Samsung | Galaxy Note 10.1 3G & WiFi | Design your premium business style

Design your premium business style
Design your premium business style
Samsung GALAXY Note 3 and Samsung GALAXY Note 10.1
Overview for business
Prestigious design with advanced functionalities and efficiency.
Professionals want a premium mobile device designed for
efficient business use
Enhance your working style with an elegant design,
powerful multitasking and greater productivity
With the growth of enterprise mobility driven by the Bring Your Own
Samsung GALAXY Note 3 and Samsung GALAXY Note 10.1
Device (BYOD) trend, professionals and organizations need devices
2014 Edition provide all the capability and efficiency you need to
that are optimally designed for business use. Today’s mobile business
accomplish your business tasks while exhibiting a refined sense
professionals also seek devices that can improve work productivity
of professional style. GALAXY Note 3, with its 5.7-inch screen
with enhanced usability and innovative features.
and GALAXY Note 10.1 2014 Edition with its 10.1-inch display are
premium note devices. Both are packed with features that give you
A key requirement for the business use of mobile devices is an
more creativity, productivity and portability than ever before.
increased screen size. Mobile professionals need larger screens
with bigger working areas to perform typical business functions. For
Premium style
example, these individuals use mobile devices to view and edit data
Samsung GALAXY Note devices deliver a premium product design
and documents, and to display graphics and videos. An increased
and working style that combine a classic look with innovative
screen size provides greater content visibility and enhances the user’s
features. The devices’ stylish yet ergonomic design offers optimal
business productivity.
portability and mobility without sacrificing multitasking or productivity.
GALAXY Note devices feature a My Magazine user interface (UI) that
Another enterprise mobility necessity is the ability to quickly
lets you browse and access business content through a beautiful tile
and easily write business information on a smart device. Busy
layout. Plus, the UI gives you convenient access to frequently used
professionals can’t waste time or risk losing business opportunities
menus so that your most-often used functions are accessible with the
through inefficiency. Scrambling to find a piece of paper, waiting for
click of a button.
a note-taking application to open or struggling to type information on
a tiny keyboard are simply unproductive ways to take notes. Rather,
Powerful multitasking
business professionals need devices on which they can easily and
A 5.7-inch Full High Definition (FHD) or 10.1-inch Wide Quad
efficiently scribble important information using a digitized pen.
Extended Graphics Array (WQXGA) display with advanced multiwindow functionality provides all the room you need for multitasking
Business users need a single device that integrates premium style,
with crystal-clear viewing. Plus, you can collect access and organize
powerful multitasking capability and enhanced productivity. They’re
content more easily with features like Scrapbook, Multi Window and
looking for a truly smart device with an upscale, professional
Pen Window.
Enhanced productivity
With S Pen, you can boost your productivity off the charts using S
Note and other business-oriented features. The versatile S Pen allows
you to directly write memos, easily find and edit them, and instantly
link to action. This innovative input method transforms your traditional
analog activities into convenient, sophisticated digital operations.
You’ll whiz through daily business tasks with Air Command, Direct
Pen Input, Voice Recorder, S Finder and Action Memo functionalities.
Figure 1. Premium design with enhanced productivity features.
Enhanced business image and dynamic multitasking capability.
Enrich your business identity with a prestigious leadingedge device
Drive a smart, progressive work style with advanced
multitasking features
Samsung GALAXY Note 3 and Samsung GALAXY Note 10.1 2014
Samsung GALAXY Note 3 and Samsung GALAXY Note 10.1 2014
Edition offer an elegant product design combined with innovative
Edition improve your ability to multitask with a large screen. The
technologies. Together, these features meet the demands of business
advanced functionality offers greater access and flexibility for working
professionals with a distinguished, stylish look.
with all your business information.
Extend your professional image with a classic, yet modern design
A soft-textured, leather-like cover with finely crafted stitches on the
back side of the device enhances your business image. The elegant,
yet durable cover also makes your smart device more resistant to
scratches or cracks, and enhances its usability. This luxurious styling
makes your GALAXY Note device much more than just a tool. It
becomes an extension of your business identity.
