Brunswick Frameworx LCD Interface Specifications

Brunswick Frameworx LCD Interface Specifications
QubicaAMF Scoring and Center Management Sytems
Table of Contents
Why QubicaAMF?
04 - 17
The Bowler Entertainment System
Conqueror Pro Solutions 54 - 55
The BES Evolution 18 - 19
Lane Management 56 - 57
Video and Sound 20 - 21
League and Tournament Management
58 - 59
Environments and Games
22 - 33
Interfaced Applications 60 - 61
BES Solutions 34 - 35
System Scalability (small centers, chains)
62 - 63
BES Features 36 - 39
BES Configurations
40 - 41
Conqueror Universal 64 - 65
Multi-Media System (MMS)
66 - 67
Trouble Call System (TCS) 68 - 69
42 - 43
Conqueror Pro
Conqueror Remote & Internet Updates
44 - 45
Conqueror Pro POS
46 - 47
Frequent Bowler Tracker (FBT)
48 - 49
Advanced Reservations & Time Games 50 - 51
Online Booking 2
Dynamic Promotions & Firewall Automation Systems
System Hardware
On-Lane Redemption 72
Keypads, Touchscreens & Consoles
AccuVision LCD Monitors
74 - 77
Service and Support 78 - 79
Why QubicaAMF?
The latest in bowler entertainment
technology. Tested, measured & proven.
Before we could deliver the world’s most scalable, upgradeable,
modular line of Scoring and Center Management Systems for
bowling, we had to make sure we knew the needs and challenges
owners and operators faced. We spent a lot of time listening to
you tell us what worked, what didn’t, what could be better and
We took your advice to the industry’s largest R&D department,
and we developed our integrated Point of Sale and Web
Reservations Systems, an improved version of the Bowler
Entertainment System and many enhancements to Conqueror
Pro, and Conqueror Pro Universal. Not to mention QubicaAMF
Solutions, a bundle of products and services designed to help
you get the most out of your Scoring and Center Management
Systems to drive your business and generate results.
At QubicaAMF, we believe that your success today and tomorrow
is ours as well. Staying in close contact with our customers has
led our R&D team to create one industry first after another.
Tested, measured and proven, many of these innovations are
still unmatched in the marketplace. Many remain QubicaAMF
exclusives. Not a year goes by when we don’t introduce
something new designed to make customers appreciate your
bowling center more; and bring them back more frequently.
Why QubicaAMF?
Our unique r&d team works nonstop on new ideas for your business.
We’re proud to claim the largest, most experienced
R&D team in the industry. With a staff of over 40
people, we’re working everyday to develop software
and electronic systems with you in mind.
It’s our passion.
The Bowler Entertainment System
The first of its kind in the industry is now even better.
This captivating system provides unsurpassed on-lane
entertainment to bowlers with a sophistication that
more than competes with their other entertainment
“Your Lane, Your Way” Software
This multifaceted software package, the base for the
Your Lane, Your Way Solution, is a real differentiator
that enables customers to choose their on-lane
graphics every game they bowl, every time they visit
your center.
Web Reservations
Another industry-first system, which integrates
seamlessly with Conqueror Pro as part of your website.
Web Reservations links directly to your reservation
system and allows your bowlers to reserve their lanes
Dynamic Promotions
This optional module gives you the power to influence
your customer’s online booking habits by defining
dynamic pricing discounts, varying in real-time, and
based on lane availability. This system is based on the
same model airline companies use.
Call Center Software Have a single call center handle bookings for all centers
of a chain, freeing up center staff for other work.
Conqueror POS
Conqueror Pro POS easily enables you to service
customers faster, provide one bill at checkout,
manage birthday and corporate parties and much
more. All done seamlessly.
Conqueror Universal
Get the power of Conqueror Pro and its modules
without changing your scoring system. Upgrade
your legacy BOSS, AccuScore XL, AccuScore Plus,
AccuScore I & II or MagicScore, Brunswick AS-80
and AS-90 systems to Conqueror Pro today.
(Coming soon: Brunswick FrameWorx)
Solutions Add a third dimension to your business. Turnkey,
business building, industry-first marketing Solutions.
Choose QubicaAMF Solutions and our Scoring
and Center Management Systems to generate
results, market your business and drive customer
satisfaction to differentiate your center from
your competition and compete in today’s vast
entertainment arena.
Why QubicaAMF?
Long-Term Investment.
When we introduce the next great thing in
bowling, it will already work well with the
Qubicaamf systems you choose today.
We develop every QubicaAMF system with future add-ons
in mind. Our modular systems mean you can stay within your
budget now and add on later with complete confidence that
everything will be compatible.
Since 1993, every system introduced by Qubica, now QubicaAMF,
could be upgraded to today’s version, for a fraction of the cost
of a new system. We’ve never left a single customer behind. We
never will. And our Bowler Entertainment System will allow you
to add new plug-ins, entertainment options and games, year
after year.
Why QubicaAMF?
Customer Satisfaction.
From reservations to checkout, everything
you need to increase your customer’s
Web Reservations
Allow your customers to book their lane reservations online and
in advance, from their own home. A convenience they expect.
Multi-Media System (MMS) Waiting List
Keep your customers informed and avoid customer frustration.
Conqueror Pro
This powerful tool helps your staff serve customers better.
Trouble Call System (TCS)
Keep customers updated when there’s a pinspotter problem.
Easy To Use On-Lane User Interfaces
And Help Screens
Customer screens are intuitive and easy to use.
Why QubicaAMF?
Total Control.
Have complete control over every aspect of
your center management – whether you’re
in your center, or somewhere else.
Remote Management
Connect to your center from any Internet enabled laptop or PC.
View your center live anytime via in-center cameras and get
income in real time by department.
One Center, One System
One system all across your center, including POS terminals and
POS front desk functions integrated with your Conqueror Pro
management and reporting system.
Conqueror Pro Security And Shrink-Control
Track suspicious actions and generate reports to reduce theft
and shrinkage. Log every transaction by date, time and operator.
Automatic Data Backup
This powerful function automatically protects your data and
truly provides you peace of mind, without relying on your staff.
Integrated And Seamless Recovery Procedure
If there’s ever a server breakdown, your center is prepared.
Unequaled User Accounts And System
Running your business exactly as you want it to be run, that’s
true control.
Staff Tracking And Reporting
Track employee work time and breaks by fingerprint, card, or
username and password, either on a separate workstation or as
part of your login/logout procedure.
Why QubicaAMF?
Systems That Drive Business.
When it comes to driving business,
Qubicaamf systems keep you ahead of
your competition.
Bowler Entertainment System
BES offers up to 18 graphical environments, 11 alternative games
and 6 classic games to drive customers back to your lanes.
Qubicaamf Solutions*
Themed Birthday Parties, Your Lane, Your Way, Web Reservations
and Players Club Solutions include everything from training to
procedures to marketing and merchandising materials to allow
you to use your systems to drive revenue and generate results.
Multi-Media System (MMS)
Automatic on screen update of your price list. Post promotions
and ads on any monitor in your center.
Dynamic Promotions
This optional module enables customers to book in advance,
while also showing open timeslots they might not have
considered. This system is designed to help you fill up week days
and generate revenue in your slower times.
* Available in select countries.
Why QubicaAMF?
Systems That Integrate Seamlessly.
Conqueror Pro Modules
• Lane Management
• Shift & Management Reporting
• Frequent Bowler Tracker
• Statistical Reporting System
• Booking System
• Invoice Management
• Employees Management
• Security Management
• Waiting List Management
Conqueror Pro Devices
• Fingerprint Reader
• Magnetic Card Encoder and Reader
(for FBT, credit cards, debit cards, etc.)
