Promax TG-140 TS Recorder / Processor / Player Datasheet

Promax TG-140 TS Recorder / Processor / Player Datasheet
The TG-140 is a versatile MPEG-2 transport stream recorder and player that can be used in a
great number of applications.
It can record a transport stream continuously for several hours and then play it back later on at pleasure.
Its recording capacity can be also split in plenty of shorter duration transport streams.
The transport streams can contain a single service or multiple ones so that the user
can have full flexibility during the test phases of digital set top box or iDTV's design,
manufacture or service.
Services included in the transport stream can be audio, video or data in MPEG-2 or MPEG-4
formats and can correspond to free to air or encrypted programs in standard definition
(SDTV) or high definition (HDTV).
The TG-140 comes with preloaded test transport streams that can be selected using the
device front panel controls. Thanks to the PC computer interface and the web server
functions the users can also edit or tailor the transport streams to their specific requirements.
The TG-140 in combination with a digital modulator such as MO-170 for DVB-T for instance
becomes a highly flexible and affordable digital broadcast signal simulator.
ASI transport stream
Maximum data rate 150 Mb/s
Storage capacity
Hard disk 160 GB
15 hours of 20 Mb/s transport stream
ASI transport stream
SPI parallel transport stream
Maximum data rate 90 Mb/s
PC computer connection
USB interface
Ethernet interface
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