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CPAP Sanitizer User Guide
Thank You!
Thank you for your purchase of the SoClean 2 CPAP sanitizing system. At Better Rest
Solutions we are committed to providing innovative and safe methods that can improve the
health and well being of our customers. We hope that the SoClean will do just that for you.
Please familiarize yourself with this manual, and the operation of the unit. After a few easy
steps, you’ll find that daily sanitizing of your CPAP equipment has never been easier. This
unique process eliminates bacteria, mold, viruses, and other pathogens. It does all this by
using gaseous activated oxygen alone–no need for liquid sanitizers or messy preparations.
Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you might have.
1. Safety and Technical Specifications.......................................................... 4
2. Included with your SoClean ..................................................................... 5
3. Important Supplies................................................................................... 6
4. Getting Started......................................................................................... 7
5. Your SoClean Timer & Display................................................................ 11
6. Using your SoClean................................................................................ 15
7. Maintaining your SoClean....................................................................... 17
8. FAQ........................................................................................................ 18
Safety and Technical Specs
DANGER: Keep away from water sources including rain, bathtubs, sinks
and pools.
DANGER: Keep away from children. It is not a toy!
DANGER: Do not use in explosive air environments, near gas vapors, or
other flammables, etc.
DANGER: Do not place any items on top of SoClean Unit, particularly
flammables or ignitable items.
DANGER: Never place any living thing (including pets) inside.
WARNING: Do not dismantle the SoClean unit.
WARNING: Do not run the SoClean for more than 30 minutes consecutively.
WARNING: Please be aware that there are sensitive electronics inside the
SoClean. If you need to clean your SoClean, wipe with a damp cloth. Do not
submerge your SoClean or use any chemical cleaners to clean out the inside
of the SoClean chamber.
Weight: 5.6 lbs | Dimension: 7.5”l x 6.5”w x 8.5”h | Cord Length: 4’ 8”
Electrical: 12 VDC | Power consumption: 5 Watts | Warranty: 1 year warranty
Included with your SoClean
Removable hose
slot plug (installed)
AC power adapter
SoClean check valve assembly
with injection fitting and hose
Important supplies
Check Valve Assembly (installed)
Prevents water in your humidifier reservoir
from backing up into your SoClean
machine. If you can see water in the clear
tube, replace the check valve assembly
immediately. Replace every 6 months.
Filter Cartridge (installed)
This filter converts activated oxygen back
into normal oxygen. Replace every 6
Neutralizing Pre-Wash
Fragrance-free hypoallergenic cleaning
solution. The pre-wash neutralizes any
pre-existing odors from detergents,
and removes any residue from the
manufacturing process that could react
with activated oxygen. Use the pre-wash
whenever you hand wash your CPAP
Getting Started
1. Pre-washing your Equipment
Use ¼ of the included pre-wash with
a gallon of water to wash your CPAP
equipment (mask, hose, and reservoir), then
rinse thoroughly with clean water.
Note: The SoClean uses no fluids in its
operation. The pre-wash is supplied for
hand washing your CPAP equipment only.
2. Installing the Injection Fitting
With humidifier: Disconnect your CPAP
hose from your CPAP machine. Position the
injection fitting onto the port of your reservoir,
allowing the smaller hose to enter into and
rest on or near the bottom of the reservoir.
If necessary, trim the injection hose if to fit in
the reservoir.
Note: If you keep water in the reservoir, it
is recommended to keep the end of the
injection hose below the water level.
Getting Started continued
Now connect your CPAP hose to the end of
the injection fitting.
Note: Different reservoirs may require
different approaches to hose insertion. If
you have difficulty, visit for
information on various humidifier models,
or contact Better Rest Solutions directly at
Remove small
injection hose first,
do not insert into
CPAP machine.
Without humidifier: If you are currently
not using a humidifier, remove the short
length of black hose from the inside of the
injection fitting by pulling it straight off, and
then attach the fitting directly to your CPAP
machine. Reconnect your CPAP hose to
end of the injection fitting.
Getting Started continued
Getting Started continued
3. Power Up
Plug your AC adapter into the back of
the SoClean and then into a wall outlet.
Proceed to set your timer.
Your SoClean Timer & Display
Current Time
Length of Cycle
Cycle Start Time
Clock Set
Cycle Set
Decrease /
Sanitizing Cycle Indicator Light
Your SoClean timer will allow you to completely automate your daily cleaning. The SoClean
comes preset to start a 7 minute cleaning cycle at 10:00 am. First set the clock to match
your current time. You can easily change these settings by following the steps on the next
If you unplug the SoClean or experience a power loss, you will need to
reset the current time only. The sanitizing settings will remain saved.
Your SoClean Timer & Display continued
Setting the Clock
Set Current Time
Press the
Set Current Time
Change the time by pushing either the
(minor (plusbutton until your current time is
reached. By holding down the button the
time moves faster. Press the (clocbutton
Set Current Time
once more to store your time and return
the home screen.
Set Current
Set Current
Set Current Time
Set Run Time
(in minutes)
Setting the Run Time and Duration
Set Run Time
(in minutes)
Press the
Set Run Time
(in minutes)
Set Current
Set Current
(min or (plusbutton to decrease
or increase the number of minutes of your
run time.
Note: A run time of 5 to 10 minutes should
be enough to completely sanitize your
Set Run Time
(in minutes)
Set Start Time
Press the
button again and you will be
prompted to set the time of day you would
like to run your SoClean.
