The Crestron Experience
The Crestron
Commercial Product Guide
The Crestron Experience
Crestron is more than just great products; Crestron is
an Experience.
Experience the opportunity that our innovative new products
offer. This year we bring you nine new touchpanels, plus the
industry’s first ever FlipTop Touchpanel.
Expanding on the MediaManager family, Crestron
introduces iMedia. A simple, economical, one-wire control
and connectivity solution for small rooms and “hang and
bang” installations. Crestron truly has solutions for every
application and any budget.
Experience the support that our Design tools software
provides – system configuration and programming just
got easier – giving you more time to do more jobs. See
SystemBuilderTM 2.0 create system designs and configurations
in minutes. Check out our incredible new library of user
friendly GUIs, the newly enhanced RoomViewTM 6.0 remote
management software, and see the ultimate IT friendly
upgrade – full SNMP functionality in all 2-Series
Control Systems.
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Isys i/OTM Touchpanel Media Centers
The Isys i/O TPMC-15-QM and TPMC-17-QM ingeniously integrate
Isys i/O TPMC Touchpanel Media Centers
touchpanel control with embedded PC functionality, delivering a unified
16.7 million color 24-Bit graphics with 8-Bit alpha channel
multimedia presentation solution in either 15" XGA or widescreen
Windows XP Embedded Operating System
17" WXGA display sizes. Running the Microsoft® Windows XP
Embedded operating system with built-in Windows Media® Player 10,
Onboard PC applications for Web browsing, streaming
media, videoconferencing, remote computer control,
and digital media presentation - no computer required!
Internet Explorer, NetMeeting®, Remote Desktop, MS Office and Adobe®
Built-in real-time annotation using Crestron MediaMarker
Acrobat file viewers, and MediaMarker™ Annotation, Isys i/O
Dual-Window display of video, HDTV, and RGB sources
Touchpanel Media Centers provide a complete multimedia presentation
Audience presentation output
source without the need for a separate computer.
Built-in biamplified speaker system and microphone
Available with QuickMedia or balanced CAT5 AV
Optional USB keyboard and mouse connectivity
Standard Ethernet and Cresnet connectivity
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New Isys® TPS Series
Offered in updated 12", 15", and widescreen 17" versions, Crestron’s
Isys TPS Touchpanels
new TPS-12, TPS-15 and TPS-17 Isys Touchpanels come standard with
16.7 million color 24-Bit graphics with 8-Bit alpha channel
built-in video, audio, and Ethernet. Bright, high-contrast, wide-angle
displays combine with lightning-fast performance and 24-bit color depth
to deliver astounding touchpanel performance at a truly ground-breaking
price point.
Built-in video – no expansion cards necessary!
Built-in biamplified speaker system and microphone
Standard Cresnet and high-speed Ethernet
Standard QuickMedia and balanced CAT5 AV connectivity
– streamlined wiring over distance of 300+ feet.
Integral rear cover with cable strain relief
5 backlit “Softkey” buttons
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New Isys TPS-G Series Touchpanels
Isys Lectern/Wall Mount Touchpanels
With all the features of the TPS-12
and TPS-15, the TPS-12G-QM and
TPS-15G-QM add dual-window
display of video, HDTV and high-
Every new TPS Touchpanel and TPMC Touchpanel Media Center model is
res RGB sources and increased
also offered in an attractive flush mount version designed for lectern
onboard memory to support the
and wall mount installations. Each model features the same high
most demanding touchpanel projects.
performance and connectivity as its tilt model counterpart. Fresh,
Standard Cresnet, Ethernet, and optional 802.11g wireless
modern styling with luminous blue backlit hard buttons, front-firing
communications ensure seamless network integration, and built-in
speakers and microphone provide exceptional function and great looks
QuickMedia™ connectivity provides a very versatile, streamlined
perfect for any flush mount application.
solution for AV wiring up to distances of 328 feet.
