! Note – Caution –

! Note – Caution –
Note – Follow safe ESD practices: use a grounding wrist strap and a
padded ESD mat.
Caution – Remove and replace the peripheral power supply in a
a running system. Do not replace the PPS while the system is in
low-power mode. Doing so will cause the system to power-on
Installing the Peripheral Power Supply (PPS)
1. Verify that the system is running and is not in the low-power mode.
When the system in in low-power mode, the front panel and board
LEDs are all off, and the yellow power supply LEDs are on.
2. With a Phillips #1 screwdriver, turn the arrows to the unlocked
position (
) in the two quarter-turn access slots on the filler panel.
access slot
3. Pull out and remove the peripheral power supply filler panel from
the centerplane.
4. Carefully insert the PPS (PPS 1) in the vacated slot.
Ensure that the extraction levers are in the outward position.
5. Slide the power supply toward the centerplane.
Ensure that the arrows in the quarter-turn access slots point to the
unlocked position.
Caution – Do not force the power supply into a slot. This can
damage the power supply and system.
The power supply should insert and seat smoothly. If it binds, remove
it, and inspect the slot for any obvious obstructions. Do not damage the
springfingers at the bottom of the power supply.
6. Use the extraction levers to seat the power supply.
Simultaneously swing the levers inward to the locked position. Do not
press on the front panel of the power supply to seat it—doing so will
damage the connector pins.
7. With a Phillips #1 screwdriver, turn the two arrows in the
quarter-turn access slots to the locked position ( ).
8. Check that the green LED is lit.
If the green LED is not lit, the power supply is not seated properly.
Repeat Step 2 to Step 7. If the green LED is still not lit, refer to the
troubleshooting section in the system reference manual that came with
your system.
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