SD344EVK скачать даташит

SD344EVK скачать даташит
LMH0344 Evaluation Board User Guide, Rev. 1.1
SD344 Rev. A
The SD344 Rev. A evaluation board provides a typical application for the evaluation of the LMH0344 3G HD/SD
SDI Adaptive Cable Equalizer.
DC Input Power Supply
PS1: 3.3V ± 5% (3.6V maximum)
Serial Data Input:
J1 (SDI): SMPTE 424M, 292M, or 259M standard levels and impedances.
Serial Data Outputs:
J2 & J3 (SDO): 50Ω, 375mVP-P single-ended (750mVP-P differential), positive-supply referenced signals.
Input Voltage (all inputs): -0.3V to VCC +0.3V
Control Pins and Jumper Settings:
Ref. Pins
Carrier detect and mute control. Carrier Detect (CD) is high when no signal is present.
MUTE is active high and may be used to force the outputs on or off, or tied to CD to allow
automatic MUTE operation. To activate MUTE and force the outputs into a muted
condition, set the jumper to pull MUTE to VCC. To turn off MUTE so that the outputs will
never mute, set the jumper to tie MUTE to GND. For normal operation, set the jumper to
tie CD to MUTE for automatic MUTE control.
Input voltage to control the MUTE threshold. Refer to datasheet for input range and
details. Leave MUTEREF unconnected for normal operation.
Bypasses equalization and DC restoration when active. To put the device into bypass
mode, set the jumper to pull BYPASS to VCC. To turn off BYPASS (for normal operation)
set the jumper to pull BYPASS to GND.
SD344 Rev. A User Guide
Revision 1.1, July 28, 2008
© National Semiconductor Corporation
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