Isys TPS-G Touchpanels
Dual-window full-motion video and RGB display
Supports HDTV up to 720p/1080i, and RGB up to
1600 x 1200
128 MB RAM and 64 MB flash memory standard
Isys Lectern/Wall Mount Touchpanels
TPS-12L, TPS-15L, and TPS-17L – New Isys TPS Series
Lectern/Wall Mount Touchpanels
TPS-12G-QM-L and TPS-15G-QM-L – TPS-G Series Isys
Lectern/Wall Mount Touchpanels
TPMC-15-QM-L and TPS-17-QM-L – Isys i/O Lectern/Wall
Mount Touchpanel Media Centers
Built-in Cresnet and Ethernet, plus optional 802.11g
wireless communication
QuickMedia connectivity for integration with
MediaManager products
TPI version available – for use with third-party
touchscreens and overlays
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Wireless Touchpanels and Handhelds
The phenomenally popular TPMC-10 WiFi Touchpanel has set a new
The MT-1000C MiniTouch combines an eye-catching 3.8” color
standard for wireless touchpanel performance and functionality, with
touchscreen with an array of backlit hard buttons in one sleek, stylish
its large 10.4” SVGA display, tactile buttons and thumbpad, built-in
handheld package. Its lightweight, ergonomic design affords comfortable
802.11g wireless and embedded PC applications. Its ergonomic
and intuitive handheld or tabletop use with a perfect combination of
shape shifts effortlessly from tabletop to laptop, featuring a sleek
tactile pushbutton control and touchpanel versatility.
contoured base that rests comfortably across one leg.
Adding the new TPMC-10-DSW Wall Mount Docking Station facilitates
recharging of the TPMC-10 while simultaneously enabling full operation
in a wall or lectern mounted position. The motorized latch secures the
touchpanel in place while docked, and includes pass code security via
the front panel keypad to prevent unauthorized removal.
Isys i/O™ WiFi Touchpanel
10.4" SVGA active matrix touchscreen display
MiniTouch Wireless Handheld Touchpanel
Stylish and ergonomic handheld design
3.8" active-matrix color touchscreen
320 x 240 resolution | 16-Bit Isys graphics
Backlit pushbuttons and 5-Way thumbpad
WAV file audio feedback
Auto-shutoff and pick-up sensor
418 MHz 1-way RF wireless communication
Includes docking station and Li-Ion battery pack
800 x 600 resolution | 16-Bit Isys i/O graphics
802.11g WiFi wireless communications
Embedded PC applications for streaming digital media,
Web browsing, remote computer control and E-mail
Versatile ergonomic design with integrated hard buttons
and thumbpad
High-powered tuned-port speaker system
Optional wall mount docking station with translucent
white backlit keypad
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Presentation Systems
DualTouch™ Technology
Designed exclusively for use with the UPX-2, the
DTT-18 and DTT-15V2 DualTouch Technology
Touchpanels employ a brilliant combination of
analog resistive touch sensing for fingertipoperated Crestron touchpanel control and
exclusive Wacom® Penabled® technology
for precise drawing and annotation. DualTouch
Technology means the switching between
touchpanel and annotation occurs transparently
allowing presenters to focus on the presentation
instead of the technology.
Crestron's revolutionary UPX-2 provides a complete, streamlined AV
UPX-2 Universal Presentation System
and digital media presentation solution, fusing touchpanel control
A Complete AV and digital media presentation solution —
no computer required!
with professional annotation, multi-window video processing, and an
embedded multimedia PC. With built-in Windows Media® Player 10,
Internet Explorer, NetMeeting®, Remote Desktop, and MS Office and
Windows XP Embedded operating system
Exclusive MediaMarker annotation with DualTouch
presentation source without the need for a separate computer.
Onboard PC applications for Web browsing, streaming
media, videoconferencing, remote computer control and
digital media presentation
Crestron’s exclusive MediaMarker™ puts truly professional video
High-performance multi-window video/HDTV and RGB
Adobe® Acrobat® file viewers, the UPX-2 serves as a powerful multimedia
annotation and electronic whiteboard capability directly onboard. Only
the UPX-2 lets presenters draw, write or type in real-time over any
computer, video, HDTV or streaming media source, display the
Separately-controlled display outputs for presenter and
Input and output resolutions up to 1600 x 1200 pixels
24-Bit graphics with 8-bit alpha channel
complete presentation to the audience, and then save, edit, and share
screenshots in a variety of formats.
