Excell Counting Scale User manual

Excell Counting Scale User manual
Piece Counting
Every Piece Counts
For Your Profit
Every Piece Counts
For Your Profit
Material Receiving
Material Receiving
Regardless of the size or number of incoming items counting scales verify the quantities received and provide accurate results
in less time. Barcode scanners recall article
information for immediate counting and
transactions are stored in the scale embedded database for statistical analysis.
Smart weighing and counting solutions keep
track of stock movements, ensure flawless
goods storage and help you avoid out-ofstock situations through direct integration
into ERP systems. Mobile counting scales
facilitate and speed up commissioning.
Profit in Three Ways
Accurate and fast operation
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Counting scales are used in different industries including automotive parts manufacturing, electronics, plastic or metal components production, paper manufacturing or
distribution warehouses. Accurate and efficient material management is the basis for
successful, profitable production. METTLER TOLEDO counting scales can be easily
incorporated into inventory management systems. That increases process reliability
and productivity while efficiently controlling incoming and outgoing goods.
Logistics & Shipping
Logistics & Shipping
Process automation and fast user guidance are essential to increase production
efficiency and consistency. Semi-automated
counting solutions assure efficient packaging right in production. Parts required
for assembly are rapidly and precisely
Counting solutions assure that customer
orders are accurately filled with exactly the
right number of pieces, on time and with
the required labels and documentation.
Integrated data management
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Results to rely on from the start
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Fast Operation
Easy Operation
Avoid Errors, Speed up Processes
Straightforward manual operation increases efficiency and accuracy in
piece counting. METTLER TOLEDO scales feature advanced, easy to use
counting applications. Operators just have to count the sample pieces,
place them on the platform, press the predefined sample key and start
counting immediately.
Avoid Errors
Increase Speed
Save Time
Intuitive user menus prevent
operator errors and fatigue during routine tasks. Configurable
softkeys allow fast access to key
functions at a keystroke. Users
are guided through the counting
task in their language.
While counting pieces using
a weighing system, operators
typically have to concentrate
intensely on the terminal display,
slowing down their process. The
colorWeight® function indicates,
using different colors, when the
target is reached. This spares the
operator’s concentration, speeds
up the task and saves time and
In order to reduce wasteful
transportation time, distances
between the picking place and
the counting scale need to be
reduced. Mobile scales with
rechargeable batteries and wireless communication do a perfect
job. For further comfort and to
ease operators work the best ergonomic position of the counting
scale can be chosen: compact,
with column or table model.
Key Features & Benefits:
 Fast access to key functions at a
 Easy database entry or recall with
barcode scanner or external keyboard
 Immediate indication if target count is
reached with colorWeight® display
 Selectable languages: English, Chinese,
German, Spanish, French, Italian
 User profiles with dedicated functions
such as assigned softkeys, language,
user prompting or locked hard keys
Reduce Errors when Determining
Average Piece Weights
Counting large quantities for reference (sample)
determination by hand is tedious and opens possibility to errors. However, sampling 30 or more parts
increases counting accuracy. With the Automatic
Reference Optimization feature the scale assists
the user in achieving a more accurate result with
less errors. The operator hand counts 10 pieces
and establishes the average piece weight. Then
the operator places a few more pieces on the scale
after which the Reference Optimization function will
automatically recalculate the more accurate average
piece weight.
Watch the scales in action:
Data Management
Integrated Data Management
Analyze, Trace and Document
Efficiently counting thousands of parts demands smart handling of
numerous data points. Facilitate your daily counting jobs with counting scales featuring powerful databases with transaction memories
that record all counting results for analysis and various printing
Easy Data Analysis
and Full Traceability
Data Handling
Simplify monitoring and analyzing of weighing data with
configurable databases. Analyze
and trace all counting results in
a transaction memory including
date/time and operator ID. Benefit
from a scale embedded or central (host) article database for up
to 30,000 articles. Easily import
or export data from the scale to
Microsoft® Excel®.
Gain efficiency by connecting
barcode scanners to automatically recall article information,
such as average piece weight
and directly start with counting.
Connect the scale to another IT
system, such as SAP, or import/
export article or transaction data
with USB memory stick, Ethernet
or wireless communication. Easily configure the scale and database on a PC.
