Connect-Tek Transa PRO 15 Specifications

Connect-Tek Transa PRO 15 Specifications
T E K - A I R
Iso-Tek SPM2000
Space Pressurization is required in Hospitals,
Laboratories, Clean Rooms and Pharmaceutical
Production Areas. Tek-Air’s Iso-Tek space pressurization
monitor is designed specifically for the continuous
monitoring of the space differential pressure for these
and other critical applications.
Measures transfer air velocities and pressures bidirectionally, allowing room polarity indexing by
remote switch or through Building Automation System
Utilizes high accuracy , low drift, micro-machined,
thermal mass airflow sensors, capable of measuring
ultra-low pressures as low as 0.001"wc
Convenient room display module with alarm
capabilities for alerting personnel to unsafe conditions
Configurable to meet a wide variety of application
Provides analog status signal and digital alarm contact
interfaces to Building Automation System
N2 communications capable
Tek-Air's Iso-Tek space pressurization monitoring system is
designed for use in a wide variety of applications that necessitate the
monitoring of air flow from one room to another. The monitor
system can be configured by the user for bi-directional
measurement of either air velocity in feet per minute (fpm), or air
pressure in inches of water column ("wc).
Hospital applications include patient isolation, autopsy, and
operating rooms. CDC guidelines published in the Federal Register
suggest: "Transmission of mycobacterium tuberculosis is a
recognized risk to patients and health-care workers in health-care
facilities..."; "TB isolation rooms should be checked daily for negative
pressure while being used for TB isolation."; "The minimum pressure
difference necessary to achieve and maintain negative pressure that
will result in airflow into a room is very small (0.001 inch of water).";
and "Pressure-sensing devices should incorporate an audible
warning with a time delay..."
Experienced test and balance contractors state that tests with
anemometers and smoke sticks take an average of fifteen minutes
per room, per day. If performed by hospital maintenance staff, the
cost of testing will exceed three thousand dollars per room, per year,
and far more if performed by an outside contractor. Iso-Tek
provides continuous monitoring at a fraction of the cost of manual
Iso-Tek also serves applications in prisons and shelters; wherever
individuals with TB, HIV or other infectious diseases are treated. In
chemical laboratory applications, Iso-Tek is designed to accurately
monitor and ensure proper room pressurization. Iso-Tek meets
requirements of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI)
and the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) Lab Safety
Standard, Z9.5-1992.
Iso-Tek has many advantages over measurement systems that
utilize "through the wall" thermal sensing methods. Advantages
include rugged construction, fewer installation constraints, and
immunity to fouling by lint and dirt. Iso-Tek has the same
advantages that "through the wall" systems have over diaphragm
sensors such as long-term stability, high sensitivity and
measurement capabilities at ultra-low pressures.
The Iso-Tek SPM2100 system consists of four major
components: the transmitter unit, display module, room sensing and
reference probes. Tubing required to connect the probes to the transmitter, and the cable for connecting the display module to the transmitter are also included. For those applications requiring a digital
LCD readout of room pressure or velocity, the SPM2200 adds this
feature to the display module.
Tek-Air Systems, Inc.
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ISO-TEK Space Pressurization Monitor
Monitor System Components
In applications where a local display is not required, the Iso-Tek
SPM2000 can be substituted. The SPM2000 includes the same
components as the SPM2100, except the room display module.
Configuration of the SPM2000 is performed with the SPM7000
Setup Tool, described later. A display module can be added to the
SPM2000 at any time in the future. As an economical alternative to
the standard Iso-Tek display module, Tek-Air now offers the
IMD5000 Mini Display. Contact your Tek-Air sales rep for more
The transmitter is the heart of the Iso-Tek system. It incorporates the
microprocessor based electronics and the thermal mass airflow sensor.
The transmitter provides several types of logic and signal interfaces to
meet the requirements of a wide variety of applications. Simple interface
to Building Management Systems includes contact closures for alarms
and a 4-20mA analog output signal for transmitting measurement
values. The transmitter can be interfaced to contact inputs for remote
polarity indexing. Full, seamless integration with many Building
Automation systems can be achieved with Iso-Tek’s direct digital
Two space pressure probes (available in ceiling or wall mount) are provided with each pressure monitoring system. One is mounted in the
room to be monitored, and the other in the adjacent hallway. These
probes are designed to minimize the effect of room turbulence on the
measurement pickup points.
