Yamaha 130B Specifications
Outboard Rigging Products
The confidence of owning Yamaha reliability
Reliability, Performance and Innovation, these words are commonly used in describing
Yamaha’s proven methods worldwide. For decades, Yamaha components have been solely
engineered in house and designed specifically to enhance the performance of Yamaha
outboards. Every component is manufactured and tested to Yamaha’s unwavering standards,
guaranteeing years of trouble free performance and reliability.
Yamaha engineers are constantly in pursuit of delivering the most satisfying boating
experience possible. Renowned for their legendary reliability, Yamaha components have always
been engineered using the finest materials and to Yamaha’s stringent quality of standards.
With performance in mind, each component is designed to work in harmony with the rest of
the vessel and deliver that legendary level of performance satisfaction that only a Yamaha can.
Yamaha engineers over the years pushed the boundaries of innovation, by continually investing
their industry leading technology and development into a key range of products: Propellers,
gauges, remote controls, ignition switches, wiring harnesses, control cables and fuel filters.
While investing in genuine Yamaha components is proven to maximise performance and
reliability, these innovative components also aid in retaining the maximum resale value for
your investment.
With class leading engines in both two stroke and four stroke platforms, Yamaha Outboards
have proven to Go The Distance, with each component helping to deliver uncontested
performance and that legendary, timeless reliability.
The six Yamaha components for a perfectly Powermatched ™ system.
Propeller. Gauges. Remote Control & Cables (if applicable). Ignition Switch. Wiring Harness. Fuel Filter.
Boat shown is over 4.8m
long and exempts life jacket
legislation for this market.
Yamaha Digital Electronic Controls at Your Command
Yamaha Digital Electronic Controls at Your Command
Information is power. And nothing puts you in control quite like Yamaha’s High Definition Display. Building on the success of Yamaha’s breakthrough LAN gauges, Yamaha’s High Definition Display provides you with even
more information, control, convenience and flexibility.
And it’s all delivered in a more streamlined design. Monitor the performance of up to three outboards, and your boat’s systems, all on one colour LCD screen. Control up to four outboards with one digital electronic control.
The high seas meet high tech with Yamaha’s High Definition Display.
High Definition Display
Key Switch Panel
Digital Electronic Controls
Start/Stop Panels
Fully customisable, monitor multiple outboards and
boats tanks on one five-inch, colour LCD screen
Energise the ignition systems of up to three outboards
with just one key
Gives you precise control of up to four compatible
Yamaha outboards with one two-handle control
Successively start and simultaneously stop multiple
engines with the touch of a button
Boat shown is over 4.8m
long and exempts life jacket
legislation for this market.
Yamaha High Definition Display
A sea of information at the tip of your fingers
The Yamaha High Definition Display* features a five-inch, fullcolour, high-resolution LCD screen.
Monitor the performance of multiple outboards and critical boat
systems, all in one place. Fully customisable, Yamaha’s High
Definition Display allows you to select your digital gauge style and
set the screen to display preferred combinations of information.
At a glance, you’ll have real-time stats on fuel in addition to
information on trip distance, water depth and water temperature
at the surface.**
Single Engine
The customisable “combo” screen displays critical systems
data, including: shift position, engine RPM, boat speed, engine
trim level, available fuel in Litres, fuel level (up to 4 tanks), fuel
flow, fuel economy, and up to three vital engine functions of your
preference (e.g. oil pressure, engine temperature and sub battery
All measurements are displayed in easy-to-read bar graphs.
Twin Engine
Displays critical systems data for both engines simultaneously on
one High Definition Display.
In a twin-outboard configuration, fuel flow and fuel economy
numbers are totalled, and two vital engine functions of your
preference can be displayed (e.g. Battery voltage & engine
temperature) for each outboard.
(Quad outboards require two LCD gauges.)
