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electrolux ebony kitchen collection
electrolux ebony kitchen collection
milan comes to you...
At the recent Milan Eurocucina fair, the most influential kitchen
exhibition in the world, leading European manufacturers revealed
a trend towards bold, black gloss appliances.
This definite move away from ‘hiding’ appliances towards embracing
each piece as a confident statement of design, saw a significant change
in conventional kitchen design, resulting in kitchens of striking contrast.
The dark and seductive appliances of the Electrolux Ebony kitchen collection
celebrate this emerging trend of sophisticated black gloss.
your design statement
The collection showcases the latest in Electrolux technology including touch
electronic controls, smooth black flat panel doors and sleek frameless black
exteriors, complemented with brushed steel handles.
The versatility of black allows the collection to blend seamlessly with dark
wood surfaces or contrast brilliantly with colours, whites and stainless steel.
electrolux ebony kitchen collection
electrolux ebony oven 6
induction cooking
electrolux ebony induction cooktops
electrolux ebony gas cooktops
tetsuya wakuda cooking authority
electrolux ebony rangehood
electrolux ebony dishwasher
electrolux ebony refrigerators
electrolux top service
electrolux ebony oven – intuition and elegance in black
Your natural affinity with style and beauty will draw your attention to the Electrolux Ebony oven.
It’s sleek black glass and ease of use will make it a showpiece in your kitchen.
designed for you
The large capacity 80 litre oven makes catering
for every occasion quick and easy. There are a
myriad of little ways we’ve thought about you.
Multi-position racks increase cooking flexibility,
telescopic slides to easily manage your cooking and
a split grill tray designed to fit into your dishwasher.
touch electronic controls
The touch electronic controls
offers you multi-function
programmes (10), to help
you turn out dishes like
a professional.
‘a’ class energy efficiency
The Electrolux Ebony oven
boasts an ‘A’ Class energy
efficiency rating*, meeting
the highest European
energy standards.
*European standard EN50304
catalytic liners
Catalytic liners are designed
to absorb fat given off during
the cooking process, which is
then vaporised by the heat of
the oven – ensuring your oven
is kept cleaner for longer.
ebony oven
gross/usable capacity – litres
multi-function programmes
fan cooking
fan assist bake
traditional bake
full grill/grill/fan grill
base heat
rapid heat
touch electronic
shelf supports
multi-position rack
telescopic slides
door glass layers
light activation by door
included accessories
grill/oven pan
grill insert
split non-spatter
pizza/baking tray
fan filter
power requirements
maximum power rating
hard wired
product (h x w x d) mm
595 x 595 x 566
cut-out flush fit (h x w x d) mm
600 x 600 x 581
^Important! The above dimensions are a guide only. For complete dimensions and installation requirements,
you must refer to the information provided with the product or visit the websites listed at the bottom of the page.
For further information please contact
Australia 1300 363 640 www.electrolux.com.au
Refer to product information details on page 23.
New Zealand 09 573 2230 www.electrolux.co.nz
models shown EOEK62AK electrolux ebony oven, EHD90230P electrolux ebony induction cooktop
model shown EHD80170P electrolux ebony induction cooktop
induction cooking – safe, precise and powerful
Induction cooking will revolutionise the way you cook. No domestic cooking system heats faster,
uses less power or is more precise and safe to use than induction – not even gas!
perfect control
Precision perfect cooking is no longer a case
of luck over good judgment. Temperatures can
be reached and maintained easily. This greater
precision enables you to do things like melt
chocolate without it burning or to simmer
special sauces without them boiling. Control is
at your fingertips with induction cooking. The
electromagnetic method of heat transfer utilised
in induction cooking uses energy to maximum
efficiency, conserving power. Unlike other cooking
appliances there is virtually no pre-heating phase.
take the heat out of the kitchen
As there are no naked flames, the residual heat
experienced with induction zones is substantially
reduced, keeping the kitchen cooler and the
food perfect. Naturally this means surfaces are
much easier to wipe clean, as spilt food is
not burnt onto the cooktop or surrounds.