New for InfoComm, the UPX-2 has been updated with many
new features including selectable Internet security levels, enhanced
MediaMarker functionality, improved programmatic control of IE and
WMP, selectable error message pop-up, PNG and GIF support, dynamic
graphics, touch-in support via Cresnet and Ethernet, and video/RGB
source presets.
BRAND NEW! The UPX-2-MSO is an enhanced
version of the UPX-2 offering the following
exclusive features:
Full-blown Microsoft® Office including Word, Excel,
and PowerPoint® – freely create or edit documents
directly on the UPX-2
Java Runtime – enables viewing of Java based
Real Player – Adds support for RealAudio, RealVideo,
and many other formats
Expanded 1 GB internal flash memory
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As the perfect front end for any MediaManager system, the ingenious
QuickMedia FlipTop line provides a range of elegant, integrated multimedia interface and control solutions in a stylish flush-mount tabletop
design. The sleek flip top lid features an integrated keypad to enable
complete system control at every interface location. Wiring is extremely
simple requiring just a single CresCAT™QM cable.
Available models include the QM-FTCC Computer Center, QM-FTDC Data
Crestron's hottest new QM-FTCC-TPS4 FlipTop Touchpanel integrates
Center, QM-FTMC Media Center, and QM-FTMCSC Media Center with
our most requested interface and control features into one incredible new
Cable Storage Compartment, providing an assortment of connectivity
FlipTop. The QM-FTCC-TPS4 marries a striking 3.6" active matrix color
options. Also, QM FlipTops are now offered in "NB" no-button
touchscreen and 10 backlit pushbuttons with a QuickMedia computer
versions utilizing a plain flip top lid without integrated keypad.
interface complete with easy pull-out cables for RGB, audio, and LAN.
QuickMedia FlipTops
QuickMedia FlipTop Touchpanel
Stylish flush-mount FlipTop housing
Integrated 3.6" active matrix color touchpanel
Integrated keypad w/dual bargraphs – now optional
16-Bit Isys graphics | 320 x 240 resolution
RGB/Component inputs on all models
10 translucent white backlit pushbuttons
Composite and S-Video inputs on media center models
WAV file audio feedback
Stereo audio and 2 gated mic/line inputs on all models
Built-in video input sensing
RGB, audio, and LAN connectivity using easy pull-out
cables in FlipTop compartment
LAN pass-thru and AC power outlet
Dual-channel gated mic/line preamp
QuickMedia transport and Cresnet communications
QuickMedia transport
Easy pull-out cable management (optional)
AC power outlet
Black anodized or brushed aluminum finishes
Low-cost, quick and easy installation
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Control Systems
Crestron’s C2N-FTB and C2N-FT-TPS4 incorporate FlipTop style and
convenience in a flexible design suited for non-QuickMedia applications.
Available with either integrated keypad or touchpanel, these FlipTops
provide for extensive control and connectivity to support a wide range of
Comprising 13 different models, Crestron’s 2-Series lineup continues
applications and signal types.
to offer the Industry’s widest selection of control systems. Whether
choosing the cost-effective QM-RMC Room Media Controller, the
Universal FlipTop Control Centers
extremely popular MP2E Integrated
Stylish flush-mount FlipTop housing
Integrated keypad or 3.6" active matrix color touchpanel
AV Control System with built-in AV
Easy pull-out cable management and AC power outlet
switching and processing, or the
Black anodized or brushed aluminum finishes
flagship PRO2 Dual Bus Control
Accommodates AV, communication, control and
data cables
System with compact flash memory
expansion and card cage, 2-Series
International QM FlipTops
control systems provide power, reliability, and flexibility beyond all others.
