Miele S 160 User manual

Miele S 160 User manual
PW 6163, PW 6243, PW 6323
The new 160 litre to 320 litre
barrier machines
Miele’s new
barrier washer-extractors
Greater safety, greater laundry protection,
greater ease of use, greater economy.
Typically Miele
The Miele PW 6163, PW 6243 and
PW 6323 barrier machines provide the
ideal solution for processing soiled and
­potentially infected laundry in retirement
and care homes, hospitals and laundries.
These new high-throughput barrier
­machines with drum capacities from 160
to 320 litres offer these establishments
optimum physical separation between the
unclean and clean sides, as stipulated in
the Prevention of Accidents Regulation
BGR 500, and are also suitable for other
­situations where the hygienic processing of
laundry is important.
Greater safety
• Automatic drum positioning at end of
• Thermal and chemo-thermal disinfection
programmes with precise temperature
holding times
• Capture of all relevant operating data as
• PC connection and process
documentation software optional
High safety standards.
Typically Miele
Greater laundry protection
• Patented Miele HONEYCOMB DRUM*
• Large drum capacity from 16–32 kg
Thorough cleaning and optimum
protection of laundry. Typically Miele
*European patent EP 0 935 687
Greater ease of use
• Freely
programmable PROFITRONIC M
• Clear text display
• Chip card reader for programme
­operation and update function
arge doors for easy loading and
Simple, safe programme operation.
Typically Miele
Greater economy
xcellent consumption figures
igh g-factor for low residual moisture
levels and optimum further processing
ommunication module with serial
interface for data exchange and remote
data transfer available as an optional
arious heating methods including dual
aintenance-free positioning of heating
• Automatic weighing system (optional)
Maximum effectiveness and efficiency
for every day use. Typically Miele
Hygienically clean laundry
with maximum fabric care
Many factors contribute to the quality of life
in retirement and care homes – thoroughly
cleaned laundry with maximum garment care
is naturally important to the residents. Clean
clothes, bed linen, towels and table linen all
contribute to a feeling of well being and are
an indication of a well-run establishment.
A professional laundry room requires perfect
results, efficient laundry programmes, an
ergonomic working environment
and compliance with health and safety
regulations. The new Miele barrier washerextractors with unclean/clean sides offer all
of the above to an extremely high standard,
true to the Miele philosophy of “Forever
Perfect hygiene
Hygienic processing of laundry is
particulary important in retirement and
care homes, as well as hosptials. In such
establishments, laundry can be the source
of the spread of infection and potentially
pathogenic microorganisms. Many
nosocomial infections can be traced back
to poor hygiene standards in the
processing of contaminated laundry.
Miele’s hygienic washer-extractors with
their safe disinfection programmes and
controlled process parameters set new
standards for laundries.
Safe thermal disinfection depends on
meeting precise criteria with regard to
temperatures and holding times.
In accordance with RKI* prescribed
requirements, there are two processes for
thermal disinfection:
• 90°C with a 10 minute temperature
holding time
• 85°C with a 15 minute temperature
holding time
With chemo-thermal disinfection, laundry
should be processed at temperatures of
between 30 and 70°C using temperature
holding times of 10–20 minutes and the
addition of chemical disinfection agents.
The PROFITRONIC M controls on the
new Miele washer-extractors control the
temperature and temperature holding
times precisely to comply with the required
standards. All process parameters can be
checked and documented via the
operating data capture system.
* RKI = Robert Koch Institute
Regulations, Directives and Quality
Laundries where possibly infected or
infectious laundry is processed, are
required to comply with the Prevention of
Accidents Regulation BGR 500, Chapter
2.6. To comply with the Regulation, the
side where the unclean laundry is loaded
into the machine must be physically
separate from the side where the clean
laundry is removed. Staff cleanliness with
hand disinfection and changing clothes
further complement the hygiene system.
Separation prevents clean laundry from
being mixed together with unclean laundry
and offers reliable protection from
recontamination. Different atmospheric
conditions (low air pressure on the unclean
side, higher pressure on the clean side)
guard against airborne contamination. With
load capacities of 16, 24 and 32 kg, Miele’s
new washer-extractors offer a bespoke,
economical and reliable solution for
laundries of all sizes.