Triple Engine
Displays critical systems data for up to three Yamaha outboards
simultaneously on one High Definition Display. In a triple-engine
configuration, fuel flow and fuel economy numbers are totalled,
and one vital engine function of your preference can be displayed
(e.g. oil pressure) for each outboard.
* When accessories battery charging cable is fitted
For maximum visibility, day or night, you can even adjust the
brightness and colour of the display. This convenient, five-inch
screen puts a sea of information right at your fingertips.
* Applicable to all DEC models. (F200G, F225F, F250D, F300B, F350A models)
** May require additional equipment,
Menu Screen
Boat Screen
Appearance Options
Tank Screen
Night Screen
Allows you to customise the screen appearance and
the information displayed. Set logs, depth alarms,
clock, units of measure±, initial and alternate display
options, and more. Adjust display brightness, colour,
and background, customise favourite settings and
precisely calibrate the fuel level.
A quick change of screens shows you available fuel,
fuel level (manually calibrated up to 4 tanks), total
fuel flow, fuel economy and litres used at a glance
It also displays trip distance, water depth and water
temperature at the surface.*
Choose between a “digital” or “analogue” look, and
select from a variety of text and background colours
for maximum readability.
Yamaha’s High Definition Display, monitors up to four
tanks (provided they each have a fluid-level sending
unit). Tank levels are displayed with easy-to-read bar
graphs with a percentage of-full indication. The sender
can be calibrated using the single or multi point
method. This is great for odd or non uniform shaped
tanks. The Menu screen allows you to choose how
each tank is labelled, for quick, accurate reference.
Choose from five levels of backlight for maximum
visibility, no matter what the conditions. After dark,
switch over to the “night” mode for background
and display colours that are readable in low light.
In applications where more than one LCD display is
used, displays can be synched, applying all display
light levels automatically. Set the day to night display
to change automatically at the time of your choice.*
LAN Digital Gauges
Trust LAN Gauges
LAN Digitals are the go-to gauges for boaters who want accurate, real-time stats on their boat systems and operating conditions. Compatible with four strokes
F30B and up, they’re easy to read, designed to withstand the elements and engineered specifically to track the performance of your Yamaha outboard.
Monitor everything from engine function and fuel management to trim levels and battery voltage in a square or round gauge. With LAN Digital Gauges, you’ll
know you’re getting your information from a reliable source -Yamaha
Square Tachometer
Square Speedometer
Square LAN digital Gauges
• Large display numbers and function buttons.
• Customise the items displayed, and the format in which they display.
• Very accurate fuel consumption data supplied by the engine computer.
Square Fuel Management
Round Tachometer
Round LAN digital Gauges
• Ideal where console space is limited to 2 gauges.
• Adjust your trolling speed with the touch of a button*
*Applicable models only
Round Speedometer/Fuel Management
Conventional Yamaha Digital Gauges
Classic Trusty performers
Yamaha’s conventional digital multifunction gauges give you real-time data you need to maximise performance and fuel efficiency.
At a glance, have access to a full range of vital systems and operating condition stats from rpm to speed and trim. Our Digital
Multifunction design can provide engine data in as few as two gauges.* Fog- and corrosion-resistant, and illuminated for readability,
Yamaha instrumentation puts your finger on the pulse of performance.
Speedometer Gauge
Fuel Management Gauge*
Displays engine rpm, trim angle, oil level (two stroke),
oil pressure (four stroke), overheat warning, trip hours
(resettable) and total operating hours
Displays speed (km/h, Mph, Knts/h), trip distance,
time, fuel and battery monitor with low level warnings.
Displays fuel flow, consumption, economy (litres or
gallons) and water in fuel warning symbol.
*Optional gauge, only recommended on 100hp and above
Digital Electronic Controls (DEC)
Put hundreds of horses in the palm of your hands
Yamaha’ Digital Electronic Controls put the power of up to four outboards in your hands. With single-, twin-, triple- and now a quadengine control, you’ll enjoy virtually effortless, one-hand operation of both throttle and shift functions, automatic synchronisation of
multiple engines’ rpm and the added reliability of a built-in redundancy system which creates unprecedented piece of mind from such
advanced technology. Eliminate the need for mechanical control cables and simply “Drive by wire”, reducing installation time and costs.