Crestron’s popular QuickMedia FlipTops are now available to the
Crestron’s 2-Series control systems are favored by systems integrators,
world, with new International versions featuring a selection of AC
consultants, corporations, governments and universities for their
power plug sets to enable use in
extensive capabilities for control and management over IP networks.
almost any country. International
Standard features like DHCP and SSL help ensure network compatibility
models include the QMI-FTCC, QMIFTDC, QMI-FTMC, and QMI-FTMCSC,
and security. New support for SNMP (Simple Network Management
with the choice of plug sets including
Protocol) enables powerful integration with SNMP network
PWR-AU-B (Australia/China),
management tools like HP OpenView and others.
PWR-EU-B (Europe "Schuko"),
PWR-FR-B (France), PWR-IT-B
(Italy), and PWR-UK-B (UK).
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New to the MediaManager family, Crestron’s iMedia provides an
multiple input locations, the IM-RX3 can support up to three IM
extremely simple and affordable computer presentation solution
transmitters. Just a single CresCAT-IM cable (or low-skew CAT5e/6)
for small boardrooms and classrooms. No comparable solution comes
from each transmitter to the receiver is all that’s required. Sets up
close to matching iMedia’s speed and ease of installation, intuitive
in minutes using iMedia Wizard Software.
operation, and incredibly low cost.
Designed for any application having a single display and up to three
computer inputs, iMedia (IM) offers three transmitter models including
the IM-WCC Wall Plate Computer Center, IM-TCC Table Mount
Computer Center, and IM-FTCC FlipTop Computer Center. Each
transmitter provides identical RGB and audio inputs for connection of any
computer signal, plus a single “Select” pushbutton and volume control
knob. Operation is as simple as connecting the computer, pressing
A simple, affordable solution for single-display computer
Super fast and easy installation using just a single CAT5
type cable
Choice of wall plate, table/podium mount, and FlipTop
IM Transmitters
Choice of 1 or 3 input IM receivers
Supports 1024 x 768 @ 60Hz typical resolution up to
84 feet, 1600 x 1200 max resolution up to 34 feet
the button, and adjusting the volume.
Built-in LAN, RS-232, IR, 2 relays and 4 digital input
control ports
The IM receiver mounts at the projector or plasma display location,
Built-in 20W stereo amp and line outputs with software
volume, bass, and treble
providing RGB, audio, and control connections to the display device
and projection screen/lift. The IM-RX1 includes one IM input to
accommodate a single IM transmitter. For applications needing
Complete setup in minutes using iMedia Wizard Software
Built-in Web-server supports e-Control 2 XPanel and
RoomView applications (limited functions)
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Crestron’s QuickMedia Transport Technology has revolutionized AV
system design and installation, providing a fully-scalable solution for
signal distribution and control in a wide range of applications. QuickMedia
(QM) dramatically simplifies system design and installation, affording
a higher level of performance at a lower overall cost.
The ever-expanding line of MediaManager products featuring the
QM transport has grown to include a complete assortment of AV and
The QM-RX QuickMedia Receiver is a stripped-down alternative to the
computer interfaces (transmitters), distribution centers, matrix switchers,
QM-RMCRX-BA, providing a cost-effective display control interface
amplifiers, room media controllers and receivers. In addition to several
and QM receiver for RGB and video signals. The QM-RX contains no
new FlipTop models (see FlipTops section), other new additions to the
audio circuitry, and is a Cresnet slave device. It is a perfect complement
QM line include the following:
to the QM-RMCRX-BA for dual-projector applications, and is also an
The QM-RMCRX-BA is an update to the previous QM-RMCRX Room
Media Controller and Receiver, adding balanced audio line outputs and
ideal choice for systems using a separate centralized control system
and audio amplifier.
two relay control ports for built-in screen or projector lift control. Also,
The QM-TX QuickMedia Transmitter provides a portable or rack-
22nS delay skew compensation provides increased adjustment to
mounted alternative to Crestron's popular QM FlipTops and Wall Plates.
support a wider range of UTP type cable. Finally, self-peaking audio
The QM-TX is ideal for converting the output of a conventional matrix
automatically optimizes QM’s digital audio signal to compensate for varying
or system switcher to the QuickMedia format, and is also the perfect
lengths of QM cable as signals are switched and re-routed, providing for
portable interface for any QM system.
easier setup and uncompromised audio and video performance.