• Credit Card Reader
• Debit Card PIN Pads
• POS Barcode Reader
• FBT Member and Birthday Picture Webcam
• Customer Pole Display
• Printers and Receipt Printers
• Image Scanner
• On-center Network Cameras
Scoring and Entertainment
• Billiards and Time Game Control
• Payment Systems
• Automatic Data Back-up
• League Module
• Tournament Module
• Locker Management
• Center Setup and Pricing Management
• MMS Management
• Redemption Management
• TCS Management
• On-Lane Advertising Management
• Integration with CDE League, Tournament and
Brackets Software
Web & Remote Applications and Security Solutions
• Web Reservations and membership,
integrated with your website
• Web Reservations - Dynamic Promotions
• Conqueror Remote Access
• Call Center software applications
• Firewall Security Solution
Conqueror Pro workstations and servers
• Conqueror Pro Front Desk workstations
• Conqueror Pro POS workstations
• Conqueror Pro Back Office workstations
• Conqueror Pro Server
• Conqueror Pro Training workstations
Technical specifications subject to change without notice - Images shown are for illustration purpose only and may differ from actual product
Qubicaamf systems meet every center need, work together flawlessly,
and are the best value for the money, feature-for-feature, in the industry.
• Integration with QuickBooks
• Integration with Micro$ale POS
• Integration with BowlerTRAC
• Integration with Prepaid Card Systems
- Coin Tech
- Embed
- Ideal
- Intercard
- Sacoa
• Integration with Berg Liquor Dispenser System
CDE, CDE SOFTWARE, TBrac, BLS, T3, RecTrac, BPAA, QuickBooks, Micro$ale, Windows, Coin Tech, Sacoa, Intercard, Embed, Ideal and Bowler TRAC trademarks are the property of their respective owners.
Unmatched on-lane entertainment for every market segment.
Reengineered to drastically improve performance
and ease of use, BES is the one and only Bowler
Entertainment System on the market. Nothing else
provides such a unique, fresh customer experience
for each segment of your market. And no wonder: BES
comes with up to 18 graphic environments, 17 games
(BES and Classic), a spare-finder online tutorial, and
more to provide dedicated on-lane entertainment to
all of your customers.
The bes Evolution
First installation in Japan
Rocky Road Race (Global Game and
Environment), Poker (Skill Game)
Christmas Joy (Seasonal Environment
and Game)
BES is upgradeable, modular and built on open
architecture. We continue to add new environments
or games to it, to allow you to always provide a fresh
experience to your customers. So BES grows right
along with your business as it grows and the history
proves it.
Classic, Prehistorica, Oceano, Fairy Tales,
Bubble Gum (Game World Environments)
Striker (Skill Game) BES Birthday and
Birthday Wheel (Environment and Lottery
Game) Red Pin, Megaslot, Lane lotto, Magic
Wheel (Lottery Games)
Disco, Energy, Vintage, PBA Tour, Sport
(Game World Environments)
BES Your Lane, Your Way and Hallopin
(Seasonal Environment)
As it grows, so does your center’s business
Themed Birthday Environments and Sledge
Hammer (Skill Game)
Lucky Train (Global Game)
*Must be a Bowlopolis® Registered BPAA customer to purchase. BOWLOPOLIS® is a registered trademark of the Bowling Proprietors’ Association of America and
the United States Bowling Congress, Inc. Bowlopolis available in USA only.
Footage courtesy of ESPN Enterprises, Inc. and of the Professional Bowlers Association.
QubicaAMF’s BES library features action clips of professional bowlers on the PBA Tour. Watch the PBA on ESPN.
Video and sound
The cinema-like quality that customers expect to see.
Todays’ customers, demand sharp, high quality
animation, video and graphics like they see in the best
video games and animated feature-length films – the
other entertainment options you compete with. BES
delivers big-time in every visual experience, in both
2D and 3D and with an endless number of mixed
visual styles.
Integrated Games With Animated And
Scrolling Background
The animated game grids, backgrounds and exciters
in BES, mean there’s hardly ever a static moment on
bowlers’ monitors.
Footage courtesy of ESPN Enterprises, Inc. and of the Professional Bowlers Association.
QubicaAMF’s BES library features action clips of professional bowlers on the PBA Tour. Watch the PBA on ESPN.
Superior Outputs And Unlimited Flexibility
BES’ dedicated hardware can manage four monitors
per pair (two overhead and two lower LCD’s) each
with its own totally animated display content and
audio. You can display scores, TV or video, game
grids and images, all in a nearly limitless number of
configurations, controlled from the Conqueror Pro
front desk.
Seeing Is Believing
To fully appreciate BES animation, video and
sound quality, you really must see it in action. Your
QubicaAMF representative will be happy to provide a
system demo. Nothing can boost your center’s draw
like the visual and marketing power of BES.
Environments and games
Unmatched entertainment and marketing power.
BES differs from scoring systems with grids and animations by being a full-featured entertainment system of
visually stunning graphic environments and by offering a variety of integrated fun games. Check out how BES
can help you provide on-lane entertainment for every kind of customer to drive repeat visits and an increased
number of games played. BES appeals to all market segments including: kids, teens, families, young adults, adults
& seniors as well as both league/tournament and open play bowlers.
On-Lane Environments
Perfect for competition bowling, the Classic environment features over 200 animations,
competition game grids, competition functions, player and team info, and more.
Ramp up your center’s mood with the moving graphics and thumping beat and music of the
Disco environment for teens and young adults. With its animated graphics and characters,
Disco keeps the entertainment going nonstop.
Energy is the fast and furious environment of extreme sports. All the favorite sports are
represented, making Energy’s animations, characters and graphics favorites with teens and
adults alike.
A maritime action trip under the sea, Oceano features backdrops of treasure-laden sea
floors and undersea life. Fully animated game grids complete the environment along with
70 sequences of animated marine character fun. A bowler favorite!
Fairy Tales
This fairy tale themed environment features storybook backgrounds, and animated game
grids, and a cast of crazy characters brought to life in more than 70 dedicated exciters.
Backgrounds mixing 2D and 3D effects, gigantic game grids, and dinosaur and caveman
characters bring this environment to life, which takes bowlers on a journey back into
prehistoric time.
Environments and games
On-Lane Environments
Go back to the good old days in the Vintage environment with its graphics of decades gone
by. The retro feel carries over into game grids as well as animated characters for one truly
unique look. The best on-lane attraction for seniors.
PBA Tour
Serious bowlers enjoy the opportunity to vicariously experience the world of professional
bowling in PBA Tour, with screen shots just like they see on TV. Meets the expectation of
today’s league bowlers with its professional game grid.
The environment for the serious sports fan. Teens and adults, men and women all love
seeing action happen as the result of their shot. Sport-themed game grids and a cast of
video clips and animations make this an exciting environment that everyone enjoys.
Bubble Gum
This environment is designed for families with children as well as open play customers
of all kinds. Bubble Gum features a plastic, toy-like animated game grid and a very large
animation library.
Rocky Road Race
Rocky Road Race is an environment and global game all in one. This environment and
game creates a fun competition among lanes that’s a real interactive battle and race to
the finish. Establish all the racing rules and see the cars racing on the track or use RRR as
an alternative environment and watch the animated characters bring it all to life for your
Incorporate automatic scoring into your Bowlopolis® program. With over 65 animations,
this environment will bring Bowlopolis® to life!
*Must be a Bowlopolis® Registered BPAA customer to purchase. BOWLOPOLIS® is a registered trademark of the Bowling Proprietors’ Association of America and
the United States Bowling Congress, Inc. Bowlopolis available in USA only.
Footage courtesy of ESPN Enterprises, Inc. and of the Professional Bowlers Association.
QubicaAMF’s BES library features action clips of professional bowlers on the PBA Tour. Watch the PBA on ESPN.