Customized labeling and full
result documentation are key to
fulfilling your customers needs or
to comply to industry standards
such as Odette, AIAG or Galia.
METTLER TOLEDO offers integrated printing solutions tailored
to your application. Different
formats can be defined including
barcodes, article number, date,
time or customer logo. Whether
you have to print labels, strips, or
forms we provide a solution.
Key Features & Benefits:
 Scale embedded or central database
for up to 30,000 articles
 Transaction memory to easily monitor
all counting results
 Easy import/export databases and
transaction data to Microsoft® Excel®
for further statistical analysis
 Connectivity to external IT systems in
various ways
Automate Your Counting Task
Reduce inefficient transportation to packaging stations and significantly reduce your staff’s involvement in parts counting with semi-automated counting directly at the production machine. Scales can
control third party devices such as conveyor belts
and stop or redirect parts filling as soon as the target
piece count is reached. They also can alert operators by controlling external light or audible alarms.
Tolerance such as target count or the average piece
weight can be automatically called up from the
article database by simply scanning a barcode or
selecting an article ID.
 Pre-defined and user-definable
printing templates
 PC-software DatabICS to easily
configure the scale
Watch the scales in action:
Excellent Accuracy
Accuracy Counts
Reliable Results from the Start
The concept of piece counting with a scale is quite simple. Counting accurately and efficiently can be a challenge. Errors occur when various factors influence the counting process, such as piece weight variation. Proper
sampling and high-precision reference scales deliver accurate quantities
from the start.
Dealing with Piece
Weight Deviation
Highest Accuracy for
Reliable Results
Precise Counting from
1 mg to 3,000 kg
Piece weight deviation is one
of the most frequent sources of
counting errors. Piece weights
can differ due to the use of different machines, tool wear,
raw material inconsistencies or
changing environmental conditions. If parts have a high deviation of more than 1 percent,
the counting error can be cut in
half by increasing the number of
reference (sample) parts for example from 10 to 30 pieces.
Accurate average piece weight
determination is dependent on the
appropriate counting resolution of
the counting scale. To achieve a
high counting resolution, the quality of the weighing electronics in
terms of repeatability needs to be
superior. METTLER TOLEDO counting scales feature proven counting
resolutions of up to 1,200,000d,
allowing minimum reference
weights1) from 0.05 g with a process tolerance of 1%.
The lightest and heaviest parts
influence the type of counting
scales required. When counting a
variety of parts, a two-scale system provides accuracy and flexibility. To precisely determine the
average piece weights, connect a
0.1 mg reference scale and count
small pieces on a 0.6 kg to 6
kg scale. For medium weights,
connect a bench scale up to 600
kg, and for heavy weights, use a
floor scale for up to 3,000 kg.
Key Features & Benefits:
 High-resolution reference (sample) scales
precisely determine the minimum reference weight1)
 Automatic Reference Optimization
increases counting accuracy by adding
number of reference pieces without handcounting
 Multiple scale solutions increase the
accuracy and flexibility to count a variety
of parts with one system
Accurate Reference Weight
Accurate reference (sample) weight determination has a great effect on counting accuracy. Using a high-precision scale to weigh samples significantly increases counting accuracy. Investing
in a suitable reference scale pays back, as mistakes made here translate to big counting errors
later. Furthermore, a smaller minimum reference
weight allows for counting lighter piece weights
and/or reduces the number of reference pieces.
The fewer reference pieces to count, the faster
and less error prone your counting process.
Selection Guidance for Counting Scales:
see definitions on page 10
Complete Offering
High Throughput and Consistency
Speed counts in today’s competitive environment. Manufacturers must not
only deliver error-free, high-quality products, but also need to produce on
time. Benefit from a complete counting scale portfolio with intuitive user
menus facilitating your daily counting jobs. High-precision weighing
technology delivers consistent results.
