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Quick Guide
for Canon
340.00 – 354.00 MHz, US FCC/IC
433.42 – 434.42 MHz, CE
UPDATE FIRMWARE: Be sure ALL your PocketWizard ControlTL® radios,
including this one, are updated to the latest firmware for proper functionality.
Latest firmware version can be found at:
Please read this Quick Guide thoroughly before operating.
Visit to download the full
Owner’s Manual and PocketWizard Utility. Information in
this Quick Guide is subject to change.
Internal Antenna
Configuration/Channel 1
Configuration/Channel 2
Power Off
Battery Compartment
(on bottom)
USB Connector
Canon-style Hot Shoe
Status LED
Locking Ring
Your new PocketWizard radio runs on very
sophisticated software we call ControlTL™
which can be configured to your specific
needs using the PocketWizard Utility.
You can download this utility at
ControlTL software is designed to be “Future
Proof” and will be upgraded from time-totime. Please register your product online to
be notified when updates are available.
All equipment should be turned OFF when
making connections. Unwanted triggering
may occur.
Lanyard Loop
USB Connector (behind antenna)
Adjustable Antenna
2 AA [IEC:LR6]
Zone Selector
Configuration/Channel 1
Configuration/Channel 2
Power Off
1/4-20 mount
(on bottom)
Canon-style Hot Shoe
Remote Flash Triggering
Locking Ring
Remote Camera Triggering Port
First exposure after making initial
connections or powering on may not be
properly exposed. First shot is a camera
calibration shot. Always test twice.
Review product manuals for your camera and
flash system. For most basic functions when
using Canon’s system or PocketWizard’s,
operation is identical.
Status LED
You may use a FlexTT5 as a transmitter
instead of a MiniTT1 in all scenarios.
Make sure all PocketWizard radios are
set to same PocketWizard channel.
PocketWizard channel is used instead
of Canon channel. See LEARN Mode
Basic Wireless E-TTL: MiniTT1 OO FlexTT5
No flash on Camera
1.Slide MiniTT1 Transmitter onto camera.
2.Slide remote Speedlite onto FlexTT5 Transceiver. Repeat for each remote Speedlite.
All remote E-TTL flashes will be treated as one zone of light.
3.Make sure all your PocketWizard radios are on the same channel and trigger normally.
This mode is like using Canon ST-E2 (non-ratio mode) or 580EX (I or II, master mode,
main flash off, non-ratio) in camera shoe.
Basic Wireless E-TTL: MiniTT1 OO FlexTT5
Flash on Camera
1.Slide MiniTT1 Transmitter onto camera.
2.Slide Canon 580EX Speedlite onto MiniTT1 radio.
3.Slide remote Speedlite onto FlexTT5 Transceiver. Repeat for each remote Speedlite.
All remote E-TTL flashes will be treated as one zone of light.
4.Make sure all your PocketWizard radios are on the same channel and trigger normally.
1.Slide MiniTT1 Transmitter onto camera.
2.Slide Canon 580EX Speedlite onto MiniTT1 radio. Set Speedlite for MASTER = ON.
Enable slave groups/zones per flash instructions. Canon Speedlite Transmitter ST-E2
may also be used.
3.Set remote FlexTT5 radio to desired Canon ratio slave group/zone (A, B, C) using
FlexTT5 zone switch.
4.Slide remote Speedlite onto FlexTT5 Transceiver. Set Speedlite for regular E-TTL mode
(not SLAVE or MASTER). Repeat for each remote Speedlite. All remote E-TTL flashes on same FlexTT5 slave group/zone will be treated as one zone of light.
5.Adjust ratios using MASTER Speedlite flash controls.
6.Make sure all your PocketWizard radios are on the same channel and trigger normally.
IMPORTANT: Canon flashes set to SLAVE = ON and connected to FlexTT5 radios will have
slave mode automatically turned off, but will still function as slaves correctly. Set desired
Canon slave group/zone via remote FlexTT5 zone switch. PocketWizard channel is used
instead of Canon channel.
ISO, aperture, flash exposure compensation (FEC), and other settings will track exposure
normally via the PocketWizard ControlTL system.
Ratio Wireless E-TTL: MiniTT1 OO FlexTT5
Flash on Camera
Manual Flash
“Wireless Manual” via E-TTL: MiniTT1 OO FlexTT5
Remote “Wireless Manual” flash using 580EX II
Canon’s “Setting the Flash Output for Each Slave” or “Wireless Manual” system allows setting
a remote flash to a desired manual level from the MASTER flash. You must use a 580EX II on
the MiniTT1 or FlexTT5 as transmitter. The original 580EX or earlier flashes cannot perform
this function via ControlTL radios. “Wireless Manual” uses controls similar to ratio mode.
Review your flash instructions for entering “Wireless Manual” mode. Follow the steps in the
ratio section for setting up your ControlTL radios to work with this mode.
Manual Flash
1. Slide MiniTT1 Transmitter onto camera.
2. If desired, slide Canon E-TTL Speedlite onto MiniTT1 radio.
3. Make sure all your PocketWizard radios are on the same channel and trigger normally.
Note: Manual remote flashes are not calculated as part of the E-TTL exposure.
Use PocketWizard Utility to engage HyperSync™ and explore faster than X-sync shutter
speeds. Visit for more information.
MiniTT1 OO Plus II, MultiMAX, Integrated, or FlexTT5
connected to manual flash
Remote flash with or without E-TTL flash on camera
Channels can be taught via PocketWizard Utility (recommended)
or from any PocketWizard transmitter:
IMPORTANT: Hold radios at least 2 feet apart when teaching/learning.
1.Turn MiniTT1 or FlexTT5 radio ON and select channel to be taught: C.1 or C.2.