Environments and games
Christmas Joy
This seasonal environment puts Christmas-themed backgrounds, animations and grids on
your monitors, complete with a Christmas Wheel game and soundtrack.
This Halloween, a haunting surprise comes your way in HalloPin. It’s scary, it’s mysterious,
it’s terrifyingly exciting.
Birthday Environments
BES Birthday Captivate kids right from the start. BES Birthday features animated birthday host rabbits,
picturesque party backgrounds, birthday wheel game bonus surprises, plus show the
birthday child on an overhead monitor.
Themed Birthday Environments
•Fairy Tales
Our latest additions include three super-innovative, colorful and captivating alternatives
for birthday parties. In addition to the BES Birthday environment, Prehistorica, Fairy Tales
and Oceano can also be used and configured for birthday parties. Along with their themed
animations, backgrounds and grids, they now feature birthday animations, the Birthday
Wheel game and the ability to show the birthday child’s picture on the lanes.
Allow your birthday customers to choose their preferred party environment to differentiate
your birthday experience offering. To provide a true “WOW” birthday experience add a
third dimension to your parties with our turnkey, Themed Birthday Party Solution elements.
Skill Games
Red Pin
A favorite with competition players, Red Pin has a set of on-screen digital pins with the
red pin appearing in varying locations. The system automatically seeks a winner. And the
player who bowls the right hot-shot value wins.
Results, idle fun and a chance to win are what Striker is all about. Watch the Qupee animated
character suddenly appear on the scorer screen teasing guests with the possibility of a
chance to bowl a strike right then and win. The winner receives a congratulatory animation
along with whatever prize you award.
Poker Bowling is one of the most true-life poker games anywhere, featuring a mixture of
2D and 3D effects. Competition is per-lane or per-pair. Players play their own hands and
get additional cards by achieving hot-shots.
Sledge Hammer
Sledge Hammer brings the fair into your center. This game will become activated upon
someone bowling a hot shot. Watch the big guy hitting the lever after any bowler’s hotshot. If the bell rings, the bowler wins.
Global Games
Rocky Road Race This environment and global game joins lanes together in a competition, a real interactive
battle and race to the finish. Establish all the racing rules, see the cars racing on the track,
and watch animated characters bring it all to life.
Lucky Train At the given time, a bell rings and a steam train attracts everyone’s attention. The train
stops, leaving a wagon in front of each lane. All the wagon doors open and one of the
wagons wins. Arrows on the other wagons point to the lane of the lucky winner.
Lottery Games
Lane Lotto
Modeled on popular lotto games, Lane Lotto spits out colored balls to spell Lotto. When
the moment is right, lanes switch to display a lotto machine, which drops balls to spell WIN
or LOSE.
Megaslot features the gaming challenge of random slots hosted by a beautiful Megaslot
character. Games are based on luck. When it’s time to win, the system randomly chooses
a winner from the lanes. For adult late-night bowling.
Magic Wheel
The spinning suspense of Magic Wheel commands attention every time the Magic Wheel
mistress spins the wheel. The system randomly selects a lucky player as the winner, with
awards preset by you. Designed for adults.
Special Event Games
Christmas Wheel
BES includes these special event games for added game fun. Offer Christmas Wheel as a
special end-of-year game.
Birthday Wheel
Add the Birthday Wheel as an option for birthday party packages.
Classic Games
No Tap Available to be set for values 7, 8 or 9 whereby the system scores a strike even with a lower
configurable amount of pins knocked down.
The traditional game that handles the score modification automatically, along with the
added benefit of inserting auto-strike in any one of the frames.
Low Game
A game of skill whereby the system scores in reverse and the winner is chosen by the
player with the lowest score. Knock down the 7 and the 10 pins only in each frame for a
perfect game. Reverse means that a gutter will be converted into a strike or spare.
Best Ball
System automatically carries down the best ball of each frame of a series to produce the
best game. A great game for fun style tournaments where the best ball from each player is
compared to produce the best team game.
Best Frame
Based on the same rules as Best Ball whereas the system will automatically create a “team”
game based on the best frames bowled by the team.
Odd/Even Based on the No-Tap rules with a difference whereas if you role an even value your score
will be recorded as a strike or spare, or if you roll an odd, it will remain as is.
Your Lane, Your Way starts with a software module,
included in the Premium version of BES, that enables
customers to choose their environment, at the
console or front desk, each time they bowl. Enjoying
their chosen environment and noticing different
environments on nearby monitors, entices customers
to play more games and come back again.
The Themed Birthday Party Solution was designed
to increase birthday revenue and attract new open
play customers. After a themed birthday in your
center, participants and parents will talk about your
outstanding birthday offering and generate word
of mouth advertising in the area that will ultimately
bring new people to your center.
The Your Lane, Your Way Solution includes a center
marketing kit comprised of posters, table tents,
promotional buttons, staff counter cards, and a
Manager’s Training & Procedures Manual. A website
showcase and marketing training and support are also
Our Themed Birthday Party is a turnkey solution.
Customers can choose from three different themes
that tie into the Oceano, Fairy Tales, and Prehistorica
scoring environments and that they will find all around
their birthday table in the center.
Party goers get to take the chosen environment’s
characters home in a Fun Box, which includes an
interactive CD to remind them of the fun time they
had bowling and to come back soon.
The Themed Birthday Party Solution comes with
complete center marketing and tableware kits
featuring items such as decorations, posters, standup cut-outs, brochures, a Party Host Success Training
Guide, a Manager’s Training & Procedures Manual,
themed Fun Boxes for each child, Parent Survival
Guide and a Website showcase. This Solution also
includes marketing training and support.
BES Environments
* QubicaAMF Solutions available in select markets.
** Available only for Bowlopolis registered users
Footage courtesy of ESPN Enterprises, Inc. and of the Professional Bowlers Association.
QubicaAMF’s BES library features action clips of professional bowlers on the PBA Tour. Watch the PBA on ESPN.
On-Lane Display
Open play, leagues, tournaments and Swedish leagues.
QubicaAMF systems provide a huge choice of game grids and environments, plus functions to manage socials and
competitions. Five and ten-frame grid display modes are available in all systems.
Display score grids from a pair of lanes on the same
monitor, using the second screen for video or TV*.
* TV or video requires optional modules.
On-screen alert of pinspotter status.
Display accurate ball speed up to a pre-set speed limit
and avoid dangerous on-lane ball-speed competitions.
Spread one lane’s image across both monitors in a pair for a super-wide view; or spread two lanes across the pair.
Bowlers can follow the bowler or team displaying the score-sheet from their lane, making it easier to check their
score when it’s their turn to bowl.
Displays full-screen message on monitors before the
game commences to help decrease liability in the
event a customer gets hurt while bowling.
LANGUAGE OPTIONS On-lane displays are available in the following
languages: UK English, US English, French Standard,
French Canadian, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian,
Spanish, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Polish,
On-Lane Display
Display ads when the lane is off or DISPLAY Operators can insert messages for during play to make sure customers BES supports the on-lane display
in-center promotions and events. see them.
of an external video source, both
Or, have the system generate
in NTSC or PAL standard. Optional
messages to display tournament or
hardware is required.
league results at the end of games.
ON-LANE HELP Considering its importance for customers, the BES user interface has Quickly help any customer during
been completely redesigned, with an even more intuitive and user- open and league play.
friendly layout in touch screen and keypad console versions. The BES user
interface can be configured lane by lane to customize its behavior for open
play or league bowlers. Each customer will see only the on-lane functions
required: simple options for open play or parties, or advanced options for
competitions. In addition, BES allows its user interface to be configured
according to center preferences.
The Bowler Entertainment System
provides full TV capabilities,
seamless integration with the
scoring system (including with
AccuVision monitors), and lane-bylane multi-channel management,
giving you complete freedom to
control it all from the front desk.