Personal- und
Tisch-, Küchenwäsche
Full and efficient service
For decades, Miele has been at the
forefront of developing washer-extractors,
and innovative cleaning processes, and
has always been an efficient service
provider for perfect laundry care. Creating
highly efficient and cost-effective solutions
which are tailored for the market is an
important aspect of Miele’s aim of
providing only the best for its customers.
xpert planning of the laundry:
From calculating the capacity
r­ equirement, to feasibility studies, to
implementation planning
xperienced partners to provide on site
From delivering the machines to site, to
installation of the entire laundry
operation, to instruction on how to use
the machines
n outstanding support network is
available to provide everything from
finance schemes, to after sales service,
maintenance and service contracts.
Collect, sort, wash,
With Miele’s hygiene system and the
new barrier washer-extractors
you can be sure that your laundry
processing is in safe hands.
In accordance with European Regulation
(Risk Analysis Biocontamination Control
System (RABC)/EN 14065), the following
measures are recommended for the
hygienic processing of laundry in
residential and care homes, and hospitals:
Collect and sort soiled laundry
lace the soiled laundry in cloth laundry
ort the items according to fabric and
wash programme required and colour
code the laundry bags
o not store the laundry for a long time
before processing
he weight of the laundry bag should not
exceed 10 kg
hen the soiled laundry is being moved
it must not come into contact with clean
Wash and disinfect
ontaminated, possibly infected or
infectious laundry should be processed
in barrier washer-disinfectors
in accordance with Prevention of A
­ ccidents
Regulation BGR 500, Chapter 2.6
• Select the appropriate cleaning and
disinfection programme for the type of
fabric and soiling
• Use suitable cleaning and disinfecting
• Check and document the process
…dry, iron, transport,
Wet cleaning of outer garments
The Miele special WetCare programme
gently cleans and cares for outer
garments made from sensitive fibres
and synthetic materials.
Standard programme on all new Miele
­barrier washer-extractors.
Dry and iron
• Do not store washed laundry for a long
time before processing further
• Clean laundry should only be handled up
to a maximum of 4 times before it leaves
the laundry
• When drying do not exceed a load ratio
of 1:25
• Do not leave laundry in the dryer at the
end of the working day
• Laundry which is to be machine ironed
can be processed on large ironers after
washing without being pre-dried
• Fold laundry immediately after machine
Transport and store
• Protect clean laundry from soiling
• Cover laundry with microporous
plastic film and transport in sealed
laundry trolleys
• Clean and disinfect laundry trolleys,
storage areas and cupboards at regular
• Keep storage rooms sealed to avoid air
• Arrange set times for issuing laundry
• The air pressure in the clean area should
be higher than that in the unclean area
• Returned laundry which is clean but not
wrapped should be rewashed
Illustration shows PW 6163 in Octo blue
High performance machines
tailored to suit individual work loads
Illustration shows washer-extractors in stainless steel
Washer-extractor PW 6163
• 16 kg load capacity (1:10)
• HONEYCOMB DRUM, 160 l capacity
• 975 rpm maximum spin speed
• 360 g-factor/49% residual moisture
• External dimensions:
H 1705, W 1110, D 890 mm
Washer-extractor PW 6243
• 24 kg load capacity (1:10)
• HONEYCOMB DRUM, 240 l capacity
• 975 rpm maximum spin speed
• 360 g-factor/50% residual moisture
xternal dimensions:
H 1705, W 1337, D 890 mm
Washer-extractor PW 6323
• 32 kg load capacity (1:10)
• HONEYCOMB DRUM, 320 l capacity
• 975 rpm maximum spin speed
• 360 g-factor/50% residual moisture
xternal dimensions:
H 1705, W 1558, D 890 mm
• Freely programmable PROFITRONIC-M controls
• Fully automatic drum positioning at the end of programme
• Integrated communication module slot
• Capture of all relevant operating data as standard
• Easy to install as machine depth only 890 mm
• Legendary Miele Quality – MADE IN GERMANY
Innovative technology, patented product features
Miele quality – Made in Germany
For over eight decades, Miele laundry
machines (washer-extractors, tumble
dryers, rotary ironers) and accessories have
been the professional choice for
comprehensive laundry care. Miele’s
traditional manufacturing process using
components that are made in-house and
uncompromising quality assurance
guarantee well-engineered machines and
offer the user the highest levels of economy
and reliability.
