Betjeningsvejledning til 103.100UK

Betjeningsvejledning til 103.100UK
KA-2 Karaoke Amplifier
User Manual
103.100 silver finish / 103.101 black finish
Thank you for choosing the KA-2 karaoke amplifier. Please read this manual prior to use to avoid damage to the unit.
This versatile stereo amplifier has four selectable inputs (DVD, CD, tape, and DVD karaoke) and two microphone inputs with
individual volume controls and echo control.
The master output has a two-band EQ allowing adjustment of bass and treble frequencies, there is also a master balance and
volume control.
A high output power of 2 x 32W max
High power toroidal transformer
Blue power on LED
Attractive metallic finish
2-band tone controls and MASTER volume control
2 microphone inputs via 6.3mm gold plated jack sockets
Microphone inputs fitted with individual volume controls and echo effect
4 stereo LINE inputs via RCA Phono sockets
Spring clip terminal speaker connections
IEC mains input
To prevent the risk of fire or electric shock, do not expose this appliance to rain or moisture. To prevent electric shock
do not remove the cover. No user serviceable parts inside. Refer servicing to qualified service personnel.
Precautions in the use.
Prior to connecting mains, ensure that the correct voltage is selected (e.g. AC240V for Europe or AC110V for USA)
If any foreign objects get inside the case, unplug the power cord and have a qualified service personnel for checking.
Ensure that the impedance of attached speakers for each output channel is no lower than 4 Ohms
(Note: 8 Ohms + 8 Ohms wired in parallel = 4 Ohms)
If this product will be unused for a long period of time, unplug the power cord from the outlet.
To avoid overheating place in a well ventilated area and do not block the ventilation holes.
Do not place the amplifier in direct sunlight or near a heat emitting object and keep the set free from dust and vibrations.
Place the unit in a horizontal position
Do not place anything heavy on the set
Use a soft cloth with a neutral detergent to clean the cover, panel and controls. To avoid defacement never use solvents
Power supply
Minimum Impedance per Channel
Input Sensitivity: Line
Input Sensitivity: Mic (unbalanced)
Output power @ 8Ω
Output power @ 4Ω
240Vac / 110Vac selectable
2 x 12.5Wrms / 2 x 25Wmax
2 x 16Wrms / 2 x 32Wmax
95 x 250 x 240mm
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