A single channel TV option is also
available. This plug and play, easy
to install option does not require
additional wiring, as it broadcasts a
live digital video stream.
MANAGEMENT BES provides the ability to combine
grids and animations for a given
audience or situation. With BES you
can decide grid style, colors, and
animation themes to be displayed in
conjunction with the selected grids.
Unleash your imagination to fully
explore the potential of our Bowler
Entertainment System based on
your customers’ desires, time of
year, day of the week, holidays and
so forth.
Whether your customers already
know their favorite food, or just
want to browse through the menu
for that delicious burger of yours,
the BES On-Lane Ordering system
is what you are looking for. This
integrated with Conqueror Pro,
offers your customers a hassle free
way to get their orders directly to
the lane, and gives you a great tool
to streamline the food and beverage
ordering process.
Choose from several displays
Features full or partial-screen static spare finders, with or without real-time bowler statistics.
Themed spare-finders with every environment
Offers bowlers exciting replay and tutoring capabilities.
Step-by-step tutoring
Allows replay of the whole instructional sequence, shows left or right-handed display, and is completely customizable by user.
* Lane-by-lane multi-channel management is available in USA and in some other countries and for some monitor models only, including QubicaAMF AccuVision monitors.
Lane-by-lane multi-channel wiring is sold as an option. Single channel TV & On-Lane Ordering are optional features.
No two centers are alike, so BES configures a variety of ways to fit individual needs. No matter what system and
configuration you choose, when a new BES plug-in or enhancement becomes available, your BES system will be
ready for them, today and tomorrow.
You’re ready to commit, and want a system that will grow with your business as your
business grows? Then choose the BES package, which includes all BES features plus a
selection of environments and games.
BES Premium
You’re ready to make the switch and get everything? Then the Premium package, which
delivers all features, environments and games, is the way to go.
Plug-in architecture: built for tomorrow,
but affordable today
BES software architecture is plug-in based. As BES
evolves, your system will be able to evolve with it.
BES hardware architecture
No hard drive or fans required. As hard drives and
moving parts are the most delicate parts of scoring
systems the BES hardware, based on a per pair of
lanes architecture, was reengineered by our R&D
team to provide superior reliability and ease of
upgrade. Based on state-of–the-art flash memory
cards, BES hardware is designed to dramatically
improve reliability as you will never again have a hard
drive or fan failure problem.
Based on linux operating system
To meet the requirements of a modern bowling
scoring system without compromising reliability,
QubicaAMF chose Linux, the leading open source
operating system. Linux can be fixed at any level
and has no hidden secrets or reliance on third-party
software. From the moment you get it, BES is ready for
any future performance upgrades or improvements.
BES stand alone version You’re a small center or a private residence; and don’t
need or have a front desk workstation. BES can also
comes as a Stand Alone package, with no front desk
Bowler console
New User Interface
Full support of any kind of score correction (10 pin, 5 pin, Candle Pin, Duck Pin)
Grid Customization (combining styles and colors)
Static Spare Finder
Animated Spare Finder
Fast Tutor Spare Finder
Tutor Spare Finder
Informative Spare Finder (including bowler/balls statistics)
Classic Games
3-6-9 - No Tap - Low Game - Odd/Even - Best Ball - Best Frame
Alternative Games
Red Pin Game
Lucky Train
Lane Lotto
Mega Slot
Magic Wheel
Sledge Hammer
Rocky Road Race game
Christmas Wheel
Birthday parties
Child Picture and Birthday Animations
Birthday Environment, with dedicated grid and animations
Birthday Wheel
Themed Party Management
Ability to utilize Oceano, Prehistorica and Fairy Tales environments for Themed Birthday Parties
Bubble Gum
Fairy Tales
PBA Tour
Christmas Joy Optional
Rocky Road Race environment
Custom Environments
ability to combine custom grids with set of animations chosen from different environments
BOWLOPOLIS® is a registered trademark of the Bowling Proprietors’ Association of America and the United States Bowling Congress, Inc. Bowlopolis available in USA only.
Features and technical specifications may differ from actual product depending by countries
Footage courtesy of ESPN Enterprises, Inc. and of the Professional Bowlers Association.
QubicaAMF’s BES library features action clips of professional bowlers on the PBA Tour. Watch the PBA on ESPN.
Give your bowlers more, for less.
If you’re looking for a smart long-term scoring solution
at a budget-friendly price, the search is over.
Infused with QubicaAMF expertise, Bowland is an
easily upgradeable system powered by field-proven
proprietary software. Combined with an industrialstrength hardware design, it offers the stability and
reliability that builds great bowling centers. Yours!
Rich Graphical Content
Bowland also offers over 300 “three-dimensional”
animations, with games featuring brilliant colors,
motion, shadows and sound. In short, it delivers major
dazzle without costing major dollars.
Seamless Integration
Bowland definitely plays well with others, too, tying in
seamlessly with other QubicaAMF products like MMS
and TCS, which can be added at anytime. And it also
supports all Conqueror Pro features. It’s the smart
way to start down the road to lasting success.
Versatile Supported Formats
Bowland supports ten pin, five pin, duck pin and
candle pin formats.
Your complete management system.
Your management system is the heart of your
business. While many systems look similar at first,
in-depth comparison reveals real differences. Make
the comparison yourself. Imagine critical situations
and challenge each system to solve them. What if the
center is crowded, if an employee tries to steal money,
if a new employee needs training, if a PC crashes, if
you’re needed but not there?
Successful proprietors understand these scenarios;
and that choosing the right system can make tough
situations easier to handle. That’s why, in growing
numbers, they choose Conqueror Pro.
Control Every Aspect Of Your Business
From customized setup to remote center management,
from pricing to security, from lanes to employees,
Conqueror Pro makes it easy to keep tabs on things
and call the shots.
That includes taking every opportunity to make a
great impression on customers. With such features
as Frequent Bowler Tracker and Web Reservations,
Conqueror Pro helps you establish and build stronger
relationships and repeat business.
Conqueror Pro helps you put customer service and
satisfaction first. As one system throughout your
center, Conqueror Pro makes everything run better.
Transactions are seamless. POS sales are quick.
Waiting customers stay informed. And employees
jobs are made easier.
Conqueror Remote
Manage The Way You Want To Manage,
Even When You’re Not There
With any internet connection anywhere, your laptop
becomes an additional bowling center workstation.
You can operate exactly as you would in your center,
using whatever Conqueror Pro functions you want,
including setting prices and options, solving technical
problems, booking lanes, defining leagues, checking
income, and more.
Real-Time Cameras Show What’s
Happening As It’s Happening
With integrated real-time cameras you can pan from
side to side and zoom in and out, seeing your staff and
center at work.
Real-Time Income Monitoring
See income figures real-time at the bottom of the
screen while viewing your center and performing
other Conqueror Pro functions.
Automatic Internet Updates Stay On The Cutting-Edge
We continuously improve and enrich our systems,
and thanks to our industry-first and unique Internet
update feature, your center is always cutting-edge.
Conqueror Pro automatically downloads the latest
software version for your center as soon as we make it
available online. You choose when the upgrade should
be performed and every component of your system
-Conqueror Pro, Scoring, TCS, MMS and more - gets
updated automatically.
Before authorizing the upgrade, you can click on
the Conqueror Feature File to fully understand
what has been added to the new version and what
improvements have been made.
Managing birthday and corporate parties, simple and
complex transactions, and handling customers who
move around your center, has never been easier.
Seamless Transactions
Provide customers with one bill at checkout, which covers
all of their activities and purchases during their visit.
Same POS Interface In Every Context
POS screens navigate and function the same way in
all Conquer Pro modules including lane management,
time games, bar, pro shop, waiting list, booking.