Yamaha DEC
Concealed Side-Mount Control
Yamaha DEC
Single Binnacle Control
Yamaha DEC
Twin Binnacle Control
Yamaha DEC
Triple Binnacle Control
Yamaha DEC
Quad Binnacle Control
Mechanical Remote Controls
Experience the comfort of being in complete control
Yamaha remote controls have long set the standard for operator comfort, convenience and flexibility. Their intuitive, ergonomic designs
feature easily accessible neutral warm-up controls, externally adjustable throttle friction and place the engine trim comfortably on the
handle. Available in stylish chrome or painted finishes and in single and twin configurations, they allow for easy, one-hand control of both
shift and throttle functions.
703 Side-Mount Control
Single Side-Mount Control Left or Right
Concealed Side-Mount Control
704 Premium
Single Binnacle Control
704 Premium
Twin Binnacle Control
• Premium controls feature stylish polished
chrome details, while standard controls have
a durable, painted finish.
• All Yamaha remote controls are ergonomically
designed, featuring a thumb-operated trim/
tilt switch right on the handle.
• Controls are available in top-mount binnacle,
flush side-mount or side-mount styles to fit
the space and application.
Lanyard Switch Panel for Quad
LAN Key Switches and Panels
With Yamaha Digital Electronic Controls, simplicity is the key
Simplicity starts with Yamaha Digital Electronic Control Key Switch panels. Available in single and twin/triple panels, they offer the
convenience of being able to energise the ignition systems of multiple outboards with just one key. For quad applications, individual
switches are all keyed alike, for maximum convenience. With matching start/stop panels and an “All Start” function, you can start
multiple engines and stop them simultaneously – simply by touching a button.
Main Key Switch Panel for Single
Key Panels
Key panels can start up to three outboards with
a single key.
Main Key Panel for Twin and Triple
Start/Stop Panel for Twin & Triple
(Main or 2nd Station)
Start/Stop Panels
Start/stop panels feature a new, ergonomic
key design, and the latest in technology and
“All Start” Panel for Twin and Triple
Station Selector Panel for
Second Station Panels and Lanyards
Second station panels provide maximum
convenience in a minimal amount of space, and
because it’s plug-and-play, adding a second
station is easy.
Conventional Key Switches
Reliability starts with perfectly matched components
Conventional key switches are designed to fit and perform perfectly with other Yamaha Power Matched™ components. As with all of
our components, they’re engineered to our stringent and unequalled standards and tested for quality. When you’re counting on having
another fun day on the water, start your day with Yamaha key switches.
Triple Key Switch Panel
Twin Key Switch Panel*
Single Key Switch Panel
Single Key Switch Panel
(64D-82570-22 for concealed control)
• Available in triple, dual or single engine
configurations, switches feature
interchangeable keys and a single enginestop lanyard for convenience.
• All connections are rubber coated or
o-ring sealed to lock out corrosion, and
colour-coded wires and connections make
installation easy.
• Standard key switch Interchangeable keys for
convenience, and a single engine top
Lanyard cuts clutter. Compact size
maximises dash space, simplifies
* Important - For LAN models only. Does not
include Dual Engine Control (DEC) module
for warning system syncronisation.
(Use 6K1-82570-11)
Boat Water Separating Fuel Filters
When it comes to our outboards we’re very protective
Nothing performs quite like a Yamaha Outboard. So you can trust Yamaha to supply filtration products to keep your Yamaha outboard guarded from fuel
contaminants. The 10-Micron Fuel/Water Separating Filters are engineered to filter out contaminants and separate water from the fuel, ahead of the engine
filters and injectors. The use of Genuine Yamaha Fuel filters is mandate, as Yamaha Genuine filters possess one of the largest filtration surfaces on the market,
delivering an incredible 95 percent nominal efficiency at 10 microns and are manufactured to strict Yamaha standards.
