UAlbany Computer Science Department Account Application (Unix) Account type (check one):

UAlbany Computer Science Department Account Application (Unix) Account type (check one):
UAlbany Computer Science Department
Account Application (Unix)
Please bring completed application to Li67A and place in mailbox for William Augustine
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Adjunct or Visiting Faculty
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Undergraduate Student (Project, Research, Independent Study)
Undergraduate Student (Teaching/Grading: 496, 496Y)
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I have read the policies on research facilities use, and I agree to abide by them. I understand
that the research facilities are to be used only for research or for instruction in specially
designed courses, or for Department administration, but not for personal gain. I understand
further that the operating systems, applications and other software may be proprietary, and that
it may only be used for research, education, or administration. I agree not to distribute the
software or documentation from the system in any form.
I also agree to observe reasonable standards of responsible and ethical behavior in the use of
Departmental facilities. Finally, I understand that the account is for my use only and I will not
let others use it, by sharing the password, .rhosts files or other means.
The department will send email to this account. You must check it regularly.
*** I have read “Computer Regulations Within the CS Department” and agree to it's terms:***
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Initial Password:
(Must be a random-looking sequence of eight upper and lower case letters, digits and punctuation)
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Computer Regulations within the CS Department
The following is a set of guidelines intended to bring some focus on security issues within the
CS cluster. These steps are absolutely necessary owing to the increased frequency of
compromise attempts which, if successful, could potentially cripple the department for days or
worse. This document serves as an extension of the Office of Judicial Affairs Policy for
Community Rights and Responsibilities. All users are bound by the standards of conduct
defined therein. Your cooperation is expected and appreciated.
What restrictions apply to my account?
You must change your initial password as soon as possible. Passwords may be checked periodically. Users with
passwords deemed insecure by systems staff will be notified and stronger passwords will be required. Failing to
change the password will result in the account being disabled.
Each account is issued for the sole use of its owner. Accounts are not to be shared.
You are responsible for reading all system bulletins (using msgs), email and course related newsgroups.
Do not attach any laptop, personal pc or other computer to the department network without prior permission to
do so. Any system physically connected to the department LAN must adhere to the security guidelines of the
department and be totally sanctioned before attaching it to the network.
Unless prior permission is granted by systems NO operating system changes are to be made to any
department computer. This includes installation of any software.
Should you be permitted to install an operating system on any box in the department you must give the
administrative password to systems and only in demonstrated need to know will you be permitted to retain root
access to the system.
If permission to install an operating system is granted, you will be required to obtain the approval of the
installation by systems. This means that the installation must be checked and tested by systems for security and
performance features before it ever is permitted to attach to the network. Without adequate reasons, such
installations must be done such that everyone’s needs for the machine will be met.
At NO time is an unassigned ip address or the ip address of an existing host to be utilized (“borrowed”) for use
on any other box.
Resource usage is monitored. Please be responsible with printing and disk space. Please use previewers and
double sided output to minimize the use of paper. Please remove unnedded files and compress files used
No one should leave their office without logging off their system unless they have put a screen lock on the box.
A formal inventory and inspection of all computers will be conducted regularly. Any box found that doesn’t
comply fully with these requirements will be removed from the network. If you currently are using any
equipment on the LAN that has not been granted approval by systems it must be removed immediately and not
be reconnected until approval has been given.
Programs and data in private directories may also be restricted. File access permissions do not always reflect
the owners intention; ask before reading or copying another persons files.
Generally, actions that violate social norms for responsible behavior (such as but not limited to deliberately
crashing or overloading the computers, attempting to gain access to files, account or machines without
permission or posting inappropriate messages to mailing lists or bulletin boards) are prohibited.
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Thank you for your participation!

* Your assessment is very important for improving the work of artificial intelligence, which forms the content of this project

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