Flexible And Advanced Tab Management
Break out and merge tabs and lane bills for individual
or combined billing. Ring F&B items directly to a lane.
Open a tab without being connected to a specific lane
or table, and without a sale. Recall a closed-out tab to
make changes.
Modifiers Enhance F&B sales with modifiers and changes,
including up-charge and no-charge modifiers.
Gratuity/Tip Management
Collect gratuity on a bill. Preprint a bill to present
to the customer for payment and later adjust the
total with the tip included. Handle end-of-shift tip
management and payout.
Credit Card Transaction Management* Swipe credit cards for pre-authorization and maintain
card information in the system as a final-payment
option. Process all credit card transactions through
one seamless process and present a single bill to the
customer. Conqueror Pro is fully compliant with the
latest guidelines from the PCI Security Standards
Council regarding credit card data storage, processing
and transmission.
Dynamic Pricing
Automatically adjust pricing by time, day, or both.
Organize Price Keys
Customize the layout and display of categories and
price keys for an easier sales process.
* Varies by country and credit card processor.
Mixed Packages
Easily handle mixed packages, such as two games plus
a soda and cheeseburger. Split revenues in reporting
ensures that revenues go to the right department.
Open-Choice Menus Provide flexibility for groups, such as a birthday
package where each child can choose his or her drink
and food.
Main Department Setup Define new main departments to manage a multiactivity center (e.g. restaurant + fast food + bar + pro
shop + bowling).
Tax Management
Comprehensive and flexible tax management to
accommodate your accounting needs.
POS Integrates With Frequent Bowler Tracker
Quick customer recognition, special prices and
discounts, sales tracking, redemption points, fast
payment by Q-Cash, points on card or credit card, and
delayed payment for frequent bowler customers.
POS Integrates With Web Reservations
Create any new price key or mixed package, including
bowling and F&B, and post it online.
Shift Reports
Generate per-employee or per-shift reports, with
details such as tips and incomes. Reconcile or close
a shift or business-day with all transactions from all
areas, through one system.
Designate Printers
Associate every product and modifier to a printer
placed in the relevant F&B preparation area (such as
bar, kitchen, etc.), and orders will automatically be
sent to the correct location for preparation.
Configure receipt details and reprint receipts as
Barcode Scanner And Rapid Search
Ensure quick, accurate transactions.
In the battle for the hearts and minds of customers,
little things mean a lot. And with the Frequent Bowler
Tracker (FBT) working for you, your center makes the
most of customer relationships and rewards their
Complete Management Of Every
Customer Type
From simple contacts to frequent bowlers, from
families and social groups to companies, FBT puts
easy management a few keystrokes away.
Detailed Tracking Of Everything Customers Do
Know each customer’s purchase and play habits and
market to them better as a result.
Filtering And Selection Module To Create Marketing Lists
Extract teenagers close to their birthday, customers
with an expiring locker, league players playing at least
once in the last month who scored 200 or above,
customers who spent $50 or more at the snack bar –
whatever you want to find out – and then offer them
special promotions you create.
Individual Or Family Cards, For Swiping
Or Manual Recognition Cards with cash or game credits make it easier to
have fun in your center. Conqueror Pro recognizes
all magnetic stripe cards, for individual or family
Gift Card Management Load cards with money or games at special prices
for immediate use in your center or as gift cards; and
track gift card purchases center-wide.
FBT Sign-In Directly From The Lane
Frequent bowlers can now sign-in from the lane by
entering their FBT identifier on the bowler terminal.
Another improvement that helps you streamline the
check-in procedure, and offers a better service to your
best customers.
Member Point Collection Management
Allows members to pay with the earned points,
promoting repeat visits and customer loyalty.
•Point/money ratio defined by bowler category
•Frequent bowlers can pay using points on card
•Manage time-limited promotions by bowler
category, such as, allowing students to earn double
points in summer
•Define bowlers by earned points and purchase
habits and send personal reports, promotions and
Integration With Players Club
Solution Upgrade to the Players Club Solution to get a complete,
turnkey loyalty program and seamless integration
with FBT.
Totally Integrated
Open play, leagues, time-games, FBT, and POS are all
integrated with the Conqueror Pro Booking System.
Center rules, like lane options, bowling modes, prices,
lane and time game setup, and more – also integrate
seamlessly with Conqueror Pro.
Real-Time Interaction With Lanes
Complete, Flexible Bookings
Manage deposits, payments, food and beverage
ordering, and lane and bowler options. Convert game
reservations to time reservations or vice versa during
the check in to exploit your lanes and maximize their
occupancy rates.
Conqueror Pro knows how fast bowlers are playing
and estimates game duration on each lane. As a
result, you can manage time-bookings and walk-ins
simultaneously, an advantage other booking systems
don’t offer.
Mixed And Recurring Bookings
Quick or detailed booking
Overbooking area
Use drag and drop or default settings for fast booking
insertion; and accurate booking definition, when
Easily handle a customer who books multiple services,
such as bowling, a restaurant table, and billiards, for six
weeks on a given day each week. Use league software
to book a group of lanes every week automatically.
Manage quick lane arrangements and late arrivals in
a snap.
Conqueror Pro gives you the ability to seamlessly
manage all of the time-based revenue sources within
your center including billiards, table tennis, party
room, and much more.
Quick Setup
Same Layout And Behavior
Time games look and work the same as the
corresponding lane management modules; and have
nearly the same functionalities, including booking
system, frequent bowlers and POS.
Every time-based resource can be easily defined.
Integration With Game Control Devices
Control billiard lights or other automated devices with
Almost all industries – from hotels to travel, from
cinemas to restaurants – offer online reservations.
Consumers expect it. Now your bowling center
can offer online reservations, too. With the Web
Reservations module, you simply add a Book Online
link to your website. Customers can then book lanes
and packages with a few keystrokes from home
or work. Only QubicaAMF Web Reservations fully
integrates with lane management and POS.
Who doesn’t have a slow period now and then?
That’s where expanding Web Reservations with the
optional Dynamic Promotions module can make such
an impact, driving business to slower time periods.
Add Google™ Analytics, to help improve marketing
effectiveness even more.
Attract customers to days and times they haven’t
considered before; to book more days in advance; to
increase the bookings to walk-ins ratio via web-only
promotions linked to lane availability.
Customize colors, font and logo to match your
website’s look and feel, add a Reservations link, and
start accepting online reservations immediately.
Increase Customer Visits
Increase visits, spread visits throughout the week, and
have more lanes for walk-ins during peak periods.
Offer Online Promotions Offer online promotions, such as bowling only,
bowling plus F&B, birthday parties, corporate parties,
all organized by categories with pictures. Also include
open menu choices with your packages.
Define Dynamic Discounts Have discounts vary in real-time based on lane
availability, such as offering a 30% discount when
customers book in the mornings, at least two weeks
in advance, when 20% or less of lanes are booked.
Shopping Cart
An intuitive way for your customers to shop around
and to book their games online.
Set the deposit amount required to confirm lane
reservations, charge the whole price in advance, or
charge customers upon arrival.
Flexible Setup Decide when online bookings are allowed day by day,
how far in advance soon customers have to book
their experience, which lanes are reserved for web
booking, set additional booking fees, properly manage
split houses and assure that groups are assigned to
adjacent lanes and much more.
QubicaAMF Web Reservations Dynamic Promotions
module integrates with Google™ Analytics (http:// to show clearly how
your web business is performing.
Influence Customer Habits
Easily Integrates With Your Website
Credit Card Payment And Deposits
Combine Google™ Analytics With
Dynamic Promotions.
Add Premium Pricing
Online Sign-In And Fbt Account Status
Customers can sign into your frequent bowler program
and check their account status, including the money/
points balance on their card.
