Quick Setup Guide –

Quick Setup Guide –
Quick Setup Guide –
Mac OS X Lion 10.7 & Mountain Lion 10.8
This is a quick configuration guide for
connecting Mac OS X Lion 10.7 and newer
to the UCL eduroam wireless network.
1. Select the Wireless symbol from the menu bar (see image 1).
When within range the eduroam Network will be displayed.
Click to connect. A login box will be displayed (see image 2).
2. You will be prompted to enter your credentials:
You can check your version of Mac OS X by clicking the
Apple logo in the top left and choosing ‘About this Mac’.
Not from UCL? If you are not from UCL you will need to
contact your home institution for assistance, more details
can be found at the following address:
(image 1)
Mode: Automatic
Username: Your UCL user ID must be in the format
[email protected] (e.g. [email protected]).
Password: Your UCL password
Show Password: As required
Remember the Network: If ticked, your password will be
stored in the keychain and you will not be prompted for
your credentials again unless the connection fails
3. Click Join (see image 2).
There are known issues with the Mac keychain and missing
Root Certificates. If you cannot connect, see the Help and
Support section of the guide at:
For further help and support please go to the eduroam web
page: www.ucl.ac.uk/isd/wireless
4. You will be prompted to trust a certificate signed by TERENA
SSL CA (details shown when you click Show Certificate
button). Tick Always trust “orps.jrs.ucl.ac.uk” and click
Continue. To make changes to your Certificate Trust Settings
you may need to type in the password of your machine.
Click Update Settings to connect.
(image 2)
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