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W 560
Operating instruction
Read the operating instructions carefully before using the tool and observe the
safety instructions. Keep the operating instructions in a safe place.
General Safety Instructions
Read all the instructions. Non-observance of the instructions below can
cause electric shock, fire and or serious personal injuries. The term "power tool"
used below covers both mains-operated power tools (with mains lead) and
accumulator-operated power tools (without mains lead).
1. Workplace
a) Keep your workplace clean and tidy. Untidiness and unlit working areas can lead
to accidents.
b) Never use the tool in hazardous areas that contain flammable liquids, gases
or dusts. Power tools generate sparks that can ignite the dust or vapors.
c) Keep children and other persons away when using the power tool. You can
lose control of the tool if you are distracted.
2. Electrical Safety
a) The tool plug must fit into the socket. The plug may not be modified inany
form. Do not use adaptor plugs together with protective-earthed tools.
Unmodified plugs and suitable sockets reduce the risk of an electric shock.
b) Avoid physical contact with earthed surfaces such as pipes, heating
elements, stoves and refrigerators. The risk through electric shock increases if
your body is earthed.
c) Keep the equipment away from rain and moisture. The risk of an electric shock
increases if water penetrates electrical equipment.
d) Do not misuse the mains lead by carrying the tool by the lead, hanging it
from the lead or by pulling on the lead to remove the plug. Keep the lead
away from heat, oil, sharp edges or moving tool parts. Damaged or twisted
leads increase the risk of an electric shock.
e) If you work outdoors, use only extension leads that are approved for
outdoor use. The use of an extension lead that is suitable for outdoors reduces the
risk of an electric shock.
3. Safety of Persons
a) Be attentive. Pay attention to what you are doing and work sensibly with
W 560
apower tool. Do not use the tool if you are tired or under the influence of
drugs, alcohol or medication. Just a moment of inattentiveness while using the
tool can lead to serious injuries.
b) Wear personal safety equipment and always wear safety goggles Wearing
personal protective equipment, such as dust mask, non-slip safety shoes, safety helm
or ear protection, depending on the type of power tools, reduces the risk of injury.
c) Avoid accidental starting-up. Ensure that the switch is in the "OFF" position
before inserting the plug into the socket. Accidents can occur if you carry the
power tool while your finger is on the switch or if you connect the power tool to the
power supply which it is on.
d) Remove setting tools or wrenches before switching on the power tool. A tool
or wrench that is in a rotating tool part can lead to injuries.
e) Do not overestimate your abilities. Ensure that you are standing securely
and have your balance at all times. This ensures that you can control the tool
better in unexpected situations.
f) Wear suitable clothing. Do not wear wide clothing or jewelry. Keep yourhair,
clothes and gloves away from moving parts. Loose clothing, jewelry or long hair
can be caught in moving parts.
g) This appliance is not intended for use by persons (including children) with
reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or lack of experience
and knowledge, unless they have been given supervision or instruction
concerning use of the appliance by a person responsible for their safety.
Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the appliance.
4. Careful Handling and Use of Power Tools
a) Do not overload the tool. Use the power tool designed for the work that you
are doing. You work better and safer in the specified performance range if you use
the suitable power tool.
b) Do not use power tools whose switch is defective. A power tool that cannot be
switched on or off is dangerous and has to be repaired.
c) Remove the plug from the socket before carrying out tool settings, changing
accessories or putting the tool away. This precautionary measure prevents
unintentional starting of the tool.
d) Store unused power tools so that they are inaccessible to children. Donot
let persons use the tool who are not familiar with it or who have not read
these instructions. Power tools are dangerous when they are used by inexperienced
e) Take proper care of your tools. Check whether the moving parts
functiontrouble-free and do not jam, whether parts are broken or damaged
so that the tool function is impaired. Have damaged parts repaired before
using the tool. Many accidents have their origin in power tools that have been
maintained badly.