Real-Time Integration With Booking, Lane
Availability, Price Key Setup
Avoids double booking and manual reconciliation
of telephone and web bookings. Packages, lane
availability and prices appear online for web
When lanes are booking fast, have customers pay for
the privilege of reserving a lane reservation.
To make network protection easy and simple for
bowling centers, QubicaAMF developed a plug-andplay firewall security device that prevents unauthorized
access to your network and provides security during
Conqueror Remote terminal connections between
your laptop and the bowling center. You define how
staff can use the Internet.
Get the best out of Conqueror Pro with Players Club and Web Reservations Solutions. Compete more effectively
among today’s entertainment choices and for today’s’ entertainment dollars and increase customer loyalty,
convenience, spending and repeat visitations.
Web Reservations Solution
Our turnkey Web Reservations Solution makes it easy to start offering online
bookings. The Solution includes a Center Marketing Kit (flyers, posters, MMS
ads, direct mail, email campaigns, bounce-back coupons, training and procedures
manual), center signage, marketing training and support.
Players Club Solution
The Players Club Solution allows you to effectively manage and promote a
professional point-based loyalty program based on exploiting all the Conqueror
Pro functionalities whereby customers earn points on each visit. Points can then be
redeemed for Play Cash, Best Buy™ gift cards, or immediate gratification on exclusive
themed merchandising items. Players Club also features cooperative marketing with
Best Buy™ and ties to your website.*
Players Club includes a Center Marketing Kit to promote member enrollment
(posters, direct mail, table tents, promotional buttons, brochures, MMS ads, email
campaigns, enrollment kits and letters, training and procedures manual), Players
Club cards and merchandising kit, Best Buy™ Kit, a website showcase, and marketing
training and support to help you manage the program.*
BEST BUY™ is not affiliated with QubicaAMF.
BEST BUY™ does not sponsor, endorse, approve or have any responsibility for this promotion.
BEST BUY™ and the BEST BUY™ logo are trademarks of BEST BUY™ Enterprise Services, Inc.
BEST BUY™ is available in USA only
QubicaAMF Solutions available in certain markets.
* BES BUY Available in certain markets.
Totally Integrated Every Conqueror Pro Module – Reservations,
Waiting List, Trouble Call System, Intercom, Leagues,
Tournaments, Frequent Bowlers, POS and more –
integrates fully with the lanes.
Lane-On Modes Open by game, frame, time, or unlimited bowling, per
lane or per bowler.
Dynamic Display Of Lanes Status Based
On Number Of Lanes
Multi-page view for big bowling centers, large icons
for small ones, with all information displayed clearly
and logically.
Drag And Drop Quick multi-selection and lane transfers speed up
functions and transactions.
Fast Operations
Quick name and quantify insertion and fast-sale items
(e.g. shoes and socks) minimize the time required to
turn on a lane.
Next Available Lane
The system uses lane statistics to choose the next
available lane; and speed up openings while optimizing
lane use.
Advanced Print Score Module A flexible search and filter module for printing detailed
statistics with your center’s logo, frame-by-frame pin
position, standings and more.
Group Check-In And Check-Out
Fast group check-in and check-out, with combined or
individual billing.
Bowler Check-In And Check-Out Individual late check-in and early check-out, with
independent payment.
Score Correction
Quick score correction or detailed pin-by-pin position.
Casual Competitions Rapid standing sheets made by selecting a group of
lanes in open play.
Special Lane Functions
Functions include player-by-player lane-split and
merge, players and lane transfer, pinspotter control
for practice, re-open, monitor image set-up, bowler
console emulator from Conqueror Pro, and more.
Every Type Of Bowling Fully
Conqueror Pro supports ten-pin, five-pin, candlepin,
and duckpin bowling, even mixed together in the
same center.
Prices Pre-assigned or post-assigned game quantities,
pre-paid or post-paid. Price values calculated at
opening time, closing time, or proportionally. Have
one independent transaction for each player, with
different prices and options, if required.
Voiding And Refunding Quick voiding in case of mistakes, and complete or
partial refund due to early lane closures or other
customer needs.
Food & Beverage Charge food and beverage to the lane bill, per lane, or
per person.
Advanced Setup And Play Options
Tournaments and Other
Competitions Made Simpler
Complete Interface To CDE BLS Software
Tournaments And Swedish Leagues
Provides unmatched flexibility and user friendliness.
The interface includes league import-export features
allowing you to easily manage your leagues in BLS and
seamlessly run them from Conqueror Pro.
Automatic Lanes Movement
If some of the lanes are still busy, the team and league
information is automatically sent to those lanes when
the previous bowlers finish.
Integrated tournament and Swedish league modules.
Casual Competitions Make rapid standing sheets by selecting a group of
lanes in open play.
Scrolling Standings
Standing results display on the overhead monitor as a
scrolling message.
Tournament Events Programming
Integrated tournament system programs all of events,
teams and squads.
Manage locker use in full integration with the frequent
bowler system and POS.
Graphical interface shows easy-to-understand layout
of locker banks.
Management of monthly and yearly payments,
reports, locker maintenance, waiting list, and more.
Automatic Shift Report Export To
Accounting System Shift reports automatically export to QuickBooks and
into the proper account setup. Each figure generated
by Conqueror Pro flows.
The optional DASSLE advanced accounting interface
functions allow setup and re-map into QuickBooks
account numbers; and reconciliation/merge of shift
report incomes of Conqueror Pro and Micro$ale POS.
Integration With Berg Liquor Dispenser
This interface enables control of liquor being served
from the Conqueror Pro POS module. Liquor must be
selected before being poured, ensuring that liquor
served is then sold (or voided, but still tracked).
Integration With Third Party Systems
Hopewiser (UK only), Rec Trac, R-Keeper (Russia only),
Favero, WinTic (Italy only), CleanCash (Sweden only)
Integration With Many Cashless
Allows management of payments using pre-loaded
cards that work with other systems. Conqueror Pro
interfaces with: CoinTech, Intercard, Embed, Sacoa
and Ideal.
CDE, BowlerTRAC And Other Open
Bolwing center data can also be exported to Excel and
other popular file formats
CDE, CDE SOFTWARE, TBrac, BLS, T3, RecTrac, BPAA, QuickBooks, Micro$ale, Windows, Coin Tech, Sacoa, Intercard, Embed, Ideal and Bowler TRAC trademarks are the property of their respective owners.
Like no other system out there, Conqueror Pro is
simple, affordable and flexible enough for the small,
family managed center, yet powerful, full-featured
and fast enough for the big, complex center, too. No
wonder Conqueror Pro is the choice of the largest
centers worldwide. Their owners know the value of
total control combined with simplicity and reliability.
Have Up To 100 Workstations Working
Together Conqueror Pro has the scalability you need.
Operate Up To 200 Lanes Including split houses and across multiple floors.
Manage Up To Ten Different Time
From billiards to table tennis and more, and up to 120
tables each, Conqueror Pro has time games covered.
Special Options For Multi-Sector,
Multi-Floor Centers
When a center has distinct needs, Conqueror Pro is
High Performance Even With Huge
Amounts Of Data
Search a customer name and retrieve it in the blink of
an eye, whether you have 1,000 or 100,000 customers
QubicaAMF is the only company that has developed
solutions specifically designed around the needs of
bowling chains. For this reason, some of the biggest
and most progressive chains around the world choose
QubicaAMF as their partner for rock-solid, integrated,
management and scoring system solutions.
Call Center Applications And Centralized
Web Reservations
QubicaAMF provides bowling chains with full-featured
call center and web applications for reservation
services, featuring customer login and membership
registration, which can be integrated with a chain’s
With our application, bookings for all of your bowling
chain can be handled by one call center or by one
Intuitive, Fast Center-Selection
Allows you to connect quickly to remote centers and
moves quickly from one center to another.