Yamaha Fuel Filters
Small Water Separator Fuel Filter
Medium Water Separator Fuel Filter
Large Water Separator Fuel Filter
Quality Primer Bulbs and Fuel Line
Yamaha Genuine Fuel Filters are designed to
work hand-in-hand with secondary filters on
Yamaha outboards; repelling water and removing
solid contaminants before they can damage vital
engine components. The convenience to drain off
accumulated water in between services adds to the
list of features these filters embrace. Compatible for
all outboards to 250hp. Note: not for use with pre
mix models.
10 micron filter element. Material body and case
are made from a special corrosion resistant resin
composite with 7mm id fuel line barbs. Clear bowl
with water float indicator and drain screw allows
convenient checking and water draining if required.
Rated to 100lph and 10 microns. Physical dimensions
of unit: 169 (h) x 113 (w) x 62mm (d). Recommended
for Portable and mid range 4 stroke models.
Water separator filter assy with aluminum head.
Includes all fittings. Racor’s genuine Aquabloc filter
media is engineered to repel water and remove solid
contaminants before they can damage precision
engine components. Rated to 227lph 10 Micron.
Suitable for all engine applications. Recommended for
all fuel injected engines.
Water separator filter assy with aluminum head.
Includes all fittings. Racor’s genuine Aquabloc filter
media is engineered to repel water and remove solid
contaminants before they can damage precision
engine components. A clear water inspection plastic
bowl and water drain tap is fitted for convenience.
Rated to 227lph 10 Micron Recommended for all
Yamaha EFI & HPDI Outboard Motors. Also available
in stainless steel SST-SEPAR-AT-OR.
There is nothing more important than priming your
fuel system correctly for crisp starts every time. Even
after running out of fuel or swapping out a fuel filter
trust you can prime the fuel system when you need to.
Beware of inferior substitutes that cannot maintain the
reliability Yamaha customers have grown to expect.
(Replacement 90794-46868)
(Replacement: 90794-46879)
(Replacement PFF5510)
(Replacement S3213 & S3214)
Yamaha fuel lines and connectors meet industry
standards and withstand the elements our harsh
environment can punish them with. Standard on all
new Yamaha outboard motors.
6Y1-24306-55 (4-90 hp)
6Y2-24306-56 (100-350Hp)
Y-COP ™ Immobiliser System
The security of knowing your Yamaha is locked up safe and sound
An outboard is quite an investment. So when you leave it at the dock, don’t leave it unlocked. Our NEW Yamaha Customer Outboard
Protection System (Y-COP) disables the ignition system via an operator-controlled key fob. Easily installed option on all current EFI
four stroke models. (YMI Insurance premium discounts apply) 6Y8-W0035-83
Tilt Limiting Switches
Stop unwanted damage to your top cowling
The optional tilt limiter can be added on engines F50-F250hp to suit a wider range of applications.
With customisations such as bait boards and accessories there is potential for Yamaha’s wide
range of tilt to impact with the top cowling. To protect your investment add this limiter kit and you
take the “Oops” out of anyone tilting your engine too high and causing damage.
6C5-825EY-00 F50F to F70A
63P-825EY-01 F115A to F200F
6D8-825EY-00 F80B to F100D
6CE-825EY-00 F200G to F300B
Expansion Capabilities
Reliable components that play well with others
LAN High Definition Display and LAN Gauges feature new hardware with features that allow you to easily customise your information
system. Output selected data to NMEA-2000® display, gather information with a multi-function Triducer® or use an array of analogue
gauges it’s your call. Yamaha’s LAN gauge systems combine advanced technology with the comfort of a truly customised rig.
NMEA-2000® Gateway
Transom-Mount Triducer®
Analogue Gauge Interface
Gateway allows certain engine and boat data to be
displayed on NMEA-2000® compatible displays that
are external to the Yamaha system.
