Cardo Systems Scala-500 Combo Specifications

Cardo Systems Scala-500 Combo Specifications

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There are very few events important enough to warrant a Special

Edition of our newsletter. Our long time readers know we have devoted large sections of some issues to especially valuable events, such as Showstoppers.

Last Fall we started devoting a

Special Edition dealing exclusively with Showstoppers. Their event held in January during the 2005

Consumer Electronics Show was so exceptional we felt it deserved a

Special Edition again.

Thanks to Steve Leon and his whole team for putting on a truly outstanding event.






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By Tom Vogt, Lee Schwab and Chuck Hajdú

Once again THE premiere press event at the 2005

Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas was

ShowStoppers. Building on the format established at previous events at shows like COMDEX, PCExpo and TechEXNY, this ShowStoppers was the mother of all events. There were close to 80 venders! We’ll do our best to give you some information on as many of them as we can! Here goes:


Allume Systems, Inc., showed their Personal Image

Manager, a new, innovative software that allows users to acquire images from almost any source including digital cameras, scanners and CD/DVD’s.

Users can create an image archive and burn it to

CD for storage. The Personal Image Manager offers digital camera users intuitive tools and powerful features that make it easier than ever to Email, Edit,

Organize, Caption, Convert and Share photos. Personal Image Manager includes ActiveCaptions, a unique, patent-pending caption technology that places virtual captions in the image without the need for a special viewer.

Personal ImageManager helps users quickly organize their images, edit and enhance photos with a single click, crop, add captions and even convert images and photos between 14 popular formats.

The results can make anyone look like a pro.

Personal Image Manager users also have access to in-depth, step-by-step online tutorials, tips and free technical support. Users can also share images by e-mail, send to Pocket PC or publish their photos to the web with just a few, easy clicks.

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After we finished our January issue we noticed a number of missing companies and products that we saw and found interesting. When you try to report on a show the size of the Consumer Electronics Show, it’s only to be expected.

XACT Communications

One of the companies we visited was XACT Communications. They justifiably well known for their fabulous wrist walkie-talkies, almost exactly like the ones Dick Tracy wore

(for those of you old enough to remember Dick Tracy!). They still make the WristLinx line and are introducing a new model, the

X44X, this year with a 5 mile range. The older X3X/X33X was limited to a 1.5 mile range but they were still extremely useful and reliable.

The hottest new products we saw were their satellite radio units. The XTR1 SIRIUS Satellite Plug and Play

Receiver is a Palm Sized Portable SIRIUS Satellite


The Satellite Radio Features:

120 Channels of Satellite Radio

65 100% Commercial-Free Music Channels

Search Music by: Artist name, Song title or Category

Illuminated Keypad and Control Buttons

Backlit Display

18 Channel Preset Capability

Parental Control

Satellite Updated Real-Time Clock

Stereo, Line Level Audio Outputs

Stereo Headphone Jack with Volume Control

Built In Wireless FM Transmitter

Wireless IR Remote Control

A “must-have” accessory is the XS024 Sirius Satellite

Radio Portable Boom Box. It allows you to use the XTR1 like a boom box when you’re not in your car. Very cool. www.xactcommunication.



Axion 10.2” LCD TV/DVD combo. Axion announced it is now shipping an Axion 10.2-inch wide-screen LCD

TV and DVD player combo exclusively to RadioShack stores nationwide. This new one-of-kind portable LCD TV/DVD combo, which was designed and manufactured specifically for RadioShack, is available in the retailer's nearly 7,000 retail stores nationwide and at for a retail price of $399.99.

The Axion LCD TV/DVD combo features a highresolution 10.2-inch wide screen thin film technology

(TFT) LCD display and plays DVDs with brilliant color and crisp image reproduction under virtually any lighting conditions. The built-in DVD player features support for DVD, CD, MP3 and Photo CD viewing.

The Axion comes complete with remote control, travel case, auto/home power supplies, F-type antenna connectors and is cable ready off the shelf.

The travel/mounting case can be hung from the rear of a car seat making it ideal for families with children who require on-the-road entertainment. Dual stereo speakers and headphone jacks make it perfect for just about any viewing situation.

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For a limited time, Allume is offering users of other

Image mangers products the opportunity to switch to

Personal ImageManager for only $9.99, direct from the Allume website. This time-limited offer will expire

March 31, 2005.

Personal Image Manager works on Windows, 98SE,

ME, NT4, 2000, or XP, and requires 30 MB available disk space and 8 MB RAM (16 MB for Windows

NT/2000/XP). MSRP is $29.99.


The ultimate portable audio system for the iPod!

How do you make the first portable audio system designed exclusively for the iPod even better? Make it smaller, sleeker, and add a remote control! Introducing the Altec Lansing inMotion iM3 portable audio system. This paper-back-sized, ultra-portable, battery-operated stereo system is the perfect companion for your iPod. A highly efficient Class D amplifier powers four full-range micro drivers to deliver a full spectrum of pure, distinct sound, while the revolutionary MaxxBass technology allows listeners to enjoy deep bass without

Altec Lansing iM3 lugging around a subwoofer. Best of all, connectivity is as easy as placing your iPod or iPod mini into the built-in dock or connecting it through the auxiliary port.

Crystal-clear sound – from four custom-designed neodymium 28 mm Micro Drivers.

Surprisingly deep bass - Revolutionary MaxxBass technology creates quality bass without a subwoofer,

Auto Shut-Down, Built-in Docking Station - provides same synchronization, data transfer, and recharging options as your iPod dock (cable not included). Extra long battery life - Highly efficient Class D amplifier delivers more than 24 hours of continuous playback with four AA batteries (not included). Protective Carry

Bag - For your traveling convenience. Adapter for iPod mini included. MSRP: $179.95

Your Laptop Has Never Sounded So Good!

Built-in laptop speakers are pretty underwhelming and that’s just a fact of life. Sure, they’re good for a beep here and ping there, but if you’ve ever tried to share your favorite song, watch a movie, or make a multimedia presentation using your laptop speakers, you know exactly what we mean.

Pam and Andrea with the Altec Lansing iMmini

Check out the Altec Lansing XT1 system. In addition to its thin, innovative design with removable stands, the XT1 delivers superb sound and surprisingly deep bass thanks to four full-range neodymium micro drivers and bass enhancement technology.

And just like your laptop, the XT1 knows how to travel light. Because it’s USB-powered, there’s no need for a power supply and no batteries to forget.

Plug it into your USB port, press play, and you’ll be listening to the best portable sound you’ve ever heard from a laptop. Pack it up in its deluxe carrying case, and you’re ready for your next trip.

Slim, portable design – Flat panel, shielded satellites with removable stands pack easily and go anywhere. USB-Powered – Connects easily to laptops and desktops via retractable USB cable. No power supply needed! Big Sound for Laptops – Four specially engineered full-range neodymium micro drivers with aluminum cones smoothly deliver a full spectrum of pure, distinct sound with unprecedented signal accuracy. Quality Bass – Bass enhancement technology creates quality bass without a subwoofer. Deluxe Carry Case – Compartment bag included for your traveling convenience. Builtin Controls – include power on/off and volume.

Auxiliary Input Jack – Connect two different audio sources – your laptop and MP3 jukebox for example – at the same time. MSRP: $129.95

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Ambir Technology, an innovative manufacturer and marketer of peripherals and accessories for laptops, desktops and mobile use, showed its next generation Xbrand Laptop Stand, which now features four USB 2.0 ports, 10/100 Ethernet and Audio.

Ambir is the master distributor of Xbrand laptop products into the computer products market and the first to market a laptop stand with Ethernet and

Audio ports. The Xbrand Laptop Stand is designed to increase comfort and computing productivity for laptop users in a sleek, stylish footprint. The

Xbrand Laptop Stand enhances laptop functionality by combining the best elements of an external monitor, monitor stand and a port replicator into an all-in-one solution.

As consumers and business users increasingly employ laptops as their primary computing device, users now enjoying the mobility of laptops are compromising their computing comfort back at a desk during their stationary laptop usage. The Xbrand

Laptop Stand addresses this computing comfort issue by raising the laptop display to a comfortable viewing height and also providing instant connectivity to devices with a simple USB connection.

The new Xbrand Laptop Stand with four USB ports,

10/100 Ethernet and Audio (model XB-1006-00) will be available in March 2005 at an MSRP of

$149.95. Current shipping models include the

Xbrand Laptop Stand selling for $69.95 (model XB-

1001-00) and the stand with four USB 2.0 ports for

$119.95 (model XB-1002-00). The models may be purchased through wholesale distributors Ingram

Micro and ICG, through direct solution providers such as, CDW and Insight, through hundreds of resellers and directly from Ambir Technology at


What is Audible? Audible is the Internet’s largest destination for audiobooks, radio programs, audio newspapers and magazines that you download to your computer and listen anywhere and at anytime on Apple iPods and other MP3 players.

Why Audible? Selection: Over 24,000 audiobooks,


H OW S T O P P E R S magazines, newspapers and radio programs that you won't find anywhere else! Exclusives like The

New York Times Audio Digest, the audio edition of

Forbes Magazine, public radio programs like Car

Talk and Fresh Air.

Mobility: Listen on your AudibleReady MP3 player,

Apple iPod, PalmOne handheld, Pocket PC, computer desktop or on CDs you burn yourself. See below to find out if your player works with Audible.


