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bC Black Line
Mobile and independent
Wireless scale interconnection
Easily networked
Nothing could be simpler: You receive
your bC scales preconfigured from your
distributor for rapid setup of an ad hoc
network. Turn on the device, confirm the
network logon – and instantly you can
use convenience functions such as Continual Service in your bC scale network.
Seamless branch office
Ideal for promotional and special sales
areas – or simply for all zones in the
branch offices in which there is no LAN
cabling or recabling would be too expensive: The wireless linking of the bC
scales to the branch office network
via wireless access points.
Secure communication
Whether a small ad hoc network or a
linking of the scales to the access point
of the branch office network: A networkspecific SSID password plus encryption
on the radio link ensures a secure, wireless transmission of your sensitive data
in the wireless network.
Maximum protection
WLAN module and antenna hide within
the scale housing and as a result have
maximum protection against soiling and
damage – no protruding antennas that
complicate the cleaning of the scale, no
housing openings in which the moisture
can penetrate.
METTLER TOLEDO Wireless Solution
Tactile bC scales with integrated
WLAN module
The METTLER TOLEDO Wireless Solution for bC scales
(available as an option) provides retailers new freedom in their fresh food sales. The factory-installed
WLAN module ensures a secure wireless connection
of the bC scale to an existing network.
Set up, switch on – and right away you are in the
network. Vendor carts and sales stands with the
METTLER TOLEDO Wireless Solution benefit from
increased network convenience without cable clutter
and tripping hazards. The METTLER TOLEDO Wireless
Solution does not require any technical knowledge and
gives retailers more independence and flexibility in the
configuration and use of their sales area.
Easy startup – Plug & Play for ad hoc networks
Secure and private – encrypted data transmission
Versatile and flexible – design freedom without cable clutter
Economical and efficient – convenience functions for all scales
Technical data
Wireless Module for bC scale family
Network infrastructure
The METTLER TOLEDO Wireless Module for the bC scales family supports the
following network infrastructures:
• Plug & Play ad hoc network for up to five bC scales
(one-time SSID password for network plus encoding)
The METTLER TOLEDO Wireless Module
supports the following encryption
WEP (WEP-64, WEP-128), WPA, WPA2
Address assignment
Static IP addresses
Data transmission rate
The METTLER TOLEDO Wireless Module
supports data transmission rates up to
54 Mbits/second. The automatic adaptation
of the data transmission rate ensures a
continuously high connection quality.
• Network access via Wireless Access Point on networks with
10/100base T-LAN wiring
In the outside area: up to 300 meters*
In buildings: up to 50 meters*
* within line of sight
Access Point
Configuration options
• Configuration of the settings of the WLAN
module via web interface or via a scale
• Software updates
The METTLER TOLEDO Wireless Module is
available as a standard option for all bC
Standards and protocols
The METTLER TOLEDO Wireless Module for the bC scales family conforms to
the following standards:
• IEEE standard 802.11g for Wireless Local Area Networks (WLAN) compatible
with IEEE standard 802.11b
• IEEE standard 802.3/802.3u (network protocol)
ISO 9001 quality management certification
ISO 14001 environmental management certification
Internet: http://www.mt.com
Worldwide service
Subject to technical changes.
© 09/2012 Mettler-Toledo AG
Printed in Germany 22017292
Global MarCom Switzerland
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