The probes connect to the transmitter by means of standard 1/2" O.D.
control tubing (provided), which may be up to fifty feet in length. The
narrow width of the tubing eliminates the need for large penetrations
normally associated with “through the wall” type thermal anemometers.
The 4.5" x 4.5" room display is provided with the SPM2100, and is
designed for use where continuous visual monitoring of the space
pressurization status is required. The display includes setpoint alarm
and status LED’s (light emitting diodes), an alarm horn, and an
acknowledge button. Unlike other displays that use confusing numbers,
the Iso-Tek display is designed to be simple and intuitive, requiring
little or no interpretation by the user.
The room display module is mounted in the lab, patient room,
anteroom, or hallway on a standard electrical utility box. Alarm settings
are made via adjustment controls on the rear of the display housing.
The room display and functions of the transmitter can be configured
through selection switches located on the rear of the display as well, to
tailor the operation to the needs of the application.
For selectable room pressure, or rooms that need to be turned to standby mode to shut off nuisance alarm during maintenance, an electronic
key switch is available as an option. The KSA7000 Electronic
Key Switch options allow selectable Negative, Positive, and
Standby pressure polarities from convenient wall-mounted switch
assemblies. Contact your Tek-Air sales rep for more information.
Tek-Air Systems, Inc.
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ISO-TEK Space Pressurization Monitor
SPM7000 Setup Tool
Configuration Selections Include:
• Pressurization Polarity; Negative; Neutral, Positive, or Standby
• Measurement in fpm or inches H2O
• Range of operation
• Deactivate/Activate audible alarm
• Period of time delay
• Latching or Non-Latching alarm selection
• Remote polarity selection
The SPM2000 (without display module) can be ordered preconfigured from the factory or it
can be field configured using the optional SPM7000 Setup Tool. The SPM7000 is a
hand-held, microprocessor-based, configuration tool which allows the user to connect to the
SPM2000, 2100, and 2200 transmitters. The SPM7000 comes with a plug-in coil
cord which allows for attachment to the display connector or directly to the transmitter. The
SPM7000 Setup Tool can be used to select the transmitters operational features, and
adjusts its setpoints. The tool also provides the ability, via a digital display, to read the actual
measurements being made in either feet per minute or inches of water. The tool has the ability
to upload previously stored configurations or download and store existing configurations.
Room Display Module
Desired Airflow
Direction Indicators
Pressure Level
& Alarm Status
Alarm Status
Alarm Horn
Silence Button
4.5" x 4.5" x 1"
The transmitter unit is connected to sensing probes located in the room and in the
hallway (or other reference space) by 1/2" O.D. sensor tubing. The pressure
difference between the two probes causes an extremely minute volume of air
(14 cubic centimeters per minute at 0.001" H2O) to be induced through the velocity
sensor inside the transmitter. The low volume helps eliminate fouling dust. The
transmitter components then convert the electrical signals from the sensor into
either a velocity reading in fpm, or a pressure reading in "wc, depending on the
The microprocessor in the transmitter then compares
the measurement with the desired polarity (direction)
and magnitude established by the adjustable alarm
setpoints. If the alarm limits are exceeded, the alarm
output contacts change to the alarm mode after the
selected delay time is exceeded.
In situations where an indication of the measured
velocity or pressure is required, and industry standard
4-20mA output signal is provided. This signal can be
used to drive a stand-alone indicator or to transmit to
the user's Building Automation System. The operational
range of this output can be set by the user to one of four
scales to provide the maximum resolution for a given
The transmitter also has provisions for receiving input
signals from external contacts, buttons, or key switches.
The function of these inputs can be configured for either
a remote mute capability or the ability to remotely
establish the desired direction of airflow (polarity) for the
alarm operation. Remote muting allows the user to
extinguish the alarm horn from a remote location, such
as a nurses station. The polarity switching feature allows
the user to index the operation of the monitor to one of
four states: Negative, Neutral, Positive, or Standby. This
feature is extremely valuable when isolation rooms or
labs are not in use and monitoring is irrelevant during
Tek-Air Systems, Inc.
41 Eagle Road • Danbury, CT 06810 • (203) 791-1400 • FAX: (203) 798-6534 • SALES FAX: (203) 730-9564 •
T-Iso-Tek • 5-05
ISO-TEK Space Pressurization Monitor
A display is normally used with the transmitter. Three yellow "Set
Point" indicators are provided on the display face, one of which will
be lit to show the desired direction of airflow and pressurization
level. The lit set point indicator will flash periodically to provide a
visual indication that the monitor system is functioning properly.