W 560
f) Use the power tool, accessories, insert tools, etc. in accordance with these
instructions and in a fashion specified for this special tool type. Take the
working conditions and the activity to be carried out into consideration. The
use of power tools for purposes other than the intended ones can lead to dangerous
5. Service
a) Have your tool repaired only by qualified specialist personnel and only with
original spare parts. This ensures that the tool safety is maintained.
b) If the supply cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer or it’s
service agent or a similarly qualified person in order to avoid a safety hazard.
Safety Instructions for Spray Guns
• You may only spray coating materials such as paints, varnishes, glazes, etc. with a flashpoint
of 21°C (32°C in UK) and higher without additional warning. (German classification of
coating material is hazard classes A II and A III, see material tin.)
The device may not be used in workplaces covered by the explosion-protection
There must be no sources of ignition such as, for example, open fires, smoke of lit
cigarettes, cigars and tobacco pipes, sparks, glowing wires, hot surfaces, etc. in the
vicinity during spraying.
Do not spray any substances whose hazard potential is not known.
Before working on the spray gun remove the power plug from the socket.
Do not use the spray guns to spray flammable substances.
The spray guns are not to be cleaned with flammable solvents which have a flashpoint
under 21°C.
Caution against dangers that can arise from the sprayed substance and observe the
text and information on the containers or the specifications given by the substance
Recommendation: Wear a breathing mask and safety glasses when spraying.
Never point the spray gun at yourself, at other people or at animals.
• When working with the W 560 indoors as well as outdoors ensure that no solvent vapors
are sucked in by the spray gun.
• When working outdoors, be aware of the wind direction. Wind can carry the coating
substance across greater distances - thus causing damage. When working indoors, provide
for adequate ventilation.
Do not let children handle the device.
Never open the device yourself in order to carry out repairs in the electrical system!
The units may only be used with a functional valve. If paints rises in the ventilating hose
(Fig. 1, item 11) do not operate the unit further! Dismantle and clean the ventilating
hose, valve and diaphragm and replace the diaphragm if necessary.
Do not lay the spray gun.
W 560
With original WAGNER accessories and spare parts, you have the guarantee that
all safety regulations are fulfilled.
Technical Data
Max. viscosity
Power source
Power consumption
Atomizing output:
Double insulation
Sound pressure level
Oscillation level
110 DIN-s
230 - 240 V ~
300 W
75 W
74 dB (A)
< 2,5 m/s²
1,3 kg
Beschreibung (Abb. 1)
1) Air cap
3) Union nut
5) Trigger guard
7) Material volume adjustment
9) Mains lead
11) Ventilating hose
2) Nozzle
4) Spray gun front part
6) Spray gun rear part
8) Air filter cover (right + left)
10) Container
12) Valve
Coating Materials Suitable for Use
Water- and solvent-based paints, finishes, primers, 2-component paints, clear finishes,
automotive finishes, staining sealers and wood sealer-preservatives.
Coating Materials Not Suitable for Use
Wall paints (emulsion paints) etc., alkali and acidic paints. Coating materials with a flash
point below 21°C.
Preparing the Coating Material
The enclosed spray attachment can be used to spray paints, varnishes and glazes that are
undiluted or slightly diluted. Detailed information is available in the technical data sheet
of the manufacturer ( Internet download).
1. Stir the material up and put the required amount into the paint container.
Thinning recommendation
Sprayed material
Wood preservatives, mordants, oils,
disinfection agents, plant protective agents
W 560
Thinning recommendation
Paints containing solvents and water-soluble
paints, primers, vehicle coating paints,
thick-film glazes
dilute by 5 - 10%
2. If the convey capacity is too low, add 5 - 10% dilution step-by-step until the convey
capacity fulfils your requirements.
Before connecting to the mains supply, be sure that the supply voltage is identical with
the value given on the rating plate.
Unscrew the container from the spray gun.
Aligning suction tube. (Fig. 2)
If the suction tube is positioned correctly, the container contents can be sprayed without
almost any residue.
When working on lying objects: Turn the suction tube forwards. (Fig. 2 A)
Spraying work when working on overhead objects: Turn the suction tube rearwards.