Additionally, if there is no pot on the induction zone,
the zone will not heat up, avoiding accidents
that can occur when cooktops are left on.
how does it work?
Induction technology uses
electromagnetic fields to
transfer energy to the cooking
pot that then converts into
heat. The heat is generated
at the base of the pan, not by
a cooking element. In effect,
this turns the pan itself into
a hotplate and removes a
significant amount of radiant
heat from the cooktop
surface. As a result,
control is instantaneous.
suitable induction
cooking utensils
You may not need to buy
new cookware to enjoy the
benefits of induction cooking.
The simple test to see if your
pots or pans are suitable for
induction is if a magnet sticks
to the base of the cookware.
control at your fingertips
Melt chocolate and simmer
sauces with confidence or
reach boiling point in seconds
only with induction cooking.
electrolux ebony induction cooktops – induction cooking knows no boundaries
The Electrolux Ebony maxisense induction cooktop offers maximum cooking freedom and flexibility with
professional results – for people who love to cook.
ultimate flexibility with maxisense
The maxisense induction cooktop is developed
with up to four large induction zones, which detect
pan presence and location and are not restricted
to traditional circular zones. This allows pots of
various shapes and sizes to be placed anywhere
on the cooktop, provided they come into contact
with the induction crosshair. Large pans or pots
can even be placed across two zones.
european style
Both Electrolux Ebony induction cooktops are
imported from Germany, finished in sleek black
ceramic glass, clean bevelled edges and slide
touch controls.
A small selection of cooktops is shown here.
Any Electrolux induction cooktop is the perfect
accompaniment to the Electrolux Ebony range.
Refer to the Electrolux E:Line brochure or ask
your retailer for further details.
thoughtful design
All zones and controls are
at the front of the Electrolux
Ebony induction cooktops,
to eliminate the need to reach
over hot pans, while making
full use of cooking space.
stylish touch & slide
temperature control
Electrolux Ebony induction
cooktop surfaces feature touch
slide controls to showcase
the latest in innovative user
technology for your kitchen.
This impressive design detail
enhances the sleek appearance
of your cooktop, while giving
you perfect temperature control.
Simply slide your finger along
the glass surface to change
cooking temperature instantly.
stop + go
The simple to use Stop + Go
function gives you the ability
to leave the cooktop on a
keep warm setting if you are
called away. When you are
ready to start cooking again,
by pressing Stop + Go, the
cooktop will return to your
previous setting.
ebony induction cooktops
energy/heat source
EHD90230P maxisense
bevelled (sides only)
bevelled (sides only)
slide touch pad
slide touch pad
left front
2300W (b-3200W)*
1800W (b-2500W)*
right front
2300W (b-3200W)*
1400W (b-1800W)*
2300W (b-3200W)*
safety cut-out
cooking timer with acoustic signal
auto switch-off
auto heat-up
child lock
keep warm function
cooking zone ratings
left rear
1800W (b-2500W)*
right rear
2400W (b-3700W)*
power requirements
maximum power rating
hard wired
hard wired
product (w x d) mm
910 x 410
780 x 520
cut-out (w x d) mm
880 x 380
750 x 490
^Important! The above dimensions are a guide only. For complete dimensions and installation requirements, you must refer to the information provided with
the product or visit the websites listed at the bottom of the page.
*b = Booster ratings
For further information please contact
Australia 1300 363 640 www.electrolux.com.au
Refer to product information details on page 23.
New Zealand 09 573 2230 www.electrolux.co.nz
model shown EHD68210P electrolux induction cooktop
electrolux ebony gas cooktops –
theatre of cooking
If you love the theatre and spectacle of cooking,
the Electrolux Ebony gas cooktops will ensure
drama is part of every meal.
loved by many
Quick and responsive, gas cooktops are loved by many.
The Electrolux Ebony gas cooktops offer you the choice of
two sizes in sleek black ceramic glass under cast iron trivets.