Every detail has been designed
specifically to meet the demands of
professional laundry care.
Recognised excellence
The quality and reliability of Miele
machines has been highlighted by many
test institutes. Surely one of the reasons
why Miele has been named as one of
the best and most trusted brands – as
evidenced by numerous awards.
Best for service
For many years Miele Service has achieved
first place for best customer service
(awarded annually by ServiceBarometer
AG, München).
Machines that work hard and look good
Miele machines frequently win international
design competitions and the new PW 6163
barrier machine is the winner of the reddot
design award: product design 2009. Proof
indeed, that Miele machines offer the
perfect blend of legendary quality,
excellent functionality and high
performance product features.
Quality – Made in Germany. Typically Miele
90 cm
Illustration shows dismantled side panel
Ergonomic operation
• Wide opening lift-up door (153° opening
• Optimum ergonomic loading height of
720 mm; laundry trolley can be pushed
directly under the door
• Large loading and unloading aperture
PW 6163: W 366 x H 352 mm
PW 6243: W 593 x H 352 mm
PW 6323: W 593 x H 352 mm
Easy to install
• With a machine depth of only 890 mm, it
is easy to manoeuvre through a standard
900 mm door
• Can be transported without dismantling
the machine
• Easy access machine plinth for pallet
• Easy to transport to its final location
• Sealing strip can be fitted to the wall
Easy access for servicing
• Installation panels on all 4 sides for easy
access for servicing
Innovative technology, patented product features.
Illustration shows dismantled front panel
Outstanding quality that performs
for every day use
• Strong sub-frame with easy access
­underneath for transportation
• Suds container supported on both sides
with robust springs and friction dampers
• Drum bearings on both sides distribute
force to the two outer walls
• Load imbalance pressure sensor for
optimum functioning
• Suds container with no sharp edges
• Suds container and drum made of high
quality stainless steel
• Sturdy door locking mechanism
• Tough, easy care external finish, powder
coated or stainless steel
Smooth running
Spiral springs and shock absorbers reduce
noise during spinning. The electronics also
monitor and limit any imbalance during
Illustration shows dismantled side panel
Safe operation
Automatic drum positioning on
the unclean and clean sides
rum does not need to be positioned
• Safe loading and unloading of the drum
• Direct access to the door aperture
mergency off switch on the clean and
unclean sides
rogramme monitoring via indicator
lights or option of clear text display on
the clean side
Quality – Made in Germany. Typically Miele
Patented honeycomb drum
These are the first barrier
machines to feature the
patented Miele HONEYCOMB DRUM.
The unique structure of the HONEYCOMB
DRUM provides extremely gentle laundry
and fabric care. The convex, honeycomb
profile creates a film of water which gently
cushions the laundry away from the
drum. Delicate, expensive fibres suffer no
damage, even during spinning.
Innovative technology, outstanding
feature: the Miele honeycomb drum
Laundry protected by the special
perforations in the drum
The tiny, smooth-edged perforations in
the drum wall ensure minimal mechanical­
strain on the laundry. Fabric snags no
longer occur. Even after the fastest spin
cycle, laundry collects loosely in the
machine without any drum imprints.
• No drum imprint on laundry
• Optimum laundry care
• Laundry items easy to separate
• Laundry lasts longer
• Minimises laundry replacement costs
Optimum laundry care – authenticated by
the WfK Institute for Laundry Research,
Krefeld, Germany
abrics are washed significantly more
etter shape retention and longer lifespan
due to gentle treatment of the laundry
he woollens programme is as gentle as
washing by hand
Programme control: simple and individual
Typically Miele
Illustration shows control unit on the unclean side
The PROFITRONIC M controls on the
new barrier machines are an innovation
developed by Miele’s in-house electronics
factory and further proof of Miele’s
manufacturing competence. Not a
bought-in, off-the-shelf solution, but an
individually designed programmer and
operating unit which provides true Miele
added value in the laundry.