Triducer® reads boat speed over water, water depth
and surface water temperature simultaneously.
Analogue Gauge Interface (AGI) translates
performance data so it can be displayed on analogue
gauges, for boats equipped with Yamaha Digital
Electronic Control Boxes (DEC).
MAR-GTWAY-ML-09 - F30B to F200F
MAR-GTWAY-KT - F200G to F350A
6Y9-83688-00 (6Y9 only)
Multifunction Tiller Handle
Yamaha’s Multi-Function Tiller Handle offers boaters virtually effortless control and manoeuvrability and puts
the latest technology at your fingertips
Ergonomically designed, the Yamaha Multi-Function Tiller Handle features a sleek and modern aesthetic look that is matched
with the solid functionality customers expect from Yamaha.
For ease of use and convenience, the trim, shift and throttle controls have all been integrated into the handle giving the skipper
precise control.
With safety in mind, the shift handle has built-in “start-in-gear” protection and the integrated warning horn alerts the skipper to
engine complications such as overheating and low oil pressure.
A stand out feature on Yamaha’s multi function tiller handle is the Surface Mounted Variable Trolling Speed Switch; which allows
easy and precise trolling adjustments for low speed trolling. (Applicable models only)
Quick adjustment knobs allow for precise and easy customisation to be made to the tiller handle angle and throttle friction and
to save space, the whole tiller arm can be adjusted and lifted up out-of-the-way to save space; which maximises room on the
deck and eases in storage and transportation.
6X4-42103-53 2-Stroke (30 - 90)
6X4-42103-63 4-Stroke (F30 - F115)
Genuine Yamaha Propellers
We’re revoluntionising your boating experience
Yamaha engineers continue to push propulsion technology to new levels. And it’s our customers that drive us. They have high expectations and good ideas on how
to make their boating experiences even better. In fact, they inspired our breakthrough Shift Dampener System (SDS™). Its world-first design and high-strength
components absorb shifting force, for a quieter, smoother ride. SDS is available from F150 and above, in both right- and left-hand rotations.
SDS Propellers
Yamaha’s patented Shift Dampener System
(SDS) has been designed to reduce the noise
created when an outboard motor is shifted in
and out of gear.
The system utilises a specially designed
splined rubber hub and spacer to absorb the
force transferred to the gear box and propeller
when the engine is shifted into forward or
reverse. The result is smoother gear shifting,
low vibration and super quiet operation that
every modern boater desires.
Splined Aft Washer
Specially designd for proper SDS operation.
The Shift Dampener System has now been
expanded within Yamaha’s propeller range
and incorporates propellers to suit Yamaha
outboards from the big V8 F350 down to the
extremely popular F150.
Yamaha’s SDS propeller range is setting
new benchmarks in performance, value and
innovation and presentation. It’s the only
choice for your Yamaha four stroke!
Splined Rubber Hub
Helps cushion and quiet shifting forces.
Genuine Yamaha Propellers
One size doesn’t fit all - which is why we offer so many
Your choice of propeller makes a huge difference to your Yamaha outboard’s acceleration, top-end speed, handling and even its fuel
efficiency. Yamaha’s engineers continue to design and refine a growing range of props that push the performance of both existing and
emerging marine technology to previously unimaginable levels.
Want to see what your Yamaha outboard is capable of? Pair it with a flawlessly engineered and meticulously manufactured Yamaha propeller.
Saltwater SDS XL
Saltwater SDS
VMAX Ventless
Reliance SDS Series
Performance Series 4-Blade
(F300 and F350 V8)
SDS (F200C, F225, F250 & F300 V6)
(F150, F200F and F200G)
(2 Stroke 60 - 300 and 4 Stroke F70 - F250)
These new polished stainless steel propellers have
been designed for big offshore boats to obtain big
impulsion power. The saltwater XL SDS propeller
features a large diameter blade design, especially for
F350/F300 V8 engine.