For the ultimate in cooking performance and perfection the
Electrolux Ebony gas cooktops deliver high power focused heat,
perfect for wok cooking and pan frying.
A small selection of cooktops is shown here. Refer to the
Electrolux E:Line brochure or ask your retailer for further details.
models shown EHGC97BS electrolux ebony gas cooktop, EOEK62AK electrolux ebony oven
ebony gas cooktops
trim finish
black/ceramic glass
black/ceramic glass
stainless steel
stainless steel
triple ring wok (15.0MJ/h)
triple ring wok (15.0MJ/h)
electronic ignition
flame failure safety
sleek and stylish
Featuring stylish, easy to
clean, ceramic glass bases
with an offset wok burner that
enables more space on the
cooktop, allowing you to be
creative without comprising
on cooking space.
safety in delivering
great taste
The Electrolux Ebony range
of gas cooktops feature
flame failure sensors, which
automatically turns off the
gas to the burner if the
flame goes out.
left front
left rear
semi-rapid (9.0MJ/h)
centre front
semi-rapid (9.0MJ/h)
centre rear
semi-rapid (9.0MJ/h)
right front
simmer (5.1MJ/h)
simmer (5.1MJ/h)
right rear
rapid (12.1MJ/h)
rapid (12.1MJ/h)
10 Amp plug and lead
10 Amp plug and lead
power requirements
product (w x d) mm
896 x 531
746 x 531
cut-out (w x d) mm
860 x 490
680 x 490
^Important! The above dimensions are a guide only. For complete dimensions and installation requirements, you must refer to the information provided with
the product or visit the websites listed at the bottom of the page.
*Burners are rated for Natural Gas. Gas cooktops supplied are configured for Natural Gas. LP conversion kit supplied with unit.
For further information please contact
Australia 1300 363 640 www.electrolux.com.au
Refer to product information details on page 23.
New Zealand 09 573 2230 www.electrolux.co.nz
tetsuya wakuda cooking authority
Ever since Tetsuya started cooking at his tiny
restaurant in Sydney’s Rozelle in 1989, he has
been showered with accolades.
Currently, his eponymous restaurant, now based in a stunning
heritage-listed house in Kent Street, Sydney, is rated in the top 20
of the world’s best restaurants and the Best Australasian Restaurant
in The S.Pellegrino World’s 50 Best Restaurants 2009 list and has
been awarded three chef’s hats (the highest rating) for the 18th year
running in the 2009 Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Guide.
Tetsuya’s exquisitely refined cooking has long attracted devotees
from around the globe; indeed, more than half of his restaurant’s
bookings are made from overseas. And although he travels
extensively, he can still usually be found, sleeves rolled up, at the
stoves in Kent Street. Tetsuya, in turn, has long been a devotee
of Electrolux appliances, and his private kitchen at the restaurant
is equipped with the Electrolux Ebony kitchen collection.
“I’ve known the company for years and I’ve been using Electrolux
equipment ever since I started in Rozelle. In Europe it’s one of the
most popular brands for commercial kitchens, and for the home
cook it offers the same durability, reliability and ease of cleaning
needed on a large scale in restaurants.
As the kitchen is increasingly becoming the heart of home life,
where you can relax with family and friends. You can see it in
the way kitchen design is changing – open-plan living rooms
that centre around the kitchen, where you can chat over a glass
of wine while you’re cooking. So although the kitchen may only
be used a few times a week, it needs to be more user-friendly,
ergonomic, stylish and, most importantly, easy to clean! After
you’ve been entertaining, you don’t want to spend two hours
in the kitchen cleaning up!” laughs Tetsuya.