AudioFeast, first to market with portable Internet radio service for MP3 players, mobile devices and

PCs was on hand to explain their service.

AudioFeast presents the most popular Internet radio stations, nationally syndicated shows and an assortment of independent media outlets and programs from around the globe in a commercial-free radio format on selective MP3 players. With a rapidly growing list of over 400 music, news, sports and entertainment channels from more than 50 content partners, the Audio Feast service is costeffective way for consumers to gain easy access to a vast library of music without incurring the effort and expense of having to find, purchase and download each and every song or radio program.

AudioFeast is currently compatible with iRiver, Rio, iRock, Creative Labs, Dell and RCA MP3 players and is available via several subscription plans beginning at $2.99. AudioFeast also offers a free service with eight, 60-minute channels of popular music, news sports and entertainment and other programs.


Audiovox Introduced the SkyBox Mobile Video Satellite TV Antenna System, the company’s first product designed to add live TV to Mobile Video systems.

SkyBox can receive Dish Network and DirecTV. Its ultra-low profile antenna design translates to a sleek-looking 5.7-inches high and it mounts on top of any van, SUV or truck. SkyBox has signal strength of 8-10dB/K, giving it a 40-50% better performance than other systems on the market. Coverage area is broad and although their focus will be

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the North and South American markets, they can cover Europe and Asia as well.

SkyBox has a secure mounting structure that has been designed for most RVs, SUVs and minivans and the system has been tested for virtually all road conditions like all the Audiovox mobile video products.


Axentra Multifunction Server Appliances are all-inone network, Internet, Intranet, email and file server devices that also integrate Internet gateway, router, and firewall functionalities. Very much like all-in-one fax, copier, printer, and scanner multifunction devices, Multifunction Server Appliances offer comprehensive, integrated IT functions in one easy-to-use, highly efficient, and affordable package.

Over the past few years, the Home/SOHO networking market has grown at an unprecedented pace. In the Home and SOHO environment, simplified networks are becoming the norm. Multifunction Server

Appliances offer the benefits of low cost of acquisition and maintenance, making them the de facto choice for the Home and SOHO market.

Based on the x86 industry standard hardware architecture, Axentra Multifunction Server Appliances rely on proven, reliable, and affordable components, ensuring optimum compatibility with computers and peripherals and a constant supply of the most up-todate, best-in-breed components. With Axentra's Multifunction Server Appliances SOHO and business users can fully benefit from today's advances in computer networking at a fraction of the cost and with minimal IT knowledge. Pre-installed applications and easy configuration wizards allow them to get organized and connected, protect their privacy, and be in control of their critical digital data anytime, anywhere, with unprecedented simplicity.

With the introduction of its new SOHO Series Multifunction Server Appliances, Axentra now offers state of the art all-in-one, pre-configured internet gateway, firewall, web, email and file servers. Based on an industrial strength Linux server OS, Axentra SOHO Series Server Appliances are easy to set up, fully customizable, powerful, expandable, and affordable!

Cardo Systems

Keith Elliano, Director of Sales-West for Cardo Systems was on hand to demo the Scala-500 BlueTooth headset.

The scala-500 is engineered to serve as the perfect complement for your mobile phone, no matter where you are. Whether you are walking the sidewalks of a busy city, or biking or hiking on a windy day, you will appreciate our WindGuard solution: Cardo's proprietary wind blocking technology overcomes wind interference significantly better than any other BT headset on the market.

Naturally, the scala-500 comes equipped with all high end features and functionalities you would expect from a leading headset: At only .58 oz (16.8 g), the sleek and stylish scala-

500 is one of the smallest and lightest devices available and still offers up to 9 hours of talk time. They also added a speaker booster to provide substantially higher volume capacity than otherwise available. Give the scala-500 a try and you will see why more than any other wireless headset, this is the perfect complement for your mobile phone.


Carry-a-Tune Technologies is the developer and marketer of a unique new family of software products that use specialized computer-aided pitch tracking to teach people how to sing in tune and on tempo.

Carry-a-Tune Technology’s initial two consumer products are Singing Coach and Singing Coach


Singing Coach Educational Editions, a product developed specifically for the educational marketplace and which includes a music education curriculum, is currently in product trials and will be launched in early


These products combine patent-pending technology with entertaining, animated on-screen vocal coaching to teach people at all levels to sing better. Users will be successful whether or not they can read music.

These first of-their-kind products take the fun of karaoke and add real-time visual feedback of the singer’s

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pitch and rhythm to enable adults and children alike to sing better and enjoy singing.

Simple to install and easy for singers ages 8 to 108 to use, Singing Coach works on PCs running Windows XP, ME and 2000. Users get a high-fidelity headset with built-in microphone plus a selection of practice songs and free song downloads from the

Carry-a-Tune Technologies online song library of

200-plus selections ranging from hits to standards.

In the basic version, users get 12 practice songs and four free downloads; in he unlimited version, users get 24 practice songs and 12 downloads. Users can also purchase additional songs from the on-line music store. These songs include number one songs from Warner Chappell, one of the world’s largest music publishers. The suggested retail price is $49.95 for Singing Coach and $99.95 for Singing Coach Unlimited.

Editors Note: Those few people who have heard me sing know I have the WORST singing voice in history. I have accepted a challenge to try Singing

Coach and I will report the results in an upcoming issue.—Chuck

Compact Power Systems

Cellboost is the first and only compact disposable battery/charger for cell phones. Created by Compact Power Systems Inc., the Cellboost battery charger enables cell phone users to recharge their cell phones instantly, providing approximately 60 minutes of talk time / 60 hours of standby time, while simultaneously charging your phone.

Sarah Ryser at the Cellboost booth

Cellboost is a lightweight pocket size (1.2 ounces) battery/charger that plugs into the charging port of your phone when electricity is not available, or when there is no time to wait for conventional battery to do the job. No cords no maintenance, no hassles.

Cellboost is a breakthrough product, allowing cell phone users to maintain phone power anywhere in the world, any time they need it, and provides IN-


We were visiting another booth at Showstoppers and the PR rep for the company was telling us a tale of woe about her cell phone dieing. Tom leapt to the rescue and got her a Cellboost charger for her phone. Another happy customer!!


Karen Thomas of Thomas PR was on hand to show all of Concord Cameras products, including a preview of the Concord 6 Megapixel camera for


Concord Camera Corp. a leader in award-winning, high-quality, easy-to-use, popularly priced digital cameras, showed their new lineup of 3, 4, 5, and 6

Megapixel digital cameras. Prices range from as low as $99 for the 3346z 3 Megapixel digital camera to $229 for the 6340z 6 megapixel digital camera.

Concord 3346z:

The Concord 3346z is perfect for the first-time buyer. The camera features a 3.1

Megapixel CMOS sensor, 3X optical/4X digital zoom (for total 12x zoom), 6MB internal memory, and SD card slot for unlimited photo-taking possibilities. The 7 pre-set scene modes make quality picture-taking easy no matter the situation, and the

AF assist lamp locks in the focus even in the darkest conditions. With additional cool features, such as continuous shooting and AVI video mode, the consumer has everything needed to get started in digital photography.

Concord 4340z:

The Concord 4340z is easy to use, fun and reliable. With its 4.2 Megapixel CCD sensor, the camera takes high resolution images enabling print quality up to 11” x 14”. Users can choose to take larger sized images through the incamera interpolation. The 4340z offers a total of

12x zoom (3X optical/4X digital zoom) to bring dis-

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tant scenes closer, while its powerful macro mode enables close-up shots up to 10 cm/3.9”. The

4340z’s video mode provides video capture at QVGA resolution up to 24 fps, with sound playback on a PC.

The camera offers a selectable long shutter mode up to 8 seconds for users who want to take beautiful night shots and artful pictures of moving lights and includes a self-portrait mirror in its design to provide worry-free picture taking for self/group portraits with the user in the frame.

Concord 5340z:

Housed in a stylish metal accented body and equipped with a 5.1 Megapixel CCD sensor and precision 3x optical zoom, the Concord 5340z produces high-resolution pictures with sharp details and superb printing quality. The camera’s powerful macro mode enables close-up shots as close as

10cm/3.9”. Its large 2-inch TFT color LCD makes framing and sharing photos easier and more fun than ever. The 5340z also takes high quality MPEG-4 movies with sound at QVGA resolution up to 30 fps.

The camera offers 16 MB of internal memory and a

SD card slot for unlimited photo-taking.

Concord 6340z:

The 6 Megapixel digital camera for only $229, Concord’s 6340z is a high-performance digital camera featuring all-metal housing, 3X optical zoom/4X digital zoom (for total 12x zoom), MPEG-4 high-quality movies with sound, manual and automatic controls, 16MB internal memory, and a SD card slot. Compact in size and rich in features, the

6340z produces high resolution images of 2848 x

2136 pixels, a Macro mode that takes close-up shots as close as 5cm/1.9”, and a video mode that takes continuous TV quality MPEG-4 movie with sound up to 15 fps.


Coleen Hanson represented Cree Lighting and show cased the spectacular color enhancement achieved on flat panel LCD televisions and computer monitors backlit with Cree’s innovative second-generation LED backlighting system. Cree Lighting is working with a number of flat-panel LCD television and computer monitor manufacturers to bring movie theater-quality color saturation to LCD televisions in late 2005.