Centralized Booking Management
You can retrieve those bookings requiring a follow-up
call today; or all bookings requiring food preparation
tomorrow, and similar, from all centers bookings.
Seamless Integration
All applications interface in real-time with QubicaAMF
systems and servers in each center for seamless
integration without the need of any manual
Management Solutions
Chain-wide management solutions to drive Qubica
scoring or legacy AMF and Brunswick systems are
also available to ensure system consistency across all
centers of a chain.
Build a more profitable future with the way you score now.
Want to harness the power and potential of Conqueror
Pro without changing your current scoring set-up?
Conqueror Universal is for you. It’s a great step toward
modernizing your center. And it’s an investment that
stays with you as you grow.
Conqueror Universal provides many of the same
modules as our integrated Conqueror Pro system,
POS Seamless Transaction
Frequent Bowler Tracker
Advanced Reservations
Bowling Modes and Dynamic Pricing
Automatic Internet Updates
Remote Control and Configuration
Broad Legacy Scoring Support
Conqueror Universal is compatible with many legacy
scoring systems, including BOSS, AccuScore XL,
AccuScore Plus, AccuScore I and II, MagicScore, and
Brunswick AS-80 and AS-90. No other system offers
such wide compatibility. Brunswick FrameWorx
coming soon.
Multi-Unit Functionality
If you’re a multi-unit operator working with a variety
of scoring, management and POS systems, Conqueror
Universal lets you use the same management system
across your entire organization. Your headaches will
subside, and your operational efficiency will soar.
The QubicaAMF Multi Media System (MMS) delivers
real-time information to monitors throughout your
center (up to 50 independent displays). Whether it is
in-center marketing to grow business, or information
that keeps customers updated, this unparalleled level
of communication enhances open play, league play,
customer service, and center management too.
MMS Price Menu MMS League & Tournament Standings
MMS Advertising Displays
MMS View-Any-Lane Choose from a variety of menu templates and use
Conqueror Pro to easily select items to promote.
Include messages on product specials or upcoming
events. Automatically show different pricing based on
the day and time. MMS Price Menu makes these tasks
simple and quick; and gives them a professional look.
Create and display your own ads. Sell or trade MMS
ad space to other businesses. The possibilities are
MMS Waiting List
The MMS Waiting List function constantly updates
waiting customers on their status, telling them when
to go to customer service or directly to their lane.
Customers can even watch TV picture-in-picture and
still see the waiting list. It’s customer service to the
Make league and tournament play more exciting
with up-to-the-minute scores and statistics. Show
individual and team data in real time; scratch and
handicap, high-game and high-series contest results;
who won and lost; even draw attention to a personalbest score as it takes place.
How’s that second-place team doing? Overflow crowd
expected for the big tournament final? Want to show
that league-deciding match as it comes down to the
wire? The View-Any-Lane feature lets you show live
action from any lane.
MMS Strike Challenge
A fun way to compete for prizes, MMS Strike Challenge
lets any number of lanes compete and displays
progress and results on MMS monitors, projection
screens, or middle-monitors in triple-overhead
Possible Sources of Errors:
So, is tcs about operational performance or customer service?
It’s both, says every user.
With the QubicaAMF Trouble Call System, or TCS, a
pinspotter-stop turns into an opportunity to show
unparalleled customer service by keeping waiting
time to an absolute minimum. Here’s how it works.
Via the scorer monitors,
customers are advised
that an error has been
The TCS contacts
the mechanic via
his wireless handset
Front Desk is advised
that an error has
been detected on a
certain lane.
All details about the
detected error, lane,
source, and total
downtime are saved
in the TCS database
Customers are advised
that the mechanic is
working on the issue.
The moment there’s a problem with a pinspotter, TCS
calls the mechanic’s wireless phone, ensuring a fast
response time. The mechanic’s call can also be placed
from the front desk or scoring console. The mechanic
receives an exact error message on his wireless phone
telling him the lane and problem, for example, a “pin
jam error” on lane 5.
At the same time, TCS alerts the front desk of the
pinspotter problem and TCS notifies the affected
bowlers via a lane-status display on their scoring
monitor telling them help is on the way. The bowlers
don’t have to do anything.
During the repair process, TCS keeps the bowlers
informed of their lane’s repair status via entertaining
animations on their scoring monitor. They know
what’s happening as it’s happening, lessening any
As soon as the repair is complete, customers
immediately know their lane is back in operation and
that they can resume bowling.
TCS doesn’t just relieve customer frustration, it
greatly improves your games-per-hour ratio by
ensuring a proactive maintenance program. That’s
more efficient, and it saves money.
When there’s a stop, all error stats – lane, source,
total downtime – are automatically recorded into the
Conqueror Pro database.
TCS’s complete on-demand reporting system of stops,
problem type (dependent on pinspotter model),
and downtime duration provides valuable data for
performance monitoring.
By monitoring frames-per-stop better, TCS helps you
and your mechanic to better understand problems
TCS works with all QubicaAMF scoring systems and
virtually all pinspotters on the market today. For
best performance, match with the QubicaAMF 90XLi
TCS not only helps mechanics do their job better, it’s
easy for them to use, too.
Customers are advised
that it’s okay to
The QubicaAMF Automation Systems, interfaces and
superior control software allow total center control
via Conqueror Pro. From billiard lights to external
signs, from automatic bumpers to glow lights and
much more.
At QubicaAMF, we develop our own hardware for
the systems we sell. Unlike other manufacturers, we
have full control of our development and production
process, for both hardware and software. This winning
approach leads to improved reliability, stability and
longevity for our products.
F-OUT Automation System/Billiard Table
Light Control
No Hard Drive
Our Bowler Entertainment System has no hard drive,
instead we use state-of-the-art flash memory. This
drastically improves reliability, as hard drives are one
of the elements of scoring systems most frequently
subject to failure.
The F-OUT system gives you automatic control over
billiard table lights and other electronic devices
related to time-games, including pre-paid and postpaid. Each optional unit adds control of up to 10 table
lights or devices.
No Fan / No Moving Parts
EDC Automation System
The EDC system, together with Conqueror Pro Bowling
Modes, automatically turns on and off devices by day,
time, or lane options. Switch to Xtreme bowling and
turn on backlit masking units on Fridays and Saturdays
at 10PM; disable your foul units during open play,
automatically control the bumpers.
Automatic Bumper Interface
Have interfaced bumpers go up and down by player so
a family can bowl together. Bumpers can be assigned
to any player from the front desk or bowler console.
Auto-Adjustment Scoring Camera
A matrix camera with Automatic Image Recognition
means superior pin detection, accuracy and reliability.
Camera image auto-adjustment can be performed
from the front desk, with hassle-free automatic
switching to black light. Previous camera image can
be viewed at front desk.
TV/Video Systems And Adjustments
Make TV/Video adjustments from the Conqueror Pro
front desk, with lane-by-lane control of volume, color,
brightness and contrast.
Sound Exciter Control
Control sound exciter adjustments for animation and
games from the Conqueror Pro front desk, with laneby-lane control of volume.
Fans or moving parts may break sometimes.
The superior technology of BES eliminates the need
for fans and other moving parts on the electronic
board. This translates into fewer parts that can break
and increased reliability.
Power-Loss Protection
Scores store directly in the flash memory, further
protected by backup battery. If power is lost you have
no problems. Scoring data and information will be
preserved, and the game can continue after power
comes back.
Stand-Alone Operation
Should communication be lost with the front desk,
scorers can be switched to stand-alone mode.
System Diagnostics Self-Test
On start-up, the system checks every device and, if it
detects a problem, sends an alert.
Two Ball Sensors
This patented system provides the most accurate ball
speed, automatic pinspotter triggering based on ball
speed, and better displays an alert.