(Fig. 2 B)
Set the container on a sheet of paper, pour in the prepared coating material and screw
the container tightly onto the spray gun.
Connect the front part with the rear part of the gun (Fig. 3).
Put the machine down only on a level, clean surface. Otherwise the machine could tip
Pull the trigger guard. The W 560 has a two-stage trigger guard. In the first stage the
turbine is started. If the trigger guard is pressed further, the material is transported.
Adjust the spray setting on the spray gun.Unscrew the container from the spray gun.
Three different spray jet settings can be chosen on the spray gun,
depending on the application and target object.
Selecting the Spray Setting
Fig. 4 A = horizontal flat jet
Fig. 4 B = vertical flat jet
Fig. 4 C = circular jet
for horizontal surfaces
for vertical surfaces
for corners, edges and hard-to-reach surfaces
Adjusting the desired Spray Setting (Fig. 5)
With the union nut (2) slightly unscrewed, turn the air cap (1) to the desired spraysetting
position (arrow). Then tighten the union nut.
Danger of injury! Never pull the trigger guard while adjusting
the air cap.
W 560
Adjusting the Material Volume (Fig. 6)
Set the material volume by turning the regulator on the trigger guard of the spray gun.
- turn to the left
lower material volume
+ turn to the right
higher material volume
Spray Technique
• The spray result depends heavily on the smoothness and cleanliness of the surface to be
sprayed. Therefore the surface should be carefully prepared and kept free of dust.
• Cover all surfaces not to be sprayed.
• Cover screw threads or similar parts of the target object.
• It is advisable to test the spray gun on cardboard or a similar surface to find the correct
Important: Begin spraying outside of the target area and avoid interruptions inside the
target area.
Correct (Fig. 7 a): Be sure to hold the spray gun at an even distance of approx. 5 - 15
cm to the target object.
Incorrect (Fig. 7 b): Heavy spray fog build-up, uneven surface quality.
Move the spray gun evenly cross-wise or up-and-down, depending on the spray pattern
An even movement of the spray gun results in an even surface quality.
When coating material builds up on the nozzle (A) and air cap (B) (Fig. 8), clean both
parts with a solvent or water.
Interruption of Work till 4 Hours
• Turn the machine off.
• When processing 2-component varnishes, clean the device immediately.
Taking Out of Operation and Cleaning
Proper cleaning is the prerequisite for problem-free operation of the paint application
device. No warranty claims are accepted in case of improper or no cleaning.
1) Unplug the power plug. Vent the container in case of longer breaks and after the work
has been terminated. This can be done by briefly turning open and then closing the
container or by pulling the trigger guard and letting the paint into the original paint
2) Divide the spray gun. Press the hook (Fig. 3 b "click") slightly downwards. Turn the gun
front part and gun rear part against each other.
3) Unscrew the container. Empty any remaining coating material back into the material
4) Preclean the container and feed tube with a brush. Clean the ventilating bore (Fig.10,
item C).
5) Pour solvent or water into the container. Screw the container back on.
Use only solvents with a flashpoint over 21°C.
6) Assemble the gun again (Fig. 3).
7) Insert the power plug, turn on the machine and spray the solvent or water into a
container or a cloth.
8) Repeat the above procedure until the solvent or water emerging from the nozzle is
W 560
9) Turn off the machine and rmove the plug.
10) Screw of the container and empty it. Pull out the suction tub with container seal.
11) Pull the ventilating hose (Fig.10 A) at the top from the gun body. Screw off
the valve cover (14). Remove the diaphragm (15). Clean all the parts carefully.
12) Clean the outside of the spray gun and container with a cloth soaked in solvent or
Never clean seals, diaphragm and nozzle or air holes of the
spray gun with metal objects.
13) Unscrew the union nut and remove the air cap and nozzle. Clean the air cap and nozzle
with a brush and solvent or water..
The unit may only be operated with an integer diaphragm (Fig. 10 A, item 15). Place the
diaphragm with the pin facing upwards on the bottom section of the valve. Also see
the marking on the gun body. Place on the valve cover and screw it closed. Place the
ventilating hose on the valve cover and on the nipple at the gun body.
