UltraActive Starter Kit USK 4 is conveniently sold
together with new cleaner UltraActive. The kit aims at
facilitating the maintenance of the cleaner. It includes
motor filter, washable HEPA 12 filter, foam filter and a
pack of s-fresh® lemon.
Ref: USK 4
UltraActive Starter kit
The starter kit is a part of the UltraActive point of sale
concept and is attractively designed in the same layout
as all the UltraActive point of sales material.
1 motor filter
1 washable HEPA 12 filter
1 washable foam filter
1 s-fresh® lemon scent
Attractive packaging in line with UltraActive point of sales
Cleaner models:
UltraActive ZUAG3800, ZUA3810/P, 3820, 3830P, 3840, 3860
UltraActive AUAG3800, AUA3820, 3840T, 3860
 Compact solution – everything you need to keep your cleaner
at its best performance
Logistic Data:
Reference: USK 4
EAN Code: 7319599005413
PNC: 9001661595
1 pack
Pack: 1+1+1+4
Gross weight (kg): 0,18
Net weight (kg): 0,124
Dimensions (mm): 165 x 240 x 50
1 outer carton (display box)
Packs/ carton: 10
Weight (kg): 2,06
Dimensions (mm): 390 x 320 x 230
1 pallet
Cartons/ pallet: 30
Number of layers: 3 - Cartons/ layer : 10
Weight (kg): 84,6
Dimensions (mm): 1200 x 1100 x 800
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