The "Status" indicators provide a graphic indication of the level of
pressurization. These dual colored, light emitting diodes (LEDs)
indicate status with the color green for normal and red for an off
normal condition. When the pressurization level is normal, the green
status indicator directly under the yellow set point indicator will be
lit. Should the pressure level decrease or increase outside of the
alarm limits, the normal indicator light will turn off and the
appropriate indicator to the left or right of the normal light will turn
A large red LED alarm indicator is provided to display the presence
of an alarm condition. This indicator flashes when
an alarm condition has occurred for a length of time exceeding the
selected time delay period. An audible alarm horn is built into the
display; this sounds in conjunction with the LED alarm indicator.
When the alarm is acknowledged by pressing the MUTE button, the
horn will silence and the LED alarm indicator will provide a steady
red indication. This will continue as long as the alarm condition still
When placed in "Inactive" or "Standby" mode the setpoint lights and
alarms are deactivated. However, the status lights continue to
operate as the transmitter continues to monitor room pressure.
All LED indicators are raised from the case slightly to provide
adequate viewing from any angle. The LED alarm indicator can be
seen from fifty feet away in normal ambient lighting conditions. This
allows the display to be mounted in locations which are out of reach
to those who would tamper with the unit.
Digital Communications to Building Automation System
N2 or Open Protocol available.
Room Pressure Control
The SPM2000 Iso-Tek Transmitter is capable of digital
communications on an RS485, two conductor network cable at
9600 baud. Up to 255 units can be addressed on one network. Two
communications protocols are available to the user: Tek-Air Open
Protocol, and JCI N2 Protocol. In both cases, the SPM2000
Iso-Tek can share the network with Tek-Air's FVC2000
Fume Hood Controllers. In the case of N2 Protocol the JCI
N2 compatible units can also share the network with Tek-Air units.
Open Protocol allows the SPM2000 Iso-Tek Transmitter
to interface with the Honeywell Excell system.
Tek-Air will make the communications protocol available to any
control system manufacturer, (call factory for more information).
Data communicated to the remote system includes transfer air
velocity, alarm setpoints, and alarm status. Parameters, which can
be modified by the remote system, include alarm setpoints, and airflow polarity.
Tek-Air offers a complete line of products that can be used for
critical controlled spaces for isolation of disease and clean room
environments. The pressure differences to these critical spaces can
only be done efficiently with quality control instrumentation and
control valves, (standard VAV box type controllers should be
avoided). The Iso-Tek SPM2000 series transmitter as a pressure monitor has the capability to monitor and alarm when a control
system is not at design conditions due to a door opening, fan failure
or HEPA filter blocking. Tek-Air’s Multipurpose Valve
(MPV), used with a KSA7000 Electric Key Switch and
SPM2000 Space Pressure Monitor, can provide a flexible system to the facility operators to keep the isolation suite or
clean room manufacturing space at design conditions when it is part
of a dynamic ventilation control system. For more help, please call
your local Tek-Air Systems Integrator to get additional applications
Tek-Air Systems, Inc.
41 Eagle Road • Danbury, CT 06810 • (203) 791-1400 • FAX: (203) 798-6534 • SALES FAX: (203) 730-9564 •
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ISO-TEK Space Pressurization Monitor
Mounting and Wiring
Component Installation
Mounting and Tube Detail
#6-32 x 1" Screws
& Anchors (Provided)
Insert Brass Fitting
into tube prior to
installing tube in
Wall (1/2" Max Thk.)
Wiring Diagram
Space Probe Mounting
Tek-Air Systems, Inc.
41 Eagle Road • Danbury, CT 06810 • (203) 791-1400 • FAX: (203) 798-6534 • SALES FAX: (203) 730-9564 •
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ISO-TEK Space Pressurization Monitor
Guide Specifications
Velocity Range
-1000 to +1000 fpm, full scale range adjustable to +/- 100, 250,
500, or 1000 fpm
Pressure Range
-0.100 to +0.100 "wc, full scale
Pressure: +/- 2% of set range
Velocity: +/- 10 fpm
Analog Resolution
Pressure: 0.0001 "wc
Velocity: 1.0 fpm
Digital Resolution
+/- 0.5 fpm, +/- 0.00005 "wc
Airflow Polarity
Selectable for Positive, Negative, Neutral, or Standby
4-20mA Output
Self-powered, 500 load maximum, Neutral is 12mA
Power Supply
24VAC, +/- 4V, <10VA
RS-485, half duplex, Open Protocol, N2 compatible available
upon request
Alarm Contacts
SPDT, 0.5A max.