2.Press and hold TEST for several seconds until LED blinks amber, then release TEST.
3.Quickly press and hold TEST on teaching transmitting radio (MiniTT1, FlexTT5, Plus II
or MultiMAX). When LED blinks green, channel is learned. Connected flash may
trigger during LEARN.
1 green blink = Low Standard channel learned (1 through 16, including Plus 1 through 4)
2 green blinks = High Standard channel learned (MultiMAX 17 through 32)
3 green blinks = ControlTL channel learned
For remote E-TTL systems, teach MiniTT1 radio to be used as primary transmitter first,
then use it to teach all FlexTT5 units.
MiniTT1 and FlexTT5 radios send out both ControlTL and Standard triggers every time
they are triggered. For remote E-TTL to function, ControlTL channel must be learned.
If you see only 1 or 2 green blinks, and you desire E-TTL, teach again with MiniTT1
or FlexTT5 radio. Look for 3 green blinks to verify ControlTL is learned.
To teach all radios Standard channels, use Standard transmitter as teaching radio for all
learning radios, including MiniTT1 radio to be used as primary transmitter.
To avoid inadvertent flashing from remote radios that have already been taught or
have already had channel set, turn them OFF.
Other Functions
A FlexTT5 radio in camera’s shoe and connected with motor drive cord to P1 can receive
a radio trigger, trigger the camera’s motor drive, which in turn triggers a remote flash.
The channel used for relay transmit is 1 higher than taught channel, unless set via
PocketWizard Utility.
Example: If you taught FlexTT5 radio Standard channel 2, then relay transmit occurs on
Standard channel 3. Press TEST on hand-held trigger radio to begin relay sequence.
Status LED
Normal “waiting for trigger” operation = short blink every 2 seconds.
Normal short blink color indicates Battery Level:
Green Good battery
Amber Warning – battery low
Red Very low battery – change immediately
Steady red LED in sync with TEST indicates normal transmission.
(Hold for 10 seconds to teach – see LEARN mode)
Short red blink in sync with trigger indicates normal reception.
Rapid red blinking when not triggering or half-pressing camera indicates error condition.
Power off the unit, reseat all connections, and power back on.
Auto-Relay Mode
Other Functions
RESET A: To reset learned channels to channels last set in Utility, hold TEST on power up. LED blinks green twice to indicate reset. Release TEST. Advanced features set via Utility are retained.
RESET B:To reset all advanced features and channels to FACTORY DEFAULTS, hold TEST on power up for longer than 10 seconds. When LED blinks green 4 times, release.
B:Default Advanced Features
C.1 = ControlTL channel 1, Standard channel 1
C.2 = ControlTL channel 2, Standard channel 2
HyperSync Offset = -170 microseconds
High Speed Sync (FP Flash Sync) Disable Mode = not enabled
High Speed Sync (FP Flash Sync) Begins At = 1/400
Remote TTL Flash Sleep Mode = disabled
Basic Trigger Mode = disabled
Camera Model = Auto
Force TTL Master Mode = enabled
FlexTT5 Only:
Use ControlTL for Rx Channel = enabled
Flash Idle Time Out Mode = disabled
Transmitter Only Mode = disabled
Bottom Shoe Disable Mode = not enabled
All settings may be configured using the PocketWizard Utility available from
Trigger Delay = 0 seconds – “fast as a wire” when using compatible Canon cameras,
~900 microseconds in Basic Trigger Mode
Batteries: MiniTT1 = CR2450 or CR2354 (100s of hours)
FlexTT5 = 2 x AA (IEC:LR6) (60 hours)
Maximum FPS: Up to 12 (varies with camera, E-TTL usage reduces FPS)
E-TTL & E-TTL II (DSLR only, not for film TTL)
Operating Temperature: Above -15 C (5 F) and below 50 C (120 F)
Storage Temperature (without battery): Above -30 C (-22 F) and below 85 C (185 F)
IMPORTANT: US FCC/Canada frequency radios are NOT compatible with CE frequency
radios or Japan frequency radios and vice versa. For more information on frequency,
please go to:
This PocketWizard product is covered under a two-year limited manufacturer’s warranty. For
warranty details, and to register your product, please go to
or contact your local PocketWizard Distributor. Distributor contact information can also be
found at To receive a copy of the two-year limited manufacturer’s
warranty on this PocketWizard product, e-mail us at [email protected] or write to us
at LPA Design, Inc., 21 Gregory Drive, South Burlington, VT 05403, United States of America,
Attn: Warranty.
This MiniTT1/FlexTT5 is compatible with the following Canon products:
DSLR Cameras:
1D Mark IV, 1Ds Mark III, 1D Mark III, 1D Mark II N, 1Ds Mark II, 1D Mark II, 7D, 5D Mark II*,
5D, 50D, 40D, 30D, 20D, Rebel T1i/500D, Rebel XS/1000D, Rebel XSi/450D, Rebel XTi/400D,
Rebel XT/350D
Flash Units:
580EX II*, 580EX*, 430EX II, 430EX*, 270EX, 550EX*, 420EX*, 220EX*
Other flashes may work in “Basic Trigger Mode” without E-TTL.
* Visit for more information about these particular cameras and flashes
© 2011 LPA Design, Inc. All rights reserved. Product features and specifications are subject to change without notice. PocketWizard, ControlTL,
MiniTT1, FlexTT5, HyperSync, Plus II and MultiMAX are either trademarks or registered trademarks of LPA Design, Inc.
All other trademarks contained herein are the property of their respective owners.
For more information on this product, including detailed features, specifications
and the owner’s manuals, go to
US Patent: 5,359,375; 7,437,063; 7,702,228 & US and other
patents pending
LPF380 v2.2
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