SDS: far quieter and smoother, ‘clunk free’ shifting.
To properly harness the awesome power of Yamaha’s
VMAX SHO four stroke outboard, we proudly introduce
the VMAX Ventless Series of propellers.
A new line up of polished stainless steel propellers
that offer more aggressive performance than
the standard black stainless steel series and are
specifically designed for operation with the more
powerful L4 engines from 150 horsepower upwards.
Now incorporating the successful Shift Dampening
System (SDS) provides smooth and quite shifting,
offering excellent performance over a wide range of
conditions. (Requires 6CE-45997-00 SDS spacer.)
If you want to get more from your engine, these
specialised polished stainless steel propellers are
the next step up from the standard black stainless
steel series. They can enhance performance of
certain boats and can improve their ability to handle
particular conditions. The 4-blade is ideal for rougher
conditions and gives improved acceleration which
makes it perfect for water skiing or wakeboarding.
Yamahas Shift Dampener System (SDS) has been
adopted to reduce the shock and noise when shifting
into gear. This system uses a unique, splined rubber
hub and special washer to distribute and absorb the
forces, and the resulting sounds and vibrations.
Used in conjunction with Yamaha’s new 4.2 litre
V6 models, these propellers are renowned for their
durability and superior mid-range fuel efficiency
on large offshore boats, along with excellent antiventilation characteristics for better handling in rough
seas. (Requires 6CE-45997-00 SDS spacer.)
Perfect for bass and bay boats powered by the new
VMAX SHO outboard, these props are purposely
designed for more acceleration, higher top-end speed
and superior performance and handling when mated
to these outboards.
Made of the highest-quality stainless steel and
featuring a highly-polished finish with cast-in naming
on the barrel, these props look as sharp as the engine
Genuine Yamaha Propellers
One size doesn’t fit all - which is why we offer so many
Proper fit. The right materials. Exhaustive testing. Be sure of it, with a Genuine Yamaha propeller. Only Yamaha has access to the
proprietary information and testing facilities that can produce a prop specifically designed to perfectly match your Yamaha outboard’s
unique specifications.
HS4 High Seas Propellers
Performance Series 3-Blade
Stainless Steel Heavy Duty T Series
Stainless Steel Black M Series
Stainless Steel Black K Series
(F200C, F225 - F300)
(2 Stroke 20 - 300 and 4 Stroke F20 - F250)
(2-Stroke 150 - 250 and F150A,B ,F200C)
(F150A, F150B and F200C)
(2-Stroke 60 - 130 and 4-Stroke F70 - F115)
Many large boats can benefit from excellent
acceleration, quick planning, and maximum grip on
the water. For these craft, Yamaha offers our HS4
High Seas line of four bladed propellers.
If you want to get more from your engine, these
specialised polished stainless steel propellers are
the next step up from the standard black stainless
steel series. They can enhance performance of
certain boats and can improve their ability to handle
particular conditions.
This heavy duty propeller provides improved
characteristics to the stainless steel black M series
propeller. Having a larger hub streamlined with the
gearcase and slight cupping provides good grip under
acceleration and reduced cavitation in turns.
An excellent general purpose choice. Stainless
steel construction allows for a blade that is thinner,
more efficient and more durable than an aluminium
propeller, with a cost effective, black paint coating.
An excellent general purpose choice. Stainless
steel construction allows for a blade that is thinner,
more efficient and more durable than an aluminium
propeller, with a cost effective, black paint coating.
HS4 High Seas propellers are designed for V6 four
stroke applications. This propeller creates great
mid-range thrust and approves the ability to maintain
planning at slower outboard speeds and it offers
improved resistance to ventilation in high seas.
Highly polished stainless steel with cast-in naming on
the barrel, they are as impressive out of the water as
they are in the water.
The 4-blade version is ideal for rougher conditions
and gives improved acceleration which makes it
perfect for water skiing or wakeboarding.