Provide as indicated on the accompanying plans, electronic room
pressure transmitters, for the purpose of continuously monitoring
the room pressures on all critical areas.
The room pressure monitor shall consist of a transmitter with two
room sensors that are connected between the room and referenced
area, which will allow a volume of transfer air to pass over the
bi-directional thermal mass air flow sensor. This volume of air,
equal to no more than 14 CCMs (cubic centimeters per minute), will
be scaled by the microprocessor to either a velocity (fpm) or room
pressure ("wc) signal.
The range of the monitor/transmitter shall be user configurable
either by a setup tool or by dip switches, and has selectable ranges
including +0.1 to -0.1, +0.01 to -0.10, +0.005 to -0.005, and +.001
to -.001"wc. The 4-20mA output shall be proportional to the scaled
The alarming feature will have N.C. and N.O. contacts for a hardwire
connection to the BMS, and will have a local room pressure display
which has 7 LEDs that change color between red and green relative
to the room pressure and its alarm limits. The alarms can be
configured for either latching or non-latching.
The audible alarm horn will be provided and will sound when an
alarm condition occurs which exceeds the selected time delay
periods of either 15, 30, 60 or 120 seconds to allow for the opening
and closing of the door for normal traffic. Personnel may silence the
horn by pressing the mute button on the display that has a
configuration jumper to allow the horn to be deactivated if so
The room display monitor shall be mounted on a 2" x 4" handi-box
with screws. The display shall be capable of being mounted up to 50
feet from the transmitter if the setup tool connection port is utilized.
The LEDs shall be visible at an angle up to 90degrees from center
and from fifty feet away, to permit viewing from down the hallway.
Tek-Air Systems, Inc.
41 Eagle Road • Danbury, CT 06810 • (203) 791-1400 • FAX: (203) 798-6534 • SALES FAX: (203) 730-9564 •
T-Iso-Tek • 5-05
ISO-TEK Space Pressurization Monitor
NOTE: Consult your local Tek-Air representative for further information.
( for your local representative listing please visit our web site at )
Iso-Tek Model Codes
Iso-Tek space pressure measuring system is designed to privide for the measurement of transfer air
velocity between adjacent rooms. Iso-Tek normally consists of the transmitter module, room display, 20 foot
display cable, and wall mount space pressure sensing probes. It may be ordered without the room display. A
scaled digital indicator is offered as an option, but the full scale range must be selected at the time of order.
SPM2000 Model Code
T - SPM2
0 - Base Model, No Display
1 - Base Model plus Room Display
2 - Base Model plus Room Display
with Digital Indicator
Display Cable
0 - None (SPM2000 only)
1 - 20 ft. (SPM2100/2200)
2 - 50 ft. (SPM2100/2200)
3-100 ft. (SPM2100 only)
10 - (2) Wall Probes
11 - (2) Ceiling Probes
12 - (1) Wall Probe (1) Ceiling Probe
T-IMD5000 Model Code
KSA7000 Key Switch Model Code
Key Switch options for selectable room pressure.
T - IMD5000/IMDC
T - KSA7
Red alarm LED, Green Normal LED,
Horn, Silence Button
Display Cable Length
0 - No Cable
1 - 20' Cable
2 - 50' Cable
4 - 100' Cable
Key Switch, Stainless Steel Wall Plate,
Lamicoid Name Tag with legend listed
1 - 2 Position Electric, NEG/STBY
2 - 2 Position Electric, POS/STBY
3 - 2 Position Electric, NEG/POS
4 - 3 Position Electric, NEG/STBY/POS
5 - 3 Position Electric, NEG/NEU/POS
6 - 2 Position Electric, OFF/ON
TAG - Custom Lamicoid Tag
Specify room number or name, 12 character max.
Iso-Tek Setup Tool Model Codes
Iso-Tek setup tool is designed to provide the user who purchases model SPM2000 monitors
with a convenient method for configuring the unit.
T - SPM - 7000
Includes hand held tool and connecting cable
All specifications are subject to change without notice.
Tek-Air Systems, Inc.
41 Eagle Road • Danbury, CT 06810 • (203) 791-1400 • FAX: (203) 798-6534 • SALES FAX: (203) 730-9564 •
T-Iso-Tek • 5-05
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