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Crestron Wire
Cresnet Control Cable (Four Colors Available in Plenum Only)
The QM-AE QuickMedia Audio Extractor provides a solution for
extracting audio signals from the QuickMedia transport to feed a power
amplifier or other audio device. It may be inserted anywhere along
Cresnet-DM Dimmer Control Cable
the QM signal path without effecting the signals passing through it.
Discrete stereo program and mono speech outputs are provided,
CresCAT CAT5E plus Cresnet Control Cable
perfect for feeding Crestron's QM-AMP3X80MM and QM-AMP3X80SR
3-Channel Amplifiers. Each output includes versatile input mixing
and 12-band graphic or parametric EQ, plus 40mS delay adjustment
CresCAT-D 2 CAT5E plus Cresnet Control Cable
on the speech output.
Versatile and scalable AV distribution and control
CresCAT-DC 2 CAT5E and 2 RG6 plus Cresnet
Single-cable distribution of audio, video, computer,
microphone, and control signals
Wide selection of wall plate, FlipTop, rack mount and
portable QM transmitters
CresCAT-Q 4 CAT5E plus Cresnet Control Cable
Supports high-res RGB signals up to 1600 x 1200 @ 60Hz
over 328 feet of QM cable
Supports multiple displays and room combining
Built-in video input sensing and auto-switching
CresCAT-QM QuickMediaTM Cable (Plenum Available)
Gated microphone mixing
Professional digital audio signal processing
CresCAT-IM-P iMedia Cable, plenum
Integrated stereo amplification
3-Channel power amplifiers
Versatile matrix signal routing
Cresnet and Ethernet communications
2-Series control engine – compatible with Crestron’s
complete line of touchpanels, keypads and handheld
Built-in Web-server supports e-Control 2 XPanel and
RoomView applications
For every application, genuine Crestron
wire delivers consistent signal integrity
and reliability while reducing installation
cost and complexity.
Four colors of Cresnet plenum-rated cable are now offered, making
it easier to differentiate in crowded cable trays and chases.
Low-cost, quick and easy installation
Fast and flexible programming using SystemBuilder™
New CresCAT™IM provides a low-cost, low-skew CAT5e for iMedia
systems and other AV distributions applications.
| 800.237.2041
System Design and Development
SystemBuilder™ 2.0
With the release of Crestron’s SystemBuilder 2.0 comes a host of
powerful new features and capabilities to make system design,
programming and troubleshooting even faster and easier.
SystemBuilder is a complete graphical environment for control system
designers and programmers of every level. SystemBuilder provides easy
start to finish design, programming, setup, and trouble-shooting
of all Crestron control systems including the complete QM product line
and all Crestron keypads, touchpanels, e-Control®2, RoomView, as well
as lighting dimmers, thermostats, cameras, and more.
System Views makes sensible organization of the complete
programming process, allowing easy drag-and-drop selection and
placement of user interfaces and equipment, plus real-time system
testing and debugging and adjustment of audio and video settings.
SystemBuilder also includes plug-ins and wizards to speed the setup
and installation of MP2 and QM based MediaManager systems, and
residential audio distribution.
SystemBuilder 2.0 enables programmers to:
Generate a bill of materials, control and AV connection
sheets, and other documentation
Use “Device Extenders” to enable channel presets,
discrete power control, and lamp hour calculation for
devices that do not have built-in functionality
Choose drop-in logic modules for tasks such as email,
event logging, etc.
