INC2 Initial Investigation of an Incident – Quick Reference

INC2 Initial Investigation of an Incident – Quick Reference
FlinSafe Portal User
Initial Investigation of an Incident – Quick Reference
If an incident report has been assigned to you, an email notification will be sent to your Flinders email account
requesting your action, similar to the example below.
Click the link within the email to open the report (see Figure 01 for an example).
(Figure 01: Email)
Or, log into FlinSafe
Select Incident > My Investigations (see Figure 02 below).
(Figure 02: Menu)
Click on the appropriate ‘Reference ID’ to open the report (see Figure 03 below).
(Figure 03: Select report)
The form will initially open in collapse mode displaying only the fields that require action. To view the full
incident details click this icon
to expand the form (see Figure 04 on the next page).
Review the incident details and suggest corrective actions.
Helpful Hints:
Mandatory - All fields marked with a red asterisk ( * ) must be completed before submitting the initial
Assigned To – The person assigned to complete the investigation.
Issues Identified – Describe the issues identified from this incident (field is mandatory).
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v2 - 25092014
FlinSafe Portal User
Actions Taken or Planned – Describe any actions taken or planned (field is mandatory).
Add SWMS – Select a Safe Work Method Statement if applicable. Click on the link, select a SWMS
value and save.
Submit Initial Investigation – Select, if the investigation is complete. The incident investigation will
automatically be sent to the WHS Unit to review and action.
Save Only – If still investigating the incident and plan to complete the report at a later time, select Save
Note: If you need to add an Involved or Injured person, please refer to the quick reference guide Quick
Reference INC3 - Adding an Involved or Injured Person to an Incident. There is also a link to delete an
Involved / Injured Person, if you believe the person was attached in error (use caution with this option).
Note: If the investigation is assigned to you incorrectly you may reassign the report to another user.
When a new ‘Assigned To’ person is selected, the remaining fields will not be mandatory. Please leave these
fields blank and select ‘Save Only’. An email notification will be sent to the new ‘Assigned To’ person.
(Figure 04: Investigation)
A message will appear confirming the report was saved successfully (see Figure 05 below).
(Figure 05: Success message)
To view the saved incident report, go to menu Incident > My Incidents.
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v2 - 25092014
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