampling Frequency 44.1 kHz ■ Effect Patch Memories Preset: 130, User: 100
250 min.(1G byte), 8,060 min.(32G bytes), WAV/16-bit/Stereo: 90 min.(1G byte), 3,020 min.(32G
bytes), MP3/128 kbps/Stereo: 1,040 min.(1G byte), 33,330 min.(32G bytes) * The above-listed
capacities are approximate. Times may be slightly shorter depending on the number of songs
that were created. ■ Nominal Input Level GUITAR/MIC IN: -20 dBu (INPUT GAIN=GUITAR), -40
■ Input Impedance GUITAR/MIC IN: 1 MΩ, AUX IN: 22 kΩ ■ Nominal Output Level PHONES: -10
dBu, LINE OUT: -10 dBu ■ Output Impedance PHONES: 44 Ω, LINE OUT: 1 kΩ ■ Internal Speaker
Stereo ■ Display 132 x 64 dots graphic LCD (with backlit) ■ USB Audio, Mass Storage Class
■ Connectors GUITAR/MIC IN (1/4 inch phone type), AUX IN (Stereo miniature phone type),
PHONES (Stereo miniature phone type), LINE OUT (RCA phono type) CTL 1,2/EXP (1/4 inch TRS
phone type), USB Memory (USB A), USB (USB B), DC IN ■ Current Draw 400 mA ■ Accessories
AC adaptor (PSB-1U), SD card (1 Gbyte), Owner’s Manual, Roland Service (Information Sheet)
■ Options Footswitch (BOSS FS-5U), Dual Footswitch (BOSS FS-6), Expression Pedal (Roland
EV-5, BOSS FV-500L, BOSS FV-500H), Footswitch Cable (Roland PCS-31L)
* 0 dBu = 0.775 Vrms
* The specifications are subject to change without notice.
Legend Series Fender ® Reverb
An Icon Reborn
A classic reborn - the legendary sound of the1963 Fender Spring
Reverb returns as a modern stompbox. BOSS and Fender USA
have collaborated to create the FRV-1, a stunning recreation of the
legendary ’63 Fender Reverb via COSM® technology. The FRV-1
puts that timeless tube-driven reverb sound under your foot
in a tough, reliable compact pedal.
●Recreates the legendary spring-reverb
sound of the 1963 Fender Reverb
via COSM technology
●Easy operation with three classic
controls for Dwell, Tone, and Mixer
for creating sounds from buttery
warmth to sparkling twang
●Cool, retro appearance
●Road-tough BOSS metal
FENDER® is the trademark of FMIC.
All rights reserved.
■ Setup Example
Guitar Amp
■ Setting Samples
Combined with a distortion pedal
This setting serves
deep and luxurious
reverb. You could hear
the unique sound of
the springs twanging
when you play hard.
Electric Guitar
are turned down
slightly to match
with lightly distorted
blues-type guitar
FRV-1 Specifications
■ Nominal Input Level –20 dBu ■ Input Impedance 1 MΩ ■ Nominal Output Level 1 kΩ
■ Recommended Load Impedance 10 kΩ or greater ■ Power Supply DC 9 V: Dry battery 6F22 (9 V)
type (carbon)/Dry battery 6LR61 (9 V) type (alkaline), AC Adaptor (PSA series: optional) ■ Current
Draw 37 mA (DC 9 V) * Expected battery life under continuous use: Alkaline: 10.5 hours. These
figures will vary depending on the actual conditions of use. ■ Dimensions 73 (W) x 129 (D) x 59
(H) mm, 2-7/8 (W) x 5-1/8 (D) x 2-3/8 (H) inches ■ Weight 420 g / 15 oz (including battery) ■
Accessories Owner’s Manual, Dry battery/9 V type (6LR61) ■ Option AC Adaptor (PSA series)
* 0 dBu = 0.775 Vrms.
* The specifications are subject to change without notice.
A Timeless Classic - the 1963 Fender Spring Reverb
The Fender Spring Reverb is the sound that launched the surf-music
phenomenon, and is a staple of rockabilly, country, and blues. Later, it became
commonplace in grunge and other modern genres. Now the same legendary
sound can be had in an affordable, rugged compact pedal.
GW-8 Version 2
The Freedom to Create
Roland’s popular GW-8 workstation evolves with Version 2. Building on the foundation of intelligent backing-track
functionality, contemporary sounds from around the world, and expressive interactive musical styles, the GW-8
Version 2 adds a new Style Composer that lets you edit the Styles as well as create your own interactive backing
tracks. Put your personal stamp of creativity on this amazing instrument.
