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Reliable production power
Solid partners in document production
To cope with peak volumes in a highly competitive environment, you need a partner you can trust. The
Pro™907/1107/1357 have been developed to take up your challenges. As complete, modular powerhouses,
they are designed to handle your heavy print orders efficiently during peaks. Highly reliable and
customisable with a range of finishing options, these systems are an asset to any high-volume production
Robust Data Centre controller.
Superior productivity and reliability.
Genuine IPDS printing.
Professional output quality.
Versatile finishing options.
Your production workhorse
Productivity. Professionalism. Progress. Ricoh puts its extensive expertise in high-end printing at the
service of the professional production market. The Pro™ line caters to the quality, speed, reliability,
durability and finishing needs of printing professionals. Robust and straightforward in use, Pro™ engines
are built to be the beating heart of your business.
To become the hub of your business, Ricoh’s Pro™907/1107/1357 boast the most durable engines in
their class. For maximum reliability, maintenance is reduced by the development of Operator Replaceable
Units. With training provided by your supplier, you can replace machine parts yourself. Enjoy longer
service runs and continuous peak productivity.
Enjoy the best of two worlds with the Pro™907/1107/1357 controller’s twin CPU. One specialised
controller with Ricoh’s familiar, user-friendly interface manages engine and finishing solutions. Data is
handled by the productive and stable data centre-type controller. Full-time error logging and excellent
quality throughout are only two of this system’s benefits.
Up to 90/110/135 sheets per minute simplex & duplex productivity (A4).
Finishing keeps up with print speed: 90/110/135 ppm punching with Booklet Finisher.
Automatic tray switching for an uninterrupted workflow.
High-capacity stacking.
Stapling, punching and cover insertion.
Professional booklet making with optional front-side trimming.
Print full-bleed A3 documents: the systems handle SRA3 paper.
Stack paper of up to 300 g/m² with the finisher, booklet finisher and stackers.
Print on a variety of media including bond paper, coated paper, transparencies and card stock.
Large colour operation display with adjustable arm.
Easy job programming with intuitive user interface.
Simple troubleshooting and maintenance.
Easy-grip tray handles.
Durable solutions
Designed to cope with the toughest schedules, the Pro™907/1107/1357 efficiently take care of your entire
production process. From preparing jobs to finishing them professionally, these power devices encompass
your entire document workflow. Ricoh's user-friendly systems can be maintained by trained operators,
increasing your uptime and flexibility.
Built for peak performance
As operator-based document centres, the Pro™907/1107/1357 boast:
Non-stop operation at 90/110/135 ppm, ideal for peak periods.
An integrated production workflow encompassing all the steps from input to output.
Duplex output produced at simplex speeds.
Rugged design: smooth running, even when pushed to the limit during peaks.
Pro™1357 handles peaks of almost 2 million pages per month (Pro™1107: 1.5 million/907: 1.2 million).
A maximum paper capacity of 8,050 sheets.
Duplex printing at full engine speed.
9 different paper sources and automatic tray switching.
Load-while-run convenience for paper, new jobs and toner.
2 toner bottles yield a total of 120,000 A4 pages.
Automatic switching between stackers in tandem connection.
Systems you can rely on
Reliable equipment is crucial to your operations. The sturdy Pro™907/1107/1357 are Ricoh’s answer to
your demands. These devices are eminently capable of handling large-volume jobs at peak moments. Easy
to maintain and equipped with systems that avoid paper jams, they are always up and running. Their solid
mainframes continually support the functions of their stable controller. Ricoh’s Pro™907/1107/1357 are
partners you can count on.
To keep running
Our systems are equipped with a sophisticated multi-feed detector. An attention light warns you when
an intervention is needed. The standard decurl/purge unit avoids jams caused by paper curl. If a jam
occurs in a finisher, any paper still located in the mainframe is collected in the purge tray. It can easily
be removed from there.
A large colour operation display with intuitive interface keeps the user learning curve minimal.
Troubleshooting is simple: animations guide you all the way. Because the panel can be tilted, you have
a good view of it whichever your working position. This flexibility facilitates maintenance actions. If
necessary, a service engineer can extend the display’s arm.
Minimise the visits of a service technician and enjoy maximum uptime. Our professional service
programme trains your operators to perform maintenance themselves. Operator Replaceable Units
include drum, developer unit, cleaning unit, pre-charge and charge units, cleaning web and paper feed
roller. The waste toner bottle can be replaced by any operator.
Enhance your workflow
Stable, productive and feature-rich: that is the Pro™907/1107/1357’s controller in a nutshell. With its robust
twin CPU, this Data Centre controller handles jobs of 2 GB or more. Fast throughput is guaranteed. With
features like Virtual Printer Technology, tray preset setting and one job spooling, production printing is
made easier. Several job management functions eliminate mistakes and increase your control over your
Fast, efficient, professional
Ricoh’s IPDS Unit Type 1357 enables your Pro™907/1107/1357 to print IBM® host documents containing text, images, graphics and/or barcodes.
