uB-t580/uB-t580w alwayS More than you eXpeCt touCh SenSitive BoarD

uB-t580/uB-t580w alwayS More than you eXpeCt touCh SenSitive BoarD
alwayS More
than you eXpeCt
touCh SenSitive BoarD
DynaMiC iMage Control
uSB powereD
iMprove the way you CoMMuniCate
with the elite pAnABoArd
the elite panaboard uB-t580w / uB-t580 is an interactive whiteboard that uses a
projector to display pC images onto its surface and lets the presenter operate the data
on the board with a finger or a stylus pen. It adds an exciting visual element to meetings
that used to be all talk and few pictures, and brings rich, paperless expression to
presentations that previously depended on stacks of paper handouts.
operate with a finger
or the stylus pen
uSB powereD
All board operations can be performed with the touch of a finger, and your
finger’s movement is relayed directly to the board surface for smooth,
comfortable operation. or you can use the stylus pen for writing characters
for instance. the stylus pen works without batteries.
Power is supplied by a UsB cable from the Pc, so there’s no need to connect a
power cord from the elite Panaboard to a wall outlet.
Stylus pen included with
uB-t580/ uB-t580w
Dual operation
dynAMic iMAge control
MultifunCtional eleCtroniC pen (optional)
streAMline your presentAtions
Images can be easily moved, scaled and rotated with your fingers making
presentations more interesting, dynamic and interactive.
you can use the electronic pen to switch between four marker colours and the
eraser tool, and do things like remotely turn PowerPoint® pages. this helps
to keep the audiences’ attention because you don’t need to stop the flow of
the meeting.
Zoom in / Zoom out*
Status leD
Selector Dial
- 4-Colour marker
- 3-Colour highlighter
- eraser
- Mouse
- low power mode
remote control Button x 2
(up/Down Button)
Menu Button
*when using windows 7 and applications that support Multi touch.
ink note
eAsily sAve inforMAtion written
on the BoArd
You can insert images and text into Microsoft® word, Excel®,
or PowerPoint® using elite Panaboard software.
relateD proDuCtS
infrared wireless Microphone
(handheld type)
portable all-in-one
infrared wireless powered Speaker
(pendant type)
elite Software Makes
Business More Active
Drawing ToolBAR
The toolbar contains all of the software tool icons for easy
selection. It can be constantly displayed on the board,
ready for use at any time.
Attract Viewers’ Attention
This tool lets you shine a spotlight on part of the
screen. It’s an effective way to attract the viewers’
attention to a particular place on the board.
Easy Data Input
Screen Keyboard
Display this keyboard on the elite Panaboard,
then simply press the keys. In addition to
text, you can enter numbers into Excel or
other applications, and make corrections
right on the board without having to use a
PC and without taking valuable time away
from the meeting.
Enlarge and Display
Small Details
Create Materials with
Panasonic Tools
elite Panaboard book
The “elite Panaboard book” consists of a set
of tools that were developed by Panasonic. You
can use them to create and save presentation
materials. Choose from a wide variety of
arrows, graphics, and illustrations to liven up
your meetings.
You can enlarge small details like tiny
characters or photos for easier viewing.
When you have meetings with a large
number of people, this lets you enlarge
important parts of the image so people far
from the board can see them clearly.
A Handy Bookmark
Quickly Save Screen
Images as Data
Screen Capture
This function lets you capture the images
on the elite Panaboard and save them as
electronic data. You can save the data in
either of three formats, bmp, jpg, or tif, and
distribute it as an e-mail attachment.
Save Meetings in Motion
Image Form
This is a handy way to record meetings for
later review. By connecting a microphone
to the PC, you can also record voices
Use the Attachment function to make and store
shortcuts to materials you have prepared with
the elite Panaboard book and files you want
to use, or links to Internet URLs. Having these
information sources at your fingertip will make
your presentations go like clockwork.
