Vivitar ViviCam 5018 Quick Start Guide

Vivitar ViviCam 5018 Quick Start Guide
Quick Start Guide
Vivitar ViviCam 5018 Digital Camera
1. Know your camera:
2. Open and install 2 AAA alkaline batteries into the battery
compartment on the bottom of the camera:
3. In order for you to capture images with your camera you will
need to insert an SD Memory card (up to 8GB). Memory cards are
not included and need to be purchased separately.
4. You are now ready to capture images
 Turn on the camera by pressing the “Power button” for a
few seconds
 Aim the camera in the direction of the subject you wish to
 The image will appear in the LCD screen
 Use the zoom in (T) zoom out (W) button to focus your shot
 Holding the camera steady press the “Shutter” button with
your right index finger
 The image is automatically saved to the memory card
 For other camera features and how to change to the video
capture setting see the User’s Guide
5. Install the Photags Express software
 The camera and application are compatible on Windows
Pentium 3 and up running Windows 2000, XP and Vista. The
camera also connects to Mac OS.
 Insert the Photags Express disc into the CD-ROM of your
 The application will automatically begin to run
 Follow the easy instructions to install the software on your
 Once the software is installed simply double-click the
Photags Express icon on your desktop
 The Photags Express application opens
 Connect your camera to an available USB port on your
computer with the USB cord provided in the package
 Wait a few seconds for the computer to recognize your
6. Download and edit the images
Vivitar makes it easier to download the images
 Click the “Get Photos” button on the top of the Photags
Express main menu
 Follow the download wizard step-by-step instructions
 The images on your camera will be downloaded to your
 Click the “Select Photos” button on the main menu
 All the images will appear in the Select Photos window
 Using the Photags Express software you can edit, share
and print your photos
We thank you for choosing our ViviCam 5018 5.1 Mega-Pixel
Digital Camera.
For technical assistance and information see the User`s Guide or
the Help and Show Me How tutorial in the Photags Express
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