Simple operation,
clearly laid out controls
On the unclean side, the
washer-extractors have a
large display with rotary switch, function
buttons, chip card reader and emergency
off switch.
The freely programmable controls have
a total of 199 programme places. All
­programme parameters can be freely set.
Various parameters can be pre-selected,
• Start time
• Programme end time
• Temperature
• Spin speed
• Choice and a choice of 11 different
languages. Programmes are selected via
the rotary switch. Programme selection
is intuitive with clear text and symbols to
guide the user. Alternatively, the machine
can be operated via a chip card in the
chip card reader, e.g. to allow the use of
specific programmes or to transfer new
programmes to the machine.
Programme sequence monitoring via the
display on the clean side (on machines
with stainless steel fronts)
Programme sequence monitoring via LEDs
on the clean side (on machines with Octo
blue external finish)
Laundry care: gently cleaned, perfectly cared for
Typically Miele
53 fixed programmes as standard
• Standard basic programme package
• Special Hygiene programme package
for care homes and hospitals:
Thermal disinfection, Chemo-thermal
disinfection, Incontinence/soiled
• Bed linen
• Curtains
• Mops and cloths
• WetCare
• Woollens and silks
Special WetCare programme
The wet cleaning of outer garments made
of sensitive fibres, synthetic material and
high performance fibres is an unavoidable
part of modern fabric care – especially as
the majority of fabrics are now washable.
The original WetCare system developed by
Miele fulfills all the requirements
necessary to produce excellent cleaning
results – perfect protection for the fabric
and the cleaned garments have a pleasant
Plus factors for more economic efficiency
Typically Miele
The stainless steel plinth can be factory
fitted with an integrated weighing system
which automatically measures the weight
of the load. After the programme has
been selected, the weight of the laundry is
shown in the display in 200 gram stages as
it is being loaded and resource
consumption is adjusted accordingly.
The precise weight measurement reduces
operating costs automatically when a part
load is being processed.
Water consumption as well as the amount
of liquid detergent (automatic dispensing
via the dispensing system connected to
the machine) are also reduced. Shorter
heating up and water intake times give a
corresponding reduction in energy
Effective water connection
5 standard water supply connection points
(2 cold, 1 hot and 2 hard water) can be
used to reduce the water intake time and
consequently the programme running time.
Hard water is particularly suitable for the
rinsing sequences, soft water is more
suitable for the pre and main washes.
A flowmeter can be connected to each
water connection to monitor the water
intake precisely. This data can then be
stored by the operating data capture
Optional features
In addition to the standard electrical
heating method, steam (indirect) or dual
(electric/steam direct) heating methods are
also available as options for heating the
This enables the most cost effective
method of heating for the on-site
conditions to be chosen. Dual heating
offers the advantage of allowing washing
to continue during a period of peak load
Efficient and secure
The peak load cut-out kit* allows
effective energy management in the
event of restricted power on site.
The requirements for disinfection are still
complied with. If the programme is
interrupted during the heat-up phase
the disinfection cycle is restarted.
Liquid detergent dispensing connections at the side of the machine
Up to 12 Miele liquid detergent dispensing
pumps can be connected very easily.
Pumps from other manufacturers are also
compatible. The dispensing amount is
calculated and the data is relayed to the
operating data capture module.
The new barrier machines are also
available for liquid detergent dispensing
without a detergent dispensing drawer.
* standard on machines with stainless steel fronts
Operating data:
view, save, archive
The capture of operating data is becoming
increasingly important and is a legal
requirement in many countries. It is
important for checking quality assurance
processes, checking results and for
analysing cost effectiveness.
In a laundry, in addition to efficient
operating staff, optimum programme
sequences have a considerable impact
on performance. To optimise programme
sequences, consumption data needs to be
captured, monitored and optimised.
Contaminated laundry must be cleaned
and disinfected in accordance with
rigorous health and safety regulations and
requirements. Here, too, documentation
of programme sequences is an extremely
valuable tool for ensuring safe processing.
