Clemson Laptop Setup Workshop Handout Windows – Non-Imaged Laptops - 2014

Clemson Laptop Setup Workshop Handout Windows – Non-Imaged Laptops - 2014
Clemson Laptop Setup Workshop Handout
Windows – Non-Imaged Laptops - 2014
Plug in an ethernet cable and power cord before beginning! If possible, turn wireless off.
Use Internet Explorer when asked to open a browser
Do not speak aloud during the presentation. There will be time for individual help between sections of slides.
1. Turn on your computer and log in. During the workshop, if you can see that your computer is going to do Windows
updates during a restart, unplug your power adapter long enough to restart the computer. Many times updates will not
attempt on battery power.
2. Remove Antivirus. Go to Control Panel, Programs. Look for antivirus programs. Uninstall them. Some to look for:
anything that starts Norton, Symantec, Live Update, Live Reg, AVG, Trend, McAfee, Kaspersky, Panda, Avast, Avira,
Microsoft Security Essentials, Nod32. Also remove MS Works and any old MS Office programs (2010, student
versions, trial versions). Restart your computer after removing software, open Programs and Features (or Add/Remove
Programs) and raise your hand. A helper will verify you have fully removed Office and Antivirus before you proceed.
3. Network Registration. Open a browser. It should take you to the Clemson Network Registration page. Click Go. It
should take you to the agreement and a description box. In the description box, put
Clemson User Name - kind of laptop (Dell etc.) - Ethernet
When you click Accept, it will tell you to restart. Do not restart. Just close the browser remove and unplug/replug the
Ethernet cable.
4. Download CCIT Software Center.
 Open Internet Explorer and go to and click on Student Install and download/run
the CCIT Software Center.
 You will have to log in to a Clemson log in page. Click Run. If you get a message about it being untrusted,
click Yes (run anyway). If you see “more info”, click on that and click Run Anyway.
 You will see some extractions and then an orange bar with “Install” under it. Click on Install. You may then
see some orange and purple progress bars. (be patient)
 Click Yes on the Terms and Conditions.
 When it is finished (purple bar), you may click close.
 Search for CCIT Software Center and click on the icon to start it.
5. CCIT Configuration and Setup.
 You will be asked if you want to run CCIT Configuration and Setup. Click on Yes.
 Welcome: enter your Clemson user name and password and click Login.
 User Information: put in your Clemson user name (no matter how you logged in). If you logged in with a
Microsoft (OneDrive) account, you must put in your Microsoft password here!!! If you logged in with just
Windows account, you may invent a new password (and it can match your Clemson password if you want) and
this password will be used when you log into Windows in the future.
 Additional User Information: Create a password for your backdoor account (can match the Windows password
on the previous screen.) Put in your full name and initials in the MS Office name fields.
 Computer Information: Leave the computer name as the default (your user name – LT for laptop).
 Software: Install Office, Trend Micro, PawPrints, eduroam. You may uncheck any of these now if you already
have them. If you could not uninstall your antivirus, uncheck Trend Micro. If you already had Office 2013
Pro, uncheck Office. You will have a chance to install these later if necessary.
 Cloud Storage: Install Google Drive (you may uncheck if you have already installed it)
 At the end, click Finish. Your computer may restart several times and may continue to install for a while.
When the CCIT Software Center is finished, open it to see the things you can install later. You may close this window
by clicking on the red X.
(You may proceed to the next few steps while this installation is being done. Steps 6, 7, and 8 can be done while
6. Clemson Mobile. Open a browser and go to Click on the silhouette in the upper right hand corner.
Click on Log In and log in with your Clemson user name and password. Click on Phone Numbers and fill in a CU Safe
Alert Number to get text messages in the event of an emergency. Click the back arrow in the upper left hand corner
next to Phone Numbers. Click on Security Questions. Add three security questions you can answer if you ever need to
reset your Clemson password after it has expired.
7. Google Apps Go to If you have not been here before, the password will be: cu##xxxx where the xxxx
is the last four digits of your social security number. If that doesn’t work, go to
and click on “Reset my Google Apps password.” A temporary password will be displayed. To change the password to
something easy to remember, click on the arrow beside your email address, Account, Security, Change password. We
will discuss mail (Proofpoint: Clemson spam filter), Calendar, Drive, Sites. Close browser. Go to Start screen. Click
on Google Drive tile. Click Get Started, put in your Clemson gmail address (user [email protected]) and Clemson
Google password, click Sign In, Next, Next, Next Done. Your Google Drive folder will open. You can drag and drop
files there. You have 30 GB of space in Clemson Google Apps for Education (files converted to Google format do not
8. Clemson Box. Open a browser and go to, click Continue and log in. You now have a 50 GB
Clemson Box account where you can store or share files or folders. You can click on the gear in the upper right hand
corner if you want to install a sync (may slow your computer start up). You can also install sync on mobile devices by
searching for Box in apps stores. When installing the app, be sure to pick “single sign on” (for Clemson users).
9. PawPrints/Software. If using Windows 8, go to Start screen and open Word. (If it is not a tile, type in “Word” and
search for it and then click on it.) If using Windows 7, go to Start, All Programs, Office 2013, Word 2013. Open a
blank document. Click on File, Print and make sure you see “CCIT Lab Printer” as one of the printer options. At any
time you can reopen CCIT Software Center and install more software.
10. Other software you can install LATER: You should install Google Chrome (later) if you don’t have it! Other software
is available in the CCIT Software Center (including Maple and Matlab) and on (including
Adobe products!).
11. Wireless. Unplug Ethernet cable and power. To activate wireless, click on the wireless icon in the taskbar and select
“eduroam”. Select “more information” and put in user [email protected] (NOT an email address, do not use, Clemson password. Open a browser and complete second network registration with description
ending in “wireless”.
Some sites we will mention:
● – click on Workshops, Workshop Links to see all links from workshops - Software Installer, Adobe Creative Cloud, and many more… – laptop insurance (see more on Laptop page, select FAQ, Insurance) - sign up for more technology training. – information on your network registrations – browser portal to 50 GB of space and - portal for Clemson information
[email protected] – email address to submit a question about computers or computing at Clemson
864-656-3494 – phone number to call with a question about computers or computing at Clemson
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