Set Run Time
(in minutes) the
Use the (minor (plusbutton to reach
desired time. Press the
button once
more to store your settings and return to
the home screen.
Set Current
Set Time
Current Time
Set Start Time
Manual Mode
For those times when you wish to sanitize
your equipment other than during your
scheduled cycle, simply place your mask
inside the SoClean like you normally would
and press the
button. The SoClean
will then operate according to your preset run
time. Your timer settings will not be affected.
As with your normal sanitizing procedure, wait
for the green light before removing your mask.
24-Hour Clock
If you prefer your clock to display in the 24Set Current Time
hour format (military time),
press the (minand
(clocbuttons. You will then be prompted
Set Current Time
to choose
either the 12 or 24-hour format.
Press the
button to save your setting.
Set Current Time
Your SoClean Timer & Display continued
Cycle Indicator Light
The lighted bar below the clock display
indicates which stage of the sanitizing cycle
the SoClean is in.
RED when the SoClean is operating and
generating activated oxygen.
YELLOW when the SoClean is in its 2-hour
sanitizing cycle.
GREEN when sanitizing has been
successfully completed.
The lighted display will turn off once
the lid is lifted.
Hose not
Filter Kit
Display Messages
Hose not present. Cycle will not run:
This message displays during the manual
mode when there is no mask/hose in the
SoClean, the lid is not properly closed, or
the hose slot plug is missing or improperly
Order filter kit: This message displays
after approximately 6 months of use as a
reminder to order a replacement filter and
check valve kit.
Using Your SoClean
After the initial setup, using your SoClean
unit is extremely easy. You will not need to
disassemble any components to sanitize
you equipment daily.
1. Open the lid.
Using Your SoClean continued
2. Insert your mask into the chamber allowing its attached hose to rest in the open
hose slot.
Note: The SoClean gives you the option of
inserting your mask and hose from either
side of the machine. To change sides,
remove the hose slot plug from its position
by lifting it straight out, and insert it into the
slot on the opposite side.
3. Close the lid.
The SoClean will now automatically operate
according to its preset time and duration.
Note: The SoClean will never operate without
the mask and hose present in the securely
closed chamber. Additionally, the SoClean will
not operate if the hose slot plug is missing or
improperly seated.
Important: Even though the actual run time of
the SoClean may only be 5 to 10 minutes, it is
necessary to let the mask remain in the closed
chamber for at least 2 more hours. After that period, the cycle indicator light will shine green as a
sign that all sanitizing is complete and the mask
is ready to be removed from the chamber.
Maintaining Your SoClean
To remove dust, you may wipe down the
SoClean with a damp cloth.
The SoClean check valve assembly and
filter cartridge should be replaced every 6
months. A reminder message on the display
will appear after approximately 6 months,
depending upon usage.
Visit or
an authorized distributor to purchase a
Cartridge Filter Kit.
Check Valve Assembly
Cartridge Filter
1. Will my CPAP equipment be wet from
the SoClean? No. The SoClean sanitizes
with activated oxygen. No fluids or water
are used in this process.
2. Is the SoClean harmful to me or the
environment? No. The activated oxygen
generator is always kept at a safe level and
never reaches the outside environment.
3. How do I know that my SoClean
is truly sanitizing? After the sanitizing
process has been successfully completed,
the cycle indicator light will shine green.
Your CPAP equipment will have a light,
clean scent.
4. What if the scent the SoClean
leaves is too strong for me? If you have
already treated your equipment with the
Neutralizing Pre-Wash, and still feel that
the scent is too strong, there are a number
of things you can do: (1) Before wearing
your mask at bedtime, run your CPAP for
20 seconds to allow any residual scent
to be blown out. (2) Set the timer so that
treatments take place earlier in the day,
allowing any residual scent to dissipate
by nighttime. (3) Reduce the treatment
duration time. You can cut back to as little
as 5 minutes and still receive effective
sanitizing. (4) Sanitize your equipment every
other day instead of daily.
5. What if my indicator light is shining
red or yellow? This means that the
sanitizing process is not yet complete.
Please wait until the light shines green to
remove your CPAP equipment from the
SoClean chamber. (see page 14)
6. What if my indicator light is not
shining after a scheduled cleaning
time? This would indicate that the SoClean
did not carry out its scheduled sanitizing.
Common reasons for this are that the lid
was not securely closed, there was no
mask in the chamber at cleaning time or
the open hose slot plug is missing or not
properly seated.
7. What if I missed my scheduled
sanitizing time, but still wish to sanitize
my equipment? In these instances you
can use the Manual feature. See your User
Guide on how to do this. (see page 13)
10. Will I ever need to wash my CPAP
equipment again? The SoClean is
intended to supplement, not replace,
the manufacturer’s recommendations for
cleaning their equipment.
8. Why does my display say Order Filter
Kit? This message appears approximately
every 6 months, depending upon usage, as
a reminder to regularly replace the filter and
check valve assembly.
For further questions or concerns,
please feel free to search our website, or contact us
at 866-501-3705.
9. Are there materials that I should
avoid putting into the SoClean? Nylon
and natural rubber break down when
exposed to activated oxygen. Most
manufacturers typically do not use these
materials in their reservoirs, hoses, masks
or headgear. If you have questions in this
regard, contact your CPAP manufacturer,
supplier or Better Rest Solutions.
For more information about
SoClean 2
or our other innovative products, please visit
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