It supports finishing functions such as stapling. Enjoy page by page control and error recovery. Benefit from your Pro™ powerhouse functionalities
in combination with IPDS, PS, PCL and PDF formats.
The Pro™907/1107/1357 do not slow down when switching between simplex and duplex modes within one job. To keep up top productivity,
select the machines’ mixplex mode. This will send the simplex pages through the duplex path. The result? Your complex print job is processed
at the highest speed possible and you make your tight deadlines.
Printing on mixed media can be uncomplicated. The Pro™907/1107/1357 allow you to select specific trays and mask others. By putting a mask
on certain input and output trays, the printer will ignore them. Instead, it will draw paper from the input tray you have selected. The output will
then be delivered to the tray of your choice.
The Pro™907/1107/1357 handle special stock expertly. Perforated paper and label sheets pass through
the system in another direction to avoid paper jams. Images can be rotated by 180 degrees, or the print
order reversed. Processed in raster image processor (RIP), the job is saved to the hard disk and printed
from the last page onwards.
Do you often make use of predefined settings on your print jobs? The Pro™907/1107/1357’s virtual
printer function automatically applies preset workflows to the job at hand. Settings can be created and
changed by an administrator. This standard solution saves job setting time. Up to 64 virtual printers can
be defined.
Avoid wasting time and money on faulty print jobs by using the Pro™907/1107/1357’s test modes. The
test print function allows you to check the settings of your finishing devices. To check a document that
is being printed to the stacker, select sample print. A duplicate will then be sent to the proof tray.
Monitor jobs with one-job spooling: no print server or management software needed.
Use image shift to adjust the image for professional results.
Enjoy automatic switching between paper trays containing the same media.
Specify staple settings within one job with using subset stapling.
Let us redefine digital quality
Your customers expect crisp, sharp text and high-quality graphics in their next-generation documents. The
Pro™907/1107/1357 deliver down to the last dot and line with high-quality, on-demand efficiency. You can
now achieve a new level of service with every monochrome document you produce.
Superior text and graphics
Designed with Ricoh's 2 x 4-beam laser technology, the Pro™907/1107/1357 produce high-quality output with a real 1,200 x 1,200 dpi resolution.
Your documents are spotless and the toner density remains the same, even during lengthy print runs. This is output that always lives up to the
highest standards, no matter how many sets you make.
Consistently accurate images and unsurpassed registration at 0.5 mm.
Adjust the registration in 0.1 mm steps for printing on non-DIN compliant formats.
With the Pro™907/1107/1357, you can meet your customers’ every demand. Heavy, coated, glossy or really thin paper – they are all accepted
without any difficulty. Pre-printed or extra heavy stock is processed smoothly with the help of the systems’ ultrasonic multi-feed detector. To
enable full-bleed A3 printing on offset paper, the devices accept SRA3 paper.
Flexibility in finishing
The Pro™907/1107/1357’s stacker readies your output for near-line or offline finishing. One unit stacks
5,000 sheets, and two can be combined by a tandem connection. The systems switch automatically when
one stacker is full. With the booklet finisher, the maximum paper output is 12,750 sheets. Roll-away carts
facilitate offline finishing, packaging and distribution. You can also combine one stacker with your choice
of finishing solution to offer new value-added print products.
Providing unique added value
Clients expect first-class presentation materials, professional reports and great-looking brochures. Create
the application you need with the Pro™907/1107/1357’s robust 3,000-sheet finisher with 100-sheet
stapler. With the optional punch unit you save time and avoid expensive pre-punch paper. The saddle
stitch unit delivers cost-effective finishing of internal documents.
Impress your clients with professional-looking booklets. The booklet maker produces sharply-folded A5
and A4 sets. It folds and saddle-stitches booklets of up to 20 sheets and is capable of stapling 100 sheets.
The optional trimmer makes for a truly professional finish. The registration mechanism ensures accurate
punching at full engine speed.
Create 2 to 4-fold leaflets in-line and include A3 charts and tables in an A4 presentation. The
Pro™907/1107/1357’s multi-folding unit handles six folding patterns. 2-folding, Z-folding, 3-folding (in
and out) and 4-folding (gate and double parallel) happen at truly high speed. There are creative answers
to challenging jobs.
To brighten high-value documents, insert a full colour or pre-printed front and back cover using the
double-tray cover interposer. It is the perfect choice to create product catalogues, user manuals and
brochures with a lasting impression. If required, the interposer can also be used to insert pages anywhere
else in your documents.
Safeguard and control your workflow
Take control over your workflow. With the Pro™907/1107/1357 you can monitor each print job every step
of the way. You will be able to intervene if something goes amiss, saving yourself time and money. Reports
and logs allow you to keep track of different accounts and to bill accurately. For optimal control over your
entire fleet, you can now generate status reports with our @Remote service.
Taking charge of all systems
Print a banner page for your print job, including start time and session ID.
Print a detailed account information report for each job.
Monitor the status of each job via the controller’s web interface.
Download job logs from up to two months previously via the web interface.
