Emergencies Involving Flammables

Emergencies Involving Flammables
Emergencies Involving
Take quick action to prevent an
emergency involving flammables from
becoming a tragedy. Follow these
Only handle the emergency yourself if it
is small and you are trained to handle it.
Turn off any flames and equipment that
can spark.
Open windows and ventilate the area
Clean up any spills using safe procedures
and materials.
Remove contaminated clothing
If there is a fire, make sure to use the
right kind of extinguisher.
If there is any chance of explosion,
evacuate the area as soon as possible,
closing the doors as you leave.
Go back into the danger area only if
you've been trained and you are wearing
the right personal protective equipment.
Get medical attention for victims of the
emergency as soon as possible.
Flammable: A gas or liquid that
can burn or explode at close to
room temperature.
Be prepared for flammable
Read all material safety data sheets and
training materials when handling
dangerous substances.
Learn what fire extinguisher is right for
the flammable you are using and where it
Know your company's emergency plans
and escape routes.
Know the location of the nearest eyewash
stations, safety showers and fresh air
Know who to contact if the emergency is
too big to handle yourself.
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