Yamaha YMA-CV03Y-00 Specifications

Yamaha YMA-CV03Y-00 Specifications
Full HD Waterproof Motorcycle & Watercraft Action Camera
Main Features
Buttons and Camera Body
Installing Battery
Installing MicroSD card
Waterproof Housing
Mounting your Camera
Remote control
Screen - Information and Icons
Main Menu - Navigation
Main Menu - Folders
Video Recording – How to
Image Capture – How to
FOLDER - Video Playback
FOLDER - Image Viewing
Deleting Files
FOLDER – Video Settings
Normal Recording
Motion Detection
Set Auto Recording Start Time
Auto Record in Vehicle
Loop Record
Video resolution settings
Video Sound Record Content
Time Lapse Video
Time Stamp on Video
Image Resolution Settings
Continuous Shot Settings
FOLDER – System Settings
Language Setting
Date and Time Settings
Image Flip
Display Frequency Setting
Auto Power Off
Auto Screen Off
Format and Reset
Memory Info
Camera Version
Firmware Update
Connecting to PC
Connecting to Television
Battery Charging
Battery Information
Camera Specifications
Troubleshooting (Link)
Parts Listing
Never risk your life or the lives of others when making a video. Accidents will
happen so be prepared by becoming familiar with your Yamaha camera before using it. Do not try to
adjust camera settings while riding your bike under any circumstances. Please read this manual
before mounting and using your camera. Save this Users Manual
For support and firmware updates visit: www.ymap.motao.com
Inspect Your Camera: The camera shall be inspected upon receipt and checked for any missing
parts per Complete Parts Listing page 20 (Rear Cover)
Repairs: All camera repairs shall be made by authorized personnel only and in conformance with the
manufacturer’s recommendations or the warranty will be void..
Warranty: This Camera is covered by a limited 6 month warranty effective receipt date
For further warranty information visit www.ymap.motao.com
Page 1
Main Features
480 x 240,1.5”
TFT LCD Screen
5.0MP FULL HD CMOS sensor
170° Super wide angle FOV( field of view) under 720P, 127 ° under 1080P 720P
H.264 Compression into MP4 video format
20 Meters ( 60 Feet) Waterproof
RF wireless remote controller (requires manual power on )
Support Timing record, Motion detect record, Auto record and Loop record
Support Timing Capture ( Self-timer) , Continuous capture
Zoom focus available under 720P video record and Picture capture mode
Video resolution Settings:
16: 9 Full HD 1920 x 1080P
4: 3 Full HD 1440 x 1080P
16: 9 HD 1280 x 720P
16: 9 HD 1280 x 720P
4: 3 WVGA 848 x 480
Picture resolution Settings:
4000 x 3000
3200 x 2400
2592 x 1944
Video & Picture playback
 Support 1GB~32GB High speed Micro-SD memory card –
(8 GB RiData Class 10, MicroSD card Included only in Yamaha 2013 promotion package)
High speed USB2.0 interface for Power charge and Data transfer
HDMI、USB and RCA Cable output optional
The camera supports Continuous burst, Motion detection and Time Lapse capture.
For full details on these settings see pages 11 thru 13
Page 2
Camera Buttons and Ports
Video Record Indicator (red)
Power Indicator (red) & Power charge Indicator (green)
Microphone (no Icon)
Tripod screw hole
Audio output
TF card slot
REC & Confirm button
UP & Zoom+
Menu button
Down & Zoom- / Remote Pair
Power ON & Picture Capture
USB Port
Page 3
Battery Installation
Install the battery according to the graphics
A - Open the battery cover
B - Install the battery ( Note: label side face up)
C - Close back cover
Inserting Memory Card
The camera does not have built-in memory.
A Micro SD card is required and a class 10
8GB to 32GB is recommended
Install a Micro SD card
according to graphic
After installing the SD card, power on the camera
and an SD card icon will appear in the top right
corner of the screen – this indicates SD card is
correctly installed. If no icon is displayed then an
SD card is not installed or the card is invalid.