In addition, Cree is partnering with a number of general illumination fixtures makers on LED-based solidstate architectural/landscaping, signage and specialty entertainment and advertising solutions, and will also be demonstrated the environmental and tunable benefits of LED lighting at ShowStoppers.


DataWind Corporation displayed their Pocket Surfer, the first cell phone accessory to provide a desktop quality web experience in a device that can fit in a pocket or purse.


Deja View was at ShowStoppers to show their new wearable, hands-free Camwear Model 100 camcorder. The camcorder consists of a recorder that clips onto a belt, waistband or handbag and a tiny lens and microphone that clips to a pair of eyeglasses or the bill of a hat.

The first camcorder with patent-pending "after the fact" technology that captures and saves up to 30second video clips of action that occurred BEFORE the "record" button is pressed. Never lose those special moments that often are missed with ordinary camcorders. It’s the first camcorder that is completely wearable, leaving the users' hands free while the action is being viewed. The Camwear 100 has a suggested retail price of $399.99.


Diamond Electronics showed their Diamond Home

Theater Systems and DVD Players.

YHT-630 Home Theater System:

With a suggested retail price of $199, the YHT-630 is a compact, 210watt Home Theater System. The easy on-screen setup menu delivers all the benefits of progressive scan

DVD video, complemented with advanced audio technology. Digital amplification and DivX(R) certification provide amazing performance. The YHT-630 offers unusually polished styling at its modest price point and plays DVD-, DVD-R-, DVD-RW-, CD-R-,

CD-RW-, MP3-, JPEG-, Kodak playback- and DivX


YHT-650 Home Theater System:

Style, performance and innovative features set the stage for this advanced Home Theater System. Dolby Pro Logic II,

DTS, and 5.1 Surround Sound audio complement the progressive scan function and 16:9 (widescreen) and

4:3 (normal) viewing aspect ratios. Digital amplification and DivX(R) Certification highlight the truly inspired design. With a suggested retail price of $269, the YHT-650 supports DVD-, DVD-R-, DVD-RW-,

CD-R-, CD-RW-, MP3-, JPEG-, Kodak playback- and

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YDP-305 DVD Player:

With a suggested retail price of $79, the YDP-305 DVD player is a truly unique, ultra-compact DVD player great for use with TVs in any room in the house. Forwardthinking features include a 4-in-1 memory card reader and a USB port for conveniently viewing digital images. The YDP-305 also features16:9

(widescreen) and 4:3 (normal) viewing ratios, and is compatible with DVD-, DVD-R-, DVD-RW-, CD-,

CD-R-, CD-RW-, MP3-, JPEG- and Kodak Picture

CD media.

YDP-700 and YDP-701 DVD Players:

The YDP-

700 and YDP-701 are the ultimate in DVD player style and performance. At a suggested retail price of $99, these two DVD players not only reveal cutting-edge designs for different room settings, but also offer such features as Dolby Digital technology and 16:9 (widescreen) and 4:3 (normal) viewing ratios. Both play DVD-, DVD-R-, DVD-RW-, CD-,

CD-R-, CD-RW-, MP3-, JPEG- and Kodak Picture

CD media. In addition to having 3.5mm composite video/audio out connections for easy set up, a headphone jack for private listening is included. All of these innovative products come with a fullfeatured, convenient remote control.

Yahoo!-branded consumer electronics products will initially be available for purchase online at www.

Also visit


dotPhoto is the online resource where members share, preserve and profit from digital photos and offers products and services ranging from inexpensive prints and custom gifts to free personal sites.

DVD+RW Alliance

High-speed rewritable and double-layer Plusformat media, recorders and drives were discussed by representatives of the DVD+RW Alliance.

DVD+RW 8x (rewritable) media, recorders and drives will be available this spring and will enable users to burn a DVD in less than minutes.

DVD+R DL 8x (double layer) format specification will be available later this year with products to follow. Double-layer discs allow consumers to record up to 8.5 gigabytes of information on a single disc.

DVD+R/+RW has consistently been the leader when it comes to innovation in DVD recording. For example, we introduced DVD+R 16x and doublelayer DVD+R DL last year. With 16x, you can burn an entire 4.7 gigabyte disc in just six minutes. And with double-layer, you can put up to 8.5 gigabytes of information on a single disc. The majority of new

DVD writers on the market support Plus-format double-layer recording. Plus is still the only format that offers either of 16x or double-layer recording.”


DXG USA Introduced a new 5.0 Megapixel Digital

Camera with 3X Optical Zoom. The 5-ounce ultracompact DXG-502 boasts a 5.0 megapixel CCD sensor, 3x optical zoom lens, optical viewfinder, built-in16MB flash memory with external SD/MMC memory slot, MPEG-4 video, six white balance settings, four still image settings (VGA, 3MP, 5MP and

8MP using firmware interpolation) and a USB 2.0 interface. The camera also offers a 4x digital zoom, bringing the total zoom to 12x. In addition, the camera has Direct Print capability. The DXG-502 will be in major retail stores starting in early 2005 with an expected street price of $199.

DXG USA now has one of the largest lines of entrylevel digital cameras below a street price of $199 with nine product choices in its current and growing product family, including underwater and slim line models. The line is categorized by camera style.

In the camcorder category, DXG offers the DXG-

202V, DXG-301V and the new DXG-305V. In the

Compact category, the company offers the DXG-

308, DXG-321 and the new DXG-502 models. In the fashionable Ultra Slim category, the DXG-328 and the new DXG-409 are available. And in the

Specialty category, DXG offers the underwater / waterproof DXG-308U. As an additional value,

DXG includes batteries, USB and TV output cables, camera case and photo editing software at no additional cost.



DYMO introduced the LabelWriter 400 Series.

Faster, smaller, better – all words perfectly describing DYMO’s new, technologically-advanced Label-

Writer 400 Series. This family of user-friendly labelmakers features a model to meet every need.

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LabelWriter 400 Turbo:

The fastest personal labelmaker on the planet. Creates up to 55 labels in a single minute, Prints a single label in just one second, Small, sleek design conserves desk space, High resolution, 300 DPI creates laserquality results, The only label printer that is both

PC- and Mac-compatible, Unique label release feature, Automatic label alignment . MSRP: $129.99

LabelWriter Twin Turbo:

Twice the capacity, twice the styles, this printer can hold two rolls of the same (or different) labels, Unparalleled speed and flexibility, as well as unmatched capacity, Creates more than 700 address labels in a single print cycle

MSRP: $179.99

LabelWriter Duo:

Combined features of the Label-

Writer 400 Turbo and LabelMANAGER PC, PC- and Mac-compatible software powers dual unit.

Features more than 40 unique label styles , Creates five different tape sizes (six, nine, 12, 19 and

24 mm), Connects to computers via a USB cable,

Single power cord, MSRP: $199.99

The LabelWriter 400 Series works where you do.

All printers come with software add-ins for Word,

WordPerfect, Outlook, QuickBooks, ACT!, Goldmine and more. There’s also easy to use label design software, an included address book and Address Fixer, the free program that automatically corrects addresses before you print a label!

The LabelWriter 400 Series will be available in May

2005 at major office supply stores and catalogues nationwide.


eMagin was at showstoppers with their highresolution OLED micro displays and magnifying optics to create a virtual image comparable to a monitor or large-screen TV.


Kim Stowe was on hand to preview the new

EVGA products. EVGA is a leading provider of

NVIDIA Turbo Cache mainstream graphics cards, mother boards and RAID storage systems and SLI, high performance video cards for gaming based on the NVIDIA GeForce 6800. The products that will be available the first quarter of 2005 include:

e-GeFORCE 6200 Turbo Cache Graphics


– Performance graphics at a mainstream price starting at an MSRP of $99.99, available this month.

e-GeFORCE 6600 and 6800 PCI-E SLI

– Instantly double raw graphics power for unprecedented performance, available now starting at MSRP $499.99/ pair.

e-GeForce 6 Series AGP Cards

– While PCI-E is a trend with new motherboards and systems,

EVGA will continue to offer a full line of highperformance AGP products for system upgrades.

NVIDIA nForce4 chipset based Motherboards

Mainstream and performance motherboards along with top notch customer service from EVGA, pricing and availability to be announced later this quarter.

Netcell RAID Storage Accelerators

– Available now, these accelerators maximize performance and system security starting at an estimated MSRP of $199.99


Colleen Toumayan, Director of PR for Executive

Software was at ShowStoppers. Executive Software specializes in operating system enhancements. The company provides fragmentation analysis, disk defragmentation, automatic data caching software, powerful file and site management software, and the most complete file recovery system for lost files on Windows NT/2000/XP/ Server 2003 and mixed Windows networks.

Executive Software’s system management tools include the performance-increasing Diskeeper which, according to NPD, is the number one network defragmentation utility, selling to over 98% of

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the enterprise market.

Executive Software’s latest addition, Sitekeeper, reinvents systems management software around one premise: simplicity. Engineered especially for small to medium size sites, Sitekeeper delivers the only easy-to-use software deployment, hardware and software inventory solution available. Fast and affordable, even on a 25 machine site, just two fullsite push installs returns your Sitekeeper investment in saved time and work.