Tetsuya Wakuda of Tetsuya’s Sydney, Australia – voted one of the world’s top five restaurants by Restaurant Magazine’s ‘2007 World’s 50 best restaurants’
tetsuya’s roasted scampi
seasoned with tea and scampi oil
the key to this dish is to just cook the scampi
– once overcooked the flesh will turn mushy
10 medium-sized scampi, halved lengthwise
salt and white pepper
1 teaspoon ceylon tea
1 tablespoon scampi oil
½ teaspoon banyuls vinegar or sherry vinegar
ogonori or wakame
deep-fried julienned leek
shredded nori
preheat oven to 260˚C (500˚F).
season the scampi with salt and white pepper
to taste.
grind the tea to a powder and sprinkle on top
of the scampi.
place the scampi halves on a baking tray and put
in the oven for 3 minutes. as soon as the scampi
feel hot to touch, they are ready. they should be
just cooked and still look slightly translucent.
combine the scampi oil and vinegar.
to serve, place a little ogonori on the base
of serving plates.
place the scampi halves on top, drizzle with the
combined scampi oil & vinegar, and garnish with
the leek and nori.
serves 4
© copyright tetsuya wakuda
electrolux ebony rangehood – the sophisticated finishing touch
The Electrolux Ebony rangehood is the sculptural centrepiece, which completes the sophisticated appearance of black gloss.
In today’s modern open plan designs, where the kitchen is always on show, it’s essential every piece celebrates your bold vision of style.
keeping your kitchen comfortable
The Electrolux Ebony rangehood features
a three speed fan boost function to quickly
remove cooking smells from your kitchen.
bold and striking
In black glass and stainless steel, the bold lines
of the Electrolux Ebony rangehood is striking in
appearance. It is designed to flow harmoniously
with the rest of the Electrolux Ebony collection,
to create a kitchen that’s at the forefront of
European design.
timer function
Select timer function once
cooking is complete and the
Electrolux Ebony rangehood
gradually reduces speed in
5 minute increments until
it turns off.
touch on glass controls
Featuring sleek and smooth
touch on glass controls, for
easy cleaning and seamless
opreration. The Electrolux
Ebony rangehood features
a filter indicator warning
when cleaning of the filters
is required to maintain
optimum performance.
models shown ERCE9025BK electrolux ebony rangehood, EHGC97BX electrolux ebony gas cooktop
ebony rangehood
installation/rangehood style
wall canopy
black glass/stainless steel
maximum airflow
3 multi-layer
fan speeds
auto-off timer
2 x 40W halogen
electronic touch
centrifugal fan
recirculating option
optional carbon filters
noise level db(A) maximum
noise level db(A) minimum
electrical supply required
washable filters
product (h x w x d) mm
55* x 900 x 500
duct diameter
flue cover depth
flue cover width
maximum chimney height from underside of rangehood
^Important! The above dimensions are a guide only. For complete dimensions and installation requirements,
you must refer to the information provided with the product or visit the websites listed at the bottom of the page.
*Body height
For further information please contact
Australia 1300 363 640 www.electrolux.com.au
Refer to product information details on page 23.
New Zealand 09 573 2230 www.electrolux.co.nz
electrolux ebony dishwasher –
elegant lines, sparkling results
The Electrolux Ebony dishwasher showcases
clean European-inspired lines and engineering
excellence, which ensures cleaning up after
entertaining is a breeze.
anticipating your next dinner party
For those devoted to culinary perfection, there is little more
satisfying than plating the ultimate gourmet delight on glistening
clean plates. After dinner, you can relax and enjoy your evening,
knowing that the wall of dirty dishes can be knocked over with
the push of a button.
model shown ESL66010B electrolux ebony dishwasher
ebony dishwasher
model type
door surface
built-under ±
black glass
electronic push button controls
place settings
three stage filter
built for your lifestyle
The Electrolux Ebony
dishwasher is not only quiet
at 48dB(A), it comes with
smart functional features,
like a quick 30 minute program,
which gives a great wash to
lightly soiled dishes in only
half an hour.
flexible interiors
With an interior that can be
easily adjusted to fit everything
from large pots and pans to
glasses of all shapes and
sizes, this dishwasher makes
cleaning up after entertaining
a pleasure.
energy saving technology
The Electrolux Ebony
dishwasher features unique
Load Sensing technology,
which determines how much
water is required for each load.