Coupled with a larger blade area it is best suited for
heavy duty commercial operation and with its painted
black design decreases the cost of the polished
saltwater series of propellers.
Genuine Yamaha Propellers
Genuine value for money
Yamaha design, quality and performance at a low cost, lightweight propellor. A good all round choice for your outboard motor.
Available in a wide variety of sizes and pitches for Yamaha outboards.
Alloy White K Series
Alloy White G Series
Alloy White F Series
Dual Thrust Series Alloy White
Alloy White J Series
(2-Stroke 60 - 130 and 4-Stroke F70 - F115)
(2-Stroke 40 - 55 and 4-Stroke F30 - F60)
(2-Stroke 20 - 30 and 4-Stroke F25)
(2-Stroke 9.9 - 15 and 4-Stroke 9.9 - 20)
Yamaha design, quality, and performance in a lowcost, lightweight propeller. A good all around choice
for your Yamaha outboard. Available in a wide variety
of sizes and pitches for Yamaha outboards from
2-Stroke 60 - 130 and 4-Stroke FT60 - F115.
Yamaha design, quality, and performance in a lowcost, lightweight propeller. A good all-around choice
for your Yamaha outboard. Available in a wide variety
of sizes and pitches for Yamaha outboards from
2-Stroke 40 - 55 and 4-Stroke FT25 - F60.
Yamaha design, quality, and performance in a lowcost, lightweight propeller. A good all-around choice
for your Yamaha outboard. Available in a wide variety
of sizes and pitches for Yamaha outboards from
2-Stroke 20 - 30 and 4-Stroke F25.
Specially designed for sailboats and other large
displacements crafts, Yamaha’s dual thrust props are
built to handle the job of pushing heavy loads through
the water. The hub is carefully designed to redirect
exhaust flow away from the blades, so the dual thrust
models cut through clean water for higher efficiency
and better acceleration. Thrust is improved up to 70%
in reverse and 10% in forward.
Yamaha design, quality, and performance in a lowcost, lightweight propeller. A good all-around choice
for your Yamaha outboard. Available in a wide variety
of sizes and pitches for Yamaha outboards from
2-Stroke 9.9 - 15 and 4-Stroke 9.9 - 20.
Yamalube Outboard Oils
Pour on the performance with Yamalube
As Yamaha outboard technology continues to evolve, only one line of oils will be able to keep up - Yamalube.® Formulated by the same
engineers who designed your high-performance Yamaha outboard, Yamalube four stroke and two stroke marine oils are FC-W and TC-W3
certified. For high-performance protection, ask for Yamalube in the diamond-plate bottle design.
Yamalube 4M 10w-30
Yamalube 2M TC-W3
Yamalube 4M 5W-30
Yamalube Gear Lube
Yamalube Gear Lube
4-Stroke Oil
2-Stroke Oil
Full Synthetic 4-Stroke Oil
ACC-GEARL-UB-10 384ml Tube (GL4 multipurpose)
ACC-GLUBE-HD-QT 946ml Bottles (GL5)
Designed to provide extra protection during the critical
cold-start period and under heavy load conditions that
outboard motors so often face. The additive package
is formulated to fight corrosion, varnish, and wear for
longer engine life. Suitable for all four stroke models.
Suitable for oil-injection or premix engines (air
or water-cooled) according to the manufacturers
recommendation. Formulated with ash less
detergents for maximum performance with minimum
ring sticking, piston burning and spark plug fouling.
Minimises wear, rust and corrosion. Suitable for all
two stroke models including HPDI.
Premium quality synthetic petrol engine oil, designed
to prevent rust, corrosion, varnish, and wear for
optimum engine protection in the most severe marine
environments. Suitable for all four stroke models,
recommended for SHO & F70A models.
Superior protection for gear case components
operating at high speeds for extended periods.
Includes rust and corrosion inhibitors for long life.