●Contemporary music workstation with high-quality
128-voice sound engine
●Wide variety of contemporary sounds and
interactive backing styles with special focus on
world-music genres
●Onboard 16-track sequencer for saving your
interactive performances
●USB Memory Player feature allows direct playback
of MP3, WAV, AIFF, and SMF files from USB key;
Center Cancel feature for audio files enables
karaoke-style sing-along
New on Version 2
●Style Composer to create and customize Styles
●New preset Styles added to Version 2
●The NTA (Note to Arranger) function allows hands free control of the arranger engine from external
MIDI gear such as Roland’s PK-5A MIDI pedal (sold
separately) and Roland V-Accordions
●Create multi-track rhythms for a complex drums/
percussion ensemble
●Edit SMF files and save them as new songs
Downloadable from
Style Composer main screen
Create multiple rhythm parts
Edit Styles in detail in the Microscope screen
Import SMFs and change the sound, volume,
pan, reverb and chorus levels
Add another MFX to the Style and assign it to
the parts
Shell Wrap Package for
TD-20KX (Blue/Red)
(coming soon)
Carrying Case for JUNO-G / JUNO-Di
Carry your JUNO-Di or wear it like a backpack with this
custom-made gig bag (also fits the JUNO-G). It provides thick
foam to protect the keyboard, and a pocket for pedals, cables,
New shell-wrap package
for the TD-20KX (V-Kick
and V-Pads) in blue
brushed metal*.
CV-20KX-BU/RD Shell Wrap Package for TD-20KX (Blue/Red)
New shell-wrap package
for the TD-20KX (V-Kick
and V-Pads) in red
brushed metal*.
CB-61JN Specifications
*Synthetic material with authentic brushed-metal appearance.
CV-20KX contains shell-wrap only; V-Pad not included.
Carrying Case for BA-330
Conveniently transport the BA-330 with the CB-BA330 travel case
(sold separately). This hard-shell protective case is customdesigned for the BA-330, with built-in wheels and pull-out
handle for easy transport.
■ Dimensions (when the keyboard is inside the case) approx. 1050 (W) × 350 (D) × 100 (H)
mm / 41-3/8 (W) x 13-13/16 (D) x 3-15/16 (H) inches (excluding pocket, handle, shoulder
strap) ■ Weight approx. 1 kg / 2 lbs 4 oz ■ Material Polyester (surface), Polyethylene (core)
* The specifications are subject to change without notice.
Speaker Stand
For optimal projection, the BA-330 can be mounted on this
companion speaker stand, which telescopes for custom height
adjustment. A carrying bag with shoulder strap is included.
CB-BA330 Specifications
ST-A95 Specifications
■ Material Polyester ■ Weight 3.2kg / 7 lbs 1 oz ■ Dimensions 470 (W) x 350 (D) x 590 (H)
mm / 18-9/16 x 13-13/16 x 23-1/4 inches ■ Wheel stable 4 wheels(non-removable)
* The specifications are subject to change without notice.
■ Material Aluminum ■ Weight 2.3kg / 5 lbs 2 oz ■ Load capacity 40kg / 88 lbs 3 oz) ■
Height adjustment 925 – 1,425mm / 36-7/16 - 56-1/8 inches ■ Shaft 38mm / 1-1/2 inches
(compatible with BA-330, KC-150/60, AC-90/60, SA-300 top unit) ■ Accessories carrying
bag, cable tie x 2
* The specifications are subject to change without notice.
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------BA-330 Stereo Portable Amplifier --------------------------------------------- 9
CB-61JN Carrying Case for JUNO-G / JUNO-Di -------------------------15
CB-BA330 Carrying Case for BA-330 ----------------------------------------15
CV-20KX-BU/RD Shell Wrap Package for TD-20KX (Blue/Red) ---- 15
CY-14C-SV V-Cymbal Crash ----------------------------------------------------- 4
CY-15R-SV V-Cymbal Ride ------------------------------------------------------- 4
eBand JS-8 Audio Player with Guitar Effects -----------------------------12
FR-7x Piano type / FR-7x Button type V-Accordion® --------------- 6-7
FRV-1 Legend Series Fender® Reverb --------------------------------------13
GW-8 Version 2 Workstation -------------------------------------------------- 14
JUNO-Di Mobile Synthesizer with Song Player ------------------------- 8
KD-140 V-Kick ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 4
MDH-25 Pad Mount ---------------------------------------------------------------- 4
MDS-25 Drum Stand for TD-20KX ---------------------------------------------3
MDY-25 Cymbal Mount ----------------------------------------------------------- 4
PD-105X V-Pad ----------------------------------------------------------------------- 4
PD-125X V-Pad ----------------------------------------------------------------------- 4
PD-125XS V-Pad (Snare) ---------------------------------------------------------- 4
SP-404SX Sampler ---------------------------------------------------------------- 10
ST-A95 Speaker Stand ----------------------------------------------------------- 15
TD-4KX V-Drums® V-Compact Series ---------------------------------------- 5
TD-20X Percussion Sound Module ------------------------------------------- 3
TD-20KX V-Drums® V-Pro Series ---------------------------------------------- 3
V-Compact® Series TD-4KX ----------------------------------------------------- 5
V-Pro® Series TD-20KX --------------------------------------------------------- 2-4
VE-20 Vocal Processor ----------------------------------------------------------- 11
VH-12-SV V-Hi-Hat® ---------------------------------------------------------------- 4
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All specifications and appearances are subject to change.
All trademarks used in this catalog are the property of their respective companies.
Printed in Japan July 2009 RAM-4483 GR-ISI-SS BDBE1
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