Enjoy browsing content in an elegant, magazine-style display
A large, personalized screen provides a magazine-like viewing
experience that shows your personalized news, social networking
sites (SNS) feeds, emails, to-do lists and more. It offers an overall
view of the menu at a glance, and lets you instantly browse through
your business content. You can keep up with the latest business
trends and important information in a magazine-like live stream. Plus,
you can conveniently access the menus that you frequently use with
Figure 3. Powerful multitasking capability.
just the click of a button. The viewing experience helps reduce the
time and effort spent organizing and updating information.
Efficiently multitask with Multi Window
You can use the Multi Window feature and full-screen view to
productively work on several tasks simultaneously. By using
‘Drag & Drop’ mode in the new Multi Window, you can easily and
instantaneously drag and drop words or captured images from one
window to another. This feature enhances your work efficiency by
reducing the time spent opening and closing windows or switching
between them when you’re using different business applications. In
addition, you can now open the same application in two windows at
the same time. This ability enables you to check for a new email from
your manager while writing an email to a colleague in another window.
Or, you can instant message a client in one window while requesting
a service call for the client in another instant message window. The
Figure 2. Soft textured, leather-like back cover with finely crafted stitching.
Samsung GALAXY Note device’s multitasking features help you take
multitasking to the next level.
A synergy of portability, productivity and style.
Quickly perform additional simple tasks with Pen Window
Access essential data and features instantly with Air Command
S Pen helps you rapidly complete work tasks by optimizing the use
The Air Command feature gives you fast, ready access to the essential
of business applications, such as messaging, contacts and email
business features on your mobile device. With Air Command, you
on open windows. You can use S Pen to activate these applications
can quickly respond to any business circumstance by accessing
wherever you want them on the screen. Samsung GALAXY Note
important features with just a click of the S Pen button. This advanced
devices allow you to multitask through new windows without
feature provides near-instantaneous access to information and a
interrupting your work in the main window. With S Pen, you can
quick command of tools so that you can take immediate action.
gain greater multitasking flexibility by positioning and resizing your
When using Air Command, you can display a menu of key S Pen
business applications. Simply draw a stroke to activate a tool that
features even before S Pen touches the device. Then, you can
has the same size of stroke’s boundary, and then select applications
select a feature directly with the pen. You can also display a menu
from menus that automatically offer suggestions. You can also control
of relevant features before using applications such as Gallery, email
the size of the application window and move it around for even more
and S Note, and use the features by simply clicking the S Pen
multitasking capabilities.
button. The quick menus eliminate the hassle of going back and forth
Easily manage your business data with Scrapbook
between applications because the useful features are already at your
The handy Scrapbook feature helps you collect a variety of business
content including web pages, videos and other information, and easily
organize it in one place. Scrapbook eliminates the typical hassles
of organizing data or tracking down content from various sources.
Instead, you can effectively manage your business data and later
return to the information and sources with ease.
Simply click the button on S Pen and select Scrapbooker from the
Air Command menu to store and manage data and information on
your digital notebook. You can also categorize the information in
groups to create a personalized business scrapbook. While capturing
information, you can selectively clip a particular area of display using
S Pen. There’s no need to capture the entire screen. You can even
add detailed memos and original source information along with the
captured content for quicker, easier access at a later time.
Figure 4. A menu of key S Pen features accessible with Air Command.
The Scrapbook feature improves the organization of business
information and easier access to the saved data to help you to
conduct business in a well-organized, smart manner.
Air Command provides direct access to the following essential features:
• Action Memo
• Scrapbook
Heighten your productivity with business-oriented features
• Screen Write
Samsung GALAXY Note 3 and Samsung GALAXY Note 10.1 2014
• S Finder
Edition give you the tools you need to be more productive and better
• Pen Window
Productivity that springs into business action.
Turn handwritten notes into productive business operations with
Find anything instantaneously with S Finder
Action Memo
S Finder is a smart, powerful search function that instantly finds
Action Memo is an easy-to-use handwriting recognition feature that
a variety of content, including handwriting. The S Finder feature
enables you to spring into instant action when the business situation
supports your smart work style and increases your productivity by
demands it. With Action Memo, handwritten notes activate related
reducing the time and effort you spend organizing information by
functions so that you can quickly and efficiently perform business
content type. You can quickly search, access and activate nearly any
operations. Following are examples of functions that you can activate
information or data stored on the device or the web. Convenient filters
with Action Memo.
help you search relevant content based on date, location or content
type. You can also find information that was previously input or stored
• Quick memo allows you to write memos instantly without having
to open a memo application by double tapping with S Pen or Air
as handwriting by simply writing on the device with S Pen. For even
greater efficiency, S Finder suggests related functions such as calls,
messages or settings for you to use immediately after the search.