Special formulation required for use in V6 4.2 litre
including VMAX SHO and V8 gearcase’s.
(Not for use in any other Yamaha outboard.)
Yamalube Maintenance and Care Products
No one knows how to care for a Yamaha like Yamaha
When it comes to an outboard’s long life and high performance, your care and maintenance routine is just as important as the oil you
choose. Yamalube offers a full line of carefully formulated lubricants, polishes, protectants, cleansers, fuel additives and adhesives all
created from the highest quality ingredients, to Yamaha’s exacting standards. Protecting your investment has never been easier.
Silicon Spray Protectant & Lubricant
Spray Polish
Fuel Stabiliser and Conditioner
Ring Free
EFI Engine Storage Fogging Oil
ACC-SLCNS-PR-AY Lubricant and Protectant
ACC-SPRAY-PL-SH Lubricant and Protectant
ACC-FSTAB-PL-12 Fuel Additive
ACC-RNGFR-PL-12 Fuel Additive
Preserve your investment. Yamalube Silicone
Spray Protectant & Lubricant is a general-purpose
lubricant that helps to protect metals against rust and
Use this to quickly restore a lustrous shine to paint,
chrome, glass, and smooth plastic surfaces. This
product also leaves a rich satin finish on vinyl, rubber,
and textured plastic. Its anti-static properties repel
dust, helping to keep the surface clean much longer.
Don’t let old fuel ruin your day. Alcohol-free formula
helps prevent water absorption, fuel oxidation and
phase separation in ethanol-enhanced fuels. Use
continuously to help keep fuel fresh, potent and free
from gum and varnish for up to one year of storage.
Strongly recommended for E-10 fuels.
Perfect for extended trolling operation protection.
This synthetic fuel additive employs the highest
grade of engine cleaning technology to keep your
engine running smoother and stronger. Helps prevent
ring sticking, varnish, carbon and ethanol sulphate
build up in your engine. Recommended for use as a
constant treatment, or as a “Shock Treatment.” For
two and four stroke engines.
EFI Engine Storage Fogging Oil equally distributes
fogging oil to cylinders in EFI engines with single
throttle bodies, protecting pistons, cylinder walls and
valves from moisture, salt water and combustion
acids for up to 1 year of storage.
Conditions and protects neoprene, rubber, and other
surfaces from environmental effects.
Operational Use - Mix at 378:1 (2.65ml per litre)
Storage Over 2 Months - Mix at 125:1 (8ml per litre)
Also ideal for carburettor outboards that use 100:1
stored in humid areas.
Compatibility Charts
Outboard Rigging Compatibility
Outboard Remote Control Compatibility
Remote Control BoxMechanical RC
igital Electronic C
ontrol (DEC)
Number of Engines on Boat
Single Twin Triple Quad
Mounting Position
Side Mount
Top Mount
Flush Mount
Top Mount
Flush Mount
Gauges6Y5 Conventional Gauge6Y8 Lan Gauge6Y8 Lan Gauge6Y9 High Definition Display
F30B, F40F
F50H, F60F, FT60G
4 cylinder
4 cylinder
F80B, F100D
4 cylinder
4 cylinder
F150A, F150B
4 cylinder
4 cylinder
6 cylinder
6 cylinder
F225F, F250D, F300B
6 cylinder
F200D, F225D, F250C (SHO)
8 cylinder
2 Stroke Models
3 cylinder
40V,50H,60F,70B, 90A
4 cylinder
6 cylinder
150F,175D, 200F
6 cylinder
Z150Q - Z200N (HPDI)
Digital Electronic Control (DEC)
3 cylinder
4 cylinder
Mechanical RC
4 Stroke Models
Outboard Rigging Kit Contents
Remote Control
High Definition
Part Number
7036X37047046X76X66X66Y56Y86Y8 6Y9
704-6Y52R-SE-50 3
703-6Y82R-SE-50 3
704-6Y82R-SE-50 3
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