Page 4
Using the Waterproof Housing
1. Opening The Latch
Per arrow in the graphic below, pull
latch "A" outward and the clasp "B"
will slacken and allow you to pull lock
mechanism away from the rear cover.
2. Insert Camera
Open hinged rear cover and insert camera
as shown in the graphic below.
3. Close the Cover
Per graphic to the right, First close
the clasp "B" and then press inwards
the latch "A" to lock tight
Two button operation only when camera is
Inside the waterproof housing
Note! The waterproof housing is certified at a
maximum depth of 30 Meters (99 feet). Should an
area of condensation form on the inside the
waterproof housing this will not cause a
problem for the cameras safe function. .
Page 5
Mounting the Waterproof Housing
To mount, choose the best mount to for the event you
are planning, The Yamaha HD camera kit includes
the following clips, mounts and bases.
Main clip mount which inserts into one of two base
mounts, one for flat surfaces and a curved base with
3M adhesive backing for helmet mounting.
Two tripod mounts are included, one for use with the
waterproof housing and the other is used without the
housing and mounts directly into the cameras built in
tripod socket
Also in the kit are three mounting stem extensions.
See page 20 for complete list.
Note! Your camera mounts are rugged but they are plastic and may break under heavy stress and
certain rough riding conditions therefore it is recommended that you tie a thin tether line to the camera
housing. If the camera should break lose during riding it will remain tethered to the bike. Make sure the
tether does not connect to or near moving parts of the motorcycle..
Remote Controller
Remote to start video record only when Camera is Powered ON.
Remote will not start record if camera power button is OFF.
Remote to stop video record only, will not power OFF camera.
This allows multiple recording starts and stops.
Note – The camera and remote have been pre-paired at the factory when manufactured. This feature
is only necessary when a new remote control replaces the factory paired remote
1. Hold down the “<” button on the camera when in power OFF state. Don’t let go.
2. Then press POWER button to turn ON the camera.
3. When camera has powered on immediately press the
button (Start Video Record)
and immediately release the “<” button.
4. When pairing the screen will go dark during the process. If pairing is a success the camera will
power ON automatically. If pairing has failed the camera will power OFF automatically.
Page 6
System Boot Screen
Opening screen Icons and Information which will display along with an image of what the camera lens
is pointing at.
Main Menu
Pressing the MENU button opens a
directory with four folders. This easy to
navigate directory stores all your videos,
images and is where settings are
changed for the feature you need. The
Icons shown link as follows:
Scrolling is the use the “< or >” buttons on the button bar. Navigating the menus and making settings
in this camera will require scrolling. When in a menu, the active folder’s Icon will be highlighted with an
orange border around it. Additionally the Video and Image folders will also tally the number of files
contained in them in the top corner of the folder Icon.
Page 7
Video Recording
1. Press
button to turn on the camera.
2. Press REC button to start the video record,
a red icon will flash on the screen to indicate
camera is recording.
3. For Zoom, Press " <" or " >" Scroll buttons.
4. To stop recording, press REC again and your
video will be saved up to that point.
Video Screen
Zoom feature not available when camera is inside its waterproof case.
Image Capture
1. Press
button to turn on the camera.
2. Press
button again while camera is
on to take a picture. While in image capture
mode a white camera icon will be on the
screen. When a picture is taken the icon will
flash red then go back to white.
3. When camera Icon is white zoom is possible
by pressing the “<” or “>” Scroll buttons.
Camera Screen
IMPORTANT! Each video and image file is recorded with a default name the camera recognizes. Do
not rename images on the Micro SD card as the image name will not be recognized and will not have a
thumbnail in the folder. Do not store any images on your MicroSD card from other cameras. The
Yamaha HD Camera can only recognize images with a CAMY prefix and videos with a MOVY prefix
and 4 number suffix
Page 8
Video Playback
1. Press MENU button to enter the main menu
Press Scroll buttons to choose the Video Folder.