• Link to action displays related features when you write words.
You can use this feature to make a call, find a location or contact,
search the Internet, send an email or add a task.
• Minimize reduces Action Memo to a small icon so that you can
quickly view other applications and write at the same time. You
can later reactivate Action Memo to use its functions whenever
you need them.
Perform tasks more easily through Direct Pen Input
Direct Pen Input enables you to make calls, send messages and set
alarms by simply handwriting the commands. Direct Pen advanced
handwriting recognition technology allows the screen to accurately
interpret nearly all writing styles. Now, your handwriting is recognized
in message, planner, and alarm and phone functions, as well as in
Figure 5. S Finder feature for instantaneously searching a variety of content.
notes. For easy access, a folded paper icon for direct handwriting
input appears on the screen when you hold S Pen over a text
input field. Using Direct Pen Input enhances your productivity and
professional appearance.
Supports a faster, easier response to every business situation.
Choose the optimal device for your business environment
Samsung GALAXY Note 10.1 2014 Edition
Samsung GALAXY Note 10.1 2014 Edition is designed to help you
Samsung GALAXY Note devices offer a selection of models that are
handle complex and simple tasks with ease. Its powerful multitasking
each equipped with an ideal set of business-oriented features. You
features, high WQXGA resolution display and performance offer the
can choose the Samsung GALAXY Note device that best suits your
utmost convenience and usability. It’s ideal for sharing business
role, industry and professional identity.
content with colleagues and clients, and for multitasking with complex
files such as spreadsheets and presentations.
Samsung GALAXY Note 3
Samsung GALAXY Note 3, with its 5.7-inch screen, balances the
Keep your business mobile with a large screen and enhanced
best of mobility, performance and efficiency in a premium design to
support all your professional activities. With a thin size, light weight
The new Samsung GALAXY Note 10.1 2014 Edition offers a lighter,
and firm hand-held grip, you can bring your device along wherever
slimmer and sleeker design with the same large 10.1-inch display as
your business takes you.
its predecessor. The sizeable display provides a roomy area in which
Gain usability and portability with advanced business features
you can activate multiple windows, just like the display on your laptop
The highly portable size and a wide FHD screen of Samsung GALAXY
PC. With a weight of only 540g (WiFi) or 547g (3G, LTE), the note
Note 3 make it the optimal choice for mobility in any business
device is easy to hold. And, a longer-lasting battery allows you to
situation, whether you’re going to a conference, visiting client sites
continue working for longer periods without recharging.
or traveling to any business location. For example, you can use its
Samsung GALAXY Note 10.1 2014 Edition helps you handle quick
handy S Pen to take notes in a meeting or look up a client’s address
and complex work tasks with ease. The device is optimized for
with S Finder.
business situations such as working in a taxi or at an airport while
Capture important business information with Voice Recorder
waiting for a departure, in a client meeting, or in a hotel room while on
Voice Recorder gives you advanced recording capability to obtain
a business trip.
high quality recordings of important information and to capture
Create and edit business information quickly and easily with a
sounds clearly in various environments. Following are the Voice
comprehensive note-taking solution
Recorder innovative recording options.
S Note provides convenient note-taking functionality using S Pen,
including the ability to manage notes, documents, charts and other
• Normal mode gathers sounds from surrounding environment.
business data.
• Interview mode collects sounds from only the upper side of the
device to capture the speaker’s voice.
• Conversational mode records sounds from both the upper and
lower sides of the device to capture sounds from both speakers.
After recording, you can easily access specific parts of a recorded file
using the Bookmark function. You can also conveniently remove the
silent parts of a recording with the Silence Remove function.
Figure 6. New S Note: a comprehensive solution for note-taking.
Quick, convenient functionality at your command.
with greater freedom. Best of all, you don’t even have to remove the
• S Voice allows you to initiate commands to your mobile device
through simple touch and voice. This function saves you time
and helps you focus on the content of the communication and
updated information. For example, you can create a schedule,
check messages and more by pressing the power key twice or
dragging the screen up.
device from your pocket. Samsung GALAXY Gear delivers Hands-
Quickly view and respond to messages with Instant Access to
Free Communication with commands that work at the sound of
your voice that are recognized by a built-in speaker. It offers Instant
With Instant Access to Notifications, you can view notifications at
Access to Notifications that enables you to quickly view notifications
a glance without having to unlock or open the messages or other
without having to unlock or open messages and other applications.