During the Auto program
Turbidity sensors also detect
the dirt level and adjusts the
wash cycle accordingly.
stainless steel
intensive 70° program
auto 50-65° program
quick 30 minute 60° program
normal eco 50° program
rinse program
drying system
active dry
delay start
1–19 hours
tablet function
load and turbidity sensing
water safety system
anti-flood device/leak detection
aqua control
floating switch
easy lift adjustable upper basket
remaining time indicator
light beam on floor indicator
rinse aid and salt indicators
foldable cup shelves in upper basket
foldable plate racks in lower basket
detachable two part cutlery basket
water efficiency star rating*
energy star rating
water consumption (litres)
noise level dB(A)
product (h x w x d) mm
For further information please contact
Australia 1300 363 640 www.electrolux.com.au
Refer to product information details on page 23.
818 x 596 x 550
^Important! Above dimensions are product dimensions only, not building-in cut-out dimensions.
For complete dimensions and installation requirements, you must refer to the information
provided with the product or visit the websites listed at the bottom of the page.
± Built-under dishwasher needs to be secured under a counter with supplied
brackets and screws. Option to integrate the dishwasher behind
a cabinetry kick panel if required.
* WELS Standard AS/NZS 6400.2005
New Zealand 09 573 2230 www.electrolux.co.nz
electrolux ebony refrigerators – a statement in sophistication
Each fridge has a glossy black finish that showcases the latest in Electrolux technology with touch electronic controls,
sleek frameless black hardened acrylic, complemented with stainless steel handles to meet discerning tastes.
side-by-side refrigerator – entertainers dream
The Electrolux Ebony side-by-side refrigerator
is an entertainer’s delight. The 500mm wide
fridge space is the perfect size to accommodate
food platters. It’s dedicated fridge and freezer
compartments have a massive storage capacity
and are fitted with thoughtful storage design.
bottom mount refrigerator – kitchen showpiece
The bottom mount refrigerator in striking black
gloss transforms the fridge into a kitchen showpiece.
The elegant square line, flat door design and
stainless steel bar handles reflect the current
European styling seen at the Milan Eurocucina
kitchen fair. The Electrolux Ebony bottom mount
refrigerator comes with a fully adjustable interior.
aim for the stars
The Electrolux Ebony range of refrigerators use
R600a refrigerant and reaches a 5 star energy
rating and best in class energy efficiency.
It means you can feel confident your refrigerator
is creating less impact on the environment.
total control
Separate external temperature
controls allow you to get the
perfect temperature in the
fridge as well as the freezer.
easy glide access
No matter how full the
humidity controlled crisper
and freezer drawers are,
easy glide telescopic runners
ensures effortless access
to your food.
innovative deli drawers
This compartment has
independent chill outlets
and is designed to isolate
odours, providing storage
for speciality food.
ebony refrigerators
bottom mount freezer
gross capacity (litres)
450 / 249
adjustable spillsafe glass shelves
adjustable slide away shelf
fridge/freezer compartment gross capacity (litres)
energy star rating
multi-flow air delivery system
electronic temperature controls
drinks chill alarm
quick freeze function
eco/vacation mode
food compartment door alarm
freezer temperature alarm
fridge features
full width deli compartment
full width humidity controlled crispers
bottle bins/with bottle twist holders
2 x half width deli compartments
2 x half width crispers
LED lighting
1 x 40 W
FreshLogic® deodoriser
interior fridge light
freezer features
adjustable spillsafe glass shelves
freezer bins
3 easy glide
2 easy glide
3 tray twist ice serve
3 tray twist ice serve
full width freezer door bins
ice trays
interior freezer light
other features
R600a refrigerant
product (h x w x d) mm
1754 x 1000 x 743
1721 x 802 x 752
^Important! The above dimensions are a guide only. For complete dimensions and installation requirements, you must refer to the information provided with
the product or visit the websites listed at the bottom of the page.