Frey Technologies, announced the expansion of its

SageTV Media Center software to the Linux operating system, providing a robust and cost-effective platform for OEMs building media center products.

The new Version 3.0 also offers a media adapter that broadens the software’s reach from PCs to

TVs, making SageTV’s powerful digital video recorder functionality as well as music and photo sharing capabilities available on any TV in the house via a 10-foot user interface for use from the couch.

With nearly three years in the Windows market,

SageTV Media Center is the most mature and versatile system of its kind. It includes an easy-to-use integrated program guide plus the ability to pause and rewind live TV, record a whole season of shows, search for favorite shows by name, actor or subject, and record multiple shows at the same time with multiple tuner support. It also offers parental control features, built-in networking enabling live and/or recorded TV and music to stream to any

PC on the home network, and intelligent recording of shows of interest based on household viewing habits. If a user watches reality and police shows, for example, SageTV will automatically record new shows in those categories without user intervention.


InFocus, the number-one brand name in consumer projection previewed a new projector that delivers amazing technical advances for discerning home theater owners who value and appreciate the best the industry has to offer. For a home theater experience that guarantees goose bumps and the thrill of being a part of the action, the InFocus

ScreenPlay 7210 provides increased, crisp 2800:1 contrast and improved black levels for enriched color saturation and excellent native 720p highdefinition video performance. Built from the bestselling 720p ScreenPlay legacy, the ScreenPlay

7210 combines the new DarkChip3 DLP technology from Texas Instruments and the Faroudja

DCDi 2310 deinterlacer with award-winning InFocus engineering to create and display amazing image clarity.


Tim Timmins, president and CEO of Metro One and Stacy Doyle, Senior Account Executive for

Edelman was at ShowStoppers to discuss their

Voice E-Mail Retrieval Feature. Infone allows busy professionals to access e-mail anywhere with any phone.

Gone are the days of panic when an important email is sitting in your inbox and you’re stuck at the airport or in a taxi without access to a computer.

With the voice e-mail retrieval feature from Infone, busy professionals can rely on an Infone personal assistant to access urgent e-mails, reply to e-mails, compose new e-mails and forward and delete emails, all from a phone.

“Infone is the perfect tool for managing our busy lives, and Infone will continue to provide advanced features to make the Infone experience even more personalized,” said Tim Timmins, president and

CEO of Metro One. “Our users can now check and send voice e-mail in addition to calling a friend, making dinner reservations, obtaining movie listings, all in one call to Infone.”

Infone Features

Infone provides 24/7 access to a live personal telephone assistant who can assist with a number of services, including: Providing access to your Outlook or Palm contacts and appointments, Obtaining event times and locations, Providing driving directions and appointment reminders, Making restaurant reservations and Purchasing movie tickets

Infone is easy to use with absolutely no commitments. The first five calls are free, additional calls cost 89 cents for any call up to 15 minutes and 5 cents per minute after that.

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iolo technologies’ Search and Recover Software

Instantly Recovers Deleted Data, Including Documents, E-mails, Photos, Songs and Movies, via

Easy to Use Tool Bar Wizards. Designed to enhance the performance and security of PCs running the Microsoft Windows operating systems,

Search and Recover 2 provides a Media Recovery

Wizard tool with the unprecedented capability of finding and instantly recovering music, photos, and movies on MP3 players, digital cameras, USB flash drives, compact flash cards and other portable media. New proprietary streaming data preview technology created by iolo allows users to play and view deleted movies, songs, and pictures in their native formats from any device or drive – even before recovering these items. Once a deleted item has been previewed in this manner for proper identification, it can be instantly resurrected, or undeleted. Search and Recover offers an arsenal of powerful tools designed to allow advanced and novice users alike to quickly and easily find and recover deleted, destroyed or damaged data from their PCs.

Users can recover pictures, videos, songs, e-mail, documents, spreadsheets, or any other file or folder on a PC using Search and Recover's powerful, easy to use interface - even after the Recycle

Bin has been emptied. Search and Recover's wizards let users recover important items in three easy steps; select the types of files to find, select the places to look for these files, and instantly recover the items found with one click. Search and Recover works with any hard or floppy drive format or size.

The product works with hard drives, digital cameras, music players, compact flash, memory sticks, smart media and more.

Search and Recover 2 works with all operating systems, devices, and formats including Windows versions 95/98/Me/NT4/2000/XP; all hard drives: IDE,

SCSI, USB, FireWire, etc; all formats: FAT12,

FAT16, FAT32, NTFS; and all portable digital media: SmartMedia cards, memory sticks, USB flash drives, etc. The software requires 5MB free hard disk space and 64MB RAM and comes with free unlimited technical support. The estimated retail price is $39.95 for a single user license. Fully functional evaluation copies of Search and Recover are available upon request or can be downloaded from the iolo web site


Iomega representatives were on hand to show their popular line of ZIP 100MB, 250MB and 750MB


Iomega has such a wide variety of data storage solutions that there’s something for everyone! Up to

1TB capacities – and unlimited capacity with Iomega iStorage Online – you can find the right product to help you share, manage, secure, backup and protect all of your critical data. Our reliable software and world-class customer service make it easy for you!


JAKKS Pacific presented an exciting line-up of new, must-have titles from the Company’s awardwinning TV Games brand at ShowStoppers. The new TV Games products are based on the hottest gaming and entertainment licenses, including the first-time ever debut of Star Wars Episode III TV

Games and Mortal Kombat TV Games, as well as newly launched titles based on the World Poker

Tour and popular EA Sports games.

Star Wars Episode III TV Games lets gamers play as a Jedi Knight or as multiple Star Wars characters in five brand new games based on the upcoming Star Wars Episode III. Choose from five different games – play as Obi Wan piloting a rebel ship in intense space combat, or feel The Force as

Anakin Skywalker fighting enemy droids in light saber battles, and much more!

Mortal Kombat TV Games brings the #1 arcade fighting game back! Featuring the original arcade version and all the original fighters including Rayden, Liu Kang and the rest of the Kombat warriors are back for the grueling endurance and intense mirror matches.

EA Sports TV Games is one of the most technologically advanced plug-it-in and play games on the market, featuring 16-bit action from two of the most popular EA Sports games - Madden ’95 and NHL

’95. Both EA classics will offer incredible replayability with season and playoff modes that can be saved and continued. And the competition will be fierce, as this unit will come in both one-player

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and two-player versions that will bring you back a decade.

World Poker Tour TV Games enables game players to enjoy exciting, high stakes poker, similar to what nearly 5 Million television viewers tune in for each week, now available through a single, simpleto-use controller. Based on the poker game played on the highly-rated World Poker Tour television show on the Travel Channel, poker fans will love this new and exciting way to feel the thrill of playing in a WPT event. Hold 'em or fold 'em!

TV Games retails for approximately $19.99 for the single controller and $29.99 for the 2-player unit, and can be found at mass merchants, electronics, toy and specialty retailers nationwide. Visit the

JAKKS Pacific Booth at the “Toys and Games” section at Showstoppers. or


JVC was showing their expanded line of high definition LCD televisions, with screen sizes ranging from 17 to 40 inches. Each set features a state-ofthe-art widescreen display and incorporates new and exclusive JVC technologies that deliver the best possible picture quality.

The new line includes 17-, 23-, 26-, 32-, 37- and

40-inch HD models. There are 770p models available in each of those screen sizes, and an additional 40-inch display with 1080p resolution will be available in the fall. New, sleeker, more elegantly designed cabinets are another highlight of the new line.


Heather Skinner of Kingston Technology displayed their Versatile RS-MMC and miniSD Cards.

Kingston Technology, the world’s leading independent memory manufacturer, showed two new digital media product offerings designed to target the expanding mobile phone and mobile digital device markets: Reduced-Size MultiMediaCard (RS-

MMC) cards and mini Secure Digital (miniSD) cards. The two cards are slated for use in future mobile phones and digital devices with enhanced functionality. Popular digital devices such as camera phones, PDAs, MP3 players, smartphones, and digital cameras will soon be utilizing

RS-MMC and miniSD cards. To maximize flexibility and ease of use for the end user, Kingston’s RS-

MMC and miniSD cards ship with adapters that allow each to fit into their respective standard size format.

RS-MMC and miniSD Features/Benefits: Compliant – RS-MMC: with MMC specification; miniSD with SD card specifications Ultra-Portable – slim, small card design Reliable – lifetime warranty Versatile –when combined with the appropriate adapter, can be used as a full-size MMC or SD card Simple – as easy as plug and play Economical –low power consumption for better device battery life Kingston RS-MMC and miniSD Digital Media Products.

Kingston’s RS-MMC cards will be released in 64 and 128-MB capacities and Kingston miniSD cards will launch in 64, 128 and 256-MB capacities. Larger capacities for both the RS-MMC and miniSD product lines will follow as digital device needs dictate. Both cards carry Kingston’s lifetime warranty and award-winning technical support.


Gretchen Schultz, Advertising / PR Manager was on hand to demo Lexmark's All-in-One X7170 printer. Lexmark’s new X7170 All-in-One offers small business owners a one-stop shop for easily faxing, scanning, printing and copying documents, and with the new Lexmark Productivity

Suite Software, an easy-to-use way to move information between the paper and digital worlds.