Discover the perfect business assistant: Samsung
Samsung GALAXY Gear is a breakthrough innovation that enables
you to use the key functions of your mobile device quickly and easily
In addition, Samsung GALAXY Gear provides Instant Capture
• Notification alerts you to updated information on your mobile
device, so that you can instantly check the information without
having to look at the screen. With Notification, you can follow
up on missed calls, messages, Social Networking Sites
(SNS) updates, emails and so on, without missing important
of the Moment to help you capture video or photo information
• Smart Relay improving your response to urgent business
situations by automatically unlocking your device for a quick
review in the event of a newly arrived message or a missed call.
You can instantly see the notifications, and avoid the long process
of taking the device out, unlocking it, opening the application, and
finding the new information.
Grab important business data with Instant Capture of the Moment
Instant Capture of the Moment helps you instantly take videos,
photos and speech-to-text memos.
Figure 7. Samsung GALAXY Gear Hands-Free Communication.
• Memographer lets you easily record video and take photos
with the device on your wrist to immediately capture important
business moments. It helps ensure that you won’t miss important
details. Simply swipe and touch on the Samsung GALAXY Gear to
capture the video or photo with advanced features such as Sound
& Shot. Then, you can share the information instantaneously with
colleagues by uploading it on SNS or sending it in an email.
Following are the Samsung GALAXY Gear companion device’s key
Use your voice to conveniently access functions with Hands-Free
Using a built-in speaker, the Hands-Free Communication feature
• Voice Memo can be used to record ideas with an immediate
memo, so that important thoughts don’t slip away from your
memory. Use Voice Memo to simply speak your thoughts to
the gear on your wrist. Samsung GALAXY Gear records the
information as text through a brilliant Speech to Text feature, so
that you can easily refer back to it later.
provides commands that work at the sound of your voice that are
recognized by a built-in speaker.
• Call enables you to make a call with your voice or receive a call
with a quick swipe on your wrist. You can perform either action
with Samsung GALAXY Gear without having to take out your
mobile device out of a bag or pocket. This function helps you
communicate important business information instantly. A built-in
speaker lets you talk without holding the device in your hands, so
you can continue with previous actions during a call.
Efficiency, productivity and style for business professionals on the go.
windows to access and modify word processing documents, articles
Envision a smarter, more mobile working environment
with Samsung GALAXY Note devices and Samsung
GALAXY Gear scenarios
and financial data. The data is organized in Scrapbook, which makes
it easier to retrieve. Direct Pen Input recognizes his handwriting,
and speeds up the process. By the time his daughter emerges from
Following are examples of how Samsung GALAXY Note devices
practice, Joe is well on his way to completing the assignment.
and Samsung GALAXY Gear can be leveraged in mobile enterprise
Next morning, upon his arrival at his office, he previews the
presentation with his manager. She can clearly see how it will display
A timely alert and rapid response win repeat business
on the conference room screen, thanks to the mobile device’s large
Chloe is running through an airport, racing to catch a flight to a client
screen. She seems pleased with the presentation until the middle of
meeting. She’s carrying a design portfolio and rolling her carryon
the preview, when she stops Joe and says, “Oh no, not that set of ad
luggage while sipping a cup of coffee. Suddenly, her Samsung
layouts. I meant the other one.”
GALAXY Gear Notification feature alerts her to a message from the
client. Without stopping or reaching into her bag, Chloe checks
Joe uses S Finder to quickly search through mix of stored videos,
the message on her GALAXY Gear and places a call using S Voice
images and documents. Together, he and his manager quickly locate
to confirm the client’s request. Just in time, she boards the plane
the new information. With the sources stored along with the data, he
moments before the door closes.
easily and immediately downloads the information and adds it to the
presentation. A few minutes later, he emails the completed work to
Upon taking her seat, Chloe’s GALAXY Gear notifies her that the
his boss. As she takes the podium, smiling, Joe breathes a huge sigh
client sent an email with some sketches. Samsung GALAXY Gear
of relief, knowing he just earned a big compliment.