Compact Scales ICS4_5/ICS685: Small Size (XS, SM), Large Size (LA)
Counting, Totalizing, Over/Under Checkweighing/Counting, Simple Weighing
Article database (up to 30,000), Transaction memory (up to 300,000 entries), DatabICS PC software to manage database
Graphical display (ICS4_5/685), colorWeight ® (ICS465/685),
full color display (ICS685)
Robust die-cast aluminum, up to IP65
XS, SM: 9.7x14.3x3.7-4.1 in, LA: 14.1x15.9x4.3-4.7 in
Platform size
XS: 6.3x5.1 in, SM: 9.4x7.9 in, LA: 13.8x9.4 in
RS232, RS422/485, USB host/device, Ethernet, WLAN, Digital I/O
Up to 3 additional weighing platforms attachable, SICSpro or analog
ICS__5 XS size
Minimum Average
Piece Weight2)
1.2 lb
0.000002 lb
0.0001 lb
0.00001 lb
6 lb
0.00002 lb
0.001 lb
0.0001 lb
12 lb
0.00002 lb
0.001 lb
0.0001 lb
12 lb
0.0002 lb
0.001 lb
0.0001 lb
6 lb
0.001 lb
0.006 lb
0.0006 lb
12 lb
0.002 lb
0.01 lb
0.001 lb
30 lb
0.0002 lb
0.01 lb
0.001 lb
60 lb
0.0002 lb
0.01 lb
0.001 lb
30 lb
0.005 lb
0.03 lb
0.003 lb
60 lb
0.01 lb
0.07 lb
0.007 lb
ICS__5 SM size
ICS__5 LA size
ICSS4_5, ICS685 terminals
Minimum Reference Weight which the scale can determine with a process tolerance of 1% at 2s (2 Standard Deviations / in 95.4% of the cases).
Minimum Average Piece Weight = Minimum Reference Weight / Number of Reference Pieces (10 parts) with a process tolerance of 1% at 2s.
To achieve smaller Average Piece Weights increase number of reference pieces.
Selection Guidance for Counting Scales
To determine the right counting solution for any process requirement, METTLER TOLEDO has developed a unique qualification
service called Good Weighing Practice™ (GWP ®). Based on your process tolerance, parts weight and its deviation, the GWP ®
expertise helps you to choose the appropriate counting scale.
Counting, Totalizing, Over/Under Checkweighing/Counting,
Programmable/Customizable Applications
Three sizes: 10.2", 15.4", 18.5", Widescreen TFT display
Stainless steel IP69k
RS232, RS422/485, USB, Ethernet, WLAN, Digital I/O
Up to 4 weighing platforms simultaneously, IDNet,
SICSpro or analog
K Line platforms
High-precision Monobloc® scales that can be table, stand, and
floor-mounted for use in harsh industrial environments. Can be used
as reference scales or bulk scales.
6-6,000 lb / 3-3,000 kg
0.00002-0.1 lb / 0.01-50 g
Min. Ref. Weights
0.0006-0.55 lb / 0.25-250 g
Platform sizes
13.8 x 11 to 59 x 59 in
PC-Terminal: IND890
X203S/X603S Balances
Reference balances for small parts
Model Weighing range Resolution
X203S 210 g 0.001 g
X603S 610 g 0.001 g
Platform size (in/mm) 5 × 5/127 ×127
PBD655 platforms
Scales that can be table, stand, and floor-mounted for use
as bulk scales.
Capacities 10-1,000 lb / 6-600 kg
0.001-0.05 lb / 1-200 g
Min. Ref. Weights
0.01-1.1 lb / 5-500 g
Platform sizes
9.5 x 11.8 to 23.6 x 31.5 in
Pallet / pallet truck scales, roller tops
Do you have special requirements for the design, mobilitiy and
weighing performance of your scale? Please contact us and we will
find an individual solution for your application.
500 - 5,000 lb
0.1 - 2 lb
2256 VLC™ floor scales
Painted or hot-dip galvanized footed floor scales for use as bulk
scales in harsh industrial environments.
500 - 5,000 lb
0.1 - 1 lb
Platform sizes
3 x 3 to 5 x 7 ft
Access Information and Know-how
Application Know-how
Benefit from a wide array of brochures and guides.
Comprehensive information enables you to improve your processes.
Counting Know-how
Selection Guidance for Counting Scales
Manufacturing Competence Brochure
Automotive Weighing Guide www.mt.com/count
Value Calculators
Download our calculators and find out how much you could be saving.
METTLER TOLEDO offers both live webinars where you can speak directly with
our specialists and recorded on-demand webcasts, which are available at your
convenience 24 hours a day.
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