All relevant data, e.g. cleaning and
disinfecting temperatures and temperature
holding times are saved and can be
produced for inspection by the regulatory
Operating data capture as standard
The new Miele barrier machines are fitted
with an integrated operating data capture
module as standard. It saves all data from
the previous 300 programmes. This data
can be called up in the display via the
PROFITRONIC M control operating unit.
At the start of data input, the processing
data is captured and recorded by the
External data
• s uch as installation site, operator, date
and machine number
General programme data
• s uch as programme name, start time,
finish time
Specific programme data
• s uch as consumption values,
temperatures, times of individual
programme blocks, dispensing
More convenient, only from Miele
A special software solution is also available
for installation which offers convenient data
evaluation and archiving.
Connection with a PC is established by
fitting a Miele XKH RS 232 Communication
module with RS 232 serial interface.
This simple to install software solution
enables the processing, visualisation and
archiving of a large amount of data on a
PC or laptop. This can then be displayed
graphically or in chart form, processed
and saved. The data can also be exported
to other programmes, Microsoft Excel,
for example. The consumption data can
be collated and evaluated with existing
operating data.
Machine options and accessories
Article no.
PW 6163
51.6163.01 51.6163.04 51.6163.21 51.6163.40 51.6163.50
51.6163.03 51.6163.22 51.6163.10
PW 6243
51.6243.01 51.6243.04 51.6243.21 51.6243.40 51.6243.50
51.6243.03 51.6243.22 51.6243.10
PW 6323
51.6323.01 51.6323.04 51.6323.21 51.6323.40 51.6323.50
51.6323.03 51.6323.22 51.6323.10
3 N AC 380–415 V 50–60 Hz
Octo blue fronts •
Two indicator lights, clean side •
Stainless steel fronts
Second display, clean side •
Detergent dispenser drawer on front •
Multi-function module 01 •
Plinth, Octo blue •
Plinth, Stainless steel •
Plinth with weighing system, stainless steel •
Test sample point •
Steam ind. Dual heating Plinth
170 mm high plinths are available in Octo
blue and stainless steel for the new barrier
machines. The plinth can be secured under
the washer-extractor so that both machine
and plinth can be transported together into
the wall aperture for installation.
Plinth with weighing system
The stainless steel plinth can be factory
fitted with an integrated weighing system
which automatically measures the weight
of the load. After the programme has been
selected, the weight of the laundry is shown
in the display in 200 gram stages as it is
being loaded and resource consumption is
adjusted accordingly.
Steam and over-foaming drainage kit
Excess steam and foam are removed via a
pipe system so that they do not enter the
room and the danger of slipping on foam is
Additional fan
An additional Miele fan can be fitted to
remove excess steam via the ducting.
The kit must be fitted on site.
(Electric/Steam dir)
Liquid dispensing
The dispensing system has various
components, including a DOS-S dispenser
stand, DOS-G2 dispenser unit housing,
DOS-P2 dispensing pumps as well as a
DOS-R non-return valve.
The DOS-GP3 dispenser unit consists of
one dispenser unit housing and three
pre-fitted dispensing pumps.
Multi-function modules
MF01-RU and MF02-RU
Multi-function modules MF01-RU and
MF02-RU contain components
necessary for connecting the liquid
dispensing system.
