Detailed Navigation area

Detailed Navigation area
Detailed Navigation area
If a user is unable to see the Detailed Navigation menu items on the left hand side of the SAP
Portal, please check the following:
Is the Detailed Navigation area collapsed (minimized)?
If the shape inside the square icon to the right of "Detailed Navigation" is a bar, then it is
expanded. If it is a smaller box, then it is collapsed. Clicking on the icon toggles
How to Clear the Internet Explorer 7 Cache:
1. Close all Internet Explorer windows.
2. Launch one session of Internet Explorer.
3. From the upper menu, choose [Tools] -> [Internet Options]
4. Click the [Delete…] button in the middle of the pop up window under the “Browsing
history” heading.
5. Click the [Delete files…], [Delete cookies…] and [Delete forms…] buttons. If any of the
three buttons is greyed out, please contact your desktop support representatives.
6. After each delete button you click, you will be prompted to make sure you want to delete
the files. Click [Yes].
7. After you are done with all three deletions, click the [Close] button.
8. Click [OK]
9. Launch the SAP Portal and login. You should now be able to see your Detailed
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