Ricoh’s optional @Remote service improves your workflow and reduces system downtime. Meter
readings, toner replenishment or service calls are automatically taken care of. Your own control over
processes is increased with automatic fleet reports and analysis of system use. You can now gather
information about all Ricoh machinery in your fleet.
You work with confidential files and pre-printed materials? To make sure that your paper input and output
stay where they should, the Pro™907/1107/1357’s trays can be locked. The paper trays and large capacity
stackers come with brackets for security locks.*
* Locks are not included.
Addressing your challenges
The Pro™907/1107/1357 are unique black & white digital printing solutions for printing professionals.
Smart and reliable, they are at home in a wide variety of corporate or commercial production environments.
Ricoh’s Pro™907/1107/1357 take an integrated approach to production printing. They synchronise all
processes to work smoothly with each other and address your specific needs.
What you get:
Fast, reliable equipment to keep you up and running.
Minimal operator intervention: non-stop operation at 90/110/135 ppm.
Accuracy and high quality for mission-critical jobs.
Seamless integration into host environments with a Genuine IPDS controller unit (optional).
Highly productive engines, printing 90/110/135 ppm.
Professional in-line finishing tools without compromising on speed.
Wide paper support, including coated paper and card stock of up to 300 g/m².
Low Total Cost of Ownership.
Ricoh helps you to meet the needs of the ever-changing production printing market. Our comprehensive
set of software, hardware and partner solutions offers such benefits as automated distribution and
workflow management. For your complex workflows, transactional documents with fast turnaround
requirements, and transpromotional campaigns.
Easy creation/printing of transactional and promotional variable content documents.
Entry-level and advanced Web-to-print solutions.
Easy integration into ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) environments.
Data stream transformation for the printing of all major host data print streams.
Print speed:
Warm-up time:
First print speed:
Dimensions (W x D x H):
Power source:
Power consumption:
Duty cycle:
2 x 4-way laser diode array & electrophotographic printing
90/110/135 prints per minute
360 seconds or less
Less than 5.7/5.0/4.3 seconds
1,046.5 x 860 x 990 mm (with decurl unit)
320 kg (with decurl unit)
220 - 240 V, 50 - 60 Hz
Maximum: 3,500/3,500/4,000 W
1.2/1.5/1.9 million pages per month
Printer language/resolution:
Intel Pentium M 1.4 GHz, Freescale MC7448
1.7 GHz
Standard: PCL5e, PCL6, Adobe®
PostScript™3: 300, 600, 1,200 dpi
Option: Genuine IPDS: 600 dpi
Standard: 512 MB, 1 GB
Hard Disk Drive: 160 GB, 160 GB
PCL5e, PCL6, Adobe® PostScript™3
80 PCL true type fonts + Andale unicode font,
136 PostScript™ fonts
Additional feature:
Paper size:
TCP/IP, AppleTalk
Windows® 2000/Server 2003/Server 2008/
Macintosh OS X 10.5 or later
Ethernet 10 base-T/100 base-TX/1000 base-T
PDF Direct Print
Web Image Monitor, Print Monitor
Black: 60,000 sheets
2,500,000 images per unit
500,000 prints per bag
Standard: 2 x 1,000-sheet tandem trays
2 x 500-sheet paper trays
Maximum: 8,050 sheets
Maximum: Finisher: 3,000 + 500 sheets,
Booklet finisher: 2,500 + 250 sheets, Stacker:
5,000 + 250 sheets (with tandem connection:
10,000 + 250 sheets)
1st tray: A4
2nd, 3rd tray: A5 - A3
A4 LCT: A5 - A4
A3 LCT: A5 - SRA3
Standard trays: 52 - 216 g/m²
A3 LCT: 40 - 300 g/m²
Duplex tray: 52 - 256 g/m²
Internal options:
External options:
Network protocol:
Supported environments:
Paper output capacity:
Paper weight:
Paper input capacity:
4,550-sheet A4 large capacity tray, 4,000sheet A3 large capacity tray, 1,000-sheet A3
tray kit, 500-sheet multi-bypass tray, 3,000sheet finisher with 100-sheet stapler, Several
punch units (2/3, 2/4 switchable hole punch,
Scandinavian 4 hole punch), Booklet finisher,
Booklet trimmer, Cover interposer, Highcapacity stacker with tandem connection,
Multi-folding unit, Roll-away cart, Attention
light, VM card type K, Data Overwrite Security
Unit type M
Ricoh has designed these products to meet EC ENERGY STAR guidelines for
energy efficiency (90 ppm: Tier 1 only).
For availability of models, options and software, please consult your local Ricoh
ISO9001: 2000 certified ISO14001 certified
All brand and/or product names are trademarks of their respective owners. Specifications
and external appearance are subject to change without notice. The colour of the actual
product may vary from the colour shown in the brochure. The images in this brochure
are not real photographs and slight differences in detail might appear.
Copyright © 2009 Ricoh Europe PLC. All rights reserved. This brochure, its contents and/
or layout may not be modified and/or adapted, copied in part or in whole and/or
incorporated into other works without the prior written permission of Ricoh Europe PLC.
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