Smart Relay automatically shows the message with the drawings on
Chloe’s GALAXY Note 3, and she makes some notes and changes to
Capturing an image of a client’s planned system and recording a
them using the S Pen. She just has time to finish marking the changes
great idea save the day
before the flight attendant announces that electronic devices must be
Alice’s customer is researching the purchase of software that will be
powered off for the flight. By the time Chloe lands, she has already
compatible with a new system that the company is planning to install
formulated several ways to meet the client’s new design request. She
next year. During a consultation meeting, the lead designer draws a
arrives at the customer’s facility on time, with three updated designs.
diagram of the proposed system on a whiteboard. As the designer
After reviewing the designs on Chloe’s GALAXY Note 3, the client is
moves the discussion on to the next topic, he starts to erase the
so impressed that she offers Chloe an ongoing contract.
drawing. Alice quickly raises her hand and asks if she can capture an
image of the diagram. Anxious to continue with the meeting without
Quick fulfillment of a manager’s complex request helps an employee
a delay, the designer reluctantly agrees. Without having to reach into
her briefcase, Alice surprises him by quickly snapping a photo using
While driving to pick up his daughter from ballet practice one evening,
the Samsung GALAXY Gear Memographer on her wrist, and the
Joe receives a call from his manager. She tells him she needs him
meeting continues without interruption.
to develop a presentation of their department’s successful, thirdquarter ad campaigns by the next morning. Joe knows that the task
Later, while walking down a hallway on a break, Alice records an idea
involves piecing together spreadsheet data, images of ad layouts
for how to resolve the client’s compatibility issue on her GALAXY Note
and newspaper articles. His manager also requests the inclusion of a
3 using Samsung GALAXY Gear Voice Memo. Upon returning to her
short video clip that shows her receiving a creativity award. Although
office, Alice retrieves the whiteboard image and recorded memo. She
challenged by the short timeframe, Joe finishes the task competently
easily displays them for an internal software engineer on her GALAXY
thanks to Samsung GALAXY Note 10.1 2014 Edition's productivity
Note 10.1 2014 Edition’s large screen. They use the information to
collaborate on a plan that resolves the compatibility issue. Ultimately,
Alice’s idea garners a new software contract with her client.
While waiting for his daughter outside the studio, Joe immediately
whips out his S Pen and begins drafting the presentation, drawing
Empowering you to achieve your premium business style.
These innovative devices enable powerful multitasking through
a large, crystal-clear display. They also boost productivity with
Business professionals and organizations need mobile devices that
convenient S Pen access and operations.
are designed for efficient business use. To achieve true enterprise
mobility, today’s business users seek devices with improved work
With efficient functionality at your fingertips or through the sound of
productivity, enhanced usability and innovative features. They also
your voice, Samsung GALAXY Note devices offer a whole new way to
want mobile devices that reflect a sense of professionalism and style.
work. In addition, all of this advanced capability is wrapped up in an
elegant, well-crafted design that showcases your distinguished style.
Samsung GALAXY Note 3 and Samsung GALAXY Note 10.1 2014
Edition premium devices offer a larger screen size, enhanced viewing
experience and quick access to productivity features.
Figure 8. Outstanding productivity, mobility and design.
Samsung GALAXY Note 3 and Samsung GALAXY Note 10.1 2014 Edition
Features and benefits
Elegant, classic yet modern design
Enhances your business identity
My Magazine
Eases your workday tasks with an attractive layout
Multi Window
Improves productivity by enabling you to work on multiple tasks simultaneously
Pen Window
Optimizes the use of your business applications
Enables you to effectively manage your business data
Air Command
Helps you take immediate action with quick easy access to essential features
Action Memo
Helps you quickly and efficiently perform business operations
Direct Pen Input
Enhances your productivity and professional appearance through handwriting
S Finder
Supports your smart work style and increases your productivity by reducing the
time and effort of organizing and retrieving information
Portability and exceptional viewing,
performance and speed
Offers the ability to work smarter when you’re on-the-go
Voice Recorder
Enables you to capture vital information through advanced recording capability for
any situation
Premium style
Powerful multitasking
Enhanced productivity
Samsung GALAXY Note
3 mobility and usability
Samsung GALAXY Note
10.1 2014 Edition enhanced
viewing and working
experience features
Samsung GALAXY Gear
Large screen size in a slim, light design,
high WQXGA resolution, multi-window,
Enables you to perform both mobile and complex business tasks with a stylish,
multitasking capability, convenient S Pen powerful device that has convenient, simplified access
operation, long battery life
Hands-Free Communication
Helps you communicate important business information quickly and conveniently
Instant Access to Notifications
Alerts you to messages and notices, and allows you to respond instantaneously
Instant Capture of the Moment
Helps you capture and retrieve important business moments and ideas
Samsung GALAXY Note 3 and Samsung GALAXY Note 10.1 2014 Edition
Samsung Enterprise Mobility Portfolio
Samsung KNOX
With the increasing use of smartphones in the business environment, the need for enterprise mobile security also increases. Samsung KNOX is a new Android-based mobile solution
designed specifically to satisfy enterprise security requirements. It enables enterprises to support both BYOD and Corporate-Liable models without compromising corporate security or
employee privacy.