Use Familiar Software
PowerPoint Mode
You can use your PowerPoint application right on the
elite Panaboard, so you no longer have to operate
a second PC separately. Plus, once you’ve started
up the PowerPoint application, you can make
notes to each slide for a smoother, more effective
Recording Selection
uB-t580/uB-t580w SpeCifiCationS
Main BoDy
Shelf DiMenSionS
power ConSuMption
Supplied by uSB
Less than 2.5 w (500 mA, 5 V)
operating environMent
temperature: 10 – 35°C (50 – 95°f), humidity: 30 – 80 %
eXternal DiMenSionS
(height X wiDth X Depth)
UB-t580w: 1,352 x 1,915 x 74 mm (4 ft. 5 1/4 in. x 6 ft. 3 3/8 in. x 2 15/16 in.)
UB-t580: 1,352 x 1,637 x 74 mm (4 ft. 5 1/4 in. x 5 ft. 4 7/16 in. x 2 15/16 in.)
SCreen BoarD SiZe
(height X wiDth)
UB-t580w: 1,175 x 1,860 mm (3 ft. 10 1/4 in. x 6 ft. 1 1/4 in.)
UB-t580: 1,175 x 1,582 mm (3 ft. 10 1/4 in. x 5 ft. 2 5/16 in.)
effeCtive area
(height X wiDth)
UB-t580w: 1,153 x 1,845 mm (3 ft. 9 3/8 in. x 6 ft. 5/8 in.)
(10:16, 86-inch diagonal)
1,037 x 1,845 mm (3 ft. 4 13/16 in. x 6 ft. 5/8 in.)
(9:16, 83-inch diagonal)
UB-t580: 1,175 x 1,567 mm (3 ft. 10 1/4 in. x 5 ft. 1 11/16 in.)
(3:4, 77-inch diagonal)
(without StanD)
UB-t580w: 26 kg (57.3 lbs)
UB-t580: 23 kg (50.7 lbs)
panel SurfaCe
hardcoated Metal Board
poSition SenSor
reflective type touch sensor
pen holDer
Maximum 2 pens
interaCtive funCtionS
UsB 2.0 A type (for Pc)
eleCtroniC pen
(optional DeviCe)
tranSMiSSion SySteM
infrared rays Sensor
eleCtroniC pen power
Lr03 (AAA alkaline dry cell battery) x 1
operating Instructions x 1, stylus Pen x 1, software DVD-roM x 1,
wall Mounting Plate (Left, right) x total 2, Pen Holder x 2
optional DeviCeS
stand [KX-B061-A], Electronic Pen [UE-608020], stylus Pen (UE-608021), Pen point (UG-6020)
elite panaBoarD Software SpeCifiCationS
SySteM reQuireMentS
IBM® Pc/At compatible with a DVD-roM drive, web browser
Mac® computer with an Intel processor, web browser
Intel® Pentium® 4 processor or later
operating SySteM
UsB 2.0
windows XP sP3 or later / windows Vista sP2 or later / windows 7 (windows® 7 starter, windows® 7
home basic and windows XP 64-bit edition are not supported). Mac os® X version 10.5.8, 10.6.8 or 10.7.1*
harD DiSk
to run the elite Panaboard software/book, additional software may be needed. the system
requirements above do not meet the recommended specifications of all operating systems.
- the handwriting and shape recognition features are not supported in windows vista home Basic,
or windows XP Home Edition.
- the ability to import drawing data from other applications, and the ability to save a slide’s drawing
data to a PowerPoint file are available in office XP, office 2003, and officce 2007, office 2010
(the 64-bit version is not supported.).
for detailed information, please access the following url:
windows: 1 gB or more
Mac oS X: 2 gB or more
At least 700 MB free space (except saving space for data file)
(An additional 700 MB may be required when installing Microsoft .net framework.)
1,915 MM
1,637 MM
1,860 MM
1,582 MM
2,175 MM (86-IncH)
10 : 16
2,113 MM (83-inCh)
9 : 16
1,958 MM (77-inCh)
* Software for use with the Mac oS can be downloaded from our website:
panasonic System networks europe
panasonic house, willoughby road
Bracknell, Berkshire rg12 8fp
3013 lake Drive
Citywest Business Campus
Dublin 24
BroChure CoDe
0844 844 3888
we expressly reserve the right to make reasonable changes to models, dimensions, colours as well as to make modifications that bring our products in line with state-of-the-art technology.
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