Levine 5 What is a Master Student?

Levine 5 What is a Master Student?
Levine 5
What is a Master Student?
What does the term master student mean to me? My college journey has made me realize there is a lot of
work needed to earn a degree. I am like a ball of clay plopped on the pottery wheel. I have chosen the
courses I need to obtain my degree as well as buckling down and working hard at work to paying for my
courses. Each of my class that I attend causes the wheel to turn and I am also starting to spin and mold
into the master student I will eventually become. The master students are always learning something
new, mastering new techniques needed for their profession that they will soon have; the learning will
never stop. As each day goes by more clay will be added to make a handle to the original ball of clay. I
will continue to learn more skills to better my knowledge in my chosen profession.
I like being a creative student, I also enjoy the opportunity to create and gather pieces for projects. When
I was a child, I enjoyed being creative with projects including creating something nobody else has done.
When a project comes my way there is no doubt I have given it my personal twist! I believe that it is good
to be creative. Not only just for projects, but to find creative ways to study. For example, instead of flash
cards, how about a power point to help you study for a test that is coming up! I insert pictures to spark my
visual memory or find simple clip art designs to add to each slide. The study info is typed, so I do not
need to have to decipher my handwriting later. Also, I color coordinate each study section to keep myself
organized. I try to be creative in every aspect of my life.
I define myself as tech savvy; I use this tool for deeper learning, proactivity, and to active success. When
I face a task I go with what I know like what soft wear would be good to use. I don’t get up set and feel
like I’m going to break my laptop in peaces. In stead I just go on and find what works best for me.
Health is important to all students. For maximum learning potential, a student needs to be conscious and
choose nutritiously good foods to put in their body. Also, exercise your body everyday. Take a break from
studying to go for a walk. Your body will benefit from the exercise and your mind will still subconsciously
be thinking about how to write the paper. It is always good for you to distress your mind after studying. I
like doing yoga before bed. I find the meditation relaxes my mind and the stretching of my muscles
release the tension. Another important thing for a student to do is get 8 hours of sleep. Avoid staying up
all night before a test. Instead, study a couple of night’s prior. The lack of sleep can decrease your
performance in school. If you have trouble of falling asleep avoid caffeine and definitely avoid using
alcohol. You can help your mind to signal your body its time for bed by playing soft music or spraying
lavender scent on your pillow Settle under the covers and get comfy. Tell you body its time for bed.
We all have a picture of our selves who we want to be. Mine is to be a Dental Assistant. There are skills I
first need to master. Being in ACA I have learned how to take a test without feeling anxiety. I have formed
techniques to enhance my memory skills. Lastly, I have acquired better note taking skills to study later. As
the clay spins on the potter’s wheel I am forming ideas and planning strategies for success. I was labeled
in elementary school with a receptive and expressive speech disorder. The elementary and high school
teachers always told me I could do anything I set my mind to. Learning various techniques to master a
subject has made me a more creative person. I’ve always cared about learning and feel I have a great
passion to make learning fun and memorable. Learning new things everyday is exciting for me.
There is a master student in all of us when we attend to college. We learn to mold ourselves of what we
want to be in life.
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