Slide the nozzle seal (Item 4) with the groove (slot) facing forwards into the nozzle
(Fig. 10 B). Put the nozzle onto the gun body and find the correct position by turning it.
Put the air cap onto the nozzle and tighten it using the union nut.
Place the container seal from below on the suction tube and slide it over the collar, while
turning the container seal slightly. Insert the suction tube with container seal in the gun
WARNING! Never operate the machine without the air filter; dirt could
be sucked in and interfere with the function of the machine.
• Change the air filter if it is soiled (Fig. 9). The smooth side of the air filter must be placed
towards the machine.
• In order to mount the gun more easily apply lubricating grease (enclosed) liberally to
the O-ring at the gun front part. (Fig. 10, Item 5)
An additional container with a top makes changing colours easy. The top prevents the
paint from drying out and the evaporation of solvents.
W 560
Spare Parts List (Fig. 10)
Pos. Designation
Union nut
Air cap anthracite
(Australia version spare part no. in brackets)
Nozzle seal
Material volume regulation with spring, complete
Spray gun front part complete incl. 800 ml container
Air filter set
Air filter cover (right + left)
10 Container sealr
11 Suction tube
12 Container with cover
13 Ventilating hose
14 Valve cover
15 Diaphragm
16 Lubricating grease
Order No.
0417 319
0414 368
(0414 378)
0417 349
0414 353
0417 308
0417 910
0417 914
0417 912
0417 303
0417 358
0417 357
0413 909
0417 927
9892 550
Ersatz GB
The new CLICK&PAINT SYSTEM with additional spray attachments and accessories
offers the richt tool for each work.
Accessories (not included in the delivery)
Container with cover 800 ml
Ensures that the paint does not dry out and the solvent does not
Brilliant spray attachment incl. 600 ml container
Tip and air conduction optimized for brilliant surfaces
Perfect Spray spray attachment incl. 800 ml. conainer
For a rapid paint change. For medium- and large-scale objects and
Small-scale spray attachment incl. 250 ml container
For filigree objects, detailed and creative work.
Perfect Spray spray attachment incl. 1400 ml container
Rapid working at larger objects such as timber houses, garage doors, etc.
Detail / Radiator spray attachment incl. 600 ml container
For inaccessible places, such as radiators, cupboard corners, recesses etc.
Order No.
0413 909
0417 932
0417 914
0417 918
0417 917
0417 915
Zub GB
Further information about the WAGNER range of products for renovating is
available under www.wagner-group.com
W 560
Environmental protection
The appliance and accessories should be recycled in an environmentally
friendly way. Do not dispose of the appliance with household waste. Support
environmental protection by taking the appliance to a local collection point or
obtain information from a specialist retailer.
Correction of Malfunctions
No coating material
emerges from the
Nozzle clogged
Feed tube clogged
Material volume setting turned too far
to the left (-)
Feed tube loose
No pressure build-up in container
Coating material drips
from the nozzle
Nozzle loose
Nozzle worn
Nozzle seal worn
Coating material assembly at air cap,
nozzle or needle
Atomisation too coarse
Viscosity of coating material too high
Material volume too large
Material volume adjusting screw turned
too far to the right (+)
Nozzle contaminated
Air filter heavily soiled
Too little pressure build-up in container
Turn material volume adjusting
screw to the left (-)
Spray jet pulsates
Coating material in container running
Air filter heavily soiled
Turn to the right (+)
Tighten container
Tighten container
Coating material causes Too much coating material applied.
"paint tears"
Turn material volume adjusting
screw to the left (-)
Too much fog of
coating material
Distance to the object too large
Too much coating material applied
Reduce distance
Turn material volume adjusting
screw to the left (-)
Paint in the ventilating
Diaphragm soiled
Diaphragm defective
Clean the diaphragm
Replace the diaphragm
Stör GB
Important Note regarding Product Liability!
Due to an EC ordinance in effect since 01.01.1990, the manufacturer is liable for his product
only if all parts originate from or were approved by the manufacturer and the devices
are assembled and operated correctly. The use of other accessories and spare parts can
partially or completely invalidate the liability.