In the example Menu screen here the Video Folder
is highlighted and the total files in the folder is displayed
in the upper left corner. Here it shows 8 video clips.
Main Menu Screen
2. Press REC button to enter the folder. Video
clip thumbnails will display as per example
Thumbnail screen. The active thumbnail will
be highlighted with an orange border,
3. Press Scroll buttons to cycle through and
Stop at the video clip you want to play.
Thumbnail Selection Screen
4. At the highlighted thumbnail, Press REC to
confirm and the video will fill the screen,
immediately press REC once more to start
video play back.
Video Selection Screen
Page 9
Browse Images
1. Press MENU button to enter the main menu
Press Scroll buttons to choose the Image Folder.
The quantity of images in the folder will display on the
top corner of the folder Icon. If the number of images
displayed is 0 (zero), the folder will not open.
Main Menu Screen
2. Press REC button to enter the image folder.
All the images will be displayed in thumbnail
sets of 3 per row’. The active thumbnail will be
highlighted with an orange border.
3. Press REC to open the Image.
Thumbnail Image Selection Screen
4. To see next image in the folder press “>” button.
To return to thumbnail view Press MENU and MENU again to return to Main Menu.
Deleting Files
Press and hold MENU button while browsing images or when an image has been selected - The
Delete Option Menu will display on the screen. Use Scroll buttons to choose what you want’
No: cancel current operation and quit
Yes: confirm current operation and delete the single image.
ALL: confirm deletion of all files in the folder
Press REC button to confirm deletion or cancel if No.
Note! Once you delete files from the MicroSD the files are permanently deleted and can’t be
recovered. So we recommend making a copy with via file transfer to your computer before deleting
files directly from camera.
Deletion via Loop Record – See page 12
Page 10
Video Setting
Press MENU button enter the main menu.
Press “<” or “>”buttons to scroll the Video Setting folder.
Press REC button to enter.
Normal REC
Camera will start recording video once the REC button is pressed. A small red circle start to flash on
the screen indicating recording. Also half of the red LED light bar will steady flash. When your finished
Press REC button again to stop video record, The video clip will automatically be saved.
Pressing the REC button again will start a new video clip.
Motion Detect
Camera will start recording video only when motion activates a detector. When the lens detects
movement It begins to record and the camera will not stop recording video until all movement has
The movement detector will require 10 seconds shut down to reset before it can start movement
detection again at each additional restart. The default video record time is 1 minute if the movement
was less than 30 seconds. The camera will not stop recording video if movement is constant the
camera will record until battery runs out or memory is full and no longer has space.
Time REC
Sets a time to start recording video automatically. For
This feature you must first set your time Rec settings
by Pressing REC to next Video Mode screen, then
press Scroll button to Time Rec and press REC.
The Time Rec Settings menu will have 5 lines of
numbers with default numbers or unset in white.
A graphic explaining .these numbers and what they
mean is to the right. Entering dates past or values
beyond a maximum set limit will invalidate the setting.
To make a time setting use the Scroll buttons to add / subtract the number. Press REC button to set
the option desired. After an option is set, Press “>” to move to next option or to move down to next line.
Page 11
Auto REC
This feature is for use if camera is used as a “black box” in a vehicle
The camera will start recording video automatically after vehicle has been turned on. For this feature to
work presets must first be made in “Auto REC time” settings menu.
OFF:Not activated
10 Seconds:Camera will start recording 10 Seconds after starting vehicle.
20 Seconds:Camera will start recording 20 Seconds after starting vehicle.
1 Minute:Camera will start recording 60 Seconds after starting vehicle.
Note:This function is designed for using camera without waterproof, inside a car as a black box. A
cigarette lighter power adapter would be required. Only the Motao No.: CV340 cigarette lighter adapter
will work with this camera. Other lighter power cords will not work with this camera. Motao No.: CV340
is a special order accessory.