Platform Security
Application Security
• Samsung KNOX Container. Samsung KNOX Container provides security for enterprise
data by creating a secure zone in the employee’s device for corporate applications and
encrypting enterprise data both at-rest and in motion. Samsung KNOX Container is an
• Trusted Boot. Trusted Boot is a primary component that forms the first line of defense
isolated and secure environment within the mobile device, complete with its own home
against malicious attacks on devices equipped with Samsung KNOX. Trusted Boot ensures
screen, launcher, applications and widgets. Applications and data inside the container
that only verified and authorized software can run on the device by providing recorded
are separated from applications outside the container, and a password is required to gain
evidence of firmware running on the device in the form of measurements stored securely in
access to them. Samsung KNOX Container provides a powerful solution for data leakage
TrustZone. At system run time, TrustZone applications on the KNOX platform will use these
problems associated with the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) model.
measurements to make security critical decisions, such as verifying the release of security
keys and container activation.
• The On-device Data Encryption (ODE). The ODE feature allows users and enterprise IT
administrators to encrypt data on the entire device, as well as any configured Samsung
• TrustZone-based Integrity Measurement Architecture (TIMA). TIMA runs in the secure
KNOX Container. The data is encrypted using a FIPS 140-2 compliant Advanced
world and provides continuous integrity monitoring of the Linux kernel. When TIMA detects
Encryption Standard (AES) cipher algorithm with a 256-bit key (AES-256) and offers the
that the integrity of the kernel or the boot loader is violated, it notifies the enterprise IT
levels of security required by government and regulated industries.
via MDM which can then take policy-driven action in response. One of the policy actions
Samsung KNOX addresses platform security using a comprehensive three-pronged strategy.
disables the kernel and powers down the device.
• Security Enhancements for Android. This feature provides an enhanced mechanism to
enforce the separation of information based on confidentiality and integrity requirements.
Security Enhancements for Android isolates applications and data into different domains so
that threats of tampering and bypassing of application security mechanisms are reduced.
In addition, the amount of damage that can be caused by malicious or flawed applications
is minimized.
• Virtual Private Network. Samsung KNOX offers an on-demand FIPS-certified VPN
client called per-app VPN. The Per-app VPN provides enterprise IT administrators with
the ability to configure, provision and manage the use of VPN on a per-application basis.
This capability allows the enterprise to automatically enforce the use of VPN only on a
specific set of corporate applications. Samsung KNOX VPN offers support for strong IPSec
VPN encryption for most sensitive government agencies, including support for Suite B
Mobile Device Management
Benefits of Samsung KNOX
Samsung KNOX builds upon Samsung’s industry leading SAFE® MDM capabilities by
providing additional policies for security, enterprise integration, and enterprise applications
such as asset tracking, remote control, and so on.
• Samsung KNOX for IT Managers. With its multi-layered security model and industryleading device management capability, Samsung KNOX meets needs of even the most
demanding business environments. Furthermore, Samsung KNOX Container technology
can be used to separate business and personal use of a mobile device. Lightweight and
compatible with existing common enterprise infrastructure, Samsung KNOX provides
reassurance and convenience for IT departments looking to implement and manage BYOD
• Specific MDM enhancements include:
- Policies to comply with the US DoD Mobile OS Security Requirements Guide (MOS SRG)
- Support for Samsung KNOX Container
- Support for management via ActiveDirectory/Group Policy Manager
- VPN and Wi-Fi Provisioning
- Idle screen and lock screen configuration
• Samsung KNOX for IT Employees. Samsung KNOX offers a seamless and intuitive
dualpersona platform for situations in which a single Samsung device is used for both work
and personal use. Samsung KNOX Container provides reassurance that the employee's
personal applications and data are safe and separate from the work environment.
