• A staple of funky 70’s sounds, from jet plane to space effects!
• Incredibly controllable parameters deliver infinite possibilities
• Does the work of a flanger, chorus, delay and more!
To set up the M-117, first plug it in using the AC power adapter that came with it. (The M-117
does NOT operate on battery power!) Then plug your instrument into the Input jack and your
amplifier into the Output jack. Turn on the effect with the footswitch toggle, making sure the
red LED is ON to indicate that the effect is active.
Set all the control knobs at the 12:00 o’clock position (straight up). This is a good starting
point to check out what the unit will do. After that, most users will simply want to play with
different knob settings to see how they affect the sound. However, we recommend that you
read the following technical overview. If you do, you can come to understand the function
of each control.
The M-117 combines phase shifting with a variable, oscillating time delay. The four knobs
atop the unit control different parameters affecting the tone:
MANUAL: This knob controls the degree of phase shifting. When the Width knob is turned
all the way down (counterclockwise), the variable time delay is shut off, and the Manual knob
simply selects how far out of phase to put the signal. As the Width knob is turned up, the
Manual knob also selects the frequency center of the time delay effect.
WIDTH: This knob controls the intensity of the time delay. When it’s turned all the way
down, no time delay is present. As it’s turned up, a sweeping time delay is introduced to the
phase shift (for example, 5ms – 50ms), at the sweeping speed selected by the Speed knob. At
lower settings, the time delay sweeps through a narrower range. At higher settings, the time
delay sweeps through a wider range.
SPEED: This knob controls the speed of the time delay cycling, or sweeping. When the
Width knob is turned all the way down, the Speed knob has no effect, as there is no time delay
present to cycle. When the Width knob is turned up, the Speed knob changes the time delay
cycling from slow (lower settings) to fast (higher settings).
REGEN: This knob controls the intensity of the overall effect, by feeding the effect back
onto itself for even greater phase shifting and time delay. At lower settings, the regeneration
effect is subtler. At higher settings, the regeneration effect becomes more intense and
No battery power. Comes complete with Dunlop ECB04 AC Adapter
• Footswitch toggles effect on/bypass (red LED indicates on)
• Manual knob selects frequency center of effect when auto-sweep is disengaged
• Width knob at zero disengages auto-sweep; knob rotates clockwise to increase total phase
sweep of effect
• Speed knob modulates rate of effect
• Regen knob feeds effect back onto itself at adjustable intensity, increasing the total phase
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