Loop Record
The camera will delete the earliest video clip for newest video clip if memory is not enough.
Select the “ Loop Setting” and press “ REC” button to enter the time setting.
OFF:Loop record is not activated
1 Minute: 1 minute per video clip.
5 Minutes: 5 minutes per video clip.
Note: Loop record only available under Normal record and Auto REC mode.
Video Resolution
Choose suitable resolution for different purpose, lower resolution will save power and memory
for longer time record.
Frame Rate
Full HD 1080P
Full HD 1080P
HD 720P
HD 720P
Record Content
A setting option for “Audio and Video” (video clip with sound) or “ Video “ (video clip without sound)
only. Press REC button to confirm setting and quit.
Page 12
button to active this feature, camera will take pictures every 10 seconds. This feature is for
use with Time Lapse video software.
Note:Self-Time feature upon power OFF, will reset to normal capture automatically.
Time Stamp
When set at ENABLE, the Date and Time video was taken will display on the video .
Photo Size
Set image resolution here. Select the size image you need. Three resolution settings:
4000 x 3000
3200 x 2400
2592 x 1944
Continuous Shot
Press MENU to enter the main menu, use Scroll button to select “ Continuous shot” menu, press REC
to confirm and when in the menu choose the quantity of shots.
System Setting
Press MENU to enter the main menu,
Press “< or “>” button to System Setting icon (hammer and wrench)
Press REC button to bring up System Settings menu.
Language Setting
Select the language and press REC button to confirm.
Page 13
Date & Time Setting
Date Setting:
Press REC to select the option, Press REC again to next option select, use Scroll buttons to change.
2013: Year option, Red color means active for changing
10:Month option, use Scroll buttons to select, press REC to confirm.
15:Date option, use Scroll buttons to select, press REC to confirm.
Time Setting:
Press REC to select the option, Hour will be in red, use Scroll buttons to change. Then REC to
confirm switch to Minute, use Scroll buttons to change and REC to confirm.
Image Flip
Active this function when you need to install the camera at upside down position, to make right video
recorded. The recorded image will flip 180° .
Display Frequency
Please choose the correct frequency according to your country or area, picture would flash if incorrect
frequency set.
Auto Power OFF
If you want the camera power off automatically after some time, then activate this function and set a
power off time. Camera will power off no matter what state its in.
Press REC button to enter active setting will be yellow. Scroll to desired setting and confirm br
pressing REC..
OFF:Not active
5 Mins:Camera will power OFF after 5 minutes.
10 Mins:Camera will power OFF after 10 minutes.
20 Mins:Camera will power OFF after 20 minutes.
Page 14
Auto Screen OFF
For power saving or simply to turn off the screen when recording. Screen will turn off at set time.
Press REC button to enter and confirm the setting.
1 Minute:Camera will turn off the screen.
5 Minutes:Camera will turn off the screen.
This option controls sound level of internal speaker, set using Scroll buttons.
This function is for re-formatting a microSd card. Note:All data on memory card will be erased if you
use this function. Data from a formatted memory card CAN NOT be recovered.
Memory Info
This function shows the installed MicroSD Card memory status.
Free: Amount of memory remaining on the card and
Used: The amount of memory no longer available.
The system will reset to default factory settings.
Important Note:If you have made a FRIMWARE update you must use this feature to reset the system
to the new firmware adjustments. (see page 16)
Displays the version of your camera software. ( Model No. – Version )
YMA-CV03Y-00 01
Please visit our customer service page at www.ymap.motao.com
Page 15
Firmware Update
The camera may have software updates and you may need to install new firmware: The Camera
firmware can be found on this camera’s official Customer Service web portal at:
Follow the instructions at the site to download and install the firmware package: You will need to install
the update onto a MicroSD card via PC then transfer the card to your camera.
