Hand Hazards ALWAYS Protect your hands

Hand Hazards ALWAYS Protect your hands
Hand Hazards
Protect your hands
Your hands may be in danger if you...
use machinery and tools with moving or
cutting parts.
use corrosive chemicals.
work with very hot or cold substances.
work with electrical hazards.
do work that involves repetitive motion,
as in assembly line work, painting or
Be alert to hand hazards before an
accident can happen.
Use push-sticks, guards, shields and
other safety devices designed for your
Use brushes, not hands, to wipe away
Inspect equipment and machinery to
make sure it's in good operating
Disconnect power before repairing or
cleaning machinery.
Use the right personal protective
equipment such as gloves, guards or
barrier creams.
Be sure your gloves are the right type and
size for your job.
To avoid overuse problems, use tools
designed to keep wrists straight.
Never wear rings, loose jewellery or loose
clothing when using machinery.
Never take shortcuts with safety
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