Users can: Create multiple page portable document files

(PDFs), from a variety of formats, into a single document for storage and distribution; Convert hard copy pages into text files that can be edited and scanned-to-email via Lexmark Optical Character

Recognition (OCR) program; Utilize thumbnail images and drag-and-drop functionality to print, fax, email, convert to another format or archive any document with just a few keystrokes; Upload images from PictBridge-enabled cameras to edit, or-

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ganize and print high-definition color photos; and

View flash tutorials, download templates and receive Lexmark product updates via Web links.


(Interlink Networks)

Enterprise-Class Wireless Security for Small Business. LucidLink secures your 802.11 wireless LAN with the same technology used by Fortune 500 companies, combined with the simplicity that small business demands. Protect your company's wireless data with award-winning security, compliant with 802.1x, WPA, and the new 802.11i standard.

Easily configure your access point and set up LucidLink security in less than 15 minutes, out of the box. Add and remove wireless users with intuitive one-click management.


Macromedia was demonstrating many of their fine products like:

Studio MX 2004:

Streamline web development with the integrated tool set that includes Dreamweaver, Flash, Fireworks and FreeHand.

Studio MX 2004 with Flash Pro:

Everything in

Studio MX 2004, plus the advanced capabilities of

Flash Professional, including forms-based development, data connectivity, and high quality video.

Web Publishing System:

Everything an organization needs to affordably build, manage, and publish to enterprise websites.

Dreamweaver MX 2004:

Build professional web sites and applications.

Flash MX 2004:

Create rich interactive experiences.

Flash MX Professional 2004:

Develop advanced

Flash content, applications and video experiences.

Fireworks MX 2004:

Design, optimize and integrate web graphics.

Contribute 3: Allow individuals and teams to update web content while maintaining site integrity.

FreeHand MX:

Create illustration and layout for print and web.

Director MX 2004:

Build high-performance multimedia experiences for cd/dvd, kiosks and the web.

muvee Technologies

muvee autoProducer is the fastest, easiest and most fun way to transform raw videos and pictures into professional-looking productions - completely automatically!

It's so easy that anyone can use it - muvee auto-

Producer works in just a few quick steps and takes only minutes, even seconds! Get great results -

Make cool videos like a pro in a snap...without wasting precious time learning to work with complicated software.

It's as easy as 1-2-3: Select your video and pictures, Add in some music (MP3, WAV, WMA),

Choose from 24 cool editing styles, Click 'Make muvee', Burn muvee to DVD or VCD. Voila! You're done. Preview your muvees in real time, instantly remake them in a different style, or save for e-mail,

DVD and other popular formats to share with family and friends.


Rafi Spero from Neat Receipts was at ShowStoppers with their new Neat Receipts software and scanner, the only all-in-one scanner/software combination that scans, reads and organizes your receipts quickly and accurately. A time and effortsaving software, NeatReceipts is designed to manage receipts for expense reports, tax preparation and expense tracking while helping you stay organized. NeatReceipts allows users to quickly and efficiently organize printed data by scanning, recording, storing and transmitting it. Receipts of all sizes and qualities become manageable, from coffee slips to hotel bills. NeatReceipts takes the paper out of paperwork!

Expense reporting, tracking and uploading scanned

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data is then available to a variety of popular personal finance software programs such as Quick-

Books, Quicken, Money and others. With any one of these programs, users can painlessly prepare tax documents, and submit electronically since the

IRS recognizes and accepts these programs. Reports can also be saved in variety of formats including Excel, Word, HTML and Adobe (PDF). In addition, individual receipts can be emailed using Microsoft Outlook.

The scanner and software sell together for



Caroline Rubenstein from S&S PR was on hand representing Newpoint demonstrating their upgraded WallHugger Surge Protector with unique

V3TM technology. The new V3TM technology far outpaces the performance and protection offered by current MOV-technology alternatives. The newest WallHugger surge protectors extend protection capacity, as well as improving heat dissipation substantially, resulting in a safer, longer-lasting surge protector.

Caroline at the Newpoint booth

The versatile slim-line design of the unit allows it to be positioned as a tower against a wall or flat on a desktop, depending upon user preference and space constraints. All Wallhugger surge protectors have integrated child-safe outlets and wider spaced outlets to accommodate adapter plugs. Meanwhile, the slide-out extender bar provides four additional outlets which can be stored conveniently within the unit when not in use. Dual cord catchers allow for cords to be easily organized in order to further extend the user workspace.

WallHugger is designed to integrate a variety of features aimed at providing consumers with unmatched quality and extended product life. The integrated phone line protection enhances performance and reliability while the shielded coaxial line protection and gold connectors offer superior data transmission and noise reduction. The surge protectors also feature ClearConnect Power Conditioning EMI/RFI noise filtration.

The WallHugger family includes six products that are rated from 2520 to 4000 joules (depending on the model), compared to 1500 to 3600 joules in previous generation products. The premium model provides 10 outlets, plus the four outlets on the extender bar. The most basic model, meanwhile, offers 7 outlets. The WallHugger products carry a connected equipment warranty of up to $250,000 to $500,000. The products are priced at $49.99 to

$99.99 MSRP. and


Roxanne Pascente of S&S PR represented

Norazza and their new Data Destroyer Office PRO.

Businesses can now destroy the information on up to 50 discarded CDs and/or DVDs by pressing a single button with Data Destroyer Office PRO, an automated desktop device. The unit applies thousands of tiny imprints to both sides of each disc to ensure that no data is recoverable, preventing identity theft and corporate espionage.

Just load the spindle, press the button, and the product’s built-in motor feeds each disc into a special destruction slot on a timed basis. As each disc is processed, the next one is automatically retrieved from the gravity-fed input bin without the need for manual intervention. Each disc is destroyed in less than seven seconds, enabling 50 discs to be processed in roughly five minutes.

The imprint strategy eliminates the risk that portions of the disc can still be read after manual efforts to scratch or mutilate it. It also eliminates the problem of disposing of the sharp shards created when discs are broken or shredded.

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The unit measures just 14” x 8” x 11”, offering a shoebox-sized desktop footprint that allows it to be placed anywhere in the office. It plugs into the wall and comes with a UL-approved AC adapter.

The Data Destroyer Office PRO is available through dealers and distributors at an MSRP of


Norcent Technology

Susan van Barneveld represented Norcent with some of their many Plasma and LCD televisions and home theater systems.

Norcent’s line of LCD monitors is truly outstanding.

This is one time when the old adage of you have to see it to believe it is true. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a better picture anywhere.

The Norcent DP-220 DVD player also looked very interesting. The DP-220 is a full-featured DVD player with the added flexibility of playing near-

DVD quality DivX movies downloaded from the

Internet. We’ve requested a review unit and look forward to doing a full report.


Novatix Corporation, producers of best-of-breed security and productivity software, introduced their new RedWall v. 1.0. RedWall is a patent-pending zero-day security and productivity tool which provides essential real-time protection against viruses, worms, buffer overruns, and other malicious filebased threats.

Almost daily we hear that a new virus has been released, or that a new worm is making its way around the world. While antivirus providers do an excellent job of posting new definition files to protect against these threats, they do so after the fact.

Previously no solution existed to protect users during the crucial time at the very beginning of a new outbreak when a threat is first released. Antivirus companies scramble to develop, test and post the new virus definition file, but there is always a lag time and vulnerability for unprotected computers. This gap in time is precisely when your system is most vulnerable, and the reason viruses spread.

RedWall offers you immediate zero-day protection to defend your valuable data even when your antivirus cannot. RedWall acts as a 'firewall' between you and file based threats. Its patent-pending technology protects your system at the file level, giving you an instant real-time defense against viruses, worms, buffer overruns and other malicious programs. RedWall is intended to help you fend off attacks from dangerous files sent to you anonymously or via a spoofed sender address (an address which looks like someone you know and trust). In the latest attacks, it has become almost impossible for users to establish the legitimacy of a message or its sender. New threats are being carried by PDF files, MP3s, ZIPs and now even with

JPEGs in the form of buffer overruns that execute malicious code.

RedWall enables you to quickly and securely preview the contents of any file and attachment. If the file is legitimate, it may be opened and edited as usual. If, however, RedWall detects suspicious behavior in the file, you will be alerted so that you can then safely delete the file, having averted any threat.

NYKO Technologies

The Wireless Headset for Xbox Live gives gamers cordless freedom, high-performance sound, and personalized comfort during intense online battles. Nyko's proprietary wireless technology provides the best way to communicate online without being tethered to the controller. The Digi-Lock technology insures a fast, Lag-free connection with a range of 35 feet. The Wireless Headset is lightweight, includes 3 differently sized silicone earpieces, and fits both the left and right ear. Featuring a rechargeable lithium polymer battery, players

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can compete in their favorite online gaming tournaments at ease for up to six hours. Nyko's Wireless

Headset is the ultimate way to command the troops over Xbox Live.


Darshan Shah of Olixir Technologies was at Show-

Stoppers with their latest products:

Mobile DataVault 3DX

Rugged 80-400 GB External Hard Drives for individual backup/disaster recovery; transporting data; and reliable video, photo, music storage.

Mobile DataVault 2LX,

Ultra-Rugged 20-100 GB

Portable Hard Drives for mobile video surveillance, military intelligence safekeeping, transporting data.