For an easy new revenue stream, it is just the ticket.
Choose QubicaAMF consoles for their stylish good
looks. Choose them for their space-saving design.
Choose them for their rugged functionality. Whether
it’s one of these reasons or all of them, you can’t go
wrong with these versatile consoles that complement
any center look.
The pins go down. The tickets pop out. Your sales go up.
Our On-Lane Redemption system improves the
game of bowling by giving you a new money-making
opportunity by spurring customers to play more and
spend more. It’s proven to boost all areas of businessopen play, parties, plus food and beverage sales. And
it’s practically a no-brainer. On-Lane Redemption is
the perfect complement to an existing redemption
Digital Intercom* QubicaAMF consoles have an optional integrated
digital intercom with advanced audio technology for
clear communication between the lanes and front
Total System Integration
To give you more revenue opportunities with fewer
headaches, this system integrates with our Conqueror
Pro system, and can issue tickets linked to all bowling
games or events managed by BES. It also ties into our
TCS Trouble-Call System, advising technicians and the
front desk when a problem occurs, or if tickets need
to be reloaded.
Full Payout Control With Detailed
Wireless Option
Any QubicaAMF keypad-based console can be wireless
whenever wiring trenching or floor levels pose issues,
or when you just want total placement flexibility.
Micro-I, Micro-II and Micro Axe Consoles
This standard keypad console works well either as oneper-pair (Micro-I) or one-per-lane (Micro II). It mounts
on a sturdy, attractive pedestal or table (Micro Axe).
Fly Console The stylish and sturdy design of the Fly Console takes
up minimum floor-space in a one-per-pair application
for any traditional console location.
lcd Touch Screen: Smile Arch and Axe
This modern, easy-to-use stand brings contemporary
style to any settee solution, whether in one-per-lane
or one-per-pair applications. The bright, 12.1” LCD
display is designed for rugged use and is also available
for table mounting (Smile Axe).
Glow Keypad All QubicaAMF keypad
consoles feature easyto-see keys that glow
in the dark under black
Our On-Lane Redemption system also lets you set
the equivalent value for tickets, and evaluate payout
percentages versus revenue and much more.
It puts you in control.
Smart Operation
Our On-Lane Redemption system is well designed,
fully automated and totally convenient. It holds
4,000 tickets, which means fewer visits from the front
desk. And it’s also equipped with an LED that shows
operational status. It couldn’t be any easier.
Scott Devers,
Mike Aubly’s Arrowhead
Bowl, IN
“The marriage between On-Lane
Redemption and our redemption
arcade has been tremendous. We
have seen a large increase in bowlers
using On-Lane Redemption, then
going directly into the game room to
spend more time and money. Adding
On-Lane Redemption is one of the
best decisions we have ever made!”
* Digital Intercom optional is not available with wireless options
Make a big production out of everything.
QubicaAMF AccuVision Monitors are designed to
dazzle and delight your players in ways others simply
can’t. So don’t lose their interest by installing run-ofthe-mill monitors. Insist on AccuVision.
Our AccuVision monitors are commercial-grade
displays built exclusively for the bowling industry.
Custom engineered to work seamlessly with all our
scoring systems, they make sure your customers
always get the big picture.
AccuVision offers:
• Stunning video quality that lasts for years
• Multi-monitor flexibility and creativity
Advanced Functionality
Along with power on/off, AccuVision monitors offer
video source and full channel selection, volume level
control, along with multi lane monitor selection and
displaying ads, in-center promotions, TV shows,
league or tournament information, and our unique
global games.
Greater Assurance
QubicaAMF backs its AccuVision monitors 100% to
give you the peace of mind you need.
Consistent Look Through the Years
We can keep the look the same, while with normal
tvs they are changing the model at least once a year
if not twice.
Warranty and Support
With a 2-year warranty, get longer availability for
support and spare parts compared to consumergrade monitors.
QubicaAMF Installation
Get professional, hassle-free installation directly from
Complete Flexibility
AccuVision monitors let you do it up big. Consider a
triple-overhead arrangement with the middle monitor
32” AccuVision LCD,
one monitor application
(wall mounting configuration
also available**)
32” AccuVision LCD, two monitor application
42” AccuVision LCD, two monitor application*
42” AccuVision LCD,
one monitor application
(wall mounting configuration
also available**)
32” AccuVision LCD, three monitor application
42” AccuVision LCD, three monitor application*
* Features and technical specifications may differ from actual product depending by countries.
AccuVision LCD monitors are not available in all markets, in which case products of equivalent quality will be available.
** Available only in the Americas
*** Dimensions and configurations may differ from those shown. LCD 40” and 46” in the EMEA countries
Upgrade Today Without Changing Your Scoring System.
QubicaAMF offers three smart options—one just right
for your center, your vision, and your budget:
A Complete Upgrade
Get maximum entertainment
value—and a great deal—
by purchasing our stunning
AccuVision LCD monitors, video
conversion kits and supporting
brackets together.
Enjoy full compatibility with most
major scoring systems change to
new LCD monitors now and plug into new QubicaAMF
scoring when you’re ready
Video Conversion Kit and Support
Video Conversion Kit Only
Buying your own monitors? Ensure you’ll get the
utmost from your scoring system—including drink
light and sound support, automated power on/off,
plus enhanced TV control.2
Keep your center from looking cluttered—and your
bowlers distracted—by a “jungle” of overhead wires
and hardware. Our special brackets and enclosures
are the answer.1
1 Support brackets are compatible with most brands of monitors.
2 Applicable only to scoring systems offering these features.
AccuVision LCD monitors are not available in all markets, in which case products of equivalent quality and features will be available.
Dimensions and configurations may differ from those shown.
We’re here when you need us, anywhere you need us.
When you choose QubicaAMF products, we see it
as the beginning of a long relationship. From then
on we believe it’s our job to continue to earn and
deserve your trust through prompt, thorough service
and support.
QubicaAMF-Trained Technicians And
We have 75 technicians and installers worldwide to
assist you when you need it.
Worldwide Distribution & Technical
Support Centers
You’ll find QubicaAMF distributors in 24 countries
around the world. We also have tech support centers
in the US, Italy, the Netherlands, the UK, France,
Sweden, Russia, Poland, Australia, Hong Kong and
Internet Updates
When there’s an update to your QubicaAMF
software, it’s available by download and easy selfinstallation.
Automatic Contact With Us
Should you ever experience a problem with your
Conqueror Pro system, the system can automatically
alert QubicaAMF by email.
Installation Coordination QubicaAMF certified installers work closely with
you and your staff on every step of the installation
A Single Power Point To Each Lane Pair
That makes both pre-electrical work and installation
Installation On A No-Shut-Down Basis
Installation is typically done without scoring
Fewer Cables Every aspect of installation is designed to make
maintenance and troubleshooting easier.
Mechanic Training We train on-site in your mechanic’s familiar work
Staff Training
Your staff’s training is professionally done and
customized to meet your center’s needs.
Just because a problem doesn’t require an on-site
visit doesn’t mean you don’t need help. Conqueror
Pro comes with remote technical support capabilities
built into the system. Our technicians can connect to
your center’s workstations and directly troubleshoot
your system.*
For a full system demo,
visit us at
*Available only if the center’s network infrastructure is correctly designed and configured
Technical specifications subject to change without notice - Images shown are for illustration purpose only and may differ from actual products
8100 AMF Drive - Mechanicsville, VA 23111 - USA - Tel. (804) 569-1000 - Fax: (804) 559-8650 - Toll free 1-866-460-QAMF (7263)
Via della Croce Coperta, 15 - 40128 Bologna - Italy - Tel.+39 051.4192.611 - Fax +39 051.4192.602 - [email protected]
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