• Samsung KNOX for Partners. Samsung KNOX enables existing Android ecosystem
applications to automatically gain enterprise-grade security for data storage and
transmission without any new application development. Samsung KNOX also relieves
application developers from the burden of developing individual enterprise features such
as FIPS-compliant VPN, on-device encryption (ODE), and enterprise Single Sign On (SSO).
Microsoft EAS (Exchange ActiveSync)
IBM Lotus Notes
EAS is a communication protocol designed for the synchronization of email, contacts and
calendars between a messaging server and mobile de-vices, enabling seamless connection
to business functions.
IBM Lotus Notes is a push-type email solution that provides quick access to email,
calendars, address books, journals and to-do lists for Lotus Notes mobile users.
Samsung GALAXY Note 3 and Samsung GALAXY Note 10.1 2014 Edition
Samsung Enterprise Mobility Portfolio
SAP Afaria
Absolute Manage MDM
SAP Afaria is a solution that simplifies management of a mobile workforce by ensuring the
security of data that is stored and transmitted by mobile devices. A single administration
console centrally manages, secures and deploys mobile data, applications and devices.
Absolute Manage MDM enables organizations to remotely manage smartphones, tablets
and PCs all from a single console. The solution includes support for employee-owned
devices and a web-based user interface (UI) that enables IT support personnel to perform
select security and administrative tasks while on the go.
Airwatch MDM
Citrix XenMobile Enterprise MDM
Airwatch MDM provides complete mobile device management for Samsung for Enterprise
(SAFE) and Samsung KNOX GALAXY S smartphones, GALAXY tablets and GALAXY Note
devices. SAFE devices are enterprise-ready, with enhanced device-level security and
management capabilities. KNOX devices offer even more enhanced security at a container level.
Citrix XenMobile Enterprise MDM is a robust mobile device management solution that
delivers role-based management, configuration and security for both company-owned and
employee-owned mobile devices. The solution enables employees to use any device they
choose, while IT ensures compliance of corporate assets and secure corporate content.
MobileIron Mobile IT Platform
SOTI MobiControl
The MobileIron Mobile IT Platform secures and manages mobile apps, documents and
devices for global organizations. It supports both corporateliable and individual-liable
devices, offering true multi-OS management across the leading mobile OS platforms.
SOTI MobiControl solves the unique challenges involved in managing, securing, supporting
and tracking mobile and desktop computing devices across all platforms. The solution
allows organizations to empower enterprise mobility through support for corporate-liable
and BYOD policies.
Samsung SDS MDM
Samsung SDS Mobile Device Management (MDM) provides the comprehensive capabilities
that allow employees to access legacy systems with mobile devices.
Unified Communications and Collaboration (UC&C)
Cisco Jabber
Cisco WebEx
Cisco Jabber is a communication tool that streamlines communication and enhances
productivity with integrated IM, voice, video, voice messaging, desktop sharing and
conferencing features.
Cisco WebEx is a web conferencing application designed to address a wide variety of
collaboration needs for meeting, training, marketing, events and support.
AgreeYa Mobility Onvelop
AgreeYa Mobility Onvelop is the only UC&C platform that brings together Microsoft
technologies SharePoint® and Lync® under a single mobile client solution.
Business Intelligence
SAS Business Intelligence
SAS Business Intelligence (BI) is a solution that provides users with the ability to locate and access company BI reports, KPIs and dashboards to quickly and easily gain a deeper analytical
understanding of business performance.
Software Development Kit
Samsung Enterprise SDK
• Advanced add-on APIs enable businesses to develop their own enterprise applications with access control functionality.
• High-level security provides protection for employees’ mobile devices and corporate data.
• A variety of SDKs available on the Samsung Developer site help businesses easily find the right SDKs and develop applications.
Samsung Mobile Care Pack
Extended Warranty Service
Advanced Exchange Service
Warranty service extends the service period within the standard service warranty scope.
This service is a device exchange service that helps customers to continue doing business
with an extra buffer stock of devices, ensuring that business continues while a broken or
damaged device is being repaired.
Accidental Damage Care Service
Remote Care Service
These services include repair services for damages caused by various types of accidents
that are typically not covered under a basic warranty. Damages include breakage, water
damage, electrical surges and drops.