Mobile DataVault FastRestore SE System

, Tape-

Free Backup and Disaster Recovery for small business backup and disaster recovery. Includes five 250-400 GB rugged drives that are safe for rotation and offsite archiving. This affordable system completely eliminates the need for tape.

Mobile DataVault FastRestore Enterprise System,

Tape-Free Backup and Disaster Recovery with a RAID 5 Enclosure for Enterprise backup and disaster recovery. Includes four-bay RAID enclosure/four portable external hard drives (you can purchase additional drives based on desired rotation and archival policy). Achieve 500 GB of native capacity by populating the system with three 250

GB rugged drives, or up to 1.2 TB with four rugged drives! This system eliminates the need for tape.


IVL Technologies Introduced its 2005 On-Key

Karaoke Product Line at ShowStoppers.

The On-Key family of karaoke handheld players provide karaoke enthusiasts with award-winning, best-of-class karaoke technology, and takes home entertainment to a new level of fun. The new additions to the On-Key family are the On-Key Pro

Karaoke System, an all-in-one handheld device that supports up to 350 songs, offers superior sound quality and advance vocal effects, and the

On-Key Karaoke VideoMaker, a combination videocamera and wireless microphone karaoke player that allows you to capture and create your own music videos through your VCR. These new innovations come with all the patented IVL vocal features, including pitch correction, scoring and voice shifting.

The On-Key Karaoke VideoMaker and Pro Karaoke

System, redefines home entertainment, because both players give users an opportunity to create and capture the best karaoke experience in their own homes. Whether you are looking to sing in tune to your favorite songs or capture a memorable performance, users will be surprised with each feature and the expanding capabilities included in our latest players. or


OQO representatives were on hand to demonstrate their new pocket sized computer.

The OQO model 01 ultra personal computer (uPC) is a fully-functional Windows XP computer. The

OQO has a 1GHz processor, a 20GB hard drive,

256MB of RAM, a color transflective display, and integrated wireless, as well as Fire Wire and USB ports. It is powerful enough to run your most complex applications.

Just 4.9 inches long, 3.4 inches wide, .9 inches thin, and weighing only 14 ounces, the model 01 can fit in a pocket or purse and go with you anywhere. For easy typing and cursor control it has a complete thumb keyboard with TrackStik and mouse buttons as well as digital pen and thumbwheel. It is the much anticipated device for people who previously had to choose between the bulk and awkwardness of a laptop and the limited capability of a PDA.

The OQO model 01 is also the most versatile computer to date. With the OQO docking cable, it can easily connect to projectors and Ethernet networks.

Placed in the desktop stand it is a desktop computer, allowing you to connect easily to a variety of peripherals, including full-size keyboards, printers, scanners, and high-resolution monitors. It shifts easily from one mode to the other with no data synchronization required.

With an OQO model 01 you can move throughout your day and enjoy constant access to all your information and Windows XP programs. You can use the same computer for high-powered applications at work, sending email at home, listening to music on a train, or watching a movie on an airplane. It is the only computer you need.

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TOPICS Entertainment, Inc. and OTO Software were on hand to show their new Wi-Fi Defense system. Wi-Fi Defense was designed with the mainstream, non-technical consumer in mind, yet is powerful enough to offer security benefits to even the most advanced user. The technology detects all devices on the network, provides identifying information to assist the owner in designating each as Friend or Foe, and seamlessly locks-down the network to allow only approved devices. Adding a new device or allowing a visitor to join the network is also an easy task, and the application ensures that you maintain a locked-down network. At all times, Wi-Fi Defense continues a background scan to detect new and/or unauthorized devices.

Backed by a limited money-back guarantee, Wi-Fi

Defense will be available in retail stores at an estimated retail price of $29.95. Wi-Fi Defense is part of the SpyderSoft line of software utilities from Topics.


PentaWare Announced the Release of PentaSuite

DigiPhoto simplifying the management of digital images. PentaSuite DigiPhoto packs in all the powerful and necessary imaging tools needed to create a userfriendly program for all digital camera enthusiasts, home users, professional photographers and graphic artists. Many of the new digital devices are causing systems to be overrun with files that hinder the computer’s performance and eat up storage.

The new PentaSuite DigiPhoto is the perfect resource for all, including everyone from the professional photographers to the novice. The PentaSuite

DigiPhoto program incorporates the most useful tools needed when dealing with digital images, such as allowing users to open, compress, encrypt, view, upload or download, store and send files.

PentaWhiteBoard is an easy and convenient way of saving frames captured from movies (AVI, MPG and MOV) and common graphics files. A feature that many digital camera users will find particularly useful is PentaRename. This amazing program enables users the ability to rename single files or numerous files ("batch renaming") at one time. Users can also copy or move files from a CD or DVD to a hard drive and make the renaming changes at the same time. PentaPDFPRO allows the creation of files in PDF format for all documents and graphic files that

PentaView supports (Word, Excel, PowerPoint,

WordPerfect, JPEG, TIF, JFIF, HTML,

DWG, RTF, Digital Photography RAW formats, etc.). PentaEXIF is a program designed to allow users to view EXIF (“Exchangeable Image File Format”) information and search for images containing data in the EXIF information section of digital images, now used by most digital cameras as well as image scanners.


The leader in waterproof digital, PENTAX Imaging

Company has outdone itself with the introduction of the amphibious OptioWP digital camera. With a sleek, legant exterior, 5.0 megapixels and a 3X zoom, the PENTAX OptioWP captures high quality images both on land and underwater. The OptioWP captures high quality images up to three feet underwater without an additional underwater housing unit. The OptioWP is the perfect digital camera for active people who snorkel, ski, sail, surf, participate in a variety of outdoor activities or simply find themselves in a monsoon.

Well-known for delivering tiny digital, PENTAX keeps the OptioWP dimensions to a mere 4x2x0.9 inches and only 4.2 ounces. Despite the diminutive size, the OptioWP features a generous 2.0 inch low reflection LCD, 10MB built-in memory, quick startup, an ultra fast nine point autofocus, and it captures movies at 30 frames per second in JPEG format.


Kevin Donovan, President of Planetwide Games was at ShowStoppers with their first Digital Music

Application that Dynamically Downloads Music on

Demand into MMORPGs.

Planetwide Games has created a dynamic application for MMORPG’s with the downloading of music on demand and a new distribution model for both music and games by creating a new venue for established and new musical talent. With broadband reaching a mass-market penetration and passing dial-up, the new virtual world of interactive enter-

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tainment has finally arrived. Planetwide is leading the charge with its patent pending process which enables the digital download of music and content into real time online video game play for added entertainment value and purchase. Planetwide

Games will feature this innovative technology with a line-up of popular musical artists, supermodels, and celebrities in Video Games and Video Game soundtracks. With broadband surpassing dialup as the Internet connectivity of choice for US consumers, a new virtual world of interactive entertainment has arrived. Planetwide Games is leading the charge for MMORPG’s with innovative technology, and a new method for new music artist distribution.


Plextor, a leading developer and manufacturer of high-performance digital media equipment, announced the next generation of the ConvertX Digital Video Converter, a real-time hardware digital video converter and editing device for personal computers. The Model PX-M402U now supports hardware DivX encoding, converting video to DivX in real time while the video is captured to the computer’s hard disk. This can save hours of time for users compared to converting video to DivX after capture using a software encoding program, as well as allow users to store up to 10 hours of video on recordable DVD discs.

The new ConvertX also allows users to edit MPEG-

4 and DivX video content, making it faster and easier for users to cut unwanted scenes and add titles, transitions, and special effects. Other new features include DVD VR and Edit-on-Disc, allowing users to capture and burn video directly to writable DVD discs and then edit the content right off the disc itself. Users can edit the interactive menus, change backgrounds, and add or delete video from the disc.

ConvertX Digital Video Converter allows users to capture video to their computer for editing, storing, and sharing. Users simply connect a video source—such as an analog or digital camcorder,

DVD player, VCR, or television—to one of ConvertX’s AV connections, which include RCA Composite Audio/Video Input, S-Video Input. ConvertX automatically converts the analog video into a digital format for editing, authoring, and recording on media. Video capture formats include MPEG-1

(VideoCD), MPEG-2, (DVD), MPEG-4, and DivX.

ConvertX supports major international video broadcast standards, NTSC, PAL, and SECAM, making it the ideal product for virtually any video source.

ConvertX connects to host computers via the Hi-

Speed USB 2.0 interface, ensuring that users get the highest possible video capture quality.

Recommended System: Personal computer system with a 800 MHz or faster processor, 256 MB RAM,

10 GB hard drive; Microsoft Windows XP Pro/

Home/2000 operating system.


PowerHouse Technologies was on hand to show its line of Migo portable productivity devices. The newly introduced Migo line starts at the device’s original 256MB storage capacity and extends to include new 512MB and 1GB models. The increased capacity allows users to capture a much larger virtual copy of their PC’s environment, making it possible to carry more data files and Outlook e-mail than ever before.

PowerHouse Technologies has enhanced the performance of Migo by enabling compatibility with the

USB 2.0 specification, which incorporates highperformance and speedy data transfer rates. Migo now boasts fast 8MB/second read and 7MB/ second write speeds. The latest generation of Migo builds on the solid foundation of functionality and innovation provided by the original product to further improve productivity for today’s mobile computing users.