^Important! Please ensure that the access to your kitchen (including doorways, corridors, etc) allows sufficient clearance to move your fridge into position.
For further information please contact
Australia 1300 363 640 www.electrolux.com.au
Refer to product information details on page 23.
New Zealand 09 573 2230 www.electrolux.co.nz
model shown ESE7007BA electrolux ebony refrigerator
electrolux top service
Electrolux Top Service encompasses the after sales service including Delivery, Home Service and Spare Parts.
The purchase of a new appliance is an exciting experience.
Electrolux customers can, for an additional charge, choose
to have their new appliance delivered by our experienced staff.
This service, at the customer’s option, includes the removal and
recycling of packaging materials and even the old appliance
if necessary. Delivery is available in Adelaide, Brisbane,
Melbourne, Perth and Sydney. It may not be available in
some rural locations and is not available in New Zealand.
home service
Home Service is provided for repairs to appliances by trained
technicians. For repairs to appliances that are outside the
manufacturer’s warranty period and not required as a result
of a manufacturing defect, a service fee is payable. Home
Service is available throughout Australia and New Zealand.
spare parts
Home Service and Spare Parts can be contacted
by phone using our toll free national numbers.
Service 13 13 49
Spare Parts 13 13 50
New Zealand
0800 10 66 10
Spare Parts 0800 10 66 20
customer care
For more information on Electrolux products,
please call our Customer Care team or visit our website.
1300 363 640
New Zealand
09 573 2230
Electrolux Home Products warrants that for domestic applications
the Electrolux Ebony products featured in this brochure are free
from defects in materials and workmanship for 2 years (3 months
warranty for commercial applications, excluding dishwashers
as they are only suitable for domestic or equivalent applications.
They are not suitable for applications where health and industry
requirements and regulations apply). All warranties are subject
to the conditions set out in the warranty card accompanying
the product when purchased. An additional 3 year warranty
is provided to cover replacement of parts for the sealed
refrigeration system (domestic applications only).
product information
The descriptors and illustrations in this publication apply to
the specific products and models described as at the date of
issue. Under our policy of continuous product development,
product specifications may change without notice. Prospective
purchasers should therefore check with their retailer to ensure
this publication correctly describes the products that are being
offered for sale. All information supplied is to be used for
general reference purposes only and is on the understanding
that Electrolux Home Products Pty Ltd will not be liable for any
loss, liability or damage of whatever kind arising as a result of
reliance on such information. Colours of products illustrated
are as close as printing limitations allow.
FreshLogic ® is a registered trademark of AB Electrolux
rinted on Monza Satin Recycled Art stock containing
55% recycled material & 45% from sustainable forests.
The Thoughtful Design Innovator.
Electrolux Home Products
Do you remember the last time you opened a gift that made
you say “Oh! How did you know? That’s exactly what I wanted!”
That’s the kind of feeling that the designers at Electrolux seek
to evoke in everyone who chooses or uses one of our products.
We devote time, knowledge, and a great deal of thought to
anticipating and creating the kind of appliances that our
customers really need and want.
This kind of thoughtful care means innovating with insight.
Not design for design’s sake, but design for the user’s sake.
For us, thoughtful design means making appliances easier to
use and tasks more enjoyable to perform, freeing our customers
to experience that ultimate 21st century luxury, ease of mind.
Our aim is to make this ease of mind more available to more
people in more parts of their everyday lives, all over the world.
So when we say we’re thinking of you, you know we mean just that.
The “Thinking of you” promise from Electrolux goes beyond
meeting the needs of today’s consumers. It also means we’re
committed to making appliances safe for the environment –
now and for future generations.
Electrolux. Thinking of you.
Share more of our thinking at
www.electrolux.com.au or www.electrolux.co.nz
© Copyright 2009 Electrolux Home Products Pty Ltd
ABN 51 004 762 341
Print code: Ebony_Nov09
1300 363 640
1800 350 067
New Zealand
09 573 2230
0800 36 36 00
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