Apply conditional statements and variables for complex
applications such as room-combining
Automate any command using the built-in scheduler
Set device ID’s, upload projects, update firmware, and
perform diagnostics
Use Live Update to keep Crestron software and firmware
Automatically generate default programming, GUI
and engraving
Generate and email keypad engraving files to Crestron
Modify default logic and customize any GUI or engraving
Use Real-Time Mode to set up, adjust, test, and debug
the system
Change the model of any touchpanel or keypad without
losing data
Create complete AV distribution systems using Crestron’s
entire family of QM based products
Define audio signal routing by simply dropping devices
onto inputs and outputs
Configure inputs and outputs, set volume levels and
EQ settings, and adjust video parameters
Operate any keypad virtually by clicking on a matching
image on-screen
Monitor or trigger any program signal such as button
presses, digital feedback, and analog values
Quickly jump between connected QM devices via
hyperlinks on each input and output
Force the state of variables and activate global presets
Easily integrate multiple systems with enhanced
RoomView help desk support
Record signals as they occur complete with
device and location, command type, new value,
and date/time stamp
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Programming and Maintenance Tools
Crestron Toolbox
The Crestron Toolbox makes it easy for installers to reduce system
loading, configuration, and troubleshooting time, all from within a
powerful, friendly Windows-driven environment. Setting device ID’s,
uploading projects, updating firmware, and performing diagnostics
is simplified using graphical tree views, right-click menus and dragand-drop methodology — no need to remember dozens of console
commands. Toolbox includes full scripting capabilities to automate
large-scale facility upgrades — now hundreds of rooms can be
upgraded by launching a script, including program loading, firmware
upgrades, and confirmation of successful task completion via time and
date stamped logging.
Crestron Toolbox can be used standalone
or integrated within SystemBuilder 2.0 to:
Connect to multiple control systems using the
built-in Address Book
View a quick snapshot of system info
Observe system processes
Set or change device Network IDs
Set up IP tables and manage DNS
Change serial numbers
Upload operating systems and firmware
Upload programs and touchpanel projects
Use scripting to automate tasks
Upload several devices in minutes
Upload multiple IP devices simultaneously
Upload devices by groups
Schedule uploads to occur off-hours
Perform system diagnostics and debugging
View error logs and email log files to support personnel
Save and backup device configurations
Set up QM systems using built-in video test patterns
Developer’s Templates
Developer’s Templates offer gorgeous new interface designs showcasing our
touchpanels’ stunning high-resolution graphics, dynamic text, full-motion video,
animation and multimode objects. Crestron’s crisp, clean and ergonomically
designed GUIs are ICIA Dashboard for Control compliant for ease of use. Visit
the GUI Solutions link on Crestron’s website to create great looking, easy-to-use
touchpanel designs.
| 800.237.2041
Remote Monitoring and Management
RoomView™ 6.0
RoomView™ 7.0
Crestron’s hugely popular RoomView Help Desk software just keeps
Coming in early 2006, RoomView 7.0 will represent a major architecture
getting better. Still the industry’s only customizable, real-time, multi-user
shift to RoomView, offering both a real-time executable client and Web-
solution for facility-wide AV system management and control, RoomView
based user interface – running simultaneously. Now users will have the
6.0 adds several new powerful features:
best of both worlds – incredible real-time control, combined with cross-
ODBC database integration for SQL Server and Sybase
platform browser accessibility, along with a host of enhanced features,
Windows Event Log support
only from Crestron.
Device usage and call statistics reports
Built-in asset management
The RoomView 7.0 GUI will feature a new “MyRoomView” environ-
Assign devices to rooms
ment, providing a unique home page for every user with customizable
Track and schedule maintenance and lifespan
layout, content, color scheme and personal profile. The large “main” area
Register serial numbers
can be configured to show an overview of attributes for multiple rooms,
Manage maintenance contracts
Increased customization of attributes, contacts, menus,
logging, and more
a single room detail view, room scheduling, or a host of other information.
In addition, a choice of plug-in modules can be placed to the left and
right, offering views of things like Daily Schedule, Calendar, Room Hot List,
Action Items, Instant Messaging, Server Status, and Room Web Cam.