The updated version of Migo’s software enhances information security and dramatically improves the user’s mobile Internet browsing experience. Migo’s software now removes traces of Internet browsing and document editing so that nothing is left behind when Migo is used on a remote or host computer.

Migo erases the Internet Explorer history entries and cookies created during these login sessions.

Migo also erases the Microsoft® Office file history entries created when editing Word, Excel and

PowerPoint files during a user session.


You can now watch all the same live television shows and movies you watch at home - in your

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car - wherever you go! Now you're not just limited to playing DVDs in your moving vehicle. RaySat brings you the variety of exciting programming available via satellite. All it takes is a sleek roofmounted antenna called the SpeedRay.

Only RaySat's SpeedRay: Receives DISH Network and all other direct to home DBS providers in the

USA and Canada, for access to over 500 satellite

TV and music channels Provides excellent reception at highway speeds. Features an ultra-lowprofile antenna (around 5" high). Mounts securely to the rooftops of most RVs, SUVs, minivans or trucks. Is backed by RaySat's limited warranty.

SpeedRay provides full in-motion reception of satellite TV signals on open roads with a clear view of the southern sky. Cutting-edge, patented phasedarray antenna technology makes this remarkable low-profile system possible! The rugged impact- and weather-resistant antenna is built to withstand the elements.

RoboForm (Siber Systems)

Siber Systems was at ShowStoppers with some of their applications.


a highly acclaimed web form filler and password manager. It is a practical application of sophisticated natural language processing techniques that we developed.


a C++ toolkit that contains Cobol parser, tree/graph-based semantic representation, and Cobol code generator. When you need to develop a program that analyzes, converts, or generates Cobol source programs, CobolTransformer is a good place to start.


a set of programs and libraries that can read Cobol data files and convert them to less exotic formats such as flat Comma-Separated Values files, dBase/IV DBF, Crystal Reports.


: a backtracking version of parser generator named Berkeley Yacc.


a modification of CVS that brings the power of CVS (most advanced revision control system) to the task of web site uploading and maintenance.


Elizabeth Ash & Roxanne Pascente of S&S PR represented Sakar and displayed the first 8.5-

Minute Battery Charger. Now you can charge two

AA batteries in less time than it takes to drink your coffee with the 8.5-Minute Supersonic Charger, the world’s fastest battery charger from Sakar International.

Elizabeth Asher of Sakar (not to be confused with Elizabeth Ash of S&S like I did!)

Just plug Sakar’s special NiMH charging batteries into the unit, grab your Starbucks, and 8.5 minutes later you’ll have fully charged cells that last 10 times longer than their standard counterparts --- whether you use them in MP3 or CD players, digital cameras, or any other power-hungry product.

Regular NiMH rechargeables can be charged in one hour, eliminating overnight waits.

The secret: patent-pending RD4 technology that accelerates charging by enabling batteries to withstand high current levels. The charging batteries can be recharged up to 1,000 times, and even partial charges will not reduce the cells’ capacity or cycle life because they are 100% memory-free.

A green LED indicates whether the battery is charging or fully charged, and the system operates on both 100V and 240V power for worldwide use.

Each 8.5 Minute Supersonic Charger package includes the charging unit and two AA 8.5-minute charging batteries at an MSRP of $59.99. Extra charging batteries are available separately at an

MSRP of $9.99 for a AA two-pack or $19.99 for a four-pack.

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Adam Lombardo of Brock Communications represented Salton and introduced the latest addition to the Beyond Connect Home product line, the ePods digital camera and portable entertainment system.

The ePods offers a number of features including: a

Digital Camcorder which records high quality digital video and easily transfers it to computer for viewing and editing; a Digital Still Camera which takes high quality digital still pictures (up to six megapixels, software interpolated); a Digital Music Player which allows the user to listen to MP3 music files with the provided earphones or through the internal speaker; a Voice Recorder which allows the user to record and listen to voice memos on the go; a Web

Camera for live video conferences over the internet; and Portable Storage which allows the user to store movies, photos, songs, voice memos, and other documents directly on the 128MB built in memory as well as optional memory expansion cards (up to 1GB using SD or MMC memory cards).


Michelle Gallina of Serious Magic was on hand to demo Serious Magic’s Visual Communicator 2, the

Newest Version of its Multi-Award-Winning Video

Creation Software. The new version introduces flexible recording and real-time editing to enhance the ease of the video creation process.

Visual Communicator software is ideal for businesses, educators, trainers, and video producers,

Visual Communicator 2 is based on a video production process that eliminates traditional editing timelines to allow for dramatically faster video creation while making productions that looks as if they were created for a television newscast.

Visual Communicator 2 introduces Flex Recording which allows users to shoot segments out of sequence or at different times. With Flex Recording users can start in the middle, begin at the end, or update any section they’ve recorded at any time.

The new Flex Recording feature in Visual Communicator will enable you to focus and polish key points in your business video presentations.

On-The-Fly Editing gives users amazing new ways to improve their shows by giving them the power to add or change media such as PowerPoint slides, graphics, or video while recording their presentation. This feature is especially useful for those that wish to stream their presentations live over the

Internet as it enables them to potentially respond to viewer’s questions and answer them immediately while displaying complementary graphics or charts as examples. The In-Place Trimming feature greatly improves the ease and speed at which users can specify which portions of video clips are included in their presentation and interactively edits their video clips without having to edit them on a timeline. To fade audio in or out, a new audio function has been added to allow users full control over the mood of their video presentations.

Visual Communicator 2 Web is priced at $199.95,

Visual Communicator 2 Pro at $399.95, and Visual

Communicator 2 Studio at $695.00.


Sling Media demonstrated the Slingbox Personal

Broadcaster, a breakthrough consumer electronics device that transforms today’s television viewing experience. The Slingbox enables a consumer to watch their live TV programming from wherever they are by turning virtually any laptop or Internetconnected device into a personal TV.

The Slingbox redirects, or "placeshifts," the TV signal from any cable box, satellite receiver, or personal video recorder (PVR) to a viewer’s location and device of choice, whether in another room in

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the home or anywhere in the world with a highspeed Internet connection. An elegantly designed compact box that fits neatly into a user’s existing

TV setup, the Slingbox will retail for $249 with no additional monthly service fees.

Under the hood, the Slingbox is powered by a highperformance digital signal processor from Texas

Instruments. The live TV streaming system leverages Microsoft’s latest Windows Media technologies. In addition, Sling Media implemented its proprietary stream optimization technology, codenamed “Lebowski,” to enhance the consumer viewing experience over a wide range of networks and devices.


SnapStream Media, Inc., a leading developer of digital entertainment products demonstrated their new product Beyond Media. Beyond Media is a revolutionary new software product that lets users turn PCs into media centers with easy management of their photos, music, videos and DVDs.

Together with their award-winning Beyond TV PVR software and their Firefly PC Remote, SnapStream now offers the best solution on the market for endusers and OEMs building entertainment PCs. Beyond Media will make its mark in the digital home because of the power that it offers and because they’ve made the software so easy and intuitive for the end-user.

Beyond Media allows control of all PC entertainment content with one application. Users of Beyond

Media can experience their music, photos, videos,

DVDs and online content, all in a single, userfriendly software package. Beyond Media empowers users to: transform an ordinary PC into a media center PC, have fun with photo slideshows – zoom, pan and rotate photos, play slideshow to music sort, browse, and search your music by genre, title, artist and keyword, easily browse all their media in the living room with the Firefly PC Remote Stream online music, movies, news and more on-demand with SnapStream Spotlight check the weather and called ID with powerful Beyond Media plug-ins, enjoy DVDs in surround sound with included DVD decoder.


Streamload, the leading Internet service for transfer and storage of personal digital entertainment, is now offering 10 GB of free online storage to everyone who signs up, an increase from 1GB per month. Streamload is the first and only company to offer free accounts with 10 GB of free storage per month, ten times more than other online services, allowing subscribers to upload their personal videos, digital video recordings, MP3s and photo collections to share with friends and family. For as low as $4.95 per month, Streamloaders enjoy unlimited storage and never have to worry about running out of space again and have anywhere, anytime access to their stored files.

Audio and video collections can easily consume tens or hundreds of gigabytes of data storage, free trial users can get a taste of what Streamload has to offer its paid subscribers – unlimited storage.


Heather Kelly & Jason Ovitt of S&S Public Relations were on hand to talk about Sunbelt Software’s

All New Anti-Spyware Solution “CounterSpy”, software that aggressively detects and removes spyware and provides broad real-time protection from future threats.

CounterSpy aggressively scans, detects, and removes a broad range of adware, spyware and other malware, while providing real-time prevention to reduce the chance of future spyware infections.

Spyware is an insidious, often devastating nuisance for today’s internet users, often causing machine slowdowns, crashes and even privacy concerns. CounterSpy is designed to be a one-stop solution to the spyware problem, with an extensive database of current spyware threats, as well as real-time protection to reduce the chance of a recurring infection on a user’s machine.

A one-year subscription to spyware updates is included in the purchase price; reasonably priced annual subscriptions are available thereafter.

CounterSpy works with Windows 98SE/Me/2000/

XP and requires a minimum Internet connection speed of 28.8 Kbps. Minimum hardware requirements Pentium II Processor with 64MB of RAM and

24MB of free hard disk space. Internet Explorer 5.0

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or higher also required.