Install the SD card
Select “Start” and press REC button to confirm the update operation, camera will reboot automatically
with a black screen when update has completed. If the firmware update or SD card failed the screen
will prompt FAIL.
Connect with Computer
Connect the camera with computer via USB cable, available for data transfer, power charge and
firmware update. Power on the camera after connect it with the computer by USB cable, and the
screen will display “ USB connected” like graphic below, means successfully connected.
Important Note: When connected to a PC via USB all features will not work directly from camera,
such as Record, Playback and Browse. Charging the battery will occur as well as data transfer via the
connecting computer only.
Page 16
Connect to Television
Via USB-RCA cable connect with TV ( output)
Find out the USB-RCA cable in standard accessories,
USB side insert to camera, RCA side insert to TV
( Yellow for Video, White for Audio)
Via HDMI cable connect with TV (output)
Please insert the A type connector to the TV ,
insert C type connector to camera
Note:The video that output to TV is 1080P
resolution when playing back video clip, real-time
output display is 480i only.
2.5mm - RCA cable connect with TV (output)
This cable is not included in standard accessories.
Start playing back video clip or browse pictures
a. Turn the TV to AV or HDMI input channel, power on the camera
b. Press MENU button to enter main menu, press " < " and ">" to select video or picture folder, press REC button
to enter
c. Use " <" and ">" button to select the file to playing, press REC to confirm, press again to play.
Real-time output resolution to TV is 480i.
Page 17
Battery Charging
Install the battery per instructions on page 4,
then select the method of charging below.
Charge by computer
Note: Power charge by computer, please
make sure the camera is POWER OFF state.
The green charging indicator will flash,
indicator will turn off after full charged.
Charge by Wall charger
The Yamaha camera includes an
wall socket direct charger made specifically
for the camera. It plugs into the cameras
mini USB port
Charging and Battery Tips:
1. Avoid completely draining of power before recharging
2. To extend battery life, battery should be fully charged before it is used for the first time.
3. When storing the camera for a long period, please remove the battery and store it separately.
Charging Specifics
Full charge time
Standby time
3.5 Hours in Power ON state
Approximately: 3.5 Hours
Video Record Time
Minutes (1080p)
2 Hours in Power OFF state
Battery Icon instruction
electric quantity
electric quantity
electric quantity
electric quantity
Page 18
Basic Spec
Main Unit Spec
Other Function
Built in memory
TF Card
Image Pixel
Output Interface
Output Interface
DC Charger
Main Unit Dimension
Waterproof Housing Dimension
Motion Detection
Timing Record
Auto Record
Loop Record
Continuous Capture
Zoom Focus
Time Stamp
Image Flip
Video Quality Option
Support Record Under Screen Off
File Protection While Low Power
1-32 GB
1.5 inch
480 x 240
1/2.5 inch
2592H x 1944V
Built in
Built in
Auto Power OFF Option
Record Spec
Sound Record
Slide Playback
Thumbnail Browse
Play Back
Frame Rates
File Format
Playing Speed
Support SDHC
USB 2.0
High Speed
3.7[V], 800[mAh]
DC 5V, 1200mA
Li-ion Battery
With Battery
180 Upright
5, 10, 20
FULL HD 1920 x 1080 30FS
FULL HD 1440 x 1080 30FS
FULL HD 1280 x 720 60FS
FULL HD 1280 x 720 30FS
QVGA 848 x 480 60 FPS
4000 x 3000 12MP
3200 x 2400 8MP
2592 x 1944 5MP
2 x 3 Martix
Full HD 1920 x 1080
HD 1280 x 720
Full HD 1440 x 1080
WVGA: 848 X
HD 1280 x 720
30 FPS
60 FPS
X1, X2, X4, X8
User Manual Part Number CV301 – Published August 4, 2013
Page 19
Parts Listing
Page 20
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