• Controls for dispensing pumps 1–6
• External stop signal connection
• Peak load cut-out connection
iphons can be fitted to each dispensing
• Controls for dispensing pumps 7–12
iphons can be fitted to each dispensing
Technical data
Model number PW 6163 PW 6243 PW 6323
2 door barrier model with unclean/clean sides •
Door opening [mm] 366 x 352 593 x 352 593 x 352
Load capacity 1:10 [kg] 16 24 32
160 240 320
Spin speed [max. rpm] 975 975 975
g-factor 360 360 360
Residual moisture [%]
49 50 50
PROFITRONIC M, freely programmable •
Programme places 199 199 199
Chip card reader •
Cold water, with ¾" threaded union, 2 x •
Hot water, with ¾" threaded union, 1 x •
Hard water, with ¾" threaded union, 2 x
Cold water valve for liquid detergent, 1 x o
Dump valve DN 70 DN 70 DN 70
Asynchronous motor with frequency converter •
3N AC 380–415 V 50–60 Hz •
Heater rating [kW] 15 24 30
Total connected load [kW] 18 25 31
Fuse rating [A] 3 x 35 3 x 50 3 x 63
Electric (EL) •
Steam (D ind.) •
Electric/Steam (EL/D dir.) •
Dispenser drawer in front of machine 4 compartments 4 compartments 4 compartments
Multi-function module for liquid detergent optional optional optional
External dimensions H/W/D [mm] 1705/1110/870 1705/1337/870 1705/1558/870
Weight [kg] 630
Performance data
Water connections in lid
Electrical connection (electric heating)
Heating methods, optional
Detergent dispensing
Dimensions, weight
External finish
Machine lid Octo blue1 •
Front unclean/clean sides Octo blue1
Front unclean/clean sides Stainless steel o
Sides Octo blue1 •
• supplied as standard
o optional
Powder coated
*patented: European patent ER 0 935 687
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Tel. +352/4 97 11-25
Telefax +352/4 97 11-39
Miele S.A. de C.V.
Av. Santa Fé 170
German Centre 0-4-2
Col. Lomas de Santa Fé
C.P. 01210 México, D.F.
Tel. +52/55 85 03 98 70
Telefax +52/55 85 03 98 74
Miele Nederland B.V.
De Limiet 2
4131 NR Vianen
Tel. +31(0)3 47/37 88 83
Telefax +31(0)3 47/37 84 29
Miele New Zealand Ltd.
Unit L, 10–20 Sylvia Park Road
Mt. Wellington, 1060 Auckland
Tel. +64(0)9/573 1269
Telefax +64(0)9/573 1268
Miele Appliances SRL
Intrarea Narciselor 8
Jud. Ilfov
Tel. +40 21 3520777
Telefax +40 21 3520776
000 Miele CIS
Leningradsky Prospekt, 39A
125167 Moscow
Tel. +7(8)495 745-8992
Telefax +7(8)495 745-8680
Miele d.o.o. Beograd
Palmoticeva 16A
Beograd – Stari Grad 11000
Miele Pte. Ltd.
163 Penang Road #04-02/03
Winsland House II
Singapore 238463
Tel. +65/67 35 11 91
Telefax +65/67 35 11 61
Miele spol. s. r. o.
Plynàrenskà 1
82109 Bratislava
Tel. +421/2/58 10 31 11
Telefax +421/2/58 10 31 19
Miele d.o.o.
Brncˇicˇeva 41 g
1000 Ljubjana
Tel. +386 (0)1563 44-80
Telefax +386 (0) 1563 44-90
Miele AG
Limmatstr. 4
8957 Spreitenbach
Tel. +41(0)56/4 17 20 00
Telefax +41(0)56/4 17-24 69
Miele Elektrikli Aletler
Dıs¸. Tic. ve Paz. Ltd. S¸ ti.
Güvercin Sokak No. 10
34330 Levent-Istanbul
Tel. +90/2 12/3 86-08 00
Telefax +90/2 12/3 25 84 49
Miele LLC
Zhylyanskaya Str. 48, 50 A
01033 Kiev
Tel. +38 (8)044 4960300
Telefax +38 (8)044 4942285
Miele Appliances Ltd.
Gold & Diamond Park
Sheikh Zayed Road
Building No. 6,
Offices Nos. 214–220
Tel. +971 4 3418444
Telefax +971 4 3418852
Miele, Inc.
9 Independence Way
Princeton, NJ 08540
Tel. 001-800/843 72 31
Telefax 001-609/419 42 41
Sales International
Miele & Cie. KG
Carl-Miele-Straße 29
33332 Gütersloh
Tel. +49(0)52 41-89 15 07
Telefax +49(0)52 41-89 15 00
Miele SA (Pty) Ltd.
63 Peter Place
Bryanston 2194
Tel. +27(0)11/5 48-19 00
Telefax +27(0)11/5 48-19 35
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