New feature highlights:
Now 2-Series Control Systems support SNMP, enabling network management
Web-based and real-time executable client
of Crestron control systems using third-party SNMP management software. Using
Feature packed plug-ins
SNMP, full RoomView-style control and monitoring of Crestron systems can be
Fully customizable user interface for every user
done from the IT Help Desk or NOC in a format familiar to IT personnel, providing
Multiple server support with rollover capability for
disaster recovery
an IT-friendly solution for complete AV network integration.
Enhanced integrated room and event scheduling
ODBC Integration including support for Oracle
| 800.237.2041
Lighting and Shade Control
Link up to 9 controllers for 54 light circuits & 54 shade groups
Up to 16 user-settable scenes
7 Configurable “rocker” buttons and large ON & OFF buttons
Customizable label strip
Flip-up front cover reveals setup controls and bargraph display
Easy setup from front panel or PC software
Built-in motion detector (CLS-C6M)
Optional IR remote
Master air-gap relay
Supports multipoint control using up to 16 keypads
Integrates directly with 2-Series Control Systems via Cresnet
The iLux CLS-C6 is Crestron’s new integrated lighting system designed
Available in almond, black, or white
for wall mount installation in boardrooms, auditoriums, theaters, and
anywhere versatile and cost-effective control of lighting and drapes is
required. High-quality integrated dimming, native shade control,
configurable rocker buttons, and many other advanced features
make iLux the ideal choice for all types of room lighting applications.
Available with motion sensor. (CLS-C6M shown)
A versatile array of front panel buttons provides instant access to stored
scenes, elegantly fading each lighting zone and adjusting window shades
Shade and Drape Controllers
to their new settings with each scene selection. The “rocker” action buttons
The C2N-SDC Shade and Drape Controller integrates with the iLux
enable intuitive tactile up and down control of both lighting and shades.
CLS-C6, or any 2-Series control system, to provide a convenient and
Each button can be configured and labeled for a variety of functions, and
cost-effective solution for controlling motorized window treatments,
two large ON and OFF buttons are included for easy “On” and “Off” upon
projection screens and lifts. The C2N-SDC mounts in a standard electrical
entering and exiting.
box and provides control of up to two 120V AC 3-wire bidirectional type
Dimming levels and shade positions are displayed graphically on 6 green
motors. A new DC version, the C2N-SDC-DC, is also available to
LED bargraphs accessible behind the flip-up front cover. Configuring the
support control of 24V DC 2-wire bidirectional motors.
CLS-C6 can be done easily from the front panel without requiring a PC,
The C2N-SSC-2 Somfy® Shade Controller provides a bidirectional
while enhanced customization is possible via iLux Designer software.
serial interface for up to two Somfy ILT type motors, providing extremely
iLux™ Integrated Lighting Controller
precise shade positioning with the ability to poll for the current position
Wall Mount integrated lighting control
6 Channels of dimming or switching
800 Watts per channel, 1920 Watts total
Control for up to 16 shades/drapes (32-motors) in 6 groups
and save/recall up to 20 presets for each output. When used with the
iLux CLS-C6, the actual screen positions are displayed graphically
via the iLux’s front panel LED bargraphs.
| 800.237.2041
C2N-CBF in White, Almond & Black
Cameo Colors
Crestron’s groundbreaking infiNET wireless technology affords reliable
Cameo’s unique flush mount design affords a very discreet appearance
2-way communications without the need for physical control wiring. The
occupying just one-third the space of a conventional keypad. With a
CLW-DIM1RF and CLW-DIM4RF are 1000 Watt wall mount dimmers
palette of designer inspired colors, Cameo harmonizes perfectly with
designed to operate as part of a complete Crestron system communicat-
a range of modern and traditional living and work spaces.
ing via the infiNET network. Without the need for additional control wiring,
infiNET dimmers easily replace any standard in-wall dimmer or light
switch, delivering greatly enhanced automation and control capability.