W 560
If the supply cord of this appliance is damaged, it
must only be replaced by a repair shop appointed by
the manufacturer, because special purpose tools are
Warning: Do not connect the blue or brown wire to the
earth terminal of the plug! The wires in this mains lead
are coloured in accordance with the following code:
blue = neutral brown = live
As the colours of the wires in the mains lead of this
appliance may not correspond with the coloured
markings identifiying the terminals in your plug,
proceed as follows:
Should the moulded plug have to be replaced, never
re-use the defective plug or attempt to plug it into a
different 13 A socket. This could result in an electric
Should it be necessary to exchange the fuse in the plug
only use fuses approved by ASTA in accordance with
BS 1362. 5 Amp fuses may be used.
To ensure that the fuse and fuse carrier are correctly
mounted please observe the provided markings or
colour coding in the plug.
After changing the fuse, always make sure that the
fuse carrier is correctly inserted. With out the fuse
carrier, it is not permissible to use the plug.
The correct fuses and fuse carriers are available from
your local electrical supplies stockist.
2 years guarantee
The guarantee runs for two years, counting from the date of sale (sales slip). It covers
and is restricted to free-of-charge rectification of faults which are demonstrably
attributable to the use of faulty materials in manufacture, or assembly errors; or freeof-charge replacement of the defective parts. The guarantee does not cover incorrect
use or commissioning or fitting or repair work which is not stated in our operating
instructions. Wearing parts are also excluded from the guarantee. The guarantee
excludes commercial use. We expressly reserve the right to fulfil the guarantee. The
guarantee expires if the tool is opened up by persons other than WAGNER service
personnel. Transport damage, maintenance work and loss and damage due to faulty
maintenance work are not covered by the guarantee. Under any guarantee claim,
there must be proof of purchase of the tool through submission of the original receipt.
Wherever legally possible, we exclude all liability for injury, damage or consequential
loss, especially if the tool has been used for a purpose other than that stated in the
operating instructions, commissioned or repaired other than in accordance with our
operating instructions or if repairs are performed by someone who is unqualified.
We reserve the right to perform any repairs in excess of those stated in our operating
instructions. In case of guarantee or repair, please refer to your point of sale.
W 560
CE Konformitätserklärung
Wir erklären in alleiniger Verantwortung, dass dieses Produkt den folgenden einschlägigen Bestimmungenn entspricht:
73/23/EWG, 89/336 EWG; 2002/95/EG; 2002/96/EG.
Angewandte harmonisierte Normen:
EN 55014-1: 2001, EN 55014-2: 1997, EN 61000-3-2:2001, EN 61000-3-3:2001,
EN 60745-1:2003, EN 50144-2-7:2000
CE Declaration of Conformity
We declare under sole responsibility that this product conforms to the following
relevant stipulations: 73/23/EWG, 89/336 EWG; 2002/95/EG; 2002/96/EG
Applied harmonised norms:
EN 55014-1: 2001, EN 55014-2: 1997, EN 61000-3-2:2001, EN 61000-3-3:2001,
EN 60745-1:2003, EN 50144-2-7:2000
CE Déclaration de conformité
Nous déclarons sous notre responsabilité que ce produit est en conformité avec les
réglementations suivantes: 73/23/EWG, 89/336 EWG; 2002/95/EG; 2002/96/EG
Conforme aux normes et documents normalisés:
EN 55014-1: 2001, EN 55014-2: 1997, EN 61000-3-2:2001, EN 61000-3-3:2001,
EN 60745-1:2003, EN 50144-2-7:2000
CE Conformiteitsverklaring
Wij verklaren dat dit product voldoet aan de volgende normen:
73/23/EWG, 89/336 EWG; 2002/95/EG; 2002/96/EG.
En normatieve dokumenten:
EN 55014-1: 2001, EN 55014-2: 1997, EN 61000-3-2:2001, EN 61000-3-3:2001,
EN 60745-1:2003, EN 50144-2-7:2000
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