2015 Mac Laptop Setup Workshop

2015 Mac Laptop Setup Workshop
2015 Mac Laptop Setup Workshop
This is a very abbreviated overview of the Clemson Mac laptop setup workshop.
1. Plug in Ethernet cord connected to Ethernet port. (Use an adapter if your computer
does not have a port. Adapters are available in Clemson computer store.
2. Plug in power adapter. This process should not be attempted on battery.
3. Turn Wi-Fi off.
4. Open a browser and connect to any web site. Complete Clemson Network Registration
using user name – Mac Laptop – Ethernet as the description.
5. Open Safari and go to http://ccit.clemson.edu/mac_software
6. Click on Wireless Configuration, download installer, download and install. Click
Continue, Continue, Continue, Install
7. Put in your Mac credentials for installing software
8. Click “I read this”
9. Put in your Clemson user [email protected] for account name and your Clemson
password (case sensitive) for eduroam and click OK and Close.
10. Open Safari and go to http://ccit.clemson.edu/mac_software. Click on Mac Software
and Download Installer. Download and run the installer.
11. Click Continue, Continue, Continue, Continue, Install.
12. Put in your Mac user name and password used to install software on your Mac and click
Install Software. This will take a long time. Be patient. Click Close when finished. If you
are in a live laptop setup workshop, this step can be done later.
13. Open Word to make sure it works. Click on File, Print and look for CCIT Lab Printer. This
lets you print to PawPrints printers on campus.
14. Open Safari and go to http://ccit.clemson.edu/mac_software. Click on Windows 7,
Download Installer, download and run.
15. Click Continue, Continue, Continue, Install. Put in your Mac user name and password.
16. On Clemson Windows installer, fill in all of the blocks. If your major is engineering or
architecture, slide the partition size to 200 GB. If you don’t have enough space, allocate
as much as possible. Click OK. Your computer may restart several times. Be sure to hold
down the Option key and select Windows each time.
17. When it finishes, click Close and restart your computer. Once you do that, hold down
the Option key when restarting to get the choice of Mac or Windows and return to
Windows. One hint: your Mac laptop Command key is the same as the Windows key
when you boot into Windows.
18. Click on the wireless icon in the taskbar to connect to eduroam from Windows. You will
need to put in your user [email protected] and Clemson password the first time.
19. Go to http://laptop.clemson.edu, click on Workshop Links, and be sure to read through
the links that are referenced in the live workshop and tutorial!!!
Some sites we will mention:
laptop.clemson.edu – click on Workshops, Workshop Links to see all links from
download.clemson.edu - Software Installer, Adobe Creative Cloud, and many more…
www.safeware.com/clemson – laptop insurance (see more on Laptop page, select FAQ,
www.clemson.edu/clereg - sign up for more technology training.
netregistration.clemson.edu – information on your network registrations
clemson.box.com – browser portal to your cloud storage
my.clemson.edu and www.clemson.edu/mobile - portal for Clemson information
[email protected] (sends attachment or email directly to printer)
[email protected]
www.clemson.edu/emailforwarding (reset your Clemson Google Apps password)
g.clemson.edu (Clemson Google Apps)
www.clemson.edu/clereg - free computer training classes
http://bit.ly/CUTechTalks - Tech Talks web page
[email protected] – email address to submit a question about computers or
computing at Clemson
● 864-656-3494 – phone number to call with a question about computers or computing at
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