Exquisitely simple yet extensively customizable, the Cameo keypad can be
configured by the installer to provide from one to six engravable backlit
buttons in any of three different sizes. Rocker action allows any button
Numerous infiNET dimmers, switches, and other devices can be linked
to have up to 3 functions, enabling up to 18 button presses on a single
to the control system via a single C2N-MNETGW infiNET gateway.
keypad. Their ergonomically tapered shape provides excellent tactile
Employing a 2.4 GHz mesh network topology, every infiNET device
response, and any two vertically adjacent buttons can be oriented to
functions as an RF repeater, increasing effective range and reinforcing
emulate the feel of a single "rocker" switch. Elegant white LED light pipes
the complete network. Dynamic discovery makes setup and configuration
provide versatile button feedback and bargraph capability.
of a complete infiNET network a snap.
Cameo keypads may be ordered in either C2N-CBF Flush Mount or
Crestron infiNET dimmers are also available in versions designed to
C2N-CBD Standard Mount (Almond, black and white only) versions.
support multipoint dimming control, as well as switch-only control for
The C2N-CBF installs easily in drywall or paneling for a clean, finished
non-dimmable loads. CLW infiNET Dimmers and Switches are available
appearance. The C2N-CBD installs in a conventional electrical box
in white, black, or almond.
using a Decora® style faceplate.
infiNET™ Dimmers and Switches
Crestron Cameo™ Keypads
Decorative wall mount dimmers and switches
Stylish and versatile wall mount keypad
Crestron control system integration
Choice of flush mount or standard gang-box installation
2-Way wireless communications via infiNET mesh network
Available In 13 designer colors to complement any decor
Intuitive single-button or programmable 4-button operation
Configurable for up to 6 engravable buttons in 3 sizes
3 User-presets and manual dimming control
3 selectable button modes—normal, rocker, and press/hold
Single or multipoint control options
White LED light pipe feedback indicators and backlighting
Quick and easy installation
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Camera Control
The C2N-CAMIDJ is a professional joystick controller designed to provide
The C2N-CAMIDSPT is a state-of-the-art camera pan/tilt head
a powerful yet simple user interface for the remote operation of networked
offering ultra fast, quiet and precise camera and lens control for
cameras and lenses. Designed for use with the Crestron C2N-CAMIDSPT
video-conferencing, recording, distance learning, and in-house video
digital servo pan/tilt head, it is equally well equipped to work with third-
applications. The compact device supports a vast range of popular
party pan/tilt heads and integrated PTZ cameras as part of a complete
cameras and lenses weighing up to 15 lbs (6.8 kg).
Crestron control system.
With pan and tilt speeds of 60 degrees per second, the C2N-CAMIDSPT
Precise camera positioning and zoom lens adjustment are facilitated
offers the fastest performance in its league. Pulse-width modulation
through an ergonomic 3-axis joystick with large grip and cushioned
and digital servo technology deliver quick, smooth response with
wrist rest. Intuitive left/right and up/down movement of the joystick
remarkably quiet operation. Nearly 360 degrees of pan and 180
delivers effortless pan and tilt control, with zoom in/out capability instantly
degrees of tilt travel provide essentially limitless movement with extremely
at hand through a simple twist of the joystick handle. Integrated thumb
precise positioning achieved using digital optical encoders. Setup is
triggers on top of the joystick afford immediate selection between high
made easy using the built-in 5-way mini joystick to provide local
and low speeds to ensure smooth and accurate positioning on the fly.
position and lens control.
Digital Joystick Camera Controller
Digital Servo Pan/Tilt Head
Tactile pan-tilt-zoom camera and lens control
Digital servo technology
Ergonomic 3-axis joystick — twist the knob to zoom
in and out
Ultra fast, quiet, and precise pan/tilt operation
Integral thumb triggers for high/low speed selection
Supports camera/lens combinations up to 15 lbs.
Encoder wheel and LED display for lens and speed
100 onboard user presets
Programmable buttons w/LED feedback for
camera/preset select
Bidirectional RS-232 and analog lens control ports
Cresnet network communication
Cresnet network communication
Ideal for controlling C2N-CAMIDSPT digital servo
pan/tilt heads
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Tel: 800.237.2041 / 201.767.3400
Rockleigh, NJ 07647
Fax: 201.767.1903
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