Can you imagine a 2" Swiss Army Knife with a USB

(Universal Serial Bus) memory stick? Swissbit

Group imagined it and created the SwissMemory

USB Victorinox.

The SwissMemory USB Victorinox looks like a traditional 2" Swiss Army Knife except it is a little thicker and weighs 34 grams. It comes with the usual knife, scissors, screwdriver and nail file. What makes it unique is that it is available with a detachable 256MB, 512MB, or

1GB memory stick with a high speed USB 2.0

Controller. But wait, there is more! The

SwissMemory USB Victorinox also contains a ball-point pen, a red LED light, safety cap and key ring. It also comes with a

Swissbit SwissMemory lanyard, USB extension cable, and CD with driver and manual in Chinese,

English, French, German, Japanese, Russian, and

Spanish. Here are some other SwissMemory USB technical specifications:

- Reads at speeds up to 8MB and writes at speeds up to 7MB

- Red LED indicator is on when idle and blinking when transferring data

- Ten years data retention

- Mass storage class controller

- On the fly error correction with automatic bad block management

- USB bus powered (4.4 - 5.25 Volts)

- Two years full warranty on USB parts and a lifetime warranty on the knife

Carry the SwissMemory USB Victorinox on the lanyard around your neck, on a key chain, in your pocket, purse, or briefcase. When traveling, detach the SwissMemory USB stick from the Swiss Army

Knife to avoid airport security check problems.

There is also a SwissMemory USB Flight Version that contains the SwissMemory USB, ball-point pen, and a red LED light.

Plug the SwissMemory USB into the USB 2.0 port of a PC running Windows XP (or Windows 98 or higher, Mac 9.0 or higher). Plug&Play will find the new Victorinox 2.0 hardware, automatically install the Swissbit SecureLOCK v2.0.0.1 software, and create a new disk drive designation (i.e., Swiss-

Memory E:). SecureLOCK options are to create a partition, manage the password, repair disk, login, or FAQ.

You can also use the free “Travel it easy” software for managing files, e-mail and Internet functions, protecting data, and more on the SwissMemory

USB Victorinox. The first time you use “Travel it easy”, fill in the USB Lost and Found information form and a Lost and Found HTML file will be created. If desired, personal or sensitive data can be password protected. If you lose your Swiss-

Memory USB Victorinox, the Lost and Found information can be used to return the SwissMemory

USB stick to you … without your password protected data being compromised.,,


Michael P. Gullory, Manager, Marketing Communications for TI was on hand to demonstrate some of their many products like the industry’s first digital

TV on a single chip, “Hollywood” will bring broadcast viewing and reception to mobile phones. The chip will capture broadcast signals and allow cell phone users to watch live broadcasts ranging from their favorite reality TV shows to major sporting events and breaking news. The chip will receive live digital TV broadcasts using new television infrastructure that is being developed for cell phones, doing for cell phones what HDTV did for home TVs.


Nowadays, people are constantly on the move. In an increasingly mobile world, people rely more and more on personal navigation products as a vital tool to facilitate mobility. With illuminated maps and voice-guidance systems, personal navigation products are a natural transition to paperless navigation. Getting directions has never been so stressfree. GPS (Global Positioning Systems) navigation systems give you spot-on navigation, wherever you are and are as easy to use as a mobile phone. And if you need to re route your journey – to avoid congestion, road work or traffic accidents – GPS navigation systems can do this for you automatically.

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The unique advantages of TomTom GO:

Complete car navigation solution in one box including car mount. Smart and easy, door-to-door navigation. Switch on. Upload your maps. And go.

Clear, high quality voice guided route instruction.

Clear 3-D view – even in direct sunlight. Long-life rechargeable battery and cigarette lighter operation. Modern and sleek design to fit your style.

Highly portable – easy to fit and remove in seconds. Easy mount on dashboard or window.


Regan Petersen, of Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide was at ShowStoppers representing Uniden.

Uniden introduces a perfect blend of functionality and design in its new line of cordless telephones utilizing the most advanced features available in the consumer electronics industry. New cordless lines and outstanding innovations in Voice over IP,

GMRS/FRS Radios, CB Radios and Digital Scanners make Uniden products one of this year’s hottest technology offerings.

Uniden announced its new 5.8GHz and 2.4 GHz

Digital Expandable cordless phone lineups, offering cutting-edge designs and features. The company is introducing an innovative flip design to the

5.8GHz series, as well as cordless phones with

Bluetooth headset and cellular phone connectivity.

This convergence technology feature allows consumers to establish a wireless connection between their home phone and a Bluetooth-enabled cell phone, providing the benefit of landline audio quality while utilizing free cell phone minutes (pending individual cellular contracts).

Uniden is also enhancing its communication suite by featuring the company’s first consumer Voice over IP (VoIP) products, a 5.8GHz digital expandable cordless phone with a built-in VoIP adapter and the DTA 200 Digital Telephone Adapter, as a response to increased consumer demand surrounding VoIP technologies. Uniden’s new VoIP products allow consumers to take full advantage of the cost effective and extended features offered by the latest advances in voice communication.

V Communications

VCOM (V Communications) has been creating great solutions for users of personal computers since 1986. VCOM's security products, such as

SystemSuite, Fix-It Utilities, AutoSave, Recovery

Commander and SecurErase provide protection for you and your PC, with Anti-Virus, Firewall, Anti-

Spam, diagnostics, recovery, permanent drive erasure and much more.

VCOM's line of true 'what you see is what you get' file management and web site development products includes Final Bid, Web Easy, Web Easy Professional, PowerDesk Pro and Media Easy.

In the utility market, VCOM's products are unequaled with advanced OS management and partitioning products including Copy Commander, Partition Commander and System Commander.


Webroot Software, a producer of award-winning privacy, protection and performance software, introduced the anti-spyware industry’s first automated spyware research system designed specifically to root out and identify spyware anywhere on the Web.

Called “Phileas,” the system is a significant advance in the battle against spyware, identifying spyware, adware and other types of potentially unwanted software faster and more comprehensively than any other current research method.

This new technology represents the migration of spyware research from secondary research to primary research and now to an automated technology-based research. Unlike other security research techniques which rely on ‘honey-pots’ and other passive threat data collection methodologies, this system is designed specifically for the active pursuit of spyware and potentially for other security threats.”

The introduction of Phileas follows the recent launch of Webroot Spy Sweeper v3.5, the industry’s leading anti-spyware software and a two-time recipient of PC Magazine’s Editors’ Choice Award.

Webroot Spy Sweeper v3.5 boasts a 30% increase in sweep speed, additional shields to prevent spyware infections, and the ability to detect and remove Cool Web Search’s NS3 variant, one of the most malicious and destructive types of spyware.

Webroot Spy Sweeper was also recently named

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Best of the Year in the anti-spyware category by

PC Magazine.


Renee Blodgett, President of Blodgett Communications was on hand to demonstrate Xitel’s new

SOUNDaround, a high quality audio solution that gives users a complete home theater-like experience without the need for expensive equipment or complex installation. Xitel’s new system is simple, easy-to-use, and works through two normal speakers, yet provides users with a complete, vibrant and rich cinema experience.

While surround sound systems can sound fabulous, to achieve a satisfactory experience costs a lot of money and requires a precise installation by professionals. If a speaker is placed wrongly or is not appropriate for the task, the results can be very disappointing.

Many audio companies want you to believe the only way to create realistic home theater sound is to fill your room with expensive speakers. There is a lot more work in getting a multi-speaker system right than most people really appreciate; it’s clearly not as simple as pulling a few components out of a box and plugging them in. SOUNDaround allows consumers to achieve an outstanding high-quality home theater experience from their DVD movies and games, using their existing equipment. With

SOUNDaround there’s no reason to thrown away your perfectly good stereo - for less than $100 you can turn it into an awesome home theater without having to spend lots of money on messy cables, multiple speakers, or expensive surround sound amplifiers.


Once again, Zone Labs was at ShowStopppers with their great line of Firewall applications.

Zone Alarm Security Suite’s Easy-to-use firewall blocks hackers and other unknown threats. Intrusion Blocking systematically identifies hackers and blocks access attempts. Stealth Mode automatically makes your computer invisible to anyone on the Internet.

Automatic Program Configuration provides safety and simplicity by automatically configuring programs. Automatically decides whether to allow or deny Internet access to individual programs. Expert

Controls give savvy users precise control over security settings.

Stops viruses and worms, and protects against emerging viruses before they attack. "Set and Forget" antivirus protection automatically scans emails and files for viruses and removes them for you.

Automatic updates protect you from the latest known security threats without you needing to remember to update your antivirus solution.

Award-winning antivirus technology secures your

PC against known viruses and worms, and, in conjunction with a firewall, protects you against Trojans and identity-theft tools such as keystroke logging programs. Hacker ID anonymously tracks hacker attempts on your PC and allows you to report offenders to the Internet Service Providers.

Cookie Control prevents incoming adware from being installed on your PC, yet allows cookies from trusted sites.

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Well, this concludes our coverage of Showstoppers and the 2005 Consumer Electronics Show. It was a hectic, extremely tiring week but well worth it.

In closing we’d like to share a few more pictures of some of our favorite people.

Roxanne and Sarah


Katie, Heather and Rebecca



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