Samsung device care service eliminates the need for a customer to visit a service center,
and provides customers with access to services virtually anytime through a Samsung call
center or service website.
Samsung GALAXY Note 3 and Samsung GALAXY Note 10.1 2014 Edition
Device Specifications
Samsung GALAXY Note 3
Samsung GALAXY Note 10.1 2014 Edition
5.7 in. (144.3 mm) Full HD Super AMOLED (1920 x 1080)
10.1 in. (25.64 cm) WQXGA TFT (2560 x 1600)
LTE : 2.3 GHz Quad-Core Processor
3G : 1.9 GHz Octa Core Processor ( A15 1.9 GHz + A7 1.3 GHz)
The selection of AP will be differed by markets
WiFi / 3G : 1.9 GHz Quad + 1.3 GHz Quad
LTE : 2.3 GHz Quad
2.5G (GSM / GPRS / EDGE) : 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz
3G (HSPA + 42 Mbps) : 850 / 900 / 1900 / 2100 MHz
4G (LTE Cat 4 150 / 50 Mbps) : up to 6 different band sets
(Dependent on market)
2.5G (GSM / GPRS / EDGE) : 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz
3G (HSPA + 42 Mbps) : 850 / 900 / 1900 / 2100 MHz
4G (LTE Cat 4 150 / 50 Mbps) : up to 6 different band sets
(Dependent on market)
32, 64 GB + Micro SD (up to 64 GB)
16, 32, 64 GB + Micro SD (up to 64 GB)
Front camera
2 Mega-pixel BSI sensor with Smart Stabilization, Full HD
recording @30 fps
2M Full HD
Rear camera
13 Mega-pixel BSI Sensor, Auto Focus camera with Smart
Stabilization, LED Flash (High CRI), and Zero Shutter Lag
8M w / LED Flash
151.2 mm x 79.2 mm x 8.3 mm
243.1mm x 171.4 mm x 7.9 mm
168 g
540 g (WiFi) / 547 g (3G, LTE)
3,200 mAh
8,220 mAh
WiFi 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac (HT80)
NFC, Bluetooth® v 4.0 (LE)
IR LED (Remote Control), MHL 2.0
WiFi 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac
GPS, GLONASS available
Bluetooth® v 4.0, MHL 2.0
OS version
Android 4.3 (Jelly Bean)
Android 4.3 (Jelly Bean)
Group Play : Share Music, Share Picture, Share Video, Share
Document, Play Games
Story Album, S Translator
Samsung Smart Scroll, Samsung Smart Pause, Air Gesture, Air
Samsung Apps, Samsung Hub, ChatON (Voice/Video Call, Share
screen, 3-way calling)
Samsung WatchON
S Voice™ Hands Free, S Health
Samsung Adapt Display, Samsung Adapt Sound Auto adjust touch
sensitivity (glove-friendly)
Samsung Link, Screen Mirroring
Safety Assistance, Samsung KNOX
Samsung Apps, Samsung Hub
Samsung WatchON
Samsung Link
Samsung KNOX
S Pen Optimized
Air Command, Action Memo, Scrapbook, S Finder, Pen Window,
Multi Window, Direct Pen Input
Air Command, Action Memo, Scrapbook, S Finder, Pen Window,
Multi Window, Direct Pen Input
Legal and additional information
About Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
Copyright © 2013 Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. All rights reserved. Samsung,
GALAXY Note, S Pen and GALAXY Gear are either trademarks or registered
trademarks of Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. Specifications and designs are
sub-ject to change without notice. Non-metric weights and measurements are
approximate. All data were deemed correct at time of creation. Samsung is not
liable for errors or omissions. All brand, product, service names and logos are
trademarks and/or registered trademarks of their respective owners and are
hereby recognized and acknowledged.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. is a global leader in technology,
opening new possibilities for people everywhere. Through relentless
innovation and discovery, we are transforming the worlds of
televisions, smartphones, personal computers, printers, cameras,
home appliances, LTE systems, medical devices, semiconductors
ARM and TrustZone are registered trademarks of ARM Limited in the EU and
and LED solutions. We employ 236,000 people across 79 countries
with annual sales of US$187.8 billion. To discover more, please visit
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
416, Maetan 3-dong,
For more information
Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do 